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Lust in La Jolla Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 Eager Beaver for Breakfast

Jake has dessert after breakfast.

Jake woke as the first dawn light began to filter into Kari’s bedroom. The clock on the nightstand showed 5:05, and it took Jake a few moments to remember where he was. He turned and saw Kari sleeping quietly next to him under a thin sheet, on her side facing him. In the dim light, he first drank in the beauty of her peaceful face, but very soon became aware that she was completely nude, right next to him. As he watched Kari’s large soft tits rising and falling slightly with each breath, he thought back to the day before, the frantic wild sex in the car, and then later, the episode in the shower. Not surprisingly, his cock was quick to respond, hardening rapidly. Absent-mindedly, he reached down and stroked it slowly, and wondered how Kari would respond if he woke her up. That’s not fair, he thought, she was very considerate of me needing to sleep last night. He took a slow deep breath, and, taking care not to disturb Kari, slipped out of bed, grabbed his clothes off the floor, and left her room.

After bathroom necessities and a light breakfast of fruit and cereal, Jake worked on organizing his belongings that had been left in a pile in the garage. The ones he would need in the short term while he was looking for a place to live he brought inside and up to the guest room. The others would be fine left in the garage, but he stacked them neatly along a wall so that the garage could be used for parking. He also took a moment to look more carefully at the motorcycle parked in the corner. He had noticed it last night, but it was covered with a drop cloth. He carefully uncovered it and was amazed to find a pristine black leather and chrome Kawasaki Vulcan 900. One of the best times of Jake’s life had been cycling around Europe for a month with a college friend in the summer between his junior and senior year. Jake’s friend had a beautiful Vulcan much like this one, while Jake made do with a beat-up Honda. The sight of the Vulcan not only brought back those very fond memories, but also led Jake to wonder whether he should get a cycle for transportation while in grad school, rather than a car. After all, in San Diego, he could ride the bike for all but a few days of the year, and he could always rent a car if he really needed one. He decided he would ask Jim where he got the Vulcan when he returned.

After get his belongings sorted, he went out into the small back yard and spent 45 min on his martial arts forms, a set of exercises he had worked out with Jerry Zhong to maintain his skills during times when he lacked a partner. The morning air was cool and refreshing, and Jake felt his worries about all the changes in his life melt away as he worked. After his workout, he sat at the dining room table and scanned the “apartments for rent” section of the Sunday paper, circling those he thought would be worth a follow-up. Unfortunately, most were either not very close to UCSD or not within his intended price range. He had a sizable savings of about $50,000 from his three years on the expedition – the pay was modest but there was little opportunity to spend what he earned – together with some inheritance from his grandmother. He knew the teaching and research fellowships that he would receive during his tenure in grad school provided for a minimalist standard-of-living, and he expected to stretch the savings to provide some comforts until he finished school.

When he was about halfway through the ads, he heard Kari stirring upstairs. Looking up, he saw the kitchen clock said 7:45. Suddenly, a wave of anxiety washed over him – what if, in the new light of morning, Kari had second thoughts about having sex with him last night? What if she was angry at him? Or, even worse, what if she were afraid of him, because she thought he would expect, or demand, more? He braced himself in the best way he knew how – by closing his eyes and taking deep breaths while clearing his mind.

“Hey Jake, you OK?” Kari asked from the doorway to dining room.

His eyes snapping open , Jake quickly answered, ” Yeah, sure, I’m fine. Just thinking.”

He looked carefully at Kari’s face in order to judge where she might be coming from. She was smiling at him broadly, and came over and sat in the chair across the corner of the table to him.

“You look good – you know, well-rested. I’m hoping you slept OK and got up early because of what you told me – you know, needing fewer hours of sleep.”

“I slept great. I think I probably slept a bit more than usual for me, with the jet lag and all. But I feel great. Did you sleep OK?”

“Yeah, I slept great too. It was nice sleeping next to you. It’s too bad that will be our only chance, since Jim is coming home today and …” she giggled, “I just don’t think he and Mom will understand.”

He smiled back at her, “No, I suppose not.”

All Jake’s worries were swept away by Kari’s obvious warmth towards him, and her suggestion that she would like to sleep with him again sent a little thrill through him. As his thoughts wandered around the idea of more pendik escort sex with her, it suddenly registered on him then what she was wearing as she had appeared in the doorway – a tight tank top and thong panties. Even though it made sense she would not be modest after having sex with him the night before, he still found her attire to be very sexy. He dropped his gaze briefly, and noticed that she was clearly braless under the tanktop, but he could not see below her waist because of the table.

“I’m going to make some coffee – do you want some?”

“No thanks. I couldn’t handle the evil brew that the Arabs drink, so I got out of the habit.”

Jake’s eyes were glued to Kari’s butt, essentially bare but for the thin thong strap, as she went into the kitchen. She suddenly looked back over her shoulder, catching him red-handed. She smiled and said, “While I’m here, can I get you something? Maybe some juice?” and she shook her ass just a little.

Jake’s eyes widened and he stammered, “Thank y-you, juice would be great.”

“I think the juice glasses are down here …” Kari replied, as she widened her stance slightly and leaned over at the waist, giving Jake a perfect view of her pussy barely covered by the thong. “Nope, guess not.” She straightened and smiled back at Jake, “Sorry, that was just for fun!”

She got her coffee brewing and brought a glass of OJ back to Jake. She put it on the table next to him and peered over his right shoulder at the newspaper in front of him. “Looks like you’re looking for a place to live already. Find anything that looks interesting yet?”

“Maybe. Not much here that is close to UCSD and also in my price range.” Jake said.

“Yeah, it’s expensive there in La Jolla. Hey – you look a little sweaty, and you smell like it too.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I worked out a bit before I started looking at the paper.”

“Mmmm … no need to apologize at all, you smell really good.” She took a deeper whiff, “Damn Jake, you oughta bottle that – that’s like … a pheromone or something.” She leaned close and inhaled again. “What I am going to do about you Jake? I was already a little warm from the little kitchen tease, but now you’ve got me really hot and bothered. It’s like you turn me into a total nympho!”

She had moved up against him, pressing her breasts against his shoulder, and now she leaned in and tongued his ear. Her right hand explored his chest as she murmured in his ear, “I bet you don’t really understand what you do to me … mmmm … give me your hand and I’ll show you!”

She slid around to stand beside his chair in a wide stance as she took his right hand in hers. With her other hand, she pulled her thong to the side as she brought his hand to her dripping wet pussy and pressed two fingers inside her. “Oh sssshit” she panted as she began to grind on his hand. “See how wet I get for you!”

Jake was speechless but Kari could easily see that his body was responding – his cock was visibly tenting his shorts. While continuing to press his hand into her cunt, she leaned forward and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. After his initial shock at Kari’s sexual advances, Jake was now fully realizing that he wanted it as much as she did, and he kissed her back aggressively, their tongues swirling. Releasing her hold on Jake’s hand, Kari slid her hand inside Jake’s shorts and grasped his rock hard cock and began to pump it slowly.

Suddenly, it occurred to Jake that Kari had pretty much been in the driver’s seat in all the sex they had so far. A lot of it was due to the fear that he could unintentionally hurt her if he was too eager, but she had proven she could take his cock last night. Now he decided he would see how she reacted if he took the lead. In one smooth movement, he pushed his chair back and rose to his feet facing her. Pulling her to him, he kissed her again and then picked her up with his arms under her knees and back.

“Whoa … what the … where are you taking me?”

“Just over to the couch.”

“So … you’re just going to have your way with me, then?”

“Exactly! But I don’t think you’ll be complaining.”

“Mmmm … I don’t think so either.”

Jake set her gently down on the couch, facing forward with some extra cushions propping her up in angled position. He pulled her legs apart and knelt on the floor between them, leaning forward to kiss her again, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. After a long kiss, he pulled back and quickly pulled her top over her head. Rather than remove it entirely, however, Jake left it around Kari’s raised arms, and tucked it behind her head. Although Kari could have easily freed her arms, she understood Jake’s intent to restrain her mobility and decided to play along.

“Now, I want you to close your eyes, and then relax and just open yourself to the sensation of my touch on your body. And no talking unless something is uncomfortable for you.”

She obediently closed her eyes and waited, expecting Jake to immediately go for either her breasts or her pussy – he was a guy, maltepe escort after all. Not that she would object: she was hot and ready for action. Instead, she felt a very light touch on both of her cheeks that slowly moved down her neck and then across her shoulders and down her sides – an almost tickling caress that sent a light shiver through her body. As his fingers continued dancing over her body, he watched her very carefully, watching her response as he searched for her hot spots. Her lips, the sides of her breasts as well as her nipples, the back of her knees, the inside of her thighs: these were Kari’s erogenous zones, at least those he could reach. He touched, he stroked, he licked and he sucked, and Kari got more and more aroused even though he had not yet touched her pussy. She shuddered as he sucked on a hard nipple. Arching upward in her need for more contact with his body, her groin made firm contact with his muscular thigh. She ground her thong-covered cunt against him, moaning as the pressure against her swollen clit sent waves of pleasure through her. He pressed against her, letting her bring herself to the brink of an orgasm before he pulled away entirely, leaving her panting as her hips continued to thrust involuntarily.

” Oh Jesus, Jake! Don’t stop … Oh God, I need you inside me so bad.” Kari pleaded.

“Shhh … no talking. And keep those pretty eyes closed.” Jake replied. Leaning forward without touching her, he ran his tongue lightly across her lips before kissing her deeply. “Mmmm … you taste so good, I want to taste all of you.”

Pulling back again, her grabbed one ankle in each hand and pulled her legs straight up in front of him. “Don’t move” he whispered, and he pulled her thong slowly off her hips and over her straightened legs. After he had removed the panties entirely, he continued to hold her legs in place and he very slowly kissed and licked down the back of her legs. Kari was breathing heavily and shuddering with arousal in anticipation that his tongue would soon be stroking her swollen button that was aching with need. After completing his slow journey down her legs, he kissed and licked within a couple of inches of Kari’s dripping pussy, but resisted the strong temptation to taste her nectar. Instead, he spread her legs open and re-directed his attention to her inner thighs. By now, Kari was nearly out of her mind with desire, moaning softly and thrusting her hips towards Jake’s mouth in a futile attempt to hurry him along.

Although her bonds – the tank top wrapped around her arms and his instruction to close her eyes and not speak – were largely imaginary, she felt compelled to obey and they served to heighten Kari’s feelings of complete vulnerability and submission to Jake. She had never so intensely felt sexual need in her entire life: all she wanted now was for Jake to fuck her, long and hard. Instead, he continued to tease her slowly, his lips and tongue feeling like electric shocks on her inner thighs, closer and closer to the center of her being. Then he stopped, and long seconds passed as she waited for his next move.

Suddenly, she gasped loudly as a shockwave of almost painful pleasure radiated from her clit – Jake had finally reached her pussy, licking rapidly up her slit and over her now super-sensitive pleasure center. Now, it felt like his tongue was everywhere, probing inside her, lapping her juices up, stroking her clit. He began to rapidly run his tongue tip around and around her clit, and then back and forth across it. Kari felt the pressure building now, and her breath caught as Jake continued to bring her closer and closer. Just as she felt she could stand it no more, he stopped the tongue action and closed his lips tightly around her swollen clit, literally sucking on it like a nipple.

“OH GAWWWD!” Kari screamed, as the climax took her and her whole body convulsively tightened, her legs squeezing Jake head tightly. “Ohhhh Jeeezus … no, no more …” she panted, twitching as he continued to lick her. “Too much … can’t take it …”

He relented then, and moved up her body to give her a deep kiss. She responded hungrily, enjoying the taste of her own juices. He pulled the shirt off her arms then, and she immediately ran her hands down his broad back and forcibly pulled his hips towards her. He had slipped off his shorts earlier, and his thick cock was hard and jutting out in front of him. Remarkably, he was perfectly positioned between Kari’s spread legs, and her pull drove his cock right into her waiting pussy, about 4 or 5 inches deep on that first plunge.

Kari arched backward as he impaled her, “Oh sssshhhit! You’re so big … but it feels so good … oh god yes, fuck me now Jake!” She pressed back into him, and pulled his hips towards her, driving his hard rod deeper.

“Omigod … that’s it, right there” she moaned, “Don’t stop.”

Jake had no intention of stopping: her pussy was a tight wet sleeve around his cock, sending waves of pleasure through him as he slowly pumped in and out. Each time he went a little deeper, until his balls were slapping kartal escort against her ass as he bottomed out. Kari’s eyes were wide with awe as she looked up into his eyes, and every stroke drew a low groan from her lips. Her hands explored his chest and shoulders, the muscles hardening under her touch each time he thrust into her depths. Last night, she had definitely experienced how thick he was, but neither in the car nor in the shower had he gone so deep. The feeling of penetration, of being completely filled, was unlike anything she had experienced before – the sensations were so powerful she felt completely at his mercy, but, to her surprise, this sense of total surrender surprisingly did not frighten her at all. Instead, she felt herself building to another orgasm.

Up until now, Kari’s experience of “good sex” was limited to two guys with whom she had long-term relationships – at least at the time, she was sure she loved them. She also had a few one-night stands in between and after these relationships, but she didn’t climax even once in any of those. Truth was, she much preferred internet sex and her trusty fingers to one-night stands. Jake was breaking the rules: she had just met him and hardly knew him at all, and the sex was unbelievable. He’s a fantasy come true! she thought, beautiful, strong and sexy. She lifted her head to look down at where their bodies joined, and her lust redoubled by the sight of his massive cock glistening with her juices as he fucked her.

“Jeezus, you’re so good!” Kari breathed, “Ohhhh, please don’t stop – so close, I’m gonna cum ..”

Kari’s plea and the look of pure lust on her face unlocked the last brake of self-control in Jake. Listening to her groans of pleasure and watching her tits move back and forth as he plunged in and out, his own orgasm was building. He picked up his tempo, thrusting faster and faster, watching Kari’s eyes widen.

“oh god oh god oh god … oh fuck YESSSSSSS!” she cried out as she came hard and long, her cunt muscles clenching down on his cock, her body arching up off the couch to press against his.

After long seconds, she fell back to the couch, her whole body still tingling. Looking up at his face, Kari could tell Jake was very close now, the sound of his heavy breathing and the squish of his cock sliding into her very wet hole seemed overly loud. She suddenly had an intense desire to feel him cum inside her – to fill her up with his hot jism.

“Come on baby,” she pleaded, “I want you to cum in me, give it all to me, come on baby fill me up, I want to feel your cream inside me …”

Her begging pushed Jake over the top, and with a loud guttural cry, he exploded, his cock swelling deep inside her as his hot semen jetted against her cervix. Kari had not imagined how intensely she would feel his climax, and to her utter surprise, felt herself suddenly climaxing again in response, her pussy milking his cock dry. Feeling completely spent, Jake lowered himself onto Kari, breathing heavily. Kari wrapped her arms around his back and hugged him close, completely aware of how his body felt against hers but otherwise oblivious to her surroundings.

Without words, they remained entangled, Jake still inside her but unmoving as he slowly softened. After a few minutes, they were roused by the phone ringing.

Jake pulled away a bit and asked “Do you need to get that?”

“No” Kari replied with a smile, “but I suppose we ought not stay here like this in the middle of the living room. As much as I’d like to keep going, I think I’m going to be a bit tender down there.” The stricken look on Jake’s face led her to quickly add, “Hey – I’m not complaining! That was unbelievable … fantastic, and I wouldn’t change one thing. Believe me, I’ll get over the soreness soon enough and be begging for more! Do you want to shower while I have my breakfast? I’ll need to shower as well – I’d like to go out into public today without smelling like an orgy. After that, we’ll talk – we have a lot to talk about, I think …” She kissed him again. “Now go.”

After he dutifully went upstairs for his shower, Kari gingerly walked to the kitchen to retrieve her coffee. Shit, I am really sore – he is such a monster! she thought. Then she remembered Nicky’s party. This is going to be embarrassing, if I’m still walking like an over-fucked newlywed at the party. Maria will never let me live it down. Oh well, it was worth it anyway. As she sipped her coffee and nibbled her muffin, she thought through how she would talk to Jake – how to frame her proposition that she could be his “sex coach”. Suddenly, it occurred to her that she wasn’t sure he would want what she was offering – she had just assumed that Jake, like a typical man, would want to sow his oats as much as possible, but he clearly wasn’t just a typical man, maybe he was looking for a committed relationship as soon as possible, after his long isolation. Or maybe, though Kari doubted this, he was so serious about his grad studies that he wanted to avoid all the time and energy that either playing the field or being in a committed relationship would require. Hearing the shower stop, she settled on her approach. She sighed and rose to go upstairs to take her shower, thinking once more how hard it was to accept that a committed relationship between Jake and herself just wasn’t possible.

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