The Summer


It was the summer before I turned 19 and I had quite an upswing in my sexual activities!

I still played with Granny from time to time. And I enjoyed the normal ‘make out’ sessions on dates. But, my youthful growing body wanted much more!

Then suddenly I was invited to visit my rich aunt Eve for several weeks. The way things developed I am sure Granny had talked to her about how much I loved nipples and cunt. And more importantly, how I loved to make even an old lady like her explode with sexual tension!

So, it was decided, since Uncle Wen was away at a medical convention and my cousin Scot was in the army, Grandpa would drive me to their country home for the visit.

It was mid morning when Gramps dropped me off. And my cousin Sue was waiting to take me with her to their tennis club. (She was all of 25 and had a sports car.) So, leaving Aunt Eve at home, Sue and I went off to the club for her tennis lesson.

During the lesson, I and several older guys sat and watched her tits and short skirt bounce up and down as she chased the ball around the court. It turned out that they had a pool going for the one that guessed closest to the number of times they would see her panties.

When the lesson ended we all gathered and waited for her to come from the locker room. When she appeared, the excited winner waved the cash, collected an excited hug, and squeezed her butt while the rest gathered tightly around them.

Sue laughed and pushed her way thru their pawing fingers explaining she would love to stay but, was ‘baby sitting’ and had to take me home right away.

As we sped down the road with her hair flying. She was laughing with glee when suddenly she slowed, turned up a wooded, lane and stopped.

She jumped out, grabbed a blanket, ran into a grassy meadow, and squealed, “Come on Billy up here.”

She spread the blanket and we sat down. She laughed and said, “Ya know, those guys all wanted to get into my panties. I fooled them! Cause I’m not wearing any!” With that, she pulled her skirt aside and laid back displaying a lovely red bush!

She looked up smiling, “Cum on Billy let’s see just what you can do.”

I was not shy so I dove in to that kinky red cunt hair nose first. Sue laughed about an eager beaver and said, “Now, take off those damn pants and show your cousin what ya got!”

I pulled my pants and shorts down and off. She bared her tits and pulled my face into nipple-land. As I worked on her hard tits she lay back, grabbed my prick, and guided it into a very wet pussy.

When I discovered that hot, tight pendik escort sleeve I understood cock, cunt, and fucking!

I was clumsy but effective. I pounded away and had many cums but kept up my wild pace. I was really enjoying my first fuck and could sense Sue’s body convulsing time after time.

When I tired, I slid out and down to see where I had been. It was very lovely and tasty, so I settled in and cleaned up the area. Sue recovered grabbed the blanket and my pants telling me to bring the shoes and get to the car. As she sped home I got dressed and thought about how great fucking really was!

When we got back to the house I followed her in and dropped into a chair and heard Sue holler, “Grandma was right Mom”, as she run up stairs.

Aunt Eve soon called for me to come to her room where I found her in bed naked with Sue gleefully munching on HER cunt. Aunt Eve looked up at me with contented eyes and said, “Strip boy and get over here.” As I got on the bed she grabbed my balls and guided me to sit on her face. She then grabbed my soft pecker and curled her tongue under my nut sack and slowly licked up my crack to my tight ass hole.

As I adjusted to this sensation her tongue took several more trips back and forth along the same path as she controlled any motion I might make by her tight ‘pecker hold’.

Soon my excited ass was twitching each time her tongue got close. And at times, it seemed as if it were reaching out for the next rimming that was to come. Then, it happened! Aunt Eve’s pointed tongue slipped into my ass and wiggled around!

When she felt my pecker stiffen even more she told Sue to take it in her lips to sample my cum. Sue was able to catch my first ever oral blast and gave a very tasty report.

The three of us spent the afternoon and evening trying all the new things we could think of, I must say, Aunt Eve was very creative.

The first thing Eve tried was to rub my pecker with her feet and between her toes. It drove me so wild, I started sucking her toes and licking her feet. Sue watched for awhile and as I slowly worked my way up to lick the back of Eve’s knee. Sue seeing how I made her mother squirm began to lick the other leg. She reached over and slowed my advance, waiting until Eve moaned and pulled her knees to her shoulders thus opening herself for an all out cunt attack. As we reached crotchland devilish Sue gently covered Eve’s quivering cunt and signaled to retreat!

As our oral activities moved down Eve’s legs we fought off her griping hands. And, ignored the pleading, “ooooh nooooo maltepe escort cum bck I ne ne ne neeed to ccccu ccccu cum!”

Sue laughed and said, “Hang in there mom. Be strong cuz, it will be.”

She then signaled me and started a new upward path. This time, as we ‘arrived’ Sue again placed her hand on the PULSING cunt, made a fist, yelled, “SURPRISE!!”, and pushed in up to her wrist!

Eve arched, spewed cum, and drove it deeper into her body. Sue smiled and said, “Okay Bitch your cervix is open for business.”

Sue grabbed a flashlight from the nightstand and pulled partway out. She spread her hand to hold the cunt lips apart and used the light to allow us to examine our ‘work’. As we watched Eve came so much she filled to overflow.

I lay at that alter as she sat on my face allowing me to swallow as much as possible!Sue felt that we could use a rest and went to fix some food.

As soon as she was out of the room my loving aunt reminded me of the rim job she had given me. She laid back, tucked her knees under her elbows, reached down spread her ass, and said, “Now get busy Bill you owe me.”

She vocally directed my actions as I was rimming her and running my tongue back and forth through swelling, wet cunt lips from ass to clit. Suddenly, on one swipe I hit her enlarged clit and grabbed with my teeth and chewed away.

She screamed, gushed sweet liquid, and pleaded, “Finger my ass!”

I put one finger in.


I jammed three fingers in and twisted back and forth.

She was moaning loudly as Sue walked in with a tray. Sue put the food down, muttered, “SLUT!”, Reinserted her fist in aunty’s cunt and started pumping.

As she climaxed, I recalled some early failed attempts with Granny and jumped up to easily slid my cock up her ass.

Her body went wild as neither of us eased up on our actions until she quietly collapsed in a quivering heap.

Sue took my hand and said, “Lets go and let her sleep.” And led me to her room to have a night of gentle screwing.

And that, was my first day of a sex filled visit.

During my time there, Sue spread the word and brought many friends home for an afternoon snack.

I was allowed to do or try anything I wanted using hands feet mouth or nose. But, I had to save my cum for the family’s all night versions of the first day. I can honestly say, that with Sue’s help, all of her friends left very pleased!

When I was tired, I taught some of those mid-twenty gals that tit abuse and cunt slapping was a wonderful thing. I wonder what their kartal escort other friends thought about the bruises?

There was one friend, Jan, that arrived with her intended, Bob, straight from their engagement party! For her, Sue enlisted Eve’s help with what turned out to be a thirty hour party extension. The three of us gave all of our attention to Jan’s pleasure. When they left, a naked Jan was draped over Bob’s shoulder with cum dripping down the front of his shirt. And with step, she burped a cum bubble in his ear.

It was during that time that I learned about nympomaniacs. And since my ‘no cum’ rule had been lifted, Sue and I always wondered about the early birth.

Now and then, Eve would invite a club or former PTA member to be eaten by her little ‘Billy Boy’. I was delighted to oblige these ladies’, some of which had very depraved ideas that I took as free sex education.

There were the three PTA gals that would hold a meeting about a teacher that did not know how to punish their daughters. I learned many ways to bind and paddle!

Two seemed to love rope tightly wrapped around their tits and have their nipples paddled. The one with no tits would sit a straddle knotted ropes in a doorway and let the rough hemp knot dig her cunt till she would bleed.

There was the very very chunky lady that wore only a tennis skirt. I would crisscross her ass and tits with a racket. And after the hard fought ‘game’ she would go home to ‘daddy’ to get soothed with salve.

Two others would have me fist their cunts at the same time until they came. Then they would lick the other’s fist clean. Aunt Eve called them her lesbian wannabes!

In away, I was sorry to see the summer end. But, the first night home when I heard Granny say, “Come on to my room Billy and show your old granny what you learned at Aunt Eve’s”, I knew life was good.

I was shocked as I learned the things that Granny would do! That first night, she looked at me and said, “Strip and stand still!”

She tossed a pillow on the floor and dropped to her knees, “I have not had a tummy full of cum in years! Give me all you got!”, as she vacuumed my cock.

After I blasted her throat several times she jumped on the bed, spread her legs, pulled her knees up and ordered, “I know you have lots more. Fuck me Billy! Lets see if I can still cum!”

I jumped on and stabbed at my favorite hairy cunt a few times until I finally hit the target. I pounded her pussy for a long time as my balls recovered from her blow job.

By the time I was ready to unload once again Granny was in a long weak but satisfying cum.

I rolled off. She smiled, closed her eyes, and said, “That was nice. Time for a nap. Don’t go anywhere. I’m not yet done with you tonight…”

Sigh, “I can’t wait to tell the ladies at church!”

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