The Sibling Code Ch. 02




“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, baby brother.”

“As much as I want this moment to last I’d better go before Crystal comes out.”

She gave me a wry smile, “Yeah, I guess you better.”

I stood up and tugged my pants on, she watched me the whole time with a little grin.

“See you in a few minutes,” she said.

“Can’t wait.”

I took one last look at her lying on the couch wearing only a pink G-string. Her hands and feet were tied together behind her back in a cute hogtie. She’d been left that way by her girlfriend, slash best friend, slash roommate.

I left the apartment and waited for ten minutes before I came back to the door. At ten o’clock I knocked.

Sabrina opened the door with Crystal standing right behind her. Disappointingly I noticed that both were fully clothed. Over the last few weeks I’d seen much of their bodies as they had paraded around in little more than their underwear in front of me. Apparently today was not going to be one of those days.

Pretending like she hadn’t just given me a blow job or even seen me minutes before Sabrina happily hugged me and squealed, “Baby brother.”

I buried my face in her hair as we each lost ourselves to the embrace, her body was warm and she smelled like sex and sweat and she molded it to mine, her flesh silky yet muscular. After a minute I let her go and Crystal took her place.

“Hey babe,” she breathed as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. It wasn’t the passionate kiss of a lover but it was much more than casual friendly. Her lips were soft and yielding and her tongue lightly darted between my teeth to play with my tongue. After entirely too short of time she broke the kiss and moved away.

I studied the both of them, Sabrina was wearing black jeans that looked as if they had been painted on and a tie dye midriff baring crop top. Her hair hung free about her shoulders. Crystal wore red Capri pants and an off-white spaghetti strap top. She looked hot with one strap hanging off her shoulder and her dark hair tightly braided.

Sabrina spoke first, “Small change of plans. No beach today.”

I frowned.

Damn it all to hell, I’d been looking forward to watching them both wear their famous G-string bikinis.

Sabrina smirked like she could read my mind, and in this instance she probably could.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Some friends of ours broke down in San Bernardino and we need to go pick them up and bring them home,” Crystal said.

“Anybody I know?”

“No, we met them this last year while you’ve been gone. We had some of the same classes in our final year of law school together. Their names are Dave and Trish.”

I was a little disappointed but it wasn’t that big a deal. I knew sooner or later I’d get to see them at the beach. Besides, being in the Marine Corps teaches you the value of friendship. You never leave your friends in a jam if you can do something about it.

So with a little shrug I just nodded and said, “Let’s roll. We’ll take my truck, it seats five easily.”

Sabrina and Crystal looked at each other and yelled out, “Road trip.”

We took our time on the drive. Since it was the weekend the traffic was light and it was only a few hours’ drive. After stopping for gas and snacks we ended up finding their friends around one o’clock. They had parked their 2010 blue Honda Civic in a Walmart to wait for us. Introductions were made and stories were exchanged. We were all hungry so we decided to get some lunch before heading back.

Dave and Trish were nice and kept thanking me profusely for coming with the girls to get them.

I nodded and smiled and told them it wasn’t a big deal.

Trish was short and pretty with green eyes and shoulder length red hair, she was dressed in gray sweats that hid most of her body. She cussed every other word and had a cute Irish accent, her boyfriend ‘Dave’ was tall and skinny with scraggly brown hair that stuck out in every direction. He wore khaki’s and a stained blue t-shirt. He reminded me of ‘Shaggy’ from the Scooby Doo cartoons. This impression was reinforced by the faint aroma of pot about him and his squeaky voice.

Trish insisted on treating us for lunch as repayment for the ride and I caught a quick dirty look from her boyfriend as she said that. I figured he was worried about the price and since he had some pretty expensive repairs in his future I tried to pick a spot that wasn’t too expensive. I was about to suggest fast food when the girls in unison pointed out a Texas Roadhouse. I wasn’t going to be able to override their vote so we ended up there for lunch. Trying to be mindful of Dave I kept it simple and ordered a sirloin to eat. During the meal we chatted about how they ended up in this mess.

Dave talked through most of the meal, taking huge bites and explaining everything.

“So like I don’t know anything about cars. We like live in Ventura near these two,” said Dave, gesturing at Crystal and Sabrina. “So like last night escort ataşehir we drove here on our way to Palm Springs for a weekend getaway dude, and while we were on the freeway I heard like this loud pop and smelled coolant. And like our windshield was covered in water and like smoke started coming from the engine.”

“That’s not good,” Crystal said.

“Like tell me about. I like told you it was a bad idea,” Dave snorted, giving Trish a sideways glance and shoveling more food in his mouth.

Trish rolled her eyes.

With his mouth full Dave continued, “So like the car started overheating so I got off the freeway and pulled over. We knew no garage would be open so we had to walk down the street to a hotel.”

“Bloody not where I wanted to spend the fecking night,” Trish said drily, she jerked her head toward Dave. “But this one’s Da never taught him how to fix a fecking car.”

“Sounds like a rough trip so far,” I said.

With his mouth full Dave continued “So we woke up and called around this morning and we got some dude to come take a look at it. And like another dude from his garage is going to come by later and tow it in, and like they say they’ll have it fixed by next weekend so like we’ll have to come back then and pick it up.”

Trish cut in, “I swear that fecking plonker was just rooting for any excuse to get paid.”

I realized my mouth was open as I looked at the two of them, “You know I have no idea what you’re saying right?”

“He was a bit of a chancer,” she replied.

“Oh yeah, now I know what you mean,” I muttered nodding. I looked at Sabrina and Crystal and the look on my face showed that I still had no clue, because they burst out laughing at my bewildered look.

I tried a different tactic. “Did he say what was wrong?” I asked.

“Wanker said the radiator blew out.”

That surprised me a little and it must have shown on my face because Sabrina asked, “What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s just that it’s usually the hose that blows. It’s damn near impossible to blow a radiator. The hose will blow first.”

“Why don’t we go back and take a look at it before we leave.”

“Sure,” I said.

We finished eating and went back to their car. I popped the hood. After a couple of seconds inspection, I found the problem.

“I can see how it may look like the radiator blew but that isn’t what happened and a good mechanic would know that.”

“Feck! I knew he was wanker,” Trish said.

I pointed out a black hose that was in ruins.

“This hose blew, it’s what delivers water from your radiator to your engine. Once it went out it sprayed all the fluid in your radiator over the engine. How much was this guy going to charge you?”

“He said $300 for the tow and another $600 for repairs,” Trish responded.

I shook my head.

“I don’t want to call him a crook yet, but I’m pretty sure I can do this for less than $50.”

“Paddy, I’ll give you a deadly ride if you fix this for $50,” she laughed.

I had no idea what she was saying but Dave walked up so I explained the situation to him.

“Are you kidding dude?” Dave asked.

“Don’t get your hopes up, but let’s see. I need to go to an auto store and see if I can get a replacement hose.”

Crystal whipped out her iPhone and found the nearest auto part store and we headed out.

They sold us the replacement hose and a bottle of coolant for less than $50. When we got back to the car I pulled out a small toolkit from the back of my truck and quickly replaced the old hose. I dumped all the coolant in the radiator and told them to pull into the gas station across the street where we topped it off with water.

“Do you mind if I drive your car?” I asked.

“No, dude do whatever you need to bro,” Dave replied.

“Okay, I think I fixed it, but I wouldn’t take it to Palm Springs this weekend just in case. I’m pretty sure it was just your hose but I’d like to drive it and check it out along the way home.”

They both nodded so I had Sabrina drive my car and Trish decided to go with the girls. I told Sabrina to stay behind me just in case something went wrong. Dave hopped in the car with me and I drove to a nearby car wash to wash the engine.

“We need to clean this so I can tell if any new leaks are coming from the radiator or somewhere else. By cleaning off all the coolant that exploded over the engine I’ll be able to tell where anything new comes from,” I explained.

Dave nodded at me, “Righhhhttt bro.”

I drove back to Ventura keeping a steady speed and stopping to periodically check the hoses and engine. We took our time and everything worked perfectly all the way home.

It was also hands down the most painful ride I’ve ever endured in my life. Dave had the personality of a rock. The faint aroma of weed I detected earlier was confirmed when he pulled out a joint and got ready to light up.

Now I’m not a prude but I have a thing against drugs. I don’t do them and while I don’t necessarily care if someone smokes out on occasion kadıköy escort I’m not going to allow it in a car that I’m driving. That’s all I needed was to get pulled over and have some kind of incident happen. I’d be busted down in rank and kicked out of the Marine Corps.

I quickly explained the situation to Dave and asked that he refrain from smoking out until we got home and I wasn’t driving, at which point he’d be free to do whatever he wanted.

He didn’t light up but I did spend the next few hours listening to his ridiculous monologue of the benefits of weed and other mind altering drugs and the evils of the government and the military in general.

I swear listening to him talk you’d think that marijuana cured every known disease and would fix the world economy. I considered it a tremendous test of my patience and tolerance, especially when he started telling me ‘facts’ that were so preposterous they belonged in a science fiction novel.

When we pulled up next to the girl’s apartment around seven at night I was ready to scream but I kept cool and didn’t say a word as I got out and inspected the car.

After I double checked everything, I told them, “Just pay attention the next few days. It was probably just the hose going bad and nothing else but you need to watch the heat gauge. Other than that I’d say it’s fixed.”

Trish gave me a hug, “Thank you so much Paddy.”

Dave did some odd surfer handshake and told me, “Like thanks bro.”

I nodded at him and gave a tight smile, “No problem,” I muttered through clenched teeth.

They both took off with promises to get together soon.

“Dinner?” I asked when they were gone.

“Oh yeah,” Sabrina and Crystal said at the same time.

They took me to a nearby Japanese place. They knew from past experience that I loved these types of places. It was one of those restaurant’s that did the fancy cooking right at your table. I always enjoyed watching the cook turn the onion into a mound and make a volcano. While cooking he flipped a shrimp at me and I caught it in my mouth. I was so good he flicked another and another at me. I caught them both to the cheers and laughter of the table.

“That was a good thing you did today. You saved our friends a lot of money,” Sabrina said during the meal.

“They seem nice if a little unusual.”

“Yeah, Trish is wild even by Crystal’s standards but she’s good people.”

“Even by Crystal’s standards? Wow, that’s saying something.”

“Yeah, she’s a little hellkitten in bed and I swear she’s a freaking nudist.”

My eyes grew wide, “You know this from experience?”

She reached out and grabbed my knee, “We both do, she’s played with us before. She even knows an edited version of the story about our ‘special’ vibrator.”

“You told her that?” I exclaimed.

“An extremely toned-down version. She just knows that we took a mold of you when you passed out. We didn’t mention the oral fun.”


“I can tell you it’s her favorite toy to play with. She’d seen pictures of you and it got her very turned on to know it was ‘you.'”

“How do you use this toy?”

“Most of the time we just handhold it.”

“Most of the time?”

“That’s all I’m going to tell you for now. I’m sure you’ll see more of her some other time.”

“As long as I don’t have to deal with her boyfriend.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be an issue too much longer anyway. She was using this weekend to breakup with him.”

“Yeah, well I can see why. He’s an idiot, but at the same time I swear I didn’t understand half of what Trish told me. I’m going to have to google it later.”

She laughed, “I know what you mean about Trish, I barely know what she says half the time. I think she has a bit of a crush on you. She wouldn’t stop talking about you the whole way home. But why do you say Dave is an idiot?”

I explained what happened on the trip.

“Ughhhh, well, thankfully she’s more of our friend than he is. I never understood why she hooked up with him in the first place,” she said. “But thank you, it was a big help to them.”

I shrugged, “It wasn’t a big deal. All the time growing up and working on cars with dad paid off I guess.”

“It was a big deal to me. I’ll have to find some way good to repay you,” she whispered so that Crystal wouldn’t hear.

The way she said it caused me to glance around before I looked into her eyes. I raised my eyebrows in question. She had a mischievous smile and a glint in her eyes.

“It’ll be good, I promise,” she winked.

I started to get hard as the thought of what she might do entered my head, I had to shift in my seat. She noticed and smiled even wider.

“You up for drinks tonight?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“Don’t take it personal but I’m going to let Crystal talk to you most of the night. So if I seem like I’m giving you two space it isn’t because I’m mad or anything.”

“What are you plotting?”

She gave me an exaggerated innocent smile, “Nothing, just showing you maltepe escort bayan I’m the best big sister ever.”

I knew she was up to something but I also knew it would probably be something good for me so I didn’t ask questions.

After eating we went to a dive bar down the road that they liked. It was one of those semi famous local watering holes that throws parties on holidays and has a decent reputation for food, drinks and having a good time. There was a live band playing when we got there. As we took a seat in the corner Sabrina ordered tequila shots and three Corona’s.

“Body shot time,” she cried when our order arrived.

She grabbed a lime wedge and lifted it toward my mouth.

“Hold this,” she said as she placed it between my teeth.

She put some salt on her and Crystal’s thumb and handed her a shot. They both licked the salt, slammed the shots and Sabrina kissed my lips while taking half the lime from my mouth. As soon as her lips left mine Crystal kissed me and took the remaining lime.

“Your turn,” Sabrina said.

Not to be outdone I put a lime in Crystal’s mouth and had Sabrina tilt her head. I licked her neck and placed a small pinch of salt. Then I slowly licked it off, drank my shot and kissed Crystal for the lime.

We laughed and clinked our beers together. We each took a sip and relaxed as Sabrina signaled our waitress and ordered more shots. Afterward she leaned towards us.

“Okay, I see some friends of mine. Crystal, I’m leaving my baby brother in your hands. Play nice.”

She gave us each a quick kiss on the lips and was gone.

For a minute I played with the coaster underneath my beer. This was one of the few times I’d ever been alone with Crystal and I was nervous. She must have sensed it because she reached out and grabbed my hand and gave me a reassuring squeeze. It calmed me down more than I wanted to admit.

“I’ve missed you,” I blurted.

She smiled, “I missed you too.”

“It’s a little late in coming but while I’ve been gone doing my Marine thing I realized I never thanked you.”

“For what?”

“My eighteenth birthday present.”

Crystal blushed and looked down, when she looked back up she said, “I enjoyed it.” Then took a drink of her beer.

For a while we sat in companionable silence, listening to the music and nursing our drinks.

She turned to me, “You know we’re lovers, right?”

“What? Who?”

“Sabrina and me.”

My eyes grew wide as I pretended to be surprised, “Really?”

“For a few years now.”

“But you both have boyfriends, or at least you did. Right?”

“We do on occasion, but boyfriends come and go.”

“So you two aren’t gay, just bisexual.”

“Yep,” she said and took another sip.

I pretended to mull that over and took a drink, finally I shrugged and told her.

“It doesn’t change anything to me but I am a bit curious to how that started.”

I listened as Crystal repeated the story about their first time together. I already knew this from Sabrina but it was interesting to hear it from a second point of view.

“You two are crazy.”

“Kind of, she likes to pretend I’m crazier than her but it’s only because she lets me lead. She’ll do anything I would do and sometimes more, she just wants everyone to think she’s innocent.”

“That does sound like Sabrina.”

She nodded.

“She also won’t let me fuck you.”

I choked on my beer and my eyes got wide. Even though I knew about this and the reason, I was still astonished because of the words she used and the casual manner that she brought it up. Which was useful since I could pretend to be astonished about her actually wanting to fuck me and it covered my shock at hearing Crystal tell me something like that so bluntly.

“Was that something you’ve wanted to do?” I asked.

She laughed, “Since you turned eighteen.”


“Really,” she replied. “I was determined to be your first manhood affair but Sabrina wouldn’t let me. She said it might hurt you and then it would be awkward for all of us.”

I nodded, “I hate to admit it but she’s probably right. You’re so beautiful I’d have been love-struck and who knows what would’ve happened.”

“Good answer, but yeah, probably.”

“Of course now it’s different. You’d be the one to fall in love because of my mad skills and then imagine how awkward it’d be.”

She giggled, “Mad skills huh?”

“I’m just saying,” I shrugged.

She looked me up and down, “Now you’ve got me curious.”

“You know what they say about curiosity?”

“That it killed the cat? What does that have to do with anything?”

“No, that it ends up with you naked on all fours with me taking you doggy style and pulling your hair while I own you.”

Her eyes went wide, for a second she was speechless.

“I’ve never heard that phrase before.”

I laughed and took a sip of my beer.

Recovering, she cleared her throat and shook her head, “But I think you’re all talk. I’m pretty sure when I ride you cowgirl style you’ll be screaming my name.”

“Hmmm, I probably would but I doubt you’d be able to hear it over the sound of your own voice yelling out my name,” I countered.

“That’s cute, I wonder how many times I’ll get you to orgasm before you pass out,” she mused.

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