The Surprize


I had just got off work, the late shift, when I thought I would stop over my mom’s house for a cup of coffee with her, being it was still quite early in the morning. As I turned the corner onto her street, it was then I that noticed the garage door to her house was just going down and mom was walking next door to the neighbors.

It was summer and the temp that morning was quite warm, even at this early time of the day. But what surprised me was the fact mom had on this very long skirt, which was down to her ankles, along with a very conservative top.

Mom always was a bit of a prude with what she wore and how she acted, but since dad had passed away a few years ago, she seemed to loosen up and wore much more revealing tops and shorter skirts and dresses. For being in her early fifties she was in great shape and took great care of herself. She looked much younger than she was.

So why was she wearing this outfit? Especially in this weather.

As I got closer, I watched as she knocked on the neighbors door and a young woman answered the door and let her in. I didn’t know who the neighbors were being they had just moved in a few months ago and have yet to meet them.

I pulled into mom’s drive and went into the house. I made some coffee and decided to just wait for her to come back. An hour went by and no sign of her. As I sat there I decided, what the hell, might as well go over and meet her new neighbors myself. As I got closer to the front door I started to hear a woman moaning. It wasn’t one of the painful type moans, rather, for the lack of a better term, sexual moan.

I peered into the house thru the side light of the door but could not see anyone, but could hear the moans more clearly now and they were a woman’s moans. I snuck around the back of the house and peeked in thru the kitchen window, which pendik escort was slightly open. What I saw next completely took me my surprise. There was my mom bent over their kitchen table with her arms being held down by this young very attractive woman while, I assume was her husband, a man about the same age as the woman, was holding my mother’s skirt up above her waist with one hand as he caressed her panty clad behind with the other.

I watched as he slid his hand all over her ass and down between her legs touching her, where I could only imagine, and making her moan in a tone that I had never heard some out of her before.

I stood there mesmerized, staring at my mom’s ass as a stranger was caressing it. Then I heard the woman speak.

“You like that Rose”, that was mom’s name, “don’t you? You like my husband playing with you like that.”

“Ohhh.. yes!” I heard mom say. “It feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

I watched as the husband then started to slide her panty down and expose her ass. I could hear her take a breath as her ass was exposed. He pushed them all the way down past her knees, then her ankles, falling to the floor. He pushed her legs apart and slid his hand between them. I could see as he touched her in private sensuous places. His fingers gliding between her moist mature pussylips.

Mom’s moans got even louder. Her breathing getting quicker with each touch.

The woman now watching intently as her husband plays with mother’s pussy. She lets go of mom’s hands and brings her own hands up to her top, unbuttoning it, then pushing her bra up and exposing her very beautiful breasts. She began to rub and squeeze them, followed by her pinching of her small but very perky nipples. She let out a soft moan also. All the while her eyes glued to her husband’s hands.

My maltepe escort heart racing now as I continued to watch. My cock starting to grow.

The husband removed his hand and fingers from mom’s pussy and then proceeded to smack her bare ass. Her body wincing from the brief sensation of pain.

I watched as he smacked her again and she tried to cover her ass with her hands. He then lifted her off the table to her feet.

“Turn around and strip”

She turned and without any hesitation mom proceeds to slide off her top off. Then reached behind her and unhooked her bra.

The wife then moved behind her and helped her slide her bra off exposing her gorgeous size 36D breasts. She then cupped mom’s boobs squeezing, making mom moan softly. She then reached down and unzipped mom’s skirt letting it fall to the floor.

I watched as the skirt hits the floor and my mother is standing there now totally nude, in front of both the husband and wife not to mention my eyes as well. My hardon now raging in my jeans. I unzip my them, reaching in and pulling my hard cock out, stroking it to the sight of my mother nude.

The woman then pushes mom down to her knees. Then walks around her to her husband and pushes his shorts and pulls his hard cock out. She then kneels down also and slides her husband’s cock into her mouth and begins sucking him as mom watches.

Mom reached up and grabbed one of the wife’s boobs and began to squeeze it. Then leans in and kisses the wife’s nipple, taking it into her mouth.

The wife then pulls off her husband’s cock, grabbing it and pulling it to mom’s mouth.

“Open up” she tells her

I watch in disbelief as mom opens her mouth and takes the husband’s cock into her mouth and starts to hungrily devour it, sucking and licking the young hard cock. kartal escort

The wife then stands up and slides off her top, bra, shorts, and panty. Her pussy is shaved clean, her tits small and perky with cute small nipples. She is gorgeous. My cock aching as I stand there pulling on it.

Mom continues sucking on hubbies hard young cock as he reaches down to play with her boobs, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

The wife then sits down on a chair and spreads her legs wide. She inserts a finger in between her pussy lips then deep into her pussy. A second finger joins the first and she leans her head back as she tries to bring herself to an orgasm. The husband watching and driving his cock deep into mom’s mouth and down her throat. He grabs mom’s head and holds it tight as he cums hard. Mom taking every drop of his cums in her mouth and swallowing it all.

As hubby lets her go and pulls out of her mouth, mom moves over to his wife as she gets down on all fours and buries her face in the wifes pussy. She licks her and pushes her tongue in between her lips and I watch as she is tongue fucking her.

I now have a perfect view of moms pussy as she is on all fours, her lips puffy and glistening with her own juices.

Just then, hubby moves behind her off to the side and starts fingering and playing with mom’s pussy. As he does his cock starts getting hard again till he is ready and moves in and guides his hard young cock into mom’s waiting pussy. His hands now on her hips as he thrusts in deep. All the while mom licking and tonguing his wife’s pussy.

I am beating off my own cock so hard now that I erupt like a volcano, spewing hot Stockholm all over my hand. I then put my cock away and go back over to mom’s house and clean up.

Its not long after that mom comes home and is surprised as she sees me sitting there with a cup of coffee. Her hair all messed up and the smell of sex all over her.

Oh… hi honey, I didn’t know you were stopping by. I would have had the coffee ready if I knew you were stopping.

I just smiled.

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