The Size of My Father Pt. 03


The day Annie Watson had surprised her father in his morning shower, taken his enormous cock in her mouth and made him cum all over her body, she felt like she was dancing on clouds. The complete humiliation of having regressed into a mindless, needy cock slut both times she had seen his fantastic daddy monster, did not fill her with dread or shame anymore. Instead, his morning possession of her, marking her as his property by covering her in his thick, copious semen bath, seemed to have finally loosened something in the previously prim and proper eighteen year old. She reveled in a new feeling of freedom.

Only a couple of days ago, her life had been full of all the have-tos of a good girl: do well in school, dress and behave like a young lady, do chores at home and in church, make plans for her academic and professional future. The list went on and on. Now, she supposed that she would still do some of those things, even enjoy them, but they didn’t really matter or stress her out any more. Now, she knew that her true place and purpose in life was to willingly serve her handsome father and his huge, dominant cock. She didn’t know what that would come to mean, exactly, but she knew it to be true, in her heart and in her tight, wet pussy. Well, she did know one thing: if she could help it, it would mean drinking a lot more of his delicious, creamy daddy cum.

Annie went to school, but barely heard her teachers’ droning or her friends’ chattering, as her mind relived the events of the last few days. After she had showered a second time this morning – due to her father having drenched virtually all of her clean body in his thick, gooey man seed – she hadn’t bothered to put any panties on. It felt right to celebrate her newfound sexuality by letting her little cunt be free. And now, sitting in school, daydreaming about her cunt being spanked hard by her father’s cruel hands, while he tried to shove his horse cock into her willing mouth again, she could feel pussy juice leaking out and forming a nasty little pool on her chair. When class was over, the new Annie didn’t even wipe it off, but left it for some horny boy to find. Later, when she passed her sister Emily in the hallway, Annie saw that Em looked at her very suspiciously for some reason, but she didn’t really care.

After school, Annie went to a store where she hoped no one knew her and bought a dozen simple thong panties. It took most of her allowance, but her father’s hands needed easy access to her round, fat bottom and her wet cunt, she reasoned. By the time she came home, she was so horny that it was hard to focus on her homework. Instead, she started to make plans for how she could be alone with her father again – god, she really needed him n o w! – as soon as possible. In the end, it wouldn’t be too hard, she thought. Her brothers had training until fairly late, and she, Em and her mother was supposed to go visit aunt Jane in the evening, who recently had a new baby. The new Annie realized that she would only have to fake a headache or something, and she would have at least a couple of hours alone with her father.

She remembered this morning, just as he was about to leave for work, there had been a brief moment in the morning chaos, where no one had been watching. He had pulled her in for a goodbye hug, as he did every morning. But when their bodies came close, she could feel his giant master cock pressing against her leg, reminding her of whom her heart and pussy belonged to. He quickly grabbed her hair and forced her face up to meet his demanding, sensual french kiss. It wasn’t, in fact, the very first time innocent Annie had been kissed, but it was certainly the first time someone had forced her mouth open with their tongue, and taken whatever they wanted from her soul.

While Annie was still reeling from the wonderful sensations of the kiss and his fat cock against her body, her loving father completed her morning bliss. His left hand had somehow wormed its way between them and up under her dress, and without warning he shoved his fat middle finger straight up her tight, already moistening pussy. Penetration w a s a first for Annie, and she called out, although the noise was swallowed by his kiss. Even though it was only for a moment, and only a finger, the young teenager immediately understood, on a primal, carnal level, that this – having things pushed hard into her pussy – was what her body was meant for. She was fulfilled in a way that nothing previously had prepared her for. She was entered forcefully and without having asked for it where she was so extremely vulnerable, yet was immediately able to accept it and welcome it into her body. The nerves in her pussy sang for joy, and Annie had to cling to her father when she came for the second time that morning, sobbing happily into his broad muscular chest. Her father had gently made her stand by herself and gone for the door, pausing for a moment on the threshold.

“Daddy loves his honey slut, but such pendik escort nasty behaviour will not go unpunished.”

A second later, the door had closed. Her father and his horse cock were gone. Annie had been left standing with an empty cunt and a yearning for her master daddy’s domination.

But now, if she played her cards right, it would only be an hour, maybe less, till she got to see him again. Her naked little pussy, which had been almost constantly wet all day, made little throbs of joy and lust, whenever she thought about kneeling in front of her father again. Would he let her touch it? Had she earned to touch it now, to run her hands all over his mighty, foot long shaft? She would try to encircle it with her small, eager hands, but she knew she would fail.

In her new state of freedom, there was only one thing about this situation that bothered Annie. She would never get to feel her father’s cock in her tight, wet pussy. That monster was just too big. Annie wondered if her mother, who was a much bigger woman than her, had ever been able to take it, or if her parents had had to use some kind of insemination to have children? That was probably it. And of course, this was why she had never heard her parents have sex! They just couldn’t. Unless her mother was willing to try to put it in her mouth, like Annie had done. But she didn’t think so. Her mother was such a prude. Not at all like her good little slut daughter, she thought proudly. Oh, her poor father, he must have been so lonely and frustrated, with no one to serve the needs of his giant manhood.

But now, everything was different. She would always be there to serve him and worship him, with her mouth and her hands. And she would make him come, so very, very much, deep down her throat and all over her body.

Annie checked her mirror image before going downstairs to make her little performance. With a blanked wrapped around her, a sagging posture and sucked in cheeks, she looked appropriately ill, she thought. Enough, at least, to convince her trusting mother. Annie felt a momentary twinge of guilt, but the twinge of lust in her pussy quickly overtook it.

She went downstairs, coughing demonstratively, and her mother aah!:ed and ooh!:ed in concern. Of course she could stay behind. Of course there would be plenty of more times to meet her little cousin. It was almost too easy.

“Why does she get to stay behind?”

Darn it! Annie had totally forgotten about her horrible, horrible big sister. Emily threatened to ruin the whole thing!! Annie couldn’t show her frustration, and coughed a little more to cover it up. Em had been late to come down, as always, and their mother was already in the hallway getting dressed, when Em started to make a fuss. She looked at Annie very suspiciously. “Why?!”, Annie thought desperately. “Why did she always have to be such a … ” Annie was boiling with pent up anger underneath her sad little blanket. “…such a bitch!!!” Annie knew, of course, that she herself was an amateur liar, whereas Em had been a pro all her life. She could probably smell that something was off with Annie’s sudden illness.

But for once, her mother took charge. “Stop being such a little brat, Em! You’re coming to Jane’s and that’s final!”.

Annie’s heart soared as her sister sullenly started to get ready to go out, even as the guilt returned. She really did not like to betray her mother’s trust. Then again, after this morning, she was probably so far beyond gone on the scale of betrayal that this little show didn’t really matter either way.

The second the door slammed behind her mother and sister, Annie literally threw the blanket away and rushed upstairs to get ready for her father. She wanted to take a shower (again) to be completely clean for him, so that he could properly soil her body with the juices of his monster cock. After the shower, she rushed into Emily’s room. When she knelt for her master, she wanted to present herself in a way that was appealing to him. None of her own dresses were enough, she thought. Unlike her sister’s wardrobe, hers was not made to entice boys.

But after looking through her sister’s wardrobe – she really was a hussy! – she still didn’t find exactly what she was looking for. Nothing seemed special enough, pretty enough for her handsome father. She did, however, find a perfume called Black Night, that made her whole body tingle. She put some on her temples, on her neck, and – after some consideration – between her breasts, and – with a huge smile on her face – in the small of her back.

She went back to her own room, with a clear idea in mind. She put on her only frilly bra and her pretty summer dress that she had been wearing when her father had claimed her for the first time. No panties, of course. A little make up, not too much, and she was ready. She sat down on her bed and contemplated her next move. There was only about ten minutes till her father – steady as clockwork maltepe escort – would come home. She started to get really nervous, but after some thinking, she had it figured out.

She rushed downstairs again, wrote a short note and put it on the hallway mirror, facing the door. No one who came into the Thompson residence could miss it. She just hoped it would be her father, or her life would be over. Maybe it would be, anyway, she thought. Finally, she rushed back upstairs and – after a brief moment of hesitation, faced with the enormity of what she was doing – she entered her parents’ bedroom.


As planned, the first thing Brad Watson saw when he entered his house was the note.

It was a short post it note, of a kind in frequent use in the Watson household. They would say things like “At training /Jaimie & Tom” or “Gone shopping /Em” or “Dinner’s in the fridge. /Mom”.

This one said “Waiting for my punishment/Annie slut”.

Not sure what was going on, but with an erection already rising in his pants, Brad put his briefcase down on the floor. While he carefully removed his coat and put it neatly away, he tried to listen for clues as to who was in the house but him and his slut daughter. He hoped for her sake that they were alone.

Remembering to pocket the note, he started to climb the stairs, moving silently to surprise his daughter. The house was silent, but there was a faint hint of perfume – not one used by his wife – in the upstairs hall. Confident now that there was no one but the two of them home, Brad relaxed his shoulders and started to plan what would happen when he found his daughter. He opened the door to Annie’s room and was just about to say something, when he noticed the room was empty. Slightly perplexed, he opened Emily’s room, but found no one. Skipping the boys’ rooms, he was finally standing outside the master bedroom. The one containing the marital bed. The little slut! Brad smiled a feral, carnivorous smile, as his growing beast phallus threatened to be break free from its containment.

He opened the door. At the far wall of the master bedroom was the Watson’s king size bed. On the king size bed was the Watson’s youngest daughter.

Annie was sitting on her knees, facing away from the door and her father. She was dressed in her pretty, yellow summer dress, the same one that had started it all a couple of days ago, billowing out like a flower around her on the bed. Her long, blonde hair was collected to the left side of her head.

When she heard her father finally enter the room – God! she h o p e d it was her father – Annie sat up a little and slowly lifted her dress in the back, exposing all of her big, perfectly rounded lily white tushy to her father’s devouring eyes. Without turning she said:

“Please, daddy, I tried to be a good girl again today. But all I could think about was your monster cock.”

She turned her head slightly and gave her dumbstruck father a seductive little smile over her left shoulder.

“I think you might have to punish me again.”

Then she turned back to face the wall again, and jutted her sweet, innocent ass out a little more towards her horny daddy.

Brad took a moment to drink in the exquisite, fragile beauty of his teenage daughter. The perfect arch of her slim back, ending in the widening of her amazing hips and her large, round ass, that begged to be spanked hard by a stern, but loving father. The molten gold of her hair, cascading down her left shoulder, that begged to be pulled hard by a dominant, demanding father. The beautiful little slit of her tight, teenage pussy, that begged to be f u c k e d hard by a brutal, unforgiving father.

Brad closed the bedroom door and approached the bed. He reached out with his large hand to caress his daughter’s tantalizing ass cheek. Annie made a move to face him, but he immediately smacked her sensitive ass so hard that she fell forward onto her hands and knees. Annie cried out in pain and her father hissed “Face forward, slut!”. A shiver went through his body when he saw his daughter prostrate and ready to be fucked like an animal. He spanked her again, hard, and she wailed like a banshee. And spanked her again, and again, slightly softer. Annie’s fourth cry turned into a satisfied moan as she came from finally being blissfully punished again by her strong, dominant daddy. Her body shook and he could hear a soft, sobbing murmur.

“Thank you, daddy, thank you, thank you, please, daddy, punish your slut like she deserves, thank you, thank you …”

Annie was lost in post-orgasmic pain bliss, unaware of the world around her. She was pulled out of her haze by another forceful slap! right between her meaty ass cheeks. But that wasn’t …?

In an instant, Annie realized that it wasn’t her father’s hand, it was his enormous, erect cock, that slapped against her sweet tushy. It felt so fantastic against her naked, sensitive skin, kartal escort but it was so HUGE. She couldn’t believe it was so huge. She could feel his fat, heavy rod of iron hard flesh pressing her down. It stretched all the way up the valley between her ass cheeks, and onwards, several inches up the small of her back, almost reaching her arched spine. It had to be at least a foot long in this glorious, rock hard state. Annie shivered excitedly. The beast phallus was warm enough to almost burn her skin, but in a good way. It was broad, like the thick end of a baseball bat, and it pressed her ass cheeks outwards by its sheer, humongous size. And then there was the cream. Her father’s fat fuck pole and heavy balls seemed to be so full of potent fluids that they just couldn’t be contained. The slit of his huge member leaked a clear, slimy fluid that quickly lubed the inside of Annie’s cheeks and the paradise valley between them.

For a good long while, the monster cock just nested there, buried in the folds of Annie’s tender teenage tushy. The power of its touch dominated her. Bent over on her hands and knees on her parents’ marital bed, Annie couldn’t have moved even if she wanted to, because her father’s cock just wouldn’t allow it. But, of course she did not want to move. Ever again, in fact. They would just stay like this, her father in complete control of his young daughter slut, making her his willing slave, through the unyielding power and weight of his master cock. Her nasty girl cunt was creaming in step with her father’s shaft, aching to be touched.

Slowly, her father started to pull the cock backwards. At the same time, she could feel his strong, powerful hands each grab a fat ass cheek. He slapped them once, and she whimpered submissively from his discipline. Then he grabbed the cheeks again, kneading them lovingly, savouring his daughter’s soft, feminine buttocks. He pushed them together, creating a slimy fuck tunnel, perfect for sliding his enormous daddy cock into. Annie felt her pussy cream with joy when she realized her father had found a way to use her as the fuck toy she longed to be, even though his dick was way too large for her little holes.

Annie couldn’t contain her lust anymore, and words bubbled out of her mouth that she barely even knew existed.

“Yes, God, yes, pleeease, master daddy. Please fuck my fat, innocent baby ass with your strong, beautiful daddy cock! Please, daddy, just use me. Pound me as hard as you like. Slide that thing on my slimy butt cheeks until you cover them in your dominant master cum!”

Her father smiled amusedly at his innocent daughter’s filthy mouth. Such a nasty little slut she had become in only a few days! But he also smiled at her complete misconception of what was about to happen. He gave the well-lubed ass tunnel a few more strokes, before he leaned back a little, and pulled his cock completely off of his daughter’s body.

“You are right, Annabelle.” He couldn’t quite manage to keep his voice as calm as he wanted to. The desire was too strong. “You d o need to be punished again. You are not behaving like a young lady at all, are you, thinking about your own father’s cock and using such vile language? But you needn’t worry, Annabelle.” The smile playing on his lips had turned dangerous. “Daddy will punish you.”

And suddenly the bloated, apple sized head of Brad Watson’s flesh monster was pushing against the tiny, wet lips of his daughter’s pussy. Annie had a split second of incomprehension and fear, before her worst nightmare was confirmed. HER FATHER WAS ABOUT TO FORCE HIS MONSTER COCK INTO HER PUSSY!!!” The pleasure she had been feeling was replaced by panic, and she tried to crawl away from being impossibly penetrated by her father’s giant baseball bat of a cock.

But her father was ready for this kind of insolent, ungrateful behaviour from his ill-behaved young daughter. He quickly grabbed her mane of beautiful golden hair and pulled it backwards, so that Annie’s frantic escape attempt was stopped short. Now she was painfully arched backwards, her breath coming in short, fearful gasps.

“No, no, my darling.” Brad kept pulling his daughter’s hair until her face came up to meet his. “Sluts that want to learn to behave again take their punishment like good little girls.”

He kissed her lush, parted lips, starting to calm her down by the power he had over her. He could feel the panic leave her body, even if she was still afraid of what was going to happen to her. He loosened his grip on her hair slightly, allowing her to slump back to the kneeling position.

“But daddy … it will never fit!” She tried in vain to make her voice sound reasonable, but couldn’t keep the fear out. “Of c o u r s e, I would want to take you inside my little virgin coochie cunt, daddy. It’s my dream. But it’s so small, it has never had anything shoved into it besides your finger. And your master cock is just so very, very big.”

Annie tried to turn her head and smile sweetly, placatingly at her father. “Please, daddy, let me worship your mighty elephant cock with my little mouth instead. I will make you feel soooo good, I swear, master! And you can spank my little bottom raw as a punishment.”

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