The Sorority Sisters: Sarah No. 01


Sarah No.1 — Her first lesbian experience, an incestuous tryst with her sister.


Sarah and her buddy, Dean, came to me recently after reading one of my Sorority Sisters stories. They offered themselves to me, for me to dominate. Although they said they were both submissive it became clear right away that Dean was more into control than being controlled. So I accepted them tentatively as a sub and her Dom partner. After learning more about Sarah’s fetishes and fantasies — she is very shy, and loves to be humiliated — I am teaming with Dean to meet her submissive needs. She loves to be made to cry and feel mortified. So that is where we are starting.

A fantasy about having an incestuous sexual affair with her younger sister surfaced as I explored her mind. So I challenged her to go there and make it happen. She hated doing this, which is why I made her do it. This is her report.

I should mention that this couple is in Australia, a place that is hard to work with, given its 14 hour time difference from North Carolina, USA.



Dear Mistress,

As you have ordered, here is the report of my first time with my sister Mel. I’ve broken it into two parts: the evening we started and the morning we finished. I don’t know how I feel about this, but you asked me to write it down and I have. Although I am ashamed of what I did, it got out of control and even now it arouses me to read it. And writing it down made me wet with excitement. It seems so wrong. How could it be so wonderful, too?

You told me to do this, and so I have. I hope it pleases you, Mistress. I want, above all else, to please you.

Part 1 — The first evening.

I hadn’t cum for two days and I couldn’t take it any more. I’d had my sister staying with me, and I only have a one-bedroom place. So there was nowhere for her to sleep but in my bed. Which was fine, really. We’ve done it many times before. But it had stopped me masturbating, and I do it so often now that I was going out of my mind with this frustration.

I started thinking about just doing it anyway, I couldn’t stay still, and I just needed a little orgasm. Before I knew what I was doing I’d taken my panties off. I gently reached down, careful not to move too much, and spread my pussy lips. They felt electric, I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I also couldn’t stop. I quickly started sliding two fingers in and out of myself and my breathing started to come faster.

It was summer so we only had a sheet on, and I was getting so wet I could hear my fingers squelching in my juice, and I could smell myself. I couldn’t keep going or I’d wake her up. But I couldn’t stop, I so needed to cum.

It was all too much and I started to cry. Before I knew what was going on Mel was asking me was I alright and what was wrong. She’d sat up and the sheet had fallen away, and that’s when she looked down and saw my hand buried in my pussy. I just started sobbing.

“I’m so sorry,” I wailed. “I didn’t mean it. I couldn’t help it. I just need to cum so bad.”

She ran her hand down my face to soothe me and said, “Shhhh…It’s alright.”

Then she took my hand, pendik escort still buried in my pussy, and started moving it back and forth inside me. “If you need to cum that bad, then we better let you cum.”

It felt so nice with her helping me. With her moving my hand the squelching started again. I tried to protest, “No, don’t,” but all she did was shush me again.

With her other hand she grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and told me to take it off. So I reached down and lifted it up over my head. Then she leaned over and started sucking my nipples. I was shocked into immobility.

As she sucked on my aroused nipples, I realized my smell was filling the room. I couldn’t think straight. Here was my little sister fucking me with my own hand and suckling at my small titties. I’m the older one, but she is so much more womanly in the way she looks, with bigger breasts and fuller hips. I started panting, and she said “That’s a good girl. Cum for your little sister.”

I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I started thrusting my hips into her hand/my hand. I was grinding myself against us and before I knew it I was overcome by a shattering orgasm.

When I had recovered, she said, “Good girl. Now it’s my turn. You got me all turned on, big sister.”

She pulled her panties to one side then moved up towards my head. Before I could comprehend what was happening she was straddling my face, and she said, “That’s it, lick me.”

Her pussy was so wet, and she was just grinding it into my mouth, I had to lap at it. It tasted like my pussy but somehow more womanly, I lapped at it as she rode my face, her juices flowing into my mouth. When she came there was a gush of fluid, which I hungrily lapped up. She froze and shivered as her pussy sat on my face. Then she climbed off me and adjusted her panties.

I reached for my T-shirt but she stopped my hand. She shook her head and said, “You can stay naked for me tonight sweetie. And if you’re a good girl I’ll let you lick my pussy again tomorrow morning.”

She kissed me gently and gathered me into her arms. I slept with her wrapped around me, one hand buried between my legs, the other teasing my nipples. The last thing I thought of as I drifted off to sleep was the smell of my juice all over her fingers.

Part 2 — The next morning.

I awoke slowly to the feel of Mel’s fingers working gently in the folds of my pussy. It took a moment to realize what it was, but it felt so nice I just lay there in a haze. There was a warm feeling between my legs, and I knew my pussy was wet with arousal. My baby sister was gently rubbing and fingering me. It felt so nice I let her arouse me more and more. Then the realization and horror of what had happened last night hit me. This was my little sister’s hand slowly masturbating me. I moved with a start, and wriggled away from her.

“What are you doing? We can’t be doing this. It’s wrong, Mel,” I blurted out, full of shame at what I’d done last night.

“But you like it,” was all she said.

I began to cry. She interrupted me. “Look, there’s no point crying and being a baby about it. We both know you liked it. And so did I, in case you didn’t notice. We can maltepe escort both smell how much your little pussy wants it.”

She was right You could smell the thick scent of my pussy filling the small room.

“We both know you want me to keep playing with your pussy, Sarah. Don’t you want this now?”

All I could do was nod my head.

“I want you to say it, Sarah. I want you to ask me for it.”

I just stared at her, sitting there naked in front of her. My pussy was throbbing, and my nipples seemed so hard. “…I…I can’t…”

“I don’t care what you think you can or can’t do. You’re going to do what I ask or I’m going to tell everyone what a sicko lesbian you are. This is your only chance. It’s not like you don’t want it. In fact, spread your legs and show me. If your pussy isn’t glistening with arousal that’ll be the end of this.”

I just sat there, terrified; I couldn’t show her, because my arousal was going to be so evident.

“If you don’t show me this instant I’m going to slap you. Now spread ’em.”

I hung my head in shame, and spread my knees as far as I could. My arousal was self-evident. My pussy was sticky with my juices. I closed my eyes tight in shame. I felt fingers running up and down my lips and then smelled my arousal in front of my nose.

“Open wide,” she said. I did so and she stuck the two wet fingers in my mouth, which I hungrily sucked.

“You like the taste of that, don’t you?” she said. I could only nod. “You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you, Sarah? Turned on by lesbian thoughts for your own sister and eating your own pussy juice?”

I mumbled a yes. She pulled the fingers out of my pussy and ordered me to beg for her touch again. Tears began to stream from my eyes again. “Please make me cum sis, I needed it so bad. I’ll do anything. Please don’t tell anyone about this. Please…I’m so sorry.”

She smiled at me, at my tears and how pathetic I was. “No. I’m not going to let you cum until I’m happy with you. OK?”

She reached out and grabbed my nipple and pinched it. She began to drag me off the bed by it over to my cupboard. It stung so much it felt like she was pulling my whole tit off.

“Now show me where you keep your toys.”

I quickly pulled open the door and grabbed the bottom drawer and yanked it out. There they were. She bent down with me and kept a hold of my nipple. It stung so much. There was my large vibe, and my two butt plugs. There were also some pegs for my nipples, but I don’t think she realized that they were sex toys.

“Oh my god, what a dirty bitch you are, you’ve got ass toys as well.”

She pulled out the biggest and shoved it in front of my face. “Suck it, It’s going up your ass, you sexy little slut.”

At this stage I was beaten, I just opened my mouth to take its rubbery girth. She fucked my face with it for a few minutes until it was nice and wet then ordered me to turn around and bend forward. She then violently shoved it up my ass. It hurt going in, as there was no lube on it only saliva. I started to sob and wriggle.

“I’ll give you something to cry about,” she said, as she slapped my ass. I was shocked by what kartal escort was happening. Mel was turning into a hard bitch and abusing me. I think now that she sensed my submissiveness and it brought out her dark side. But this was a side of my sister that I had never seen.

When she had finished jamming the rubber plug up into my ass, all I heard was the order to sit, which I did. That just forced the plug deeper into my ass. Then my sexy sister undressed. All she had on was a T-shirt and panties, but she managed to make the act sensuous and teasing. She is so amazingly beautiful, with big, firm breasts (unlike mine), and a nicely trimmed bush. I wanted her so bad.

“Now come suck my pussy, Sarah. You know you want it, and to touch yourself like a dirty girl, too. OK?”

I crawled up between her legs and devoured her. She tasted delicious. She was still soiled from last night, so she tasted thicker. I liked the stale taste of sweat and last night’s sex. I deserved it; I was a dirty slut. As I sucked on her clit, I worked two fingers feverously up inside her, searching for her g-spot. I felt her girl cum squirt out on my hand and arm as she bucked underneath me. I eagerly licked it up as she came down from her orgasm. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face up so that I was looking into her eyes, her juices smeared all over my face.

“I can’t believe what a slut you are, Sarah. Going down on me like it’s your last meal”

I looked at her with big puppy dog eyes as tears started to well. I so needed to cum, my pussy, or more accurately my belly, just ached with the need.

“Please can I cum,” I begged, “I’ll do anything….”


Mistress, I feel very ashamed by the dirty things I’ve written here. And by how much all of this has turned me on. But I will hold off on cumming, keeping myself in this state of arousal until I have your permission to cum. I’ll be at Dean’s tonight so I will get your message as soon as you write to me.


Your little bitch cunt slut


Post Note:

This story is fiction. I told Sarah I wanted her to sit down and write a story for me about having incestuous sex with her younger sister. Why? Because she had told me the thought of it both aroused and disgusted her. So I asked her to explore her psyche by letting it write to her. What came out of her mind surprised her, especially the part where her sister, in the story, turned hard and dominating. And also that she seemed experienced in lesbian sex.

Sarah was also surprised at how the story that surfaced from her unconscious mind aroused her so much. That by itself was enough to increase her shame, which turns her on, too. So the sordid details of her incestuous thoughts aroused her, caused her great shame, which aroused her further. Writing down these lustful thoughts, and sending them to me, humiliated her, which only served to arouse her more. What a delightful, self-feeding circle of shame and arousal.

And finally, when I told her I was going to post her private, licentious thoughts so the whole world could see her degradation, she almost had an orgasm on the spot. What a fun girl she is growing into.

If you would like to communicate with Sarah and/or Dean, just send me a message and I will pass it on. If you have a sadistic tilt to your psyche, feel free to heap verbal abuse on this slutty, sinful girl. She will love it, and get off on it.


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