A Country Road


The two lane country road was deserted, which was good, because she drove like a woman possessed, taking the corners too fast and too wide. The rubber tires squealed on the pavement as they tried to hold the line. The headlights illuminated the towering pine trees, creating eerie shadows which chased the car as it shot forward into the night.

“How could he do that?” she cried.

Brooke wiped the tears from her eyes and pushed her thick auburn hair away from her face.

“How could he fuck her in our bed?”

The car accelerated in answer as it rounded a curve and started up the mountain. She pushed the car until the engine roared. A few miles up the road, and the snow started to fall. Brooke reluctantly let up on the gas when the back end of the car started to squirrel out on her. No matter, she could see the lights of the town up ahead, it was not much further. Brooke had found a small mountain resort situated on the edge of a lake and made reservations to get away from her cheating boyfriend, the asswipe, as she now called him.

She slowed the car on the outskirts of town. Brooke’s stomach growled reminding her she had not eaten anything since breakfast. She spotted a tavern named Buddy’s and decided to stop for something to eat before she drove up to the resort.

Brooke bursa escort pulled into the parking lot, exited her car, stomped through the falling snow, and into the tavern. Once the door slammed behind her, she eyed the room angrily, as if daring anyone to talk to her. As she strode through the crowded room, every eye in the place followed her petite body, taking in the fitted jeans, rounded ass, and tight sweater with full soft breasts, but not one man tried to talk to her. The hostility rolled off her body in wave after wave of hate. She walked to the end of the bar and sat down.

“What’ll you have?” asked the bartender.

“Long Island” as she slammed her money down on the bar.

The first drink was quickly downed, and Brooke ordered a second one. As she waited for her drink, she looked at the guy to the right of her and acknowledged him with a curt nod of her head.

“Hard day?” he asked.

“You don’t want to know” she replied.

Brooke’s drink arrived and the man next to her held up his glass and said “To a new day.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

Their glasses clinked quietly as Brooke took a second look at the man sitting next to her. Nice build, hazel eyes, glasses, and medium length brown hair, not bad she thought to herself.

By the end of the bursa escort bayan second Long Island Ice Tea, Brooke had forgotten about ordering any food and was letting the stranger run his hand across her arm while he whispered gently into her ear. The caress of his soft breath against her neck produced a feeling of hot longing between her legs. Brooke leaned into him. He smiled at her and pulled her bar stool over to his in a sudden display of strength. Her nipples protruded outward in response to his body. She felt the wetness gather on the crotch of her thong.

He rubbed her arm again, but this time he used the knuckles of his hand to lightly caress the side of her breast; she inhaled sharply, and her breathing deepened. He smiled quietly at her reaction, and moved his hand to her lower back, rubbing it gently in a circular motion as they talked. The next time he whispered into her ear his lips trailed down to her ear lobe where he sucked on it as she squirmed in place.

“Come with me” he said as he took her hand.

Numb from the alcohol and the pain of betrayal, she followed him down a darkened hallway to the back of the busy tavern. He led her into a single bathroom and locked the door behind them. He turned around and quickly pulled Brooke into his arms, kissing her deeply. escort bursa She sighed in response and melted into his body as her lips opened for his tongue. Hungrily he tasted her mouth, and his hand reached under her sweater for her breast. He found the nipple and twisted it between his fingers. The sensation of his touch caused a fresh wave of wetness at her crotch. It soaked through her jeans, releasing the odor of her sex throughout the room.

Brooke undid his pants and urgently exposed his hard cock. Her need was great and he was ready. His cock twitched with pre cum which oozed from the head. He all but ripped her jeans from her body and he positioned the head of his rock hard dick at the opening of her soaked pussy. Parting the lips he plunged his cock inside of her and Brooke wrapped one leg around his waist to take his cock even deeper. He fucked her hard, thrusting his cock into her tender pussy, and slamming his body against her swollen clit, harder and harder until she felt her orgasm explode through her body as the wetness ran down her legs. When he felt her muscles contracting around his cock, he grunted at his own release and came, his body slumped against hers.

It was the moment his dick slipped out of her body, Brooke regretted what she had done. She silently got dressed and without a word, she ran from the bathroom, through the tavern, and out door into the snowy night. She got into her car and drove down the road towards the resort as her body continued to throb from her recent orgasm.

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