The Short Arm Exam


Jerry wasn’t all that thrilled to be seeing a urologist but he knew it was necessary. Something hadn’t been right for at least six weeks, maybe longer. He kept getting that damn itch right on the end of his dick or right under the foreskin. His regular doc had said maybe you need to see someone who specializes in “itchy dicks” to get him to laugh. He was using a jock itch cream but that only lasted so long.

So, here he was, waiting on his appointment, sitting in the waiting room of another doc’s office, with two really cute office assistants to watch when one of the slender blonde came around the counter. He figured probably a student at the junior college nearby where they had a medical assistant program.

“Mr., James,” she asked, “would you follow me, please? The doctor always requires a preliminary urine sample for all new patients.”

Dutifully, Jerry got up and followed the cute, smock covered blonde down the hallway to the lavatory. He just knew she wasn’t any more thrilled about taking about piss than he was delivering it. The assistant opened the door to the lavatory room and walked in ahead of Jerry. Jerry stood there with a feeling like he had just farted at a weeding while she began prepare some paperwork and getting out the obligatory sample bottle. Jerry tried not to watch her cute butt move around under the smock like dress but there was no space in the room to not watch her.

“Mr. James,” she smiled, “would you be so kind as to lower your pants so I can apply some cleansing solution to your penis before you actually provide the sample? This will assure the doctor there is nothing else interfering with it.”

Jerry was no prude but dropping his pants for someone who was probably just barely legal. He began slowly undoing his belt and then unbuttoned his dress pants so he could pull them and his boxers down together. He let them drop off his ass a little so the escort ataşehir front came down below his balls.

“You can let them just drop to your feet, Mr. James,” the assistant said, I apologize for such a small room but the other part of the office is being remodeled.”

Jerry let them go; they puddle at his ankles as he pulled his shirt up and let the young assistant see his currently red headed penis and his testicles just hanging below. Nothing remarkable about his equipment except one thing — he had too much foreskin. It almost entirely covered the end of his dick even when he was full up at almost 7 inches. He sucked in a breath of surprise when the assistant lifted up his penis with a cool hand and began pulling the skin back over the head of his dick. She wrapped her small hand all the way around his shaft right behind the head and carefully pulled the loose skin back until it was taut behind the head.

Trying to look at the ceiling and think of other things other than a warm mouthed blow job, he looked down at the top of the assistant’s head, where her hair was parted and held by pins. She was studying his penis, turning it around in her hand to see all the angles top and bottom. Jerry watch ed her as she pulled the foreskin back and forth three times, each time slowly back until it was all back on his shaft and the head was in the open. As she did the third pass, she pulled the foreskin all the way out and let it slowly come from her hand. She reached over to pick up something in a small bottle, held his shaft flat in her hand and started dribbling the warm liquid on his dick.

“This is the cleanser,” she said to him,” I try to warm it up before I use it on anyone. I’ve had people almost jump back when it’s too cold.”

Still watching the top of her head, Jerry could only mumble a short reply as she began to massage the cleanser into his shaft. kadıköy escort This is not gonna work, he thought; I’m gonna pop a boner right in this young girl’s face like an old pervert and I can’t stop it.

As if she read his thoughts, she looked him and said “If you think you’re going to get an erection, Mr. James, don’t worry. It happens a lot when I do this; I understand it’s very natural but the doctor wants things as clean as possible.” “So go ahead and just let it show itself,” she smiled,” your penis is in much nicer shape that some I’ve seen or cleaned.”

With those words of wisdom, a pretty smile, and a little bit of cleavage showing at that down angle, Jerry just relaxed and let his small brain take over full throttle. His dick wasted no time coming up to full speed in her small, warm hands. He still felt like a major pervert but she gave him permission to have a boner and enjoy it. She changed hands as she applied more cleanser and Jerry just knew if she did not finish pretty soon, he would.

It would probably be right in her face based on the angle she was working; his dick was pointed right at her chin as she worked him up and down. She had lifted up his shaft and was wiping the cleanser down the front of his ball sack. His dick was about as had as he could remember in 3-4 years; he knew he was good for about 4 more minutes max and then she was going to get a huge face load. He hadn’t jacked off in about a month because he always ended up with a very sore dick afterward from the rash.

She quit for a moment and just let his very stiff dick hang there, thumping slowly up and down with his heart beat going up and down. He was trying to not blow his load right here in the doctor’s office but she was making it very difficult. She had worked the excess foreskin back twice to clearly expose the entire head with the cleanser. He was counting ugly thing to get maltepe escort bayan his mind off his well stiffened pecker.

“Do you always leak this much seminal fluid, Mr. James”, she asked him, “Not many men you age can still produce that much fluid.”

Jerry looked down; part of her hand was covered with his pre-cum fluid. He was amazed; no, he did not normally have that much fluid any more. He was 59 and things often needed the little blue pill help to stay up. He did not produce much pre-cum, never had. Not he was leaking like there was a broken pump seal. She pulled down on his dick shaft like milking a cow, a large drip came oozing out.

Then, she pulled up on the shaft with her thumb going up the very middle of the bottom and he delivered a huge amount of pre-cum. Jerry kept looking down as she began to carefully work his shaft from head to base in a more urgent motion. 2-3-4 more strokes and she was pulling the foreskin back every time, rubbing the back of his dick head as she did, The sensation was weakening his knees, he felt his dick began to swell and he knew he was going to blow his load in a matter of seconds.

The assistant suddenly picked up a lot of speed; she was stroking him from base to head and using a strong twist near the head. Jerry was literally humping her hand as she pulled on his dick with almost a vengeance. As he felt his tings, his dick head began to swell, his balls pulled up tight and he fired off the first of several large shots. The assistant had put a collection cup in front of his dick and caught almost every bit of his launch. Very little missed the cup. She kept stroking and milking his dick until he was completely limp, weak in the knees and had to sit down. He noticed hi breathing was ragged and he was sweating. Damn, he felt good. He had not popped a load like that in a long, long time.

The assistant looked up at him with a warm smile and said, “Daddy, next time you wanna play, can we do the massage therapist again? It’s easier to rub my puss while I’m rubbing you, please, please?”

“I guess so,” he said, “but you know how your mom hates it when you get all that body oil all over her butt plugs.”

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