A Work of Art: Renee Arrives


Author’s Note: This will likely be a long series as right now there will be an introduction story for each girl that arrives to celebrate Chandler’s birthday and use Gerald as the canvass. This series is likely to move into group sex and particularly represents a fantasy of mine.


Renee had been Chandler’s best friend since grade school.

Renee had sold AVON and Cutco in college and had amassed quite a little nest egg from it, she went into business for herself, and soon was so successful that she became one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the city.

As Renee pulled up in her E class Chander came out to greet her.

“Hey Renee, how are you doing?” asked Chandler as she greeted her friend.

“I’m doing great Renee, happy birthday girl” replied Renee as she gave her friend Chandler a girlfriend kiss.

“So where is Gerald?”

“You’ll see.”

“You are so lucky Chandler, Gerald is such a good boyfriend.”

“You have no idea, Renee,” and as Chandler said this she thought back to her boyfriend, tied and gagged outside, panties in his mouth and duct tape over them just waiting for the girls to come out. She wanted to rub her clit to orgasm right then and there but couldn’t in front of Renee, at least not yet.

“So do you want something to drink, Renee?” asked Chandler.

“I should be asking you, it’s your birthday,” replied Renee.

“Yes but it’s my house.”

“Maybe but I brought a bottle of Blue Ice Handcrafted American Potato Vodka.”

“Potato vodka?”

“Vodka at least pure vodka and the best vodkas are supposed to be a potato based drink but most vodkas sold in America are made from indescript grains. This is made from pure Idaho potatoes. It’s smooth. I mean Pinnacle is a great deal for the money and is a wonderful vodka but this is just wonderful. Got anything to mix it with Chandler?”

“How about some fruit punch.”

“I guess that would work, ready to get fucked up Chandler?”

“I guess so, God we are gonna get so fucked up today Renee.”

“Yes we are Chandler, you’re another year older and we have to celebrate.”

“But at some point we’ll get to the point where we celebrate the same age every year at least until we’re old enough for the senior’s breakfast at Denny’s.”

“I’d rather not think about that right now Chandler, let’s go inside.”

And with that Chandler and Renee went inside.

Gerald started struggling a bit and testing his bonds. His dick was rock hard. This was turning him on. Chandler was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he loved her so. He was happy to do this for her. But still he wanted her to come back outside soon. He was starting to feel lonely and he wondered what girls Chandler was going to invite to the painting.

Chandler and Renee fixed themselves a drink each and then began talking.

“So where is Gerald, Chandler?”

“Do you really want to see Renee?”

“You mean he’s here?”

“Yes and that’s pendik escort part of the surprise and why I called you girls over here. It’s his birthday present to me.”

“I don’t understand Chandler.”

“You will Renee, follow me outside.”

Chandler and Renee went outside and Renee said “oooohhhh” as she saw Gerald tie to that pole, the duct tape of his gag glistening in the sun.

“So this is his present to you Chandler, being tied up like this?”

“The present is being tied up like this and letting us use him as a canvass to paint on.”

“You mean that old…”

“Yes Renee, that old fantasy, he agreed to give it to me for my birthday, he is such a good boyfriend.”

“Yes he is, but he’s doing this willingly and you’ve gagged him because…”

“Because canvasses can’t talk. You know the first gag I had for him was panties with my bra tied over them, he’s still got panties in under that duct tape.”


Renee walked up to Chandler.

“So how are you doing, Gerald?” Renee asked playfully.

“Mmmpppphhhh” is all Gerald could say.

“That is a very effective gag Chandler.”

“It is. God he looks so hot there. I sort of want to finger myself in front of him while he’s tied there wanting to ravage me but can’t tied to that pole and all.”

“That’s hot Chandler. I love having guys tied up. So many guys just like to rush while we girls like to take it slow. When we have them tied down they have to go at our pace.”

“Yes they do.”

The girls spoke, knowing Gerald was hearing every word.

“So we are going to be using Gerald as a canvass, Chandler?”


“Can I go ahead and start painting him?”

“No, not yet, I want the other girls to arrive.”

“Which girls did you invite for our little party?”

“I don’t want to say out here where Gerald can hear us, part of the excitement is that he won’t know who they’ll be until they show up and that control is getting me off.”

“You mean.”

“I mean girlfriend I want to rub myself to orgasm right now.”


“Come on Renee, you’re in to tying up guys, you’re telling me this isn’t turning you on?”

“It is a little.”

“Come on girl, I know you like this shit. That’s why I asked you over. This is going to be so hot.”

“I guess. Can I tickle him Chandler?”

“Be my guest, Renee.”

Chandler sat down and Renee walked up to Gerald.

“So how does it feel to be tied up like that, Gerald?”

Gerald answered Chandler’s question but of course it came out as “mmmppphhh” with that gag in his mouth.

“I can’t hear you Gerald, you’ll have to speak up.”


“I guess that gag is making it hard to talk. You know when I gag a guy I like using my panties. That way he can taste me. My favorite is when I have him gagged and then put another pair of panties on his head. It drives them wild, they’ll do anything to cum and I love that power. I am going to have so much escort pendik fun today. You are lucky Chandler is here Gerald because you have no idea how intense I can make dominating a guy.”


“It’s no use to talk Gerald. A panty gag is great in that it muffles the guy and that’s what turns me on, as loud as he screams in his body it comes out soft and I love taunting him. It’s one of the best things about having a guy gagged. You of course need him bound so he can’t take it out. It gets me so hot. You are a good boyfriend for doing this for Chandler.”

Gerald didn’t know what to think, it’s not like he could thank her with the gag in his mouth.

Renee began tickling Gerald. She started off slowly at first and then ratcheted up the pace. Gerald was soon laughing uncontrollably and of course through the gag all of his laughing was muffled.

“You look like you’re getting him excited, Renee!” Chandler exclaimed.

“I am but the good thing is he’s gagged so the neighbors can’t hear. You have no idea how much it turns me on having a guy bound and gagged and tickling him. Pretty much these days you can’t be my boyfriend if you won’t let me do this within the first month. It’s something I have to do,” replied Renee.

“I sort of want to join in with you, Renee.”

“Well it’s your birthday and you’re the one who tied him up.”

“Yes I did and he looks so handsome there. You have no idea Renee how much I want to ravish him right now. You know I sucked him off this morning.”

“You did?”

“Yep, tied to that pole in fact.”

“You sucked him off tied to that pole, outside?”

“Yes and it’s not going to be the last time today. I think Gerald is going to get all hot and bothered and so he’s going to cum a lot in front of all.”

“You dirty dirty girl.”

“He’s just as dirty a boy. He enjoyed my blowjob. And every girl I’ve invited over has been invited over because I think they’ll enjoy it so you’re a dirty girl too Renee.”

“No I’m a good girl.”

“No you’re a dirty girl and it’s my birthday so I may just have to tie you up there with Gerald.”

“I won’t let you.”

“You say that but there will be other girls coming over, we can easily gang up on you or any other girl and tie her up.”

“Or we could all gang up on you and tie you up Chandler. After all it’s you’re birthday, you should be tied up with your boyfriend. We can gag you with his boxers.”

“That’s kinky, Renee.”

“And tying your boyfriend to a pole and gagging him with your panties and inviting your girlfriends over to paint on him as a canvass isn’t?”

“Ok it’s very kinky.”

“Yes it is and canvasses can’t talk, especially when they’re so tightly gagged, but they can laugh when tickled even if the gag muffles the laughter.”

“And that’s best so the neighbors can’t hear.”

“Yes it is but you never can tell, they might want to join in Chandler.”

At the sound of that Gerald got worried about being exposed pendik escort bayan like this to someone other than Chandler’s friends as he and Chandler had agreed.

“I can’t do that Renee, my friends are one thing and everyone I’ve selected I know what they like, know they’re down for this, and know they’ll keep their mouths shut when I ask them to.”

“You mean I can’t tell anyone, Chandler?”

“No you can’t, Renee.”


“Let’s tickle him together.”

“Ok, birthday girl.”

The girls walked up to Gerald and double teamed. Soon he was screaming laughter through the gag and bucking at his bonds. He wished he had the strength to break out of those bonds and fuck Chandler right then and there. Actually he wanted to have Renee tied up as she watched him raw dog his Chandler. But all he could do now was take the tickle torture they were administering.

“Alright, Renee I think he’s had enough.”

“Aww, but I want to tickle him some more.”

“That time might come later today. Go back inside while I go get him a glass of water. I’m sure he got worked up by that.”

“Alright, Chandler.”

The girls walked back in and then Chandler walked back out with a glass of water and took the tape off and the panties out.

“So how are you doing baby” asked Chandler, with a sweetness to her voice.

“That tickling was intense darling.”

“I bet it was. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty turned on actually Chandler. I love being able to do this for you.”

“And I love you for it, you are such a great boyfriend.”

“Thank you. I love you so much and I want you to have a great birthday.”

“I am Gerald I am. I love you so much for doing this for me.”

“And I love you Chandler and that’s why I am doing this for you. You mean the world to me darling.”

“And you mean the world to me, Gerald.”

“So are you going to gag me again, Chandler?”

“Yes I am.”

“Can I have a kiss before you do?”

“Yes darling.”

Chandler gave Gerald a deep kiss that lasted for almost a minute.

“I’ve got to do this more often Gerald. I love having you at my mercy like this.”

“Can I have a little more water before you gag me again?”

“Yes my love.”

Chandler went back and brought more water and fed it to Gerald. She then put the panties back in and put more duct tape over his mouth.

“There you go, Gerald. All gagged again.”


All of the sudden, the phone on the table had a sound that was a text coming in. Chandler walked over to read it.

“Ooohhh, Brooke is here Gerald. Something you should know about Brooke cause I went to college with her, she’s a total freak.”

“Mmmppppphhh” is all Gerald could say through his gag.

“I better go greet her” and with that Chandler walked back in the house, but not before she sauntered back to Gerald and kissed each cheek and gave his dick a tug for good measure.

“Don’t go anywhere darling,” she cooed.

Chandler went back in the house to greet Brooke.

Gerald was now hornier than ever and he wanted Chandler to at least suck him off.

Little did he know just how wild the day was going to get.

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