The Waitress


Rolando was on his way to the east coast to train for a new position he got his company. As he was packing his bags he thought to how he wasn’t going to have a good time, because he was the only guy going from his company. He was going to be all alone. He put his socks into his suitcase, took the razor out of the shower and threw some cologne on his freshly shaven face. Rolando was a good looking man. He stood about 5’10”, dark complection, milk chocolate eyes and a sexy full mouth. As he passed himself in the mirror he stopped and thought ‘watch out world… ‘.

Rolando go to the front desk of his hotel and checked in. As he turned around to see what was in the lobby, he noticed a young lady standing inside, looking out. ‘Pretty’, he thought to himself as took his room key and walked toward the elevator.

As he unpacked, his thoughts of that pretty girl didn’t leave his head. He thought about her and how she looked in that short denim skirt and that tight white tank top. Her long blonde hair was hiding some of her gorgeous face, but he could remember how just a piece of it dangled by her ear, and how he wanted to walk up to her and touch it.

Rolando rolled over on his bed and looked that clock. No wonder he was hungry, it was way past dinner time on the west coast. He went to the table to see if they had room service in the hotel directory, but didn’t want to be cooped in the room all night. He went to check out the restaurant downstairs.

He looked around the restaurant and noticed there was barely anyone in the place. He sat down at a table for two and looked around for someone to acknowledge him. The place was kind of darkly lit, with dark Bornova travesti wooden paneling and had wheel wagon lights above the tables. ‘Interesting’ he thought.

The waitress came over and took his order. To his surprise it was the same girl he saw earlier in the day. She looked a lot different at night. Hair was pulled up, dress pants nicely ironed and her starch white shirt was buttoned up to her neck with the mandatory tie that looked like it annoyed her.

“You look familiar”, she said to him with her note pad in one hand and her pen pointing at him.

“I checked in this morning, maybe you saw me”. he replied.

“Could be, I do see a lot of people come in and out of here”, she said.

“I bet you do”, he said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. She smiled back at him and he noticed the wedding band on her finger. ‘Figures’ he thought to himself.

She brought out his steak, cooked just the way he liked it, with garlic mashed potatoes and garlic bread. She came over every once in a while to check on him. Before they knew it, it was midnight. They had talked so much while she waited tables in the shabby little restaurant. He felt like he had known her a long time. She complained about the usual things in life; no money, the second job, the kids, car payments, things that kind of made him glad he was single. It was 1am the last time he checked his watch. He really needed to get to bed. She had mentioned a few time that she didnt feel like going home after work. She needed a drink to winde down. He finally got up the nerve to ask her to his room for a nightcap.

Rolando opened the door and let her in before Buca travesti him. She had worked in that hotel for years, but had never been into a guests room. It was exactly like she thought it would be; stale and uninviting. He threw the key on the table and the noise shook her out of the daze she was in.

“Can I get you something?”, he asked.

“Funny,” she said, “thats usually my question”.

They talked into the wee hours of the early morning and he thought at this point he had nothing to lose. She was still there. He started to stroke her hair and she closed her eyes to let him know that it felt really good. She opened them up to find herself staring into his face. She let out a slight grin and leaned in to kiss him. Without hesitation he kissed her back. He pulled her warm body close to his.. then he rolled over with half his body on top. She shifted a leg to let him get closer to her. His hands started to roam her body. She felt so good beneath him. Their kisses were getting harder, more passionate. He started to unbutton her blouse. Her hands ran up his backside. His ass was so hard and firm. He started to kiss her breasts over her white lace bra. He could feel her nipples getting under his tongue. He got off the bed and took off the rest of his clothes as she laid there, no shirt on, breasts fully exposed waiting for him to take her.

His mouth wrapped around her perky breasts. His tongue danced over her nipples. She moaned with ecstacy. He hand went down in between her thighs. She was nice and warm and ready to go. He pulled her pants off her only to find she was not wearing any panties underneath. Her exposed mound was Konak travesti neatly trimmed and waiting for him to take her. He went down on her soft flesh and started to kiss her warm pussy. His tongue ravaged her hot box. He could feel her juices flowing inside his mouth. She threw her body back in sheer amazement. He was good and he knew it. She threw he legs up over his shoulders and started to grind her warm wet pussy into his face.

He couldn’t take anymore. He had to be inside her. He laid on the bed and helped her get on him. She slid so easily on top of him. She started to grind her pussy onto his pevlis. She was starting to shake. Her tits were dangling his face so he reached up with both hands and pulled them toward him. He sucked on one nipple at a time and she started to ride him faster grinding harder every time he bit into her flesh. He could feel her starting to cum all over him. She took her fingers and stuck them into her pussy and started to lick the juice off them. She could tell that he wanted to taste them too. She stuck two fingers inside herself again and then put them up against his lips. He took both her fingers and stuck them in his mouth. He proceeded to ask her to go down on him and finish him off.

She proceeds to kiss her way down his chest, licking him as she makes her way down toward his hard waiting cock. She wraps her mouth completely around his cock and starts to go up and down on his shaft. He moans with pleasure and grows in her mouth. She takes his balls and puts them in her mouth gently and tongues them. He tells her he is gonna cum. She stays right at the head of his dick when he came all over her, in her mouth and on her face.

She tucks her hair back into her bobby pins, straightens out her shirt and smiles at him. He knew he would never see her again. He walked her to the door, kissed her hand and closed it as she walked down the hallway never to speak wit her again.

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