Three at The Office Party


My wife Mary and myself have been married for a good many years, and over that time we have indulged ourselves a little in adventurous sex. Mostly, this has been threesomes and foursomes. I wouldn’t say we’re into the swinging lifestyle, exactly. It isn’t something we do regularly, although we did belong to a swingers’ group for a while. That involved a regular monthly meeting, and generally we preferred our adventures to be more spontaneous than that.

One of our early adventures was very spontaneous, although clearly aided by alcohol. It was at the Christmas party where I worked at the time: a large and rather drab office building, which was turned into a festive venue for the occasion. There were a lot of advantages to that. For one thing, it was relatively private, compared with a bar or function room in a hotel. For another, we knew the layout of the place really well.

There was a DJ and a lot of dancing, as well as a fair amount of drinking. Mary spent quite a while dancing with my colleague Paul, who I knew was single and unattached at the time. I remember thinking that he was going to enjoy dancing with her, but would be disappointed at going home alone! Anyway, I chatted to a couple of people while Mary danced. I noticed that she and Paul had got quite close together, and he just might have been fondling her backside in the dim light. I didn’t mind, though: like I said, we have had our adventures, and Mary was a sensible woman. I was sure she wouldn’t allow anything to happen that would compromise our commitment to each other, and that was enough. This was why we always shared our sexual adventures, instead of going off on our own. Open marriages are one thing, but I’m sure the reason many of them fail is that the people concerned go off doing their own thing and leave their partner alone. We have always done everything together, and I do mean everything.

After a while, the person I was talking to wandered off, and I looked around to see where Mary had got to. She didn’t appear to be on the dance floor any more, neither did Paul. I wasn’t necessarily concerned about that, but I was interested to know what they were up to, so I wandered out into the hallway. A couple of people were hanging around there, talking and drinking, but Mary and Paul were not among them. There was a small room with a coffee machine, but they weren’t there either. The only other place I could think of was down the corridor a little way. It was a restroom for employees who were unwell at work. There wasn’t much in it, except for a couple of armchairs and one of those high up medical couches. This part of the corridor was unlit, but there was enough light to find the door I was seeking. I went in and was met by a sight that was only half-unexpected.

Mary and Paul were over by the window, where enough street lighting was coming in to show vaguely what they were up to. It was clear that they were having a little fun. Mary’s back was to the wall next to the window, and Paul’s hand was inside her unbuttoned blouse. I came up and kissed Mary.

“I thought you’d find us in a few minutes,” she said. She kissed me back, and then looked at Paul.

“Seems this is where the fun is,” I said, and slid my hand inside her blouse as well. Paul had taken his away, perhaps nervous about what my reaction would be.

“Paul,” I said. “Don’t stop what you were doing. I’m sure Mary was enjoying it, and two of us can do a better job than one.”

“Wow,” he said. “If you’re sure…”

He put his hand back, and Mary pulled the sides of her blouse open. She was wearing a bra, but it was lacy and left little to the imagination. She loves a lot of foreplay, and especially nipple stimulation, so we didn’t hurry. Her breath came faster and faster as we let our hand stray over her breasts and around her exposed body. After a few minutes, she reached behind her and unclasped the bra. Her breasts, even in that light, were glorious and inviting. Her nipples were firm and erect, and she lifted both breasts up as if offering them to us. Paul and I both had the same idea, and bent to kiss and suck the nipples, bringing moans of appreciation from Mary.

Suddenly Paul fell to his knees. At first I thought he had passed out through drink, but he had a much better idea. Mary had a long skirt on, and he began to lift it up, clearly intent on a different form of stimulation.

“Oh God,” said Mary. “Oh yes, please.”

Paul lifted her skirt right up, and made the delightful discovery that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She often doesn’t when she wears a long skirt. He simply opened his mouth and covered her sex with it. From the movements I could see he was clearly thrusting his tongue in and out of her vagina. Mary’s appreciative moans turned into loud cries.

“Oh God! He’s going to make me come!”

“Go on, baby. Go for it. You know how I love to watch you come. Just let go and enjoy his tongue thrusting in and out of you. Let him lick your clit. Let him lick your labia. Feel his tongue inside you.”

One escort izmir of the other things Mary likes is a bit of dirty talk! It always helps her to come. Within seconds she had arched her back, her hips thrusting back at Paul. She cried out several times loudly, and thrust her hips at him as she rocked in ecstasy.

“That looked good,” I said. She threw me a grateful glance.

“It was fucking fantastic.”

“Well, I’m sure it was fantastic, but it wasn’t fucking. Of course, we could soon fix that.”

For answer, Mary simply walked across to that medical coach, stripping off the rest of her clothes as she went. She sat on the end of it, completely naked.

“That sounds like a challenge.”

Paul got up off the floor, and went to the door and turned the key. Mary lay back on the couch, her legs dangling off the end, and her lovely sex within easy reach of anyone who cared to stand between them. Paul looked at me, but I just nodded towards Mary. I know her well, and I knew what she wanted. He went over to her and gently parted her thighs.

“You sure this is okay?” he asked. We both assured him that it was, and he quickly undid his trousers and dropped them, along with his underpants. Of course, he had a considerable erection. I just had time to observe that his cock was straight and thick. Enough to satisfy any woman, I thought. I was delighted at the thought of the pleasure that Mary was about to receive. Paul simply leaned in towards her, his cock touching the lips of her vagina.

“Yes, yes. Put it in me. Fuck me.” Well, no man of my acquaintance needs to be asked twice, and Paul obliged by sliding his cock deep inside as he could get, until his balls were on her perineum. He began to make slow, long thrusts, and Mary moaned with delight.

I had been standing about level with her shoulder, but she reached over to me and unzipped my trousers. While still delighted by Paul’s attentions, she made kissing actions towards my crotch. Naturally, I took out my cock and leaned in towards her.

She licked the end of my cock, which is her favourite way of giving oral sex. That is, she generally doesn’t take it completely into her mouth, but licks the most sensitive places over and over again. I find it the most teasing, pleasurable, and exciting method.

“My God,” said Paul. “That’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.”

By this time Mary was moaning rhythmically in time with his cock thrusts, and was clearly getting off on everything. Paul had got a rhythm going which obviously suited her. She tends to like sex fairly slow, with a gentle buildup, and he was doing fine. From the moaning noises he himself was making, I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer. In fact, all three of us were building up for a tremendous orgasm. I looked at her lovely body spread out before me, her legs parted and Paul’s cock clearly doing great things between them. I could see her pubic hair, her open vagina, and Paul’s cock easing in and out, glistening with her lovely juices. Frankly, I don’t think I know of a sexier sight. Especially when accompanied by the excited sounds of two attractive people, and even the smell of sex.

Suddenly, it was too much for me. A dribble of pre-come dripped onto Mary’s lips. She responded by taking the end of my cock into her mouth. Within a second or two I was spurting my come into her. She managed to keep me there, despite her own excitement. I found I was crying out with delight, and Paul again said it was an incredibly sexy sight. As soon as I got my breath back I returned to the dirty talk, my cock still in Mary’s mouth as she drained me of my final drops.

“Go on, Paul. Come in her. Fill her lovely vagina with your come.”

“Oh yes,” cried Mary, dropping my cock. “Fill me with your lovely sexy come. Fill me up, and make me come too!”

“Yes. Squirt your creamy come inside her. She loves to be filled with sexy creamy come.”

At this point the dirty talk became superfluous. Mary practically screamed as her orgasm hit. Her hips bounced up and down on the couch and she closed her legs around Paul, firmly holding him to her. He continued to thrust, and joined her in orgasm, crying out and clearly spurting everything he had into her. They carried on groaning and moving long after their orgasms were finished, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as possible — always the sign of a good come. It was beautiful to watch.

* * *

As we were leaving the room, there was a couple standing in the shadows, clearly indulging in some heavy petting. Paul gestured towards the medical room.

“It’s all yours,” he said. As they emerged into a patch of light, we saw their eyebrows were raised almost to their hairline, as they counted three of us.

We decided to collect our coats and head for home, but the night was not over yet. While Mary went to the loo, Paul and I had a short conversation about how we might like to spend the rest of it. When she came back she linked her arm into mine, and looked up at izmir escort bayan me expectantly.

“I’ve invited Paul back with us for a nightcap. Or something.”

“Well, that sounds interesting. Let’s go.”

We had called a taxi to go home, as it was only a few miles. We sat in the back with Mary in the middle. She put an arm around each of us, and of course we just had to remind ourselves of the treats that she could afford us both. While she leaned back, eyes closed, we gently explored her body. I don’t know what the taxi driver thought, but I could see him glancing at us in his mirror. Anyway, Mary was clearly nearing the point where she could go for something more exciting when we reached our destination.

We lived in a flat at that time, and soon we were entering the small living room. Across the hall from the living room there was a bathroom, the doors opposite each other. The wash basin was directly in line with the door, but the bathroom also had quite a large walk-in shower.

“God, I reek,” said Mary. “I need a shower before I do anything else, and I suggest you gentlemen might like to have one too.”

That sounded fair enough. I got drinks for Paul and myself, and we sat in two armchairs and watched as Mary went into the bathroom. She left the door open, which was a suggestion in itself. Just to emphasise this, she slowly stripped off all of her clothing and put it in our laundry basket. Then she decided to brush her teeth, standing with her legs apart and bending over the basin. This gave us an extraordinarily sexy view, which was clearly not accidental. When she had finished, she turned to face us and announced that she was going to the shower, which was out of sight. We heard the water start rushing.

“I think you should join her,” I said.

“Really? What about you?”

“I’ll join you shortly, but I’m sure Mary would enjoy a couple of minutes on her own with you. My advice is just to let her take charge and decide what she wants.”

“I will,” he replied. Swiftly, he stripped off and walked naked into the bathroom. He turned sideways, already beginning to sport a half-erection, and exchanged a couple of words with Mary. Whatever she said, it made him laugh, and he also proceeded out of sight. I heard the door of the shower go. I sat for five minutes, and then put my drink down and followed his example.

They were standing in the shower, both covered in foam and gently lathering each other’s bodies. Or possibly just sexing each other up, using the foam as an excuse! I was as naked as they were, but clearly had a little catching up to do. I slid the shower door open, and they shuffled round to make room for me. It was a little crowded, but we didn’t need too much space. Mary turned her back to Paul and began to spread the foam on my body as well. She seemed to pay particular attention to my genitalia, which were showing clear evidence of excitement. I joined Paul in rubbing foam over Mary’s breasts and hips. We got very close to her, and could both reach every part of her. She began to gasp as our hands reached between her legs and stroked gently.

“The only trouble about washing too much in that area,” she said, “is that it’s very drying.”

“In that case,” I replied, “we’ll just have to do something to make it wet again.”

“I bloody well hope so.”

She pushed gently past me and went out, selecting a large bath towel from the cupboard. She also took a couple out for us.

“I’ll be waiting to see what you have in mind.”

She sauntered off in the direction of the bedroom, and we began to rinse ourselves down. We didn’t want to waste any time! A couple of minutes later we could hear the hairdryer going in the bedroom, so it was obvious we would have to wait for a minute or two. We wrapped ourselves in the large towels and went back to sit in the living room.

“Do you do this kind of thing regularly?” asked Paul. “I mean, threesomes.”

“Now and again,” I said. “We haven’t done it for a while, though. And we didn’t plan anything for tonight. It just happened. That’s often the best way.”

“Do you know what Mary has planned for later? Is it more of the same, or something different?”

“I don’t know. Best just to let her take the lead.”

At this point we heard the hairdryer stop. I got up and beckoned Paul to follow. Our cocks were now drooping again, but I felt sure this wouldn’t last for long. As we entered the room, Mary put the hairdryer down and began to brush her hair. We just stood and watched her, admiring her smooth curves, beautiful breasts, and buttocks tight from plenty of walking. Mary really was a delight to look at, and even more delightful in action. In anticipation, I could feel my cock beginning to stiffen again. Then she finished what she was doing and lay down in the centre of the bed.

“Well, boys, we know what we’re here for.” She patted the bed on either side of her, and we both lay down next to her. Without any further invitation, we both turned to her, each holding the breast izmir escortlar nearest to him, while kissing and sucking the nipple. Like I said, Mary loves this as a warmup. She was almost purring like a cat.

“That’s lovely,” she said. “More of that, please. But if you want to stray a little further I won’t mind.”

I began to trace a line down her body with my tongue. Paul contented himself with her breasts for the time being, continuing to suck, but stroking the one I had left behind. My licking reached down her body as far as her knee. Then I began to lick back up again, this time on the inside of her thigh. She made some encouraging noises. Just as I was about to reach her vagina, I switched to the other thigh and looked downwards again. I did this backwards and forwards a few times, just to help her build up an appetite. Not that I’m sure she needed it, but she always enjoyed being tantalised! After I felt she’d had enough of that I changed course again, and lifted myself over her leg so that I was between her thighs.

“Oh yes. Oh god yes.”

Taking that as encouragement, I ran my tongue gently up her labia and over her clit, bringing a gasp of pleasure from her. I repeated that a few times, and then began to slide my tongue between her labia, drawing it gently up and over her clit and then pushing it as far as I could get inside.

“Oh that’s lovely! Rant, you really know how to please a girl!”

I continued my gentle tongue-fucking, and when it was clear she was getting highly excited I concentrated on running it over her clit. This brought increasingly intense moans from her, until it was clear she was close to orgasm.

“Oh, I’m going to come! I’m coming!”

I closed my lips over her labia, and licked her clit furiously. Her hips were bucking up and down and she was crying out in her extreme pleasure. Finally, she begged me to stop, because she was getting too sensitive. This often happened with Mary, but it didn’t last for long. As a young woman she could easily manage seven or eight orgasms in a short time, and even when middle-aged she could still do four or five. I calculated that this was only her third of the evening, so I expected she would like plenty more. I had noticed that she was no longer dry down there. I resumed my position by her side.

When she had got her breath back, without a word she turned to me and lifted her leg over me. Of course, this had the effect of parting her legs and exposing her luscious vagina. She pulled me towards her, and my cock touched her labia. She simply adjusted her position, and reached down from my cock, sliding it into her. Then she spoke over her shoulder to Paul.

“Paul, do you think you can get in there as well?”

Paul looked a little bemused, but said he could try. Some men just can’t do this, because they don’t like touching another man’s cock, but I think if you are sexed up enough you can do anything. I felt Paul’s cock slide into Mary’s vagina next to mine. Neither of us seemed to have a problem with it. Mary gasped. She loved it, but the woman needs to be very sexed up indeed, or to have had children!

“Oh my God, I feel so full! It’s incredibly sexy. You’d better be gentle when you move, though. Anyway, I want this to last a long time.”

So, we did both move, and we were gentle about it. Having both come earlier, we weren’t exactly going to be bubbling over too soon, anyway. We just moved very slowly, and varied what we were doing a little. One of us would hold Mary’s hip so the other could do a little thrusting. She leaned back against Paul, enabling him to reach her breasts. Another time, I was able to bend my head to suck her nipples. All of this time, our sexual excitement was increasing very slowly. Mary, as I had expected, had several more orgasms — just gentle ones, but unmistakable. Each time she would lean her head back, her eyes closed, pant to a climax, and then sigh. I think Paul and I probably had the largest eections of our lives by this time. At one point, there seemed to be a lot of wetness suddenly, and I thought he was coming, but it was only a dribble of pre-come. I did the same a couple of times.

“This is incredible,” breathed Mary. “This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever done. No offence, Rant, and I love everything we do together, but as a sexual workout this is the greatest.”

Shortly afterwards, her breathing started to get faster again, and she was clearly heading for another orgasm. I thought Paul and I were nearly there anyway.

“Come on, boys, come in me. You’ve fucked me senseless all evening, and it’s been sensational. You deserve to come. Fuck me to a finish now. Squirt your lovely come. Fill me with it. There’s nothing sexier than having two men’s creamy come inside me…”

At this point, she became incoherent, gasping and moaning in yet another orgasm. Paul and I were both at our limit. I suddenly felt real wetness as he started spurting his come. I groaned, and could feel my own, rising up my cock to burst out deep inside Mary’s vagina. All three of us were crying out, holding onto each other, and felt like we were exploding. Once again, we carried on thrusting and thrusting long after the last drop of come had been let go. We just wanted the pleasure to go on.

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