A Pro-Wrestling Cuckold Ch. 07


It didn’t matter to Darren that I hadn’t come in 5 weeks. He insisted on keeping me caged for a week longer even though I was supposed to be let out earlier.

He broke the news to me one fine Saturday morning after he’d stayed over at our place.

I stood there gaping as he calmly told me about my prolonged chastity.

“But, but…”

“No buts cucky. This is exactly what you wanted wasn’t it?”

I flushed in embarrassment as Lily giggled, my locked penis once again trying to get free of the plastic prison it had been put in.

“Besides”, he said, patting Lily’s ass, “Lily tells me you have been so very obedient and subservient. Just like a proper cuckold should be.”

She sniggered, reached forward and kissed him.

I watched the two of them make out for a bit. Tongues flickering and asses being groped. She smacked Darren’s ass when he finally pulled away and he pinched her’s in return.

I stood in the living room, as Darren gathered up his stuff and prepared to head out. He stopped as he passed me.

“Turn around Jason.”

I did as I was told, shifting slightly so my back faced Darren.

I could feel him burning a gaze through me though what it was that he was looking for, beat me.

He reached forward and ran his hand through my hair. He had forbidden me to cut that too, saying that the long mane was a sign of femininity. It had grown out quite a bit, reaching down almost to my ass now.

“Why is your hair open cuck?”

I stammered something about it having come undone but he cut me off in the middle by pulling on my hair.

He gathered it back in a ponytail and tied it, then he tied up the length of my hair with another hairband.

Slapping my butt, he said, ” You’re gonna go to college like this. And you’re gonna show up for practice today like this.”

“Yes sir”

He patted my bum patronizingly, bursa escort “Good sissy.”

As soon as he left, Lily attacked me.

Pressing her lips against mine, she kissed me ravenously. Reaching around and groping me, rubbing against my chastity cage.

I moaned in frustration. Suddenly she withdrew with a wry smile. “Well let’s not get you too excited. You have practice in a bit don’t you babe?”

I sighed and remembered that I was to go for a training session at the performance center in an hour with Darren and his previous tag partner, a guy called Ed.

Lily of course had been invited by Darren which led to me thinking about what was going to happen in the center.

Maybe Ed was one of the bulls he wanted to introduce to Lily? My penis jolted. I groaned. It was gonna be a long day.

The answer, it turned out, was yes.

We went over the spots of our match while Ed watched from the outside. The creative writers who worked with the plots had decided that from now on, Darren would come out with a buddy of his and Lily and proceed to dominate and humiliate me. The end of the match would be the two of them making out and the friend of Drarren’s further humiliating me. This was their plan for the next 3-4 matches.

And they did exactly that.

I jobbed, was dominated, pinned and then Ed dragged me over to the ropes and tied my hair to it as Lily and Darren snogged.

Ed was a muscular guy, dark, quite handsome with shoulder length curly hair that was tied back in a ponytail. He was also very condescending and arrogant. His attitude on the one hand was incredibly disrespectful. But it also turned me on to no end. After Darren had pinned me, Ed simply walked in, grabbed my ponytail and dragged me to the sides, constantly belittling and trash talking me.

“Maybe your little dicklet just isn’t enough for a girl like her, cuck. She needs more. bursa escort bayan Much more.”

He smirked, tying up the final knot of my hair to the rope, he walked back into the ring, towards the kissing couple.

They broke apart as they saw him approach, Darren grinning widely, Lily looking delighted at the sight of my restrained form.

“Well, what do we want to do from here?” Darren asked. “Jason is restrained and tied. I will be kissing his girlfriend right here. Where shall we take this to next?”

“Maybe just leave it at that?” Ed suggested.

“I mean you and Lily could walk off and Jason would have to have a ref untie his hair from the ropes. Give it a couple of shows, see how the audience takes it.”

“I like that”, Lily chimed in. “Seems natural and quite simple to execute.”

Darren looked at me thoughtfully. “Okay I guess we could do that. Maybe add a few spots later on. “

Ed nodded. “Great then. I’ll be outta here, got some stuff to do at home.”

He slapped Darren’s ass slightly and leaned forward and pecked Lily on the lips. Turning to me, smirking, he asked, ” Does that turn you on sissy boy?”

Lily and Darren laughed, she grabbed Ed and gave him a full blown kiss.

Laughing, Ed walked off, undoing his hair as he left.

“Well, did that turn you on cucky?” Darren smiled.

“Yes, yes it did.”

My dick was desperately trying to attain erection and I was very very turned on.

He walked over to where I lay, knelt down and pulled down my trunks, revealing my chastity cage. Darren flicked it lightly. “Cute cage Jason”.

Lily giggled. He went back over to the middle of the ring and started undressing her, petting her all over as he did. She responded in kind, kissing his face, and playing with his hair. Moaning slightly as he pulled her bra off revealing her magnificent boobs, she groped his penis, escort bursa pulling down his wrestling shorts. He slapped her ass, “On your knees slut. Show your pathetic boyfriend how I fuck you.”

She eagerly got down and spread her legs. She turned and smiled at me, “Watch closely baby. Maybe you could try learning.”

Darren laughed and flicked his now engorged penis against her labia. She groaned. “Put it in me babe. Don’t tease me” She gasped as he entered her. Pushing slowly and firmly, Darren started fucking Lily. They both groaned, Lily gasping as he started fucking her more roughly now.

“Yeah. Yeah, FUCK yeah yeah babe that’s it…”

He grunted, slapping her ass, pulling on her hair, “Come for me babe, unghhhh yesss you’re so fucking tight. You won’t be able to feel cucky here ever again.”

She moaned, whimpering slightly, as her orgasm drew nearer. They both came simultaneously, she screaming in pleasure and Darren grunting loudly as he spurted his cum in her. Lily turned over, his dick now sliding out of her pussy with a ‘plop’. They lay there, kissing each other and petting each other lightly.

Darren got up after a while, with a sly smile, he sauntered over to me and untied my hair from the ropes. Dragging me along by my ponytail, he led me over to Lily. “Lick it all up cuck. Clean up like only you do.”

I felt a sharp swat on my ass. Reaching down, I was flooded with the smell of his cum and her musky juices. I started lapping slowly then a little harder. Lily moaned slightly and I could hear Darren kneel down and start to kiss her.

I kept licking until I was certain there was nothing left there and I had licked up all his cum. With a slight groan I got up, the two of them still making out. Lily beckoned for me to lie down on the side. She proceeded to then straddle my face and Darren sat on my abdomen. They two of them resumed kissing while I lay there, frustrated and unbelievably horny. They stopped for a while to glance down at me. Darren patted my hips, “Alright there bud?”

I groaned inaudibly since Lily was sitting on my face. They both laughed.

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