Amusement Park Day and Ride Home


This last summer my wife Brenda asked me what I wanted for my birthday. We were limited on funds and, besides, I really didn’t need anything. I thought about it and said that I wanted to spend a day with her at an amusement park (Busch Gardens) in a city a couple of hours away. However, there were some conditions: she needed to wear something sexy and go braless all day (including the water rides), and on the way home she needed to be naked so we could play in the truck during the drive. The only other thing was that I wanted to end the day with a blowjob in the truck, with me cumming in her mouth. My wife absolutely refuses to let me cum in her mouth, so this would be a big thing for me. She was somewhat unhappy by this request (by the request for bralessness and nakedness, and even more so the cum…) and asked for a condition of her own, that she be allowed not to have me cum in her mouth if she didn’t feel like it that day. I agreed. Brenda is usually un-sexual in public and this has been disappointing to me over the years, but I was encouraged that she did not flatly refuse me.

My birthday came and went and we had the big day set for the following Monday. I figured we would enjoy the day more with lighter crowds (shorter lines), plus the roads would be easier to drive. We left that morning with her wearing a jeans miniskirt and bathing suit bottom under it, with a spaghetti strap top and no bra (with a liner, unfortunately, but still shows lots of cleavage and is sexy). Brenda has a great body, in good shape (in her mid-40’s, but looks much younger), approx 36D-28-36, about 5’5″ tall and only 135 lbs. I am about 6’2″, so I am much taller than she is. She has fantastic tits and loves to have them played with when she is in the mood. I love seeing her be sexy in public or public places, but she usually strongly resists me, until I can get a couple of drinks into her. As you will see later, I can usually get her to expose herself to me in the car while we’re driving at night, and occasionally seriously play naked in the car, and this really turns me on. It turns her on too, but she doesn’t like to admit it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of her from this day.

We started driving there and I asked Brenda to drop her top so I could admire her tits while we drove. She refused. We were going thru some issues with a teenage daughter and this would end up being the topic of conversation for a while, killing the “sexy” level of the day, at least at the start. Of course, I was disappointed, but at least I would get a day with her. One of the things Brenda has never really understood was that I married her because I loved her and really did want to spend all of my time with her, even after 20 years. She has been a great mother to my children, but I would really like to have my wife back…

We got to Busch Gardens around 9:30 or 10 AM and found our parking space. I was able to find one on the edge of the parking lot next to the street, but relatively close to some shade trees. We had a change of clothes with us to stay in the truck and I had brought along a few sex toys so we could play after we left the park. We got into the park and started making our way around. Brenda’s mood had improved and she was starting to get into the spirit of the day. She looked fantastic in her spaghetti strap top with her big tits bouncing around and lots of cleavage showing. I really wish I had a good picture to show that…

We found that the lines were fairly short and we generally had to stand in line for only 10-15 minutes for each ride. On our first roller coaster we stood in line and there was a long space between where we entered and the group at the front. No one was behind us and the group in front couldn’t see us, so I stopped us there and gave her a hug, caressing her ass through the denim skirt. I wanted to drop her top and play with her tits, but I knew she wouldn’t go for that, so I started showing affection slowly. She appreciated the affection and snuggled closer to me. Then we moved on to get to the back of the line and held hands until getting on the ride.

We got on the ride and got strapped in. Busch Gardens’ roller coasters have these shoulder bars that come down over the shoulders and chest. These are nice and secure, but they hide some great tit shots. Brenda was bending over to remove her flip flops and showing some great gaping cleavage, almost all the way to the nipples. I am sure the male attendant got a thrill from seeing that. Then she sat back up and I was happy to get a nice down-blouse view. Unfortunately, we had to bring down the shoulder bars and that blocked the rest of my view. We took off and bounced up and down, over and around, then came to the end. I would love to have seen her tits coming up out of that top on the ride, especially on some of the upside down runs, but again, my view was blocked…

We enjoyed the ride so much that we decided to repeat it a couple more times. I generally don’t ride roller coasters more than a few times in one day because of motion sickness, but I came prepared and I wanted her pumped and primed for bağdatcaddesi escort a good day. Brenda loves coasters, so I wanted her to ride as many times as she wanted. We even managed to ride first and second row most times that day because of the small crowds.

We left the ride, got our stuff from the locker and headed over to a different section of the park. We strolled through the African section and I hugged her and caressed her every chance I got when no one else was around. We stopped in front of the artificial pool with the hippos and looked through the glass at the fish. There was no one there at the moment, so I hugged her from the back and played with her tits through the top. Brenda looked around quickly, saw no one there, so she let me play for a few moments. We walked on and made it to the safari truck ride. We both sat in the back, but there were too may people for me to play with her. Again, I got some great down-blouse views and I am sure some of the other guys did, too, especially the driver in the rearview mirror. This ride bounces around a lot, so she was really moving under that top.

We moved on to another roller coaster ride and I was treated to more down-blouse shots. By this time Brenda was feeling great. She had never had a chance to ride coasters with me like this before and was really enjoying herself. She was getting more cuddly and affectionate and her appreciation for being with me was growing. I wanted to get her on the bumper cars, but there were too many kids. She would have looked awesome with her tits bouncing around and great down-blouse views for the dads lining the rails waiting for their kids, but it was inappropriate for the kids, so we didn’t go.

By this time it was early afternoon. We stopped for lunch at the BBQ restaurant and sat inside in the cold air conditioning. It had been hot outside so we were enjoying the A/C. Brenda was cold because of her bare shoulders, but the cold had made her nipples pop through her top and she was making that top look really good. I stayed there as long as I could enjoying the view, until she decided she was too cold and needed to get back outside. I told her that she was looking extremely fine and that I was appreciating the view and the attention.

After she warmed up we decided to get on the log flume ride. I absolutely love wet rides (like Brenda loves roller coasters), but generally, Brenda doesn’t like to get wet. This ride is a hit-or-miss concerning how wet you’ll get. I always love a ride where the ladies get soaked and their tits show through or their nipples pop, but this ride is not that good at that. I always keep a sharp eye out for ladies exiting the ride to see if anything looks interesting. The nice thing about this ride is that a couple can ride together in one seat, lady between the legs of the guy, and no one else rides in the same log with them. This is what we did. I had us sit in the front with Brenda sitting between my legs, using the theory that a lower end would throw more water back onto Brenda, maybe improving the view of her tits in a wet top.

As we moved through the ride there were two spots where we were generally out of sight of the other logs. There was an attendant at the top of the rise who could potentially see us, but they stay pretty bored and are absorbed in their headphones. In both of these spots I slipped my hands under Brenda’s top and played with her tits under the top. She briefly panicked the first time until I pointed out that no one could see us and there were no cameras. Each time only lasted 30 seconds or so, but I was able to keep my hands under her top on her bare belly for much of the slower portion of the ride, since it was below the sides of the log. Brenda made me get my hands out when we were more visible on the top and on the flume. As we were going down the flume I briefly entertained the notion of lifting Brenda’s top to flash her tits for the camera and the crowd, but that would have ended my day then and there. When we got to the bottom the water splashed us and Brenda got her bottoms wet and the bottom of her top, but her tits didn’t get wet. Too bad. We both enjoyed the ride, but she didn’t want to repeat it because of the line.

Since we were wet we decided to go ahead and ride the raft ride. Again, this is a sometimes ride, where getting soaked is not guaranteed. We had a medium line, so we stood close together and hugged or stayed in close contact while I kept looking down at her and looked down into her top. Every now and then when we were in a place where no one could see her front, I would pull her top down to the edge of her nipples or would sneak my hand up to play with her tits. She was enjoying this, but it was too public for her to get much out of it. I was a walking hard-on. The ride was normal and she didn’t really get wet. We repeated this about 2-3 times with the same result. This ride was a bust…

I wanted to ride the sky ride back to the other end of the park so that I could get her alone in a gondola. I wanted to get her tits exposed and to play with them out beykoz escort in the open. Unfortunately, the ride was closed and we had to walk.

As we were going through the Morocco section we realized that we were in time to watch the Sesame Street show in 4-D. It was hot and our legs were tired, so we went in. Again, Brenda’s nipples popped from the cold and she spent her time hugging me for warmth. We got into the auditorium and I steered her into a section of empty seats and rows. No one in front of us for several rows, no one behind us at all, and the closest people were in a group on the same row, but in the middle, away from Brenda. We were close to the end.

This show is 4-D, meaning 3-D with touch stimulation by puffs of air, smells, mist and squirts of water. Again, Brenda doesn’t like getting wet, especially her face, so I loaned her my Tilley hat to protect herself from the water sprays. We had a rough idea when the sprays were coming from having been in this show before and from the action on the screen. Brenda kept the hat in front of her and I put my arm around her shoulder to keep her warm. This had the added benefit of allowing me to get my hand over the front to play with her tits. While Brenda has nice, big tits, I also have big hands, so I can really work her tits well, which she really likes.

When the theater went dark I slipped my hand over her shoulder and she put the hat in front of her, hiding her tits from the front. I slipped my hand down her top and played with her tits for a few minutes allowing her to get comfortable with the process. She snuggled in a little closer to me to make it easier for me and I eventually pushed her top down to get both tits completely exposed over the top of her clothes. She kept the hat in front of her with her tits fully out and me playing with them. Every now and then a squirt of water would come and she would snap the hat over her face to protect it, which would leave her tits showing in the light from the screen, along with my hand playing with her nipples.

She was really getting into it when a lady came walking down the row from the group in the middle. We were toward the exit, so she had to pass us. Brenda tensed up, but there was no way I was going to easily let those tits go now that I had gotten them exposed and got my hand on them. I kept my hand on Brenda’s exposed tits and continued to play with her nipples as the lady passed in front of us. Brenda kept the hat over her tits, and the lady was facing us when she scooted by our legs. She must have seen that my hand was under the hat, but she didn’t say anything. After she passed and left the theater, Brenda relaxed again and snuggled back into me for more play.

The show ended all too soon and she pulled herself together, gave me back my hat and we walked outside. I looked down at her top and saw that it was slightly stretched out, showing just a little more cleavage and the tops of her tits well. But what was really outstanding was her nipples were standing up very well and were very obvious, even through the liner of her top. She looked gorgeous. When we got somewhat separated from the crowd Brenda told me that she had really enjoyed my playing with her tits in the theater. Who knows, maybe I can get away with doing that again in a regular movie theater on a future date…

Brenda was feeling turned on and randy by this point, but could admirably restrain herself. I worked the rest of the day to keep her turned on as I wanted to enjoy her sexuality as much as possible. So every chance I got I hugged her, wrapped my arms around her, held her hand and generally kept touching her to make her feel special in the way she enjoys. I also felt her up whenever there was no one else around. We rode a few more roller coasters, ate ice cream and wandered around the park getting hungry until we decided to leave around 6:30 PM to go get some dinner at a decent restaurant in town.

We rode the tram out to the parking lot. It was still about an hour-and-a-half to sundown and she was riding along in the tram with the wind blowing down her top making it open up a bit more. I was enjoying the down-blouse view and I noticed the guy in the next row back sneaking looks, too. Brenda did not seem to notice him. The breeze was cooling her down again, so her nipples got hard and poked her top out. We got off the tram and walked to the truck.

Both of us were hot and felt somewhat grungy by the time we got back into the truck. I turned on the truck to start the A/C, then decided to change clothes there in the parking lot. There were other adults that were coming and going, but our darkly tinted windows kept it from being obvious. Brenda decided to wait. We were going to a decent restaurant for dinner and I wanted her in a nice sundress. We drove out of the parking lot, found the restaurant and she took her dress inside and changed in the bathroom. The dress she chose was of light material, but with lots of color, so it wasn’t obvious that she was braless beneath it (unfortunately). It did have bare shoulders, though.

We had a caddebostan escort nice dinner and I ordered 2-3 glasses of wine for her. We enjoyed our conversation and she would occasionally pull down one side of the top of her strapless top a little, not enough to expose the whole tit, but down to the top of the nipple, just a little flash. She was very careful to make sure no one was looking when she did that, and hid the potential view from everyone else, so only I could see it. This kept me and her both excited and ready for the rest of the evening. When we left it was dark and I took her down the street to a little adult video store. She needed a new pocket rocket vibrator to replace her dying one, but was nervous about going in. We parked next door and walked over. I kept teasing her about dropping her top and walking with her tits out in the dark parking lot, but she refused. We went inside, found what we wanted and left. It was nice and clean, with a female attendant, so Brenda was somewhat more comfortable, but was still so embarrassed that she wanted to leave quickly.

When we got back into the truck and started to drive out onto the street, she immediately started stripping out of her clothes. I was very surprised at this, since we were on a very busy street with streetlights and stoplights. We were still in the driveway of the parking lot to get onto the street and she already had her top down. A guy on a bicycle drove by before we could get out of the driveway and he got a great tit shot. Usually, she demands to wait until we are on a deserted stretch of road before she will take anything off, but here we are on this street and she is sitting there naked as a jaybird, with streetlights flashing light into the truck through the windshield. Brenda is a strawberry blond who is as white as white can be and her tits were practically glowing in the streetlights. The truck windows are tinted, but they are not privacy dark, so her tits would have been visible to other folks in larger trucks and SUVs. I was extremely excited about the possibility of others seeing my beautiful wife like this. I had her slide over next to me and I wrapped my right arm around her to play with her tits some more. She sat sideways on the seat, leaning against me with her right leg on the seat and her left on the floor.

Brenda stayed in that position all the way through that city. I made sure to stay in the left lane and drive a little slower, and big trucks and SUVs were coming alongside us in the right lane and could see into my truck. Brenda stayed there with my hand playing with her tits and nipples while her hand was playing with her pussy. I don’t know if she had her eyes open or closed. Normally she won’t ever let anyone even potentially see her naked, but she was fully exposed for everyone who drove by on that side. I kept an eye on the traffic and noticed several larger vehicles pull alongside and watched the guys look at her. They could obviously see that she was naked and I had no doubt they were staring at her glorious tits. At least twice we stopped at a red light and the street lights were shining full on her beautiful body while the guy in the next truck stared at her with a hungry look on his face. She just continued to let me play with her nipples while she rubbed her pussy. She must have kept her eyes closed, or she would have stopped that immediately.

We got onto the interstate for the ride home, with Brenda staying naked and horny. I stayed in the left lane going slightly under the speed limit because I wanted everyone to pass me on the right and see Brenda, if possible. I went ahead and stripped out of my shorts and underwear and rode with only a shirt on. Brenda layed down on the seat on her back with her head on my lap and her legs splayed out toward the passenger door, with her knees in the air. The interstate had occasional streetlights at exits so she showed up in those when we passed, but traffic was relatively light. I played with her nipples while she used her new pocket rocket to bring herself to a wrenching orgasm. After she cums, her nipples are usually too sensitive to be played with any more, but I knew we still had about 1.5 hours of driving to go and I wanted maximum enjoyment, so I let her rest, then played with her tits come more, avoiding her nipples for the time being.

Brenda loves laying in the seat naked while I play with her tits. She will never admit this, but she gets really turned on by this and has fantastic orgasms. She loves it even more if she can see herself laying there by a reflection in the windshield or visors. Someday I will need to mount some kind of temporary mirror on the ceiling of the truck so she can watch herself.

After getting her worked up some more I had her sit up and lean over the back of the seat to get another toy. I wanted her to use her rabbit. I love to see her cum and I also love to see her use a dildo or vibrator inside her. About the only one she likes is the rabbit, so that’s what we use. While she was bent over the seat her ass was on full display to anyone who looked through the window. I had intentionally waited until we reached a section with streetlights so her ass would show up in fully lit glory to anyone lucky enough to look. Traffic was moderate at this time, being only about 9:30 or 10 PM, so several cars and trucks went by while she was searching for her rabbit.

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