The Studly Duckling


“Elliot, another A+. Good Work. Lee, another A+ also. Good work,” Mrs. Claudia Cummings recited in a bored, uninterested tone. Those would be the only two A+ grades that she’d be giving out that day. The rest of the tests in the stack she was handing back to her students was a depressing assortment of F grades, D grades, the occasional C, and a rare B.

Elliot Gate and Lee Kwon were Mrs. Cummings two best students. Thier attendance was perfect, their grades were perfect, they were both very polite, they never caused her any trouble, and they never bullied the other students. Elliot wasn’t an unattractive boy, being blonde and blue-eyed, but whatever handsome features he had were buried under a layer of baby-fat that had never burned off, even in his puberty. Lee was the polar opposite, being rail-thin and always crouched over with poor posture. They were nerds. Geeks. Dweebs. Frankly, they were the only two students in Mrs. Cummings senior class who didn’t fit in with the rest of the sexy sluts, macho studs, and teenage psychopaths who made up most of the school’s student body.

Unfortunately for Elliot and Lee, none of that mattered at all to the salacious Mrs. Cummings, who much preferred her students who were a little more . . . ‘exciting.’

Mrs. Cummings swaggered through the rows of desks in her tight blouse, tighter skirt, and with her high-heeled shoes clicking loudly against the linoleum floor. At a ripe thirty-one years of age, Mrs. Cummings was a buxom, big-assed woman at the peak of her sexuality, and the horny housewife wasn’t getting a proper fucking at home, which left her to shamelessly hunt for fuck-buddies amongst the hormone-saturated students of her school. She wasn’t shy about it either. Her skirt was so short that when she bent over in front of the class (which she did often and conspicuously) the skirt would ride up her ass and reveal her skimpy thong panties, which were usually damp. She always had her blouse unbuttoned so far down that her cleavage hung out like a balcony, and more than half of her lacey bra was exposed.

Mrs. Cummings was on the hunt for hard, young cock.

There were many candidates to pick from, and Mrs. Cummings bit her lip as she toured the rows of desks, admiring the young, hard bodies of her students, as a tigress might amongst deer. Most of the male students she was considering were jerks, assholes, macho studs, borderline rapists, and bullies, but that was exactly the kind of man that made Claudia Cummings’ pussy wet.

There were several female students who had been drawing her interest lately as well, girls who sat in the front row wearing miniskirts, who didn’t cross their legs or always wear panties. Mrs. Cummings thought it was a little strange that she found herself lusting after these perky little eighteen year old sluts (she had never been bisexual before) but when the urges came she didn’t resist them. Her high school had already suffered a dozen sex-scandals this semester alone, usually between a teacher and a student (or several students), and none of them resulted in any exclusions or terminations. No one really cared. Any parent who had a sexy child and still let them attend Wet Valley High School was essentially compliant with the very, very, very likely possibility of them getting their brains fucked out by their teacher, coach, principal, or bus-driver.

The female student who had been getting most of Mrs. Cummings attention recently was Candy, Elliot’s half-sister, who was almost the exactly same age as her geeky brother, and despite having the same father, the same blonde hair, and the same blue eyes, they couldn’t have looked more different.

Candy was the most delicious little slut in Mrs. Cummings class, if not the entire school. Being a cheerleader and acrobat gave her a lithe, athletic body that looked almost too good to be real, and despite having a thin frame, her breasts were quite large. Candy’s long, toned legs were completely bare, as was her toned stomach and lower back. Candy wore the school’s cheerleading uniform, an outfit that was becoming increasingly provocative and skimpy every passing year.

This year the cheerleading uniform was was little more than a tiny sleeveless top that barely covered their breasts without exposing under-cleavage, and a skirt so short that it left the bottom of their asses exposed. Unbelievably, the thong panties Candy was wearing were part of the uniform. Granny-panties were not allowed.

“Candy Gate. Another D-,” Mrs. Cummings said, slapping the test down on Candy’s desk like it was a piece of garbage. Mrs. Cummings had barely resisted saying “you little retard” right to Candy’s face, but Mrs. Cummings did a splendid job of showing her contempt through her expressive body language, mostly by thrusting her breasts in Candy’s face.

Candy just giggled a blew a big, pink bubble with her gum, smiling up at Mrs. Cummings condescending face. The sexual tension had been building between them for weeks, ataşehir escort bayan and they both knew it was about to burst.

“Maybe . . . like . . . I don’t know . . . I can stay after class and earn some . . . like . . . extra credit,” Candy smirked, talking in her nasally, bratty valley-girl way.

Mrs. Cummings’ panties were so wet she could have used them to put out a fire. “That sounds . . . excellent.”

Mrs. Cummings went to the next desk. “Johnny Beretta. Another F. Maybe you should stay after class with Candy help her earn some . . . ‘extra credit.'”

By now it was clear to everyone in the classroom that the only ‘extra credit’ that Mrs. Cummings was looking for was the kind she could have sex with. Johnny Beretta was the school bad-boy, a bully, an alpha-asshole, a conspicuous drug-dealer, a talented muscison, an amatuar tatoo-artist, and also the biggest pussy-slayer around. Rumors of Johnny’s sexual prowess were legendary, and most of the school’s female population fell into one of two camps: those who had gotten fucked by him, and those who WANTED to get fucked by him.

“Yeah . . . sure . . . whatever,” Johnny said, crumpling up his failed test into a paper ball, and throwing it into a small wastebasket at the other end of the room.


“Holy shit, dude. Your sister is soooooo fucking hot!” Lee Kwon said as he unbuckled his belt to fish out his little penis.

“Half-sister,” Elliot said, as if that made it okay that he was spying on her while masterbating with his best friend. Elliot was too shy to actually whip his dick out like Lee was doing, but he probably should have. It was very uncomfortable masterbating in his pants, considering that his cock was actually quite substantial in size and girth. He was easily as big or bigger than any stud in school, but most people wouldn’t have guessed. Elliot didn’t act like a man with such a huge pipe usually did. Most men let their confidence grow to be ten times the size of their dicks, whereas Elliot’s confidence wasn’t a tenth of his dick’s length.

Elliot and Lee were hiding in the bushes by the windows that looked into Mrs. Cummings classroom. School had ended just twenty minutes before, but the action inside was just getting started.

Mrs. Cummings had Candy and Johnny sit down, and she paced around them pretending to admonish them for their poor grades. As she strutted around though, she was popping the buttons of blouse open, one by one, slowly and with erotic purpose.

Mrs. Cummings leaned into Candy’s face and said something to her, but that only word Elliot could make out was “slut.” Then Mrs. Cummings kissed Candy, and it wasn’t a cute little peck either. Mrs. Cummings shoved her tongue into Candy’s mouth and scrooped it around like she was licking the last bit of ice-cream out of a cone.

Johnny had the smuggest smile on his face as he stood up and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang out already hard and erect, and both women giggled like horny sluts when they saw it. Johnny was huge, and if the graffiti around the girl’s locker-room was to be believed, he was the biggest boy in school. Elliot couldn’t help but notice that as big as Johnny was though, his cock was at least an inch shorter than his own. Of course, no one would ever believe that unless Elliot were to actually show his dick to someone, and he was too shy to do that.

Mrs. Cummings dove down on Johnny’s cock like she was poisoned and his cum was the antidote. The experienced whore had no trouble taking his full cock down her throat, and she throat-fucked him so hard that his balls slapped against her chin. She must have been holding her breath though, because after a minute she popped off and began choking, gagging, and heavy up mouthfuls of spit.

Candy didn’t hesitate to take her teacher’s place, and although she could only take about half of Johnny’s length she still sucked him like her life depended on it. Candy struggled to undress without letting him out of her mouth, and she practically tore her little skirt off and clumsily pulled her thong panties down to her ankles.

Johnny pulled his cock out of Candy’s mouth, and then slapped her in the face so hard with it that she was knocked to the floor. Elliot couldn’t imagine any girl enjoying being cock-slapped like that, but Candy seemed to love it. She erupted in gleeful laughter even though her lip was bleeding a little, and she crept under Johnny’s legs so she could lick his balls.

“Holy shit, your sister’s so fucking hot,” Lee was whimpering, flogging his little penis so fast that he was almost punching himself. “She . . . she’s just going for it! Fuck! What i wouldn’t give to have her crawling under me like that.”

Candy’s sexy ass wiggling in the air as she licked Johnny’s balls was like something out of a boy’s wildest wet-dream, but for Johnny this was just another Friday. Elliot honestly couldn’t remember a single week going by since Johnny turned eighteen escort kadıöy that he hadn’t been caught fucking some student, teacher, or member of the PTA in the parking lot, janitor’s closet, or principal’s office.

Johnny let both Candy and Mrs. Cummings take turns sucking his cock until it was literally drooling with spit, and then he picked Mrs. Cummings up off the floor as if the 150lbs woman didn’t weigh more than a baby. He dropped her big ass on the desk, and then literally ripped the blouse off her buxom chest like it was made of tissue paper. He snapped her bra off like it was a rubber band, and it pushed her panties aside so he could sink his huge cock deep into her hot, wet, swollen pussy.

“AAAAAGH! FUCK! FUCKE ME!” Mrs. Cummings screamed so loud the windows rattled.

Johnny fucked her so hard and fast that her breasts slapped up into her face, and within seconds the unfulfilled housewife was exploding with cum. Orgasm after orgasm erupted within her as Johnny fucked her through an nonstop ten minutes of sexual climax. When she finally came down Mrs. Cummings was almost unconscious, and her curvy legs were shaking almost epileptically.

Johnny pulled out, and the comatose. Mrs. Cummings fell to the floor like a wet sack of shit, still shaking from the aftershock of her explosive orgasm, and her pussy leaking like a slice of watermelon.

Candy took her spot almost immediately and spread her legs wide open like only an acrobatic cheerleader could, but Johnny didn’t want more pussy. He grabbed Candy by her slender little waist, spun her over, and pushed his huge cock against her tight little anus.

“Be . . . be gentle,” Candy whimpered.

Johnny just laughed and split her ass open until she was screaming and whimpering with orgasmic submission. He fucked her so hard the desk slid across the floor, and when he was finished her let Candy’s dazed, spasming body fall on top of Mrs. Cummings, and he showered them both with cum.

“Fuck! I can’t hold it!” Lee said, and he began squirting a small ejaculation of cum against the wall.

“Me-me-me too,” Elliot whimpered in a clumsy panis to pull his dick out, but he was too slow, and his explosive orgasm unloaded a cup’s worth of sticky spunk down his left pant-leg.

“HEY! What the fuck are you faggots doing!” Johnny yelled down at them, his naked body leaning out of the window, his muscular chest dripping with sweat.

Elliot was so mortified that he couldn’t move, but Lee tried to make a run for it, forgetting that his pants were around his ankles, and he fell face first to the ground with his bare ass sticking up.

Johnny rolled his eyes, momentarily considering if these two geeks were worth his time, and eventually he decided that they were. He lept out of the window and proceeded to kick both of the nerds’ asses until they begged him to stop.

Candy leaned out the window naked, sticky with cum, and giggled her ass off at the sight of her brother getting the snot beaten out of him by her favorite stud. It wasn’t until Mrs. Cummings came outside (wearing nothing but her high heels and panties) that Johnny stopped, and she was only able to break up the fight by coaxing the violent boy back inside for some more hot sex. Johnny had to vent all his testosterone fueled rage on something, and Mrs. Cummings preferred that it be her pussy that took the punishment instead of her students’ faces.

Johnny took Mrs. Cummings back inside for round two, and he let Elliot and Lee to crawl away.


“What happened to you boys?” Lee’s mother, Kimberly Kwon gasped when she saw her son and his best friend limping their way home.

“We . . . um . . . got in fight,” Lee said, which was true. “There were . . . like . . . five of them,” which was a lie. Elliot and Lee were accustomed to being bullied because of their superior grades and geeky hobbies, but they hadn’t actually gotten the shit beaten out of them like this in a while, and admitting that they both got their asses handed to them by one macho asshole was just too humiliating.

“Well get inside, and I’ll get the first-aid kit,” Mrs. Kwon said, getting up from her gardening and jogging inside. Kimberly had been gardening in her front yard, kneeling in the soil, and sweating profusely in the heat of the May sun. She wasn’t wearing much either, partly because of the heat, but mostly because Kimberly Kwon had an easy-going sort of innocence, and she didn’t understand how absolutely, cock-hardening, mouthwatering, pussy-wettening sexy she was.

Kimberly Kwon was wearing a white tank-top that was pathetically undersized for her big, round, full, mammoth breasts, and it was almost completely transparent from her sweat, leaving her erect nipples clearly visible. Her athletic, slightly wide waist was totally bare, and her wrecking-ball of an ass was covered by nothing but a tiny pair of cutoff shorts that left her firm cheeks spilling out. Her long, messy black hair maltepe escort was tied up in a bun, but several long strands of hair clung to her sweaty, beautiful Asian face.

Elliot leered after Lee’s mother with such intense longing that he almost dropped his friend on the ground.

“Dude . . . I think you’ve got a hard-on,” Lee said, trying to look away from Elliot’s crotch.

Elliot looked down and realized why he felt so tense. There was a thick bulge in his pants that ran down his left leg and almost reached the knee. It looked like he was smuggling a giant sausage in his pants, but the more unimaginable reality was that he just had a huge fucking cock.

“Sorry dude. Your mom is just so . . . so . . so-“

“Yeah. I know,” Lee grumbled. Every bully who had ever kicked his ass, every girl who sneered at him, every asshole teacher who had ever taught him, and every false-friend who had pretended to like him had all been obsessed about repeating one obvious fact about Lee’s life: just how unimaginably spank-worthy his big-tittied mother was.

Elliot has been drooling over Mrs. Kwon for years. She was his favorite fantasy, the single muse that he masterbated to every night, and his personal paragon of sexuality. Elliot even had his first orgasm because of Mrs. Kwon. He had come over to their house to sleep over for the weekend, and because Elliot had been riding his bike he had beaten Lee there by almost a half-hour. Mrs. Kwon hadn’t been expecting anyone that early, and when Elliot walked his bike into their backyard he found Mrs. Kwon sitting at the edge of the bubbling hot-tub. She was completely naked, with hot water dripping down her huge breasts and off her erect nipples, and she was ramming a huge, loud, industrial-strength vibrator in and out of her pussy like she was making whip cream in it.

By the time she noticed Elliot standing there it was too late for both of them, and her pussy exploded like a gushing geyser of female ejaculation, and Elliot creamed his pants so hard that he actually fainted.

Lee hated the way literally everyone lusted after his kind, innocent, lonely mother (she hadn’t had sex since his father died), but he never resented his friend Elliot for his crush. Elliot had never been anything but polite to his mother, and he always did his best not to let Lee feel awkward about the fact that he was the son of a living sex-goddess.

“C’mon buddy. Let’s get patched up,” Elliot said, helping Lee inside.


Mrs. Kwon took Lee and Elliot to separate bathrooms. Their house had three bathrooms, but the largest was the one connected to the master-bedroom, where Kimberly kept all her vibrators and pornograhic DVDs (despite being kind and innocent, Kimberly had the libido of a bunny hopped up on cocaine, and it was a well circulated rumor around the neighborhood that she could masterbate all night long). The remaining two bathrooms were barely large enough to fit two people, so Elliot just sat on the toilet and waited for Mrs. Kwon to finish cleaning Lee’s wounds and come for him.

Elliot took deep breaths trying to calm himself down, but the huge erection that was threatening to rip his pants open wasn’t going anywhere.

Elliot had the unfortunate luck of sitting in front of a wall of pictures of the last vacation Mrs. Kwon and her late husband had taken to the South Pacific, and in almost all of them Mrs. Kwon was wearing nothing more than a skimpy neon-green bikini, the bottoms of which were swallowed up by her generous buttocks, reducing it to a tiny thong. Although she wasn’t nude in any of them it was clear that she was at a nude beach, because in the background of almost every picture there were topless women in the surf, and in one picture a sexy young woman wearing nothing but a necklace was serving Mrs. Kwon a margaretta.

Elliot didn’t want to embarrass Lee’s mother by making her clean his wounds while he had a baseball-bat sticking up from his crotch, so he quickly resolved to ‘alleviate’ his condition.

Elliot tugged his pants down and let his meaty lamppost slap against his chest. Elliot needed both hands to get a good handle on the ridiculous thing, and frankly he could have used a few more. Elliot jacked himself like a 19th century milkmaid churning butter, his eyes glued to the pictures of Mrs. Kwon in her skimpy green bikini, relaxing like a goddess in paradise. He imagined himself there, in a different body, laying next to her in the sand, undressing her, and inserting himself into her as the warm waves of the sea crashed over their thrusting bodies.

“Elliot!!” Mrs. Kwon yelped as she suddenly walked into the bathroom, finding Elliot strangling his anaconda.

“Ki-Ki-Ki-Kimbe-FUCK!” Elliot whined, and his bulbous cockhead nearly split in half as he blasted a sticky torrent of spunk into the air. Thick ropes of cum rained back down on him, hitting himself in the face and covering his chest, but a few wild strands hit the wall, coating images of Mrs. Kwon, and one lucky squirt of cum made it all the way to Mrs. Kwon herself, landing across her jutting breasts.

Elliot’s orgasm lasted an eternity, and by the time it was over he was left panting, sweating, and feeling as if he was a pound lighter.

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