The Windfall


Author’s note: My thanks to Copperbutterfly for her editing expertise. My arthritic fingers tend to hit keys other than those I intended and she, thankfully, keeps me on the ‘straight and narrow.’

I had to go through one railcar and into the next before I saw her. I had spotted her three weeks before for the first time, traveling on the same commuter route as me in the afternoon, sometimes the same in the morning although we often seemed to take different trains early.

In some ways, she was unremarkable. She always seemed to carry a book and when she found a place to sit, by herself if one was available, she immediately immersed herself in her book, never drawing attention to herself. Yet, because of my interest in certain ‘types’ of ladies, I had spotted her and the more I saw of her, the more my interest was piqued.

Some men ignored such women. She was, by some standards, large, sometimes referred to as a big beautiful woman, or BBW. You could see the disdain in the eyes of some men as they roved over her and passed to others. Not me. She had the form that stirred my blood every time I laid eyes on her. She had curves where a woman should have curves. Even though she generally wore bulky clothing, I could tell that she had large breasts and a big, well-rounded bottom. Her waist wasn’t as thin as some – thanks goodness! I preferred the sexiness of a woman I could cuddle up to and not worry about possibly breaking her bones – or stabbing myself to death on some protrusion.

She wasn’t a classic beauty – again thank goodness! She was pretty … no, she was beautiful. She had shoulder length brunette hair that curled on the tops of her shoulders and framed her face. That face seemed more beautiful, more delightful every time I saw her. Her eyes were large brown pools that seemed to take in everything around her. But it was her full, ruby red lips that most drew my attention. I thought – I imagined – that they were the most sensual lips on earth … and in my mind they were. When she looked at anyone, especially at me, she gave me a smile that seemed to convey a tremendous range of emotions … or was that all in my mind too?

Perhaps some men thought she was less desirable because of her age. I estimated that she was between 45 and 50 and many men looked for the younger woman. Not me. I was probably ten to 15 years older than she was, so I was in a dilemma. She was the kind of woman I always desire and she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman I had seen in a very long time. Yet because of my age – and let’s face it; I wasn’t the sexiest man around town either – the odds of ever developing a relationship with her were slim and none … and Slim was walking out the door. (That’s a joke!)

Ever since I had first spotted her, I noticed that she walked from our station up the hill the same direction I went but, after a few blocks, she turned one way and I went the other. Two or three times a week, she would stop in the little coffee shop in the next block for a solitary cup of coffee and a quiet meal while she continued to read her book.

I had gotten into the habit of following her into the coffee shop and finding a place near her. I would order a meal and coffee so that I didn’t have to go to the lonely quiet of my home and try to stir up something to eat. While she read, I daydreamed about making love to her. Sure, sometimes it was a purely sexual thing but most of the time my dreams were about making slow, tender love with her.

This Friday, after the usual commute from the city center, I followed her off the train, savoring the soft fragrance of her gentle perfume as she slowly passed by me on the way to the car’s exit doors. I fell in line just a few people behind her and watched almost entranced as she started up the street. I wasn’t disappointed when she turned into the coffee shop; I hadn’t looked forward to the loneliness of the house that evening. Of course I followed her in.

As it turned out, the only available table was right across the aisle from the one at which she had been seated. The hostess showed me to the small empty table and I found myself seated facing her directly. For me, it was the ideal situation but I was afraid I would make her uncomfortable.

Midway through my meal, I glanced up at the woman and our eyes met for the first time. “Hello,” I said, noncommittally.

“Hi,” she replied. “Don’t you ride the 6:15? I think I’ve seen you on the train.”

“Yes, I normally catch that one. I’ve noticed you also.”

“So … we must live in the same area, huh?”

“Yes, I believe so. I’m on Davenport Street, just a couple of blocks off the boulevard.”

“Funny. I’m just east of the boulevard on Lancaster Street.”

“I’m Ed, by the way. Edward, actually but I don’t like people to call me that.”

She laughed softly. “Good to meet you, Ed. I’m Maria.”

We finished our meals exchanging small talk about the weather and our work. It turns out that we both had jobs in the financial district, Lara Travesti although they were somewhat different. When we both got up to leave, I asked if she would mind if I walked with her.

“No, I wouldn’t mind. I would enjoy the company.”

We walked slowly the remainder of the way until we had to part directions. We chatted easily and I found myself very comfortable in the presence of this beautiful woman. She seemed to like my sort of wry humor and giggled softly several times. I noticed the faint fragrance of her perfume seemed to go right to the top of my head and make me want to sweep her into my arms and smoother her with kisses.

Ah, discretion being the better part of valor, I settled for saying, “I hope to see you again really soon, Maria. It has been very pleasant talking with you.”

She flashed me a fleeting look that I couldn’t quite ascertain, but it quickly changed into a smile. “Ed … would you mind if I called you Eddie? I have enjoyed this walk very much. I’ll look forward to seeing you again.

That evening my mind was filled with visions of the sweet and wonderful lady that I had finally met. She was just as fantastic to talk to as I had imagined in my dreams. As the night turned late and I readied myself for bed, I have to admit that my thoughts turned to more intimate pursuits. I knew the odds of my relationship with Maria were vastly against my ever becoming intimate with her … but in my dreams, I held her in my arms as I drifted off to sleep. In my dreams, she had yielded her charms to me and we had made wild, passionate love. Ah, such sweet dreams …

The weekend passed slowly but pleasantly as I thought about Maria. I couldn’t seem to make my mind concentrate on anything else, even my favorite football team when their game came on the TV. By Sunday night, I realized that I had really squandered the entire weekend thinking about her.

I was disappointed Monday morning when I realized that she was not at the station for the same train as mine. I worked my way through a daze, barely able to concentrate on my work. I had to struggle to finish my last transaction of the day and hurry to catch the 6:15. I made it just as the doors began to close.

Turning to walk through the cars, I looked for a place to sit but mostly I looked for Maria. I didn’t realize how much I wanted to see her until I spotted her near the back of the second car and breathed a sigh of relief. She was already reading her book but the seat beside her was vacant and when I bent over to ask if I could sit with her, her fabulous smile changed my entire outlook. She moved her purse and a shopping bag, making room for me to sit beside her.

“It’s good to see you again,” Maria said softly.

“Very good to see you, too,” I replied. “How was your day?”

“Oh, nothing special. How about yours?”

“About the same,” I chortled. “I looked forward to this more than my work.”

“Oh? Why is that?” she asked.

“Because … I … well, I like your company,” I said, wearing my feelings on my sleeve.

“Well, thank you. I enjoyed yours as well.”

“Are you planning to stop at the diner tonight?”

“Well … I could. Would you like to have dinner with me?”

“I’d love to!”

I asked Maria about family and she surprised me when she said that she was married; I’d not seen any sign of that.

“Don’t be surprised,” she said. “It is just a marriage of convenience. For the last three years, he does his thing and I do mine. We still live in the same house just because that is easier than trying to divide everything up.”

“Oh, so there’s no sex involved?”

“Oh, honey, there hasn’t been any sex for three years and not very much even before that. My husband was never very adventurous. His idea of a good time was to climb on, pump away for a couple of minutes and then go right to sleep. He never could understand why I was so frustrated.”

“Oh, my goodness! That’s criminal!”

“Why? I guess I just didn’t turn him on. We were lucky enough that we had a daughter together but she’s been about the only common ground we’ve had for a long time now. The daughter has since had three boys and three girls that both my husband and I love dearly. But we don’t really have much else to keep us together. How about you?”

“Well, it’s been rather lonely for me since my wife left me over twelve years ago. We had three children, all of whom were grown and on their own. She decided that we didn’t have much to keep us together so she moved out.”

“And you still live alone?” Maria asked.

“Uh, huh. Gets pretty lonely.”

Just then the train slowed as it pulled into our station. Conversation lagged as we gathered our things and queued up to exit, then walked side by side up the block to the coffee shop. The hostess smiled when she noticed the two of us together.

The conversation throughout the meal was easy. I loved talking with Maria because she seemed interested in whatever I had to say Manavgat travesti and looking at her was so easy on my eyes – I thought she was a truly magnificently beautiful woman. She had a sexy, curvy body that had my fingers tingling for wanting to touch her. Yet I was afraid of offending her, of driving her away, so I tried to keep my thoughts to myself.

After we finished eating, Maria and I strolled leisurely up the road toward our usual parting place. Although she was conservatively dressed, I couldn’t help but glance at her large breasts from time to time or, when the opportunity presented itself, at her well-rounded bottom. My fingers itched to touch her, especially there, and my mouth watered at the thought of kissing her pleasure spots. I didn’t want to part company with her.

When we arrived at the place where we usually went separate directions, I asked, “Would you like to come up for coffee … or something?”

Maria drew back and stared at me. I thought I had offended her, but then her smile returned. “Yes, I’d like that, honey.”

I took her elbow and we turned in the direction of my house. A few minutes later I ushered her into the front room of my empty house and turned on a lamp to dispel the early evening gloom. I took her wrap and hung it in the hall closet, then asked her to have a seat in the living room while I put on a pot of coffee to perk. Instead she said she’d like to go with me and see my kitchen.

Maria pulled out a chair at the kitchen table and sat while I filled the coffee pot, added a new filter and coffee and turned it on. Then I pulled out another chair at the table and sat, looking at her. I have to admit that I was enchanted with her vision. Some men may not have understood my attraction to her because she was larger than what some men seemed to like but she was perfect in my opinion. My hands itched to touch her, yet my fear of driving her away by offending her was still too great.

Maria told me about her six grandchildren and it was obvious that they were the highlight of her life. She seemed to delight in telling little tales of their exploits and the love of them sparkled in her eyes.

When the coffee finished perking, I poured us two mugs and I invited her to continue talking. She talked a little about her husband and how they had a few good years together in their earlier life together but had just grown apart, until one time they both realized that the only thing they really had in common was their daughter. They still got along okay together but didn’t do anything together unless the grandchildren were involved.

She asked about my children and I told her that I talked to each of them often but because of the distance between us, we didn’t get to see each other very often. I hadn’t actually seen my ex-wife for over seven years.

When we finished our coffees, Maria asked if I’d show her the rest of my house. I was happy that she even wanted to see it so I escorted her around the other rooms. I had converted one bedroom into a home office with my computer and other hardware. I still had one bedroom set up as a guest room although it had not been used in a long time.

I showed her the master bedroom last, with its king-sized four-poster bed. The attached bathroom had a separate large shower stall plus a garden sized bathtub with nine whirlpool jets. There was also a large dressing area and the entire room was lit by an overhead skylight, although we really couldn’t see that much of it that late in the day.

Maria seemed to like the arrangement and I think she was impressed that a single man kept the house reasonably neat and clean. She oohed and aahed over the tub and smiled when she said she’d like to try it sometime. I gave her an open invitation to try it any time.

Maria abruptly turned about as if to return to the bedroom but, because I was standing right behind her, we bumped softly together. I reached out to support her and keep her from stumbling but the result was to pull her up next to me. For an instant, all I could focus on was her mouth, suddenly opened in a small, “Oh!” of surprise.

Without thinking, I closed the distance between us and our lips met in a soft sweet kiss. I halfway expected her to pull back, maybe even to slap my face, but she did neither. She did back away just enough to look into my eyes but then her lips parted again and she moved back to met me in a longer, more sensual kiss. I touched the tip of my tongue to her lips and soon her tongue tentatively touched mine. I pulled her more tightly to me and felt her arms circle my neck as our tongues became more animated and the kiss turned even more passionate. My hands roved up and down her back, not stopping until they reached the upper curve of her bottom.

My arousal was evident. My cock had long since become rock hard, pressing my pants forward and pushing against her softly rounded stomach. I probably should have been embarrassed by my condition but I found Maria to be so Side travesti very desirable and I wanted her to know how I felt about her.

I just kept pulling her more tightly against me and kissing her and she responded hungrily as if it was the same thing she wanted. Her faint perfume and the sweet taste of her mouth made me hornier and want her more than ever. My left arm slid up her back and pulled her large breasts into my chest. My right arm moved lower and my hand cupped her big round bottom, pulling her harder against my erection. Maria surprised me by not pulling away.

When we finally had to break apart to gulp air, Maria laid her head on my shoulder and murmured, “Oh, my dear sweet man! I did not think I would ever again be kissed like that!”

“Why not, sweet lady? You are so beautiful, so very sexy. Why would you not be smothered with kisses?”

“Well, I … I’m not … well, not really beautiful, although I thank you for your kind words.”

I put my finger over her lips. “Shhh. Don’t say things like that! You are very … VERY … beautiful to me. You deserve kisses like that and so much more. Come with me.”

Taking her hand, I led her back into the bedroom and to the edge of my bed. I sat on the edge of the mattress and pulled her down beside me. As soon as she was seated, I turned to her and again pulled her to me. Our lips met in another passionate kiss. Her arms came up again around my neck so I began to rub her back with my right hand. However within a few minutes, I had worked my hand around until it was filled with her left tit. Even though it was encased in a bra, it was large, warm, and pliable and I loved the feel of it.

When Maria seemed to press her chest toward me, I became a little bolder, beginning to open the buttons down the back side of her blouse. Maria again surprised me by shrugging it off her shoulders when the buttons were all open. We resumed our kiss and she made no signs of disapproval when my fingers began working on the fasteners on her bra.

I found out later that she wore a 46D bra but, for now, all I knew was that her breasts were large and magnificently beautiful. She sighed when my hands closed around the heavy globes. I eased her down onto her back on the bed and then lowered my mouth to lick and suck on one of the beautiful mounds. Her pretty pink nipple responded by hardening and protruding like a small inverse funnel. The tip of my tongue savored the texture of the hard nubbin and she moaned as I flicked at it.

Her big tits were soft and warm and tasty and I feasted on them, switching from one to the other as Maria held them to my mouth. She moaned and squirmed under me, not trying to get away but trying to ensure that I teased the places that made her feel good. Eventually I let my fingers begin to wander over the rest of her form, down across her stomach and lower, along her still covered thigh.

I felt Maria’s fingers working at the buttons of my shirt and lifted up enough to throw off the garment, then went back to kissing her big boobs, loving the softness and tender fragrance of her skin and the puckered hardness of her nipples. Her hand roved through my hair, lightly tugging my head even tighter to her form.

I fumbled with the button and zipper to her skirt but eventually got them opened. I was still a little surprised when she lifted her hips to let me pull the skirt off and discard it. The garter belt with straps holding up her thigh high stockings was not a surprise – but the lack of any panties was! I loved it. When my fingers again slid up her thigh, just as I passed the tops of the stockings she moaned and her legs spread apart. My fingers found slick wetness before I even reached the soft flesh of her twat.

My fingers slid upwards until I felt the puffiness of her outer labia. By then Maria’s legs were wandering back and forth, up and down without any seeming pattern except an attempt to find whatever contact would continue to make her feel pleasure. As I eased my index finger between the puffy lips and into her vagina, her legs shot out in opposite directions while her hands both pulled hard against the back of my head, smothering me into the soft flesh of her big right tit.

Turning my head enough to breathe without breaking contact with her luscious nipple, I drove my finger into her hot wetness and swirled my finger around, feeling the velvety smoothness of her channel. My cock was throbbing and rock hard, pressing against Maria’s side. I could feel the wetness inside my jockeys.

Holding my finger inside her, I pulled my thumb up so that the pad pressed around her mound. Drawing little circles around her clit caused her to groan with lust and I felt her head flip from side to side in her desire to achieve orgasm. I inserted another finger into her pussy and began to seriously fingerfuck her while my thumb got closer and closer to her clit. No sooner had I touched the hard little nubbin than Maria bucked upward to meet my hand and I felt a flood of wet sticky juices soak my hand. She whispered my name and her fingers lovingly searched through my hair, still holding me to her breast. I kept moving, kept sucking for several seconds, though a little softer, as she slowly came down from her peak of pleasure.

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