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The Art of War Pt. 02

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This is the final part of this story, although eagle-eyed readers might find an Easter-egg connected to another of my stories, it’s just a glimpse, and it’s hidden in plain sight, but I couldn’t resist it, sorry. This segment starts immediately where Part 1 leaves off, so it might make more sense to read part 1 first to get context for this part of the story.

All characters indulging in adult sexual activities are over 18, and all acts described are consensual. This story included many scenes of a sexual and incestuous nature, if this offends you please feel free to find something more appropriate to your reading tastes. If you liked this story please comment or vote, if you didn’t, please tell me why, all comments are read, sometimes at arm’s length, and if you want to email me and have me reply, please don’t forget to include a contact email address.

Read and enjoy, and remember, folks, it’s only a story…


The Art of War Part 2

La Grande Séduction:

With a low growl purring in his throat, Ollie moved in for the kill. Carol’s eyes glowed darkly as Ollie’s hands reached for her, smiling seductively as she cupped her perfect breasts, offering them to him. Ollie closed with her, taking those treats she offered so readily, fantasies and teenage longings melting into the reality of the moment as his hands closed around those delightful mounds, feeling the taut, springy hardness of her nipples between his fingers as he rubbed and squeezed.

Carol gasped and shuddered as Ollie’s large, gentle hands cupped and covered her breasts, teasing and mauling her nipples, making electric arcs surge and sing through her body. She’d planned for this to be a light, frothy seduction, maybe leading Ollie gently through the pleasures she had to offer, a little slap and tickle to ease the ache inside her, but now, now that had changed. Now she wanted what he’d given his little sister; now she wanted a no-holds barred, rough and ready shafting session; she wanted to howl, sing, and herself like a madwoman on that lovely big thing she’d felt inside his pants earlier.

Ollie was in a haze as all his dreams came true; his lips had found her nipples, and as he sucked one, he pinched, and tugged, and teased the other, while his other hand had somehow slipped around to the small of her back, holding her pressed against him, and best of all, Carol made no move to stop him, gave no sign she was anything but fully into this too.

As he suckled, he found her spectacular backside, and a new toy to play with; the best bum in the world. His fingers luxuriated in the feel of Carol’s plush bottom, caressing and squeezing the tight, satiny cheeks, and running his fingers into the cleft dividing that awesome peach, feeling her gasp as his questing fingertips grazed her dimpled, spongy little secret place.

When he felt her hands on his belt, he knew he was dreaming; this couldn’t be happening, and yet it felt real, it felt so real; his hottie mother had her hands inside his cargo pants, squeezing and slowly pumping his aching erection, and Ollie thought his head was going to explode from sheer overload.

But it didn’t; instead, Carol rose up on tip-toes, her lips inviting and swollen with arousal, and Ollie took what she offered. As they kissed, all residual guilt and feelings of strangeness, weirdness, and lingering doubt disappeared, and his hands clamped on her bottom, pulling her naked, shaven mound hard against his raging hardness. Carol pulled away from him, making his eyes widen in sudden fear he’d gone too far, but then that devilish smile returned as she tugged his polo shirt up and over his head. She tossed the shirt, then did what she’d been fantasising about regularly for months now; she ran her hands over and over his hard-muscled torso, waxed smooth and hairless as it was when he still swam competitively, squeezing and savouring every hard, rippling muscle.

Carol grinned minxily, and once more slid her hand down the front of his pants, circling his cock and squeezing it meaningfully.

“Time to get your game on, Olliekins; are you ready?” she breathed, licking her lips and sending a tremor through Ollie’s body.

“Ye…yes, let’s…let’s do this, oh God, yes!” he panted, ignoring the hated nickname, his heart hammering in anticipation.

Carol knelt as she popped his cargoes open and, in one quick motion, pulled them and his undershorts down, letting his over-stimulated cock bounce up into her face.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God…” she murmured, dropping to her knees to hold him and stare in awe at the angry-looking thing sticking out like the bowsprit on a ship’s prow.

“Ollie, you missed your calling, baby; this thing would earn you a fucking fortune in California!” she grinned. “Too bad it’s staying here, honeybun! Now close your eyes and think happy, happy thoughts, mama’s going to be a little busy for a while!”

Ollie watched in stunned disbelief as yet another pendik escort fantasy came true in living colour; Carol licked the tip of his cock delicately with the very tip of her tongue, tasting him; whatever it tasted like, she must have liked it, because she beamed happily and slid her plump lips over the swollen, mushroom-cap head of his penis, taking his cock-head all the way into her mouth.

Ollie was rooted to the spot; this was the fucking bomb, no two ways about it! Carol (and he couldn’t think of her as ‘mum’ any longer) was obviously a past mistress at the art of sucking-off a big dick, because she really knew what she was doing, oh yeah! Tongue and lips and suction combined to convince Ollie she was trying to suck his balls up into her mouth through the end of his dick, and if the churning feeling rising inside him was anything to go by, there was a big delivery on its way any second now.

“Carol…mum…no…gonna…” he managed to blurt out, trying to convey to her that he was going to come like a gunshot and probably blow her across the room, but Carol just looked up at him, her eyes huge and liquid (“Oh God, please, don’t look at me like that…” he moaned in the privacy of his head) and smiled as much as she could with that thing jamming her mouth open, and sucked harder; that was the final straw.

“Oohhh Gooood, jeezzus, SHIIIIT!” screamed Ollie as what felt like a solid wad of spunk exploded up the length of his cock and slammed into the back of Carol’s throat, and another, and another, spurt after spurt, like he’d been saving it up for weeks.

Carol just swallowed, and swallowed again, as each spurt filled her mouth, congratulating herself that she still had it, while a detached part of her mind congratulated herself for dragging such a massive load out of him, considering how much he’d dumped inside his sexy little sister the previous night.

“Wonders will never cease!” she thought happily, working her lips and tongue round the frantically pumping, chugging, threshing length of man-pipe in her mouth. When the jets slowed to a sluggish trickle, then died away, Carol gave one last suck, and got to her feet, running her tongue around her lips; whatever Ollie ate to keep himself so fit, it made his spunk taste delicious, almost fruity, and she promised herself another snack in the very near future. But right now…

She looked down in gratified surprise; he’d just gone off like a bazooka, but his erection hadn’t slacked off at all; it was still jutting out angrily at ninety degrees to his body, bobbing slightly with his heartbeat, and when she smiled and pushed it down slightly, it just bobbed back up, hard and solid as ever. Good, because she had plans, and it looked like he was on-board; thank God for horny young men and their bottomless sex-drives…

When she turned away, Ollie finally got to see Carol’s spectacular bottom in all its glory, and his mind raced on two tracks; one track was begging and sobbing for the chance to hold and roughly squeeze and pull that lovely thing open while he fucked her like a rag-doll, the other track was thinking Izzy had been right; he wanted nothing more than to shove his face between those two deliciously quivering mounds, with his tongue jammed in her rusty bullet-hole and go ‘wubba-wubba-wubba’, and now it looked like he was going to get his chance, oh fuck yes!

“Come here, Ollie-boy.” His mother’s soft voice broke his reverie. He took her outstretched hand and allowed her to lead him to the bed, where she turned him around and gazed at his perfect physique. She waited, an expectant look on her face, but Ollie’s head was still full of the entrancing twitch of those lovely buttocks as she walked, and what he wanted to do with them, so Carol sighed and pushed him with both hands in the middle of his chest. Ollie went over backwards with her on top of him, her lips almost touching his, his eyes staring into hers, suddenly aware of the two rock-hard nipples pressing into his chest.

Once again he stared into her eyes, aware of the slightly challenging grin on her swollen, red lips, and his hands once more found her delightful buttocks almost of their own volition, squeezing and kneading the cheeks gently as she undulated on top of him. He felt the damp heat of her pussy as she rubbed her labia along his trapped cock, just as he was also extremely conscious of his thunderously hard erection trapped between their bodies, and the guilty, horny, unhallowed thrills that shot through him every time she moved.

His conscience was twittering away at some barely perceived level “No, don’t, you can’t, you mustn’t, she’s your mother!” but his body was screaming “Aaarrrgghhh, fuck her now, do it, don’t think, just fucking do it, what the fuck is wrong with you, go for it, she wants it! Aaarrghhh!!”

Carol knew exactly what she was doing to him; she could practically read his mind right then, his thoughts were so transparent, so, with a hidden grin, she writhed sensuously on top of him, maltepe escort making sure he could feel her need in the wet heat of her pussy and the bullet-hardness of her nipples as she dragged them across his chest.

“Oh my fucking God, she’s wetter than a weekend in Wales!” he thought to himself, savouring the thought of just how hot and wet his hottie little mother was right now, and it was all for him!

With that thought came another; she wanted it; so did he, so no more guilt, Ollie-boy; time to roger her senseless, that body was too fucking good to waste! Admittedly, he’d rather it had been Izzy wriggling so wantonly on him, but she was next; it helped if he thought of fucking his mother as a means to an end. Speaking of which…

With a guttural sound like a cross between a moan and a growl, Ollie pulled her thighs apart, lifted her slightly, and, in one, long, smooth thrust, slid his raging cock between his mother’s swollen labia and deep into her tight, oozing slit.

Carol’s eyes bugged even as her mouth sagged open in a soundless scream at the relentless invasion, before gluing her lips to Ollie’s, kissing him voraciously, hungrily, manically, as he pounded into her, writhing and running her hands over his face, holding him to her as they kissed and fucked, moving together in perfect synchronisation, she moving onto him to meet his thrusts into her.


From the gap in the open bedroom door, Izzy watched balefully, jealousy shrieking through her, her head roaring with thoughts of revenge for what Carol was doing to her Ollie. How fucking dare she seduce HER Ollie, he was hers, not that shrivelled-up old shrike’s! She should be in there right now, heels pointing at the ceiling while her man hammered her through the bed, not that manky old relic and her crusty, dried-up, old-woman twat. The fact this was exactly what she’d planned had completely slipped her mind; what had seemed such a good idea at the time, and even earlier that evening, suddenly didn’t seem so right, not now, not when she could see how much Ollie was into this.

Izzy set her jaw. That miserable cow was going to pay for seducing her sweet Ollie and turning him into a convenient piece of fuck-meat; this was not how it was supposed to go, and by all fuck it wasn’t going to continue, not after what she had in mind, she’d see to that! Let the old bag have her fun, she could always rub him down later with bleach to get the smell of desperate old trout off him; Carol Bartlett, raddled old crone and Ollie-seducer that she was, was going to be Izzy’s slave and begging for mercy by morning!

Smiling evilly, Izzy checked her smartphone and digital camera were both primed and ready, then began recording, her phone on ‘low-light’ setting capturing the disgusting sight of that leathery old crow rubbing herself on top of her sweet Ollie. Izzy was careful to catch Carol’s expression as often as possible, zooming in to make sure every grimace, drool and disgusting squelching sound was captured in living colour and hi-def sound.

As she recorded her brother and mother humping so forcefully, she began to react to the scene playing out in front of her; despite her angry thoughts and internal descriptions of her mother, Izzy really couldn’t honestly hold her hand on her heart and swear that Carol was anything except bloody gorgeous. That, of course, was yet another reason to hate her and keep her away from Ollie by fair means or foul. Izzy was aware that, in the body stakes, Carol had her beat, but looks-wise, they were almost identical. On the other hand, though, Izzy had youth and hotness on her side, surely Ollie could see that, surely he wouldn’t be swayed by Carol’s stupendous yahbo’s…would he?

The sight of her mother fucking so energetically was doing things to her, though; it was getting harder to keep the camera pinned on her, because she was watching the action on the bed as Ollie flipped Carol onto her knees and drove forward, forcing yet another wail of pleasure from her as he filled her again.

Quite without any conscious thought on her part, Izzy dropped her phone as her fingers found her own pleasure-spot, and began petting herself rhythmically, in time with her brother’s thrusts into their mother. Almost against her will, she began to see herself twined in there with the two of them, letting Ollie take her even as she took her mother; Izzy had never been averse to a little girl-on-girl, and right now her mother, much as she hated her, was glowing in heated sex-frenzy and looking particularly appealing.

At that thought, orgasm jolted through her, making her clench her teeth to avoid them hearing her as she whined and gasped in sudden release, her pistoning fingers not skipping a beat as she drove herself on again and again, careless now whether or not she had the evidence she wanted; now all she wanted was to be there in the thick of it, her lips clamped around Carol’s delicious-looking nipples as she ground her swollen gash against her kartal escort mother’s, while Ollie pounded her relentlessly from behind, in any hole he wanted.


From his vantage point across the street, Tommy grinned nastily as he watched Ollie and Carol’s antics in loving close-up detail on the ridiculously expensive camera his parents had bought him; hot and damning as that was, though, he had no interest in what they were doing; pervs did pervy things, who gives a shit? No, he had bigger fish to fry. Ollie owed him blood, and Izzy was his, and he was going to get what he wanted; that pretty little cunt was going to scream her lungs out before he’d finished with her, and Ollie was going to stand there and watch while he and his friends did anything they wanted to her, and when they’d finished with her, Ollie was going to bleed.

Carol he didn’t give a shit about; she was just collateral damage as far as he was concerned, and whatever his latest new best friend chose to do to her was unfortunate, but ultimately not his problem.


Ollie, meanwhile, was in Heaven; Carol was the best he’d ever had; of a long-ish list of forgettable shags, with Izzy being the only other stand-out moment, Carol was easily the best, ever; the fact she was his mother only made it more sinfully delicious, and he couldn’t help but regret that he and Izzy were only doing this to set her up and shut her up. As far as he knew, their plan to seduce and set her up had happily coincided with her plan to seduce him; he couldn’t have known that Carol knew all about his little pact with Izzy, and she didn’t give a toss, was in fact having the time of her life setting him up in return.

So he held on for dear life and enjoyed the rippling pulsations from her pussy as she came more or less continuously with every stroke of his cock inside her. His head was spinning; it was getting increasingly difficult to not blow his load, given the view he now had.

Carol’s beauteous backside was a thing that dreams are made of; the smooth, unblemished skin of those glorious globes, those sexy lumbar dimples placed just right to run a thumb around as the hands squeezed and jiggled that delightfully pert derrière, one that a girl half her age would be proud to show off at every opportunity, the swoop and arch of her smooth, creamy back, the way she jiggled and flattened against him with every thrust inside her. All these factors meant he was seriously close to losing his cool and filling her with the biggest load of his life.

Carol buzzed and hummed in sexual delirium as Ollie pounded into her. He was incredible, the perfect lover. He had the control of a mature man twice his age, but all that teenage vigour and sheer billy-goat randiness; he just kept going and going, like a man-sized battery-bunny, but with a great big dick…

Carol slumped down onto her front; Ollie’d fucked her out; her pussy was permanently stretched out of shape and he showed no sign of stopping, for which she thanked all the gods; this was a fuck to savour, no fucking doubt about that! And now his thumbs were brushing her puckered little anus as he clasped her bum! Perfect…

Carol sighed and wriggled, her gorgeous buttocks jiggling enticingly and nearly making Ollie hose her down at the sight of those two deliciously globular feasts for the arse connoisseur flexing and rippling so temptingly. Her smile, however, remained hidden; given the right incentive, could Ollie be persuaded to indulge her in her most delightfully perverse pastime? Carol liked it in her whale’s eye, she loved the feel of a thick cock stretching open and reaming out her most secret place, she came like gangbusters when she fucked like that, and Ollie had the perfect weapon to gape her anus and make her scream the house down.

All movement had ceased; she looked back over her shoulder, to see Ollie sitting back on his ankles, completely motionless, staring fixedly at her pink little pucker, the final frontier.

“See something you like?” she purred, watching his eyes widen as she clasped her perfect buttocks and pulled them apart, making her taut little anus wink at him.

“Well?” she challenged, and grinned when he tried to speak but only a strangled gargling noise came out, while his eyes bugged even further.

“Mum…Carol…you really…like, now? Really? Oh my fucking God…’ stammered Ollie, while Carol noted that his cock seemed to literally throb with the thought of buggering her; she would have sworn on a stack of Bibles it actually got longer and thicker. Good, the more, the merrier…

Carol crooked her finger at him while simultaneously flexing her mesmerising backside at him to emphasise what was in store for him.

“Ollie, I want you to come here and shove that thing in my arse, you got that? I want you to fuck my bum as hard as you can, and fill me up, do you hear me? Make me drip, Olliekins, that’s an order!”

A long, tremulous sigh was all she heard by way of reply, but his hands on her cheeks, the way he squeezed and spread them, left her no doubt he was up for it too. Carol slipped her hand under the pillow and pulled out something she’d hidden there that afternoon. Ollie stared at the tube of Astroglide she tossed back at him.

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