Subject: Nick and Justin Put on a Show Disclaimer: This story is complete fiction and in no way intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned. Note: Thank you so much for reading my story, all comments are welcome, please constructive criticism only. I thank the website for provide a way for me to explore my creativity. This story does in fact involve gay sex between young teens. That being said if it not what you are into, or if it is illegal for you to read, then please stop here. Once again thank you all. My email is hoo please comment. Nick and Justin put on a show. “Thank you and goodnight.” The Jonas Brothers walk off stage and back into their dressing room. The three boys sweating after their heated performance. Nick begins to wiggly out of his tight boy pants and out of frustration grabs a flower vase and breaks it against the wall. “Nick, what the fuck?” Joe replied. “Did you see that crowd, there was no one fucking there, we are dying.” Said Nick “What are you talking about, our concerts sell out.” Kevin responded. “Maybe so, but no one is showing up, we have to do something to change things!” “Well… do what are you thinking?” said Joe. “Ok this may not work, but do you guys know that Justin Bieber kid? I want to bring him in, maybe do some duos and then he can come on tour, so then all his fans will come to listen to us to.” “I don’t know Nick, we always said it would be the 3 of us or none of us when it came to JONAS” said Joe “Listen no one is getting replaced, we are just adding another act, another dimension, to our band and our performances.” “Okay if you can get Justin to agree to come on tour with us then I’m in.” Kevin replied. “Me too, it couldn’t hurt” “Okay I have his number from when we were at the Teen Choice Awards, I’ll text him tonight.” Justin is chilling in his room walking around in his pajama shorts and no shirt admiring his 15 year old sexy body. Unfortunately he had just broken up with his girlfriend, but he was somewhat relieved. Bzzzz Bzzz Bzzzz. Justin picked his phone up and saw a text from Nick Jonas. He thought this could be interesting. From: Nick; Hey Justin I was talking to my brothers and we would like you to join us on tour and combine what we are doing into a super concert tour. What do you think? Justin responded with “Hey Nick, I think that is a great idea ill talk to my agent in the morning and we will get something worked out. Good to hear from you, can’t want to get together.” The next morning etlik escort Justin talked to his agent and convinced him this was the best thing to do. He texted Nick and told him the good news. Nick, Joe, and Kevin were at breakfast when nick got the text. “Hey guys, Justin said he is in and he will meet us in Charlotte before our next concert and we can figure out how we are going to do this.” “Ok” Joe and Kevin said in unison. A few days later in Nick was chilling on their tour bus they had been in Charlotte for about 6 hours when he heard a knock on his door. “Come in” “Hey Nick it’s good to see you!” “Justin man I wasn’t expecting you to get here this soon, Kevin and Joe are getting dinner right now or I would suggest going over the performance routine. ” “It’s ok, there is no need for work right now, let’s just hang out. I was really surprised you wanted to work together, what brought that on?” “Our performances have sucked lately. You can’t Kevin or Joe but I think I’m leaving the band to start a project of my own.” “Wow that’s big man, if you want any help getting it started let me know, I’ll be there for you.” “Thanks man, you know you are a really cool guy, can I tell you something else?” “Sure” “Another reason I called you is because I think you are one sexy piece of ass, and I can’t hide my feelings about guys anymore, and I wanted you to be the first to know.” “Wow Nick… I’m flattered.” Justin had never really notice before but now he realized Nick is one sexy ass 17 year old boy. “You know Nick I just broke up with my girlfriend.” “Did you now” Nick moved next to Justin; put his arm around his shoulder to comfort him. “Break ups are always tough man. Wanna talk about it?” Justin took his and began caressing Nick’s muscular thigh. “Na talking won’t do anything. But Nick I want you so bad.” Nick didn’t hesitate at this point he bent down and planted a soft kiss on Justin’s beautiful and soft lips. He forced his tongue past Justin’s welcoming lips and into his mouth and the two fought with their tongues as they made out passionately. Justin started to clumsily take off Nick’s tight shirt, it took some effort but he managed. He then looked down and noticed Nick’s sizeable bulge in his tight shorts. “That must hurt.” “Yeah you want to do something about that Justin?” Justin stood up and took off his baggy jeans and tossed them in Nick’s face. “Try pants for a 17 year old and not a 12 year old and maybe your bulge will have more room.” ankara escort bayan “Smartass!” Nick ran and tackled Justin onto the bed, a shirtless Nick and a pant less Justin began to wrestle and Nick could feel Justin’s hard cock rub against his leg as they tossed and turned in bed. During the fighting Justin managed to unbutton Nick’s pants and flipped Nick over and pulled his pants down and threw then on the floor. Justin stood in amazement at Nick’s well developed body he had a very muscular upper body with nice pec’s and was very nicely tanned. Nick used this to his advantaged and grabbed Justin by the waist and flipped him over on his back and pinned him down. He sat on his hips and grabbed Justin’s shirt and ripped it off. Nick could again feel Justin’s increasingly hard cock grinding on his ass. It felt like he was sporting a pretty good boner. Struggling “what are you going to do now Nick?” “This!” Nick began to suck on Justin’s left nipple as he caressed his right nipple. He began to make his way down his smooth hairless 15 year old chest. When he got to Justin’s bellybutton Nick had a surprise waiting for him, it was Justin’s rock hard cock. He slipped Justin’s boxers down and saw that beautiful Canadian cock staring at him. Justin was naturally hairless and his 7 inch dick and smooth balls looked perfect. Nick kissed the tip and then licked all the way down the base. He took each ball into his mouth and sucked on them and rolled them around with his tongue and finally worked his way back up to Justin’s dick. “You ready for this Justin” “Uh Umm.” “I’ll take that as a yes” Nick then engulfed Justin’s cock and sucked up and down at a fluid pace. Justin was in heaven, his girlfriend had never sucked his dick like that. He then started to face fuck Nick it felt so good. Nick could feel Justin’s cock hit the back of this throat, he was happily shocked that he didn’t gag, and he went back to sucking his dick vigorously. After about 5 minutes Justin tapped Nicks head, “I’m about to cum!” and right as Nick pulled off Justin came right on Nick’s lips and face. “Hahaha man im sorry it was so good, I couldn’t help myself, but let me help you.” Justin then went to Nick and began kissing him again and licking his cum off Nick’s face, once he got most of it off he made out with Nick a little more. “So what do we do about this?” Nick said pointing towards his rock hard dick. “Don’t worry about that, where is your Vaseline?” “in the bathroom” Nick wondering what he was going sincan escort to need Vaseline for. Justin came back with the bottle a minute later. “take your pants off, and your boxers!” “Nick liked the way that Justin took control and he did as he was told. Nick was now laying on his bed with Justin in front of him with a can of Vaseline. Justin put some on his hand and lathered up Nicks dick with it and then handed the can to Nick. “Loosen me up, I know you want this as bad as me.” Nick then knew what was going to happen and dipped his index and middle finger in the Vaseline and pointed then straight at Justin’s asshole as he bent over. He finger fucked Justin for about 5 minutes. “I think I’m good now” Justin said. Nick positioned behind Justin and put the tip of his 7.5 inch cock at Justins asshole. “if it hurts to much let me know” “just do it, fuck me hard!” With that nick shoved his dick in Justin’s beautiful ass. Justin felt like his ass had ripped in half but he wasn’t going to stop, he knew that it would feel awesome eventually. Nick pumped his hard dick in and out of Justin’s ass vigorously as sweat dripped down his body. His balls were slapping Justins ass. He flipped Justin onto his back with his legs over Nicks shoulders so he could see Justin as he fucked him. He went for about 10 minutes pounding Justin’s ass and he felt his orgasm coming. “do..uh.. you want…uggh… it in you Justin?” “Uh hu uggh… ye … uh.. yeah.. do it!” Nick with one last pump Nick unloaded a Niagara Falls amount of semen in Justin’s ass, pump after pump, squirt after squirt, it went right into Justin’s ass and began leaking out around Nick’s ass. They both passed out on the spot from pure orgasmic exhaustion. About 30 minutes later the two woke up, Nick’s dick still in Justin’s ass. “Hey babe.” Nick said as he kissed Justin. “Hey Nick, that was gre… uh Nick, Look” Justin was pointing towards to doorway. “What? “he couldn’t believe what he saw ” Joe? Kevin? What are you doing here?” “What are we doing? What the HELL are you doing? Is this the only reason you wanted to bring this queer on tour with us you faggot?” Joe said. Nick started crying. Joe had never talked to him like that before. Justin came to his defense. “Hey, don’t talk to him like that. What we do with our lives is our business.” “Shut up Justin, get the fuck out, Jonas has a show to put on” ” No! I’m not going out there, guys I don’t like Jonas anymore, you guys are assholes and treat me like shit when I do all the work. I’m leaving to start my own project, and Justin is coming with me. And don’t talk to me like that ever again Joe!” Nick and Justin walked out, Nick felt like a giant weight had been lifted off his shoulders and now he can finally be with the one he loved.

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