Anal Heaven


When it came to sex Shane loved two things, big women and butt fucking. Shane had been with several of the former, but to his dismay had only experienced the latter a couple of times and never the two together. But a couple of months ago things started looking up.

Shane worked in a large office employing hundreds in the downtown area of a large city. His lunch time habit was to eat at a deli about three blocks from his office. One Monday afternoon about three months ago, as he walked into the deli, he passed what had to be the hottest woman be had ever seen! She had medium brown hair cut in a fashionably short style that looked like her lover had been running his hands through it, big blue eyes with incredibly long lashes and the most beautiful mouth that looked like it was just made for sucking cock! She was about 5’8″ tall and best of all for Shane; she weighed about 225 pounds! Shane himself stood right at 6′ tall and weighed about 190 pounds. Every day for the rest of the week Shane would pass her on his way into the deli. This schedule did not give him the chance he needed to meet her, so the following Monday he arranged to take an earlier lunch hour. He arrived at the deli just in time to see her set her lunch down at a table by herself. Shane quickly purchased his own lunch and walked over to her table, introduced himself and asked if he could join her. Her name was Jessie and she was everything he hoped she would be-intelligent, funny and sexy as hell!

Shane didn’t waste any time and asked Jessie out that very day. They had dated for about three weeks when they became lovers. Shane had never been so satisfied! His first impression about her mouth had been right on target, Jessie treated cock sucking like an art. He had never been with a woman who loved sex as much and as often as she did. And man, did he want to fuck her ass! For the last two weeks every time they had sex Shane had been testing the waters with Jessie. At some point during the act he would manage to slip his finger into her ass and fuck her with it. She never forbid him the act or complained which had given Shane much hope. So much hope that he was planning this whole weekend around it!

Shane picked Jessie up Friday evening for their getaway weekend. Within two hours they were on the coast in the condo he had rented. Within two minutes of being inside the condo they were both naked. Shane loved the way Jessie looked; big round titties bahis firmaları with small eraser sized nipples that really turned him on! A round tummy; thick, smooth thighs; a closely trimmed pussy and the lushest ass that he was dying to sink his cock into! Shane himself was sporting a pretty toned body and an 8″ dick.

“Come here, baby”, Jessie said as she lead Shane over to the bed. She put her hands on his shoulders and urged him to sit down on the edge of the bed. She continued to push at his shoulders until he was lying back on the bed. Leaning over him she started kissing him, drawing his tongue into her mouth and sucking on it. Instant boner! Jessie kissed her way down his body until she reached his cock. She took it in one hand and his balls in her other hand. Starting at the base of his raging cock she licked up it until she got to the head. She slowly sucked the head of his cock into her mouth getting it good and wet. She ran her tongue all around the head of his shaft several times then made her tongue very hard and rubbed the underside of his sensitive cock head. Jessie started moving her head up and down taking a little more of Shane’s big cock in her mouth each time until she had the whole 8″ buried in her throat. Shane knew he wouldn’t last long and when Jessie started humming and moaning causing her throat to vibrate around his shaft he grabbed her head in both hands and started thrusting up into her mouth like it was her wet, hot pussy. Shane shot his cum load straight down Jessies’ throat. She swallowed every drop and as Shane flopped back down on the bed she continued to suck his still semi-hard cock and massage his balls. Within a few minutes Jessie had Shanes’ lovepole as hard as ever.

“Come up here with me, sweetie”, Shane said as he pulled his hard cock out of Jessies’ talented mouth. He knew this second erection would last for some time. Shane and Jessie shared several long, slow kisses where Shane could taste himself on Jessies’ lips and tongue. Shane kissed his way down Jessies’ body, stopping to squeeze her big titties and lick and suck her little nipples into tiny pebbles. Shane continued to kiss his way down over her big belly, squeezing and massaging it and slowing down to tongue fuck her navel, which always drove her nuts. “Yes, baby, fuck my belly button”, Jessie moaned. Shane continued down her body until he was nestled between Jessies’ big quivering thighs. Shane pulled her thighs up on kaçak iddaa his shoulders and took in a deep breath of her sweet scent. Using one hand he spread Jessies’ pussy lips apart and buried his face in her soaking wet snatch. Shane quickly flicked his tongue over her clit a couple of times causing Jessie to beg him for more, but he didn’t want her cuming quiet so soon. He wanted her begging for his cock. Shane pointed his tongue and made it as hard as he could and started fucking her slick tunnel with it. In and out, in and out and circle around the opening and then back up to her pulsing clit for a couple of quick flicks with his tongue. About the fifth time he was flicking her clit, Shane dipped his middle finger into her wet pussy and slid it down and into her tight ass, starting to steadily fuck it in and out of her. Shane kept this pattern up until Jessie was begging him, “Please baby, slide your big cock in me and fuck me! Please Shane, now!” Shane knew he had her right where he wanted her! This time when he circled her pussy opening he slid his tongue down to her little brown pucker hole replacing his finger with his hard tongue! This brought her whole pelvis up off the bed, “Oh, God Shane! What are you doing?” Jessie moaned breathlessly. “Just loving you baby”; he said continuing to rim her asshole with his tongue. “Please Shane, I need your cock now!” she pleaded. “I need to feel it deep inside of me, fucking me fast and hard! Please honey!”

Shane removed his tongue from her ass and moved back up her body kissing and sucking mounds of flesh until he was face-to-face with Jessie. “Do you want me to fuck you with my big cock now Jessie?”

“Oh yes, please yes!” she moaned.

“Get on your hands and knees for me baby, so I’ll be able to get all of my fuck tool in you!” Shane said. Jessie immediately rolled over and got on her hands and knees in front of Shane and started begging him again. “Fuck me Shane, FUCK ME!” she cried. “I’m going to baby, don’t worry!” he moaned as he looked down at that juicy ass.

Shane leaned over Jessies’ back until he had pushed her shoulders and head down on to the mattress. Putting his arms around her he squeezed her big tits and rolled her small nipples between his fingers while he whispered in her ear, “I love you Jess, and I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that don’t you?” “Yes” she answered on a low moan. Shane straightened back up and knew his moment had kaçak bahis come. Taking a quivering mound of ass cheek in each hand he spread Jessies’ ass as far apart as it would go, until he could see from the top of her buttcrack down to her clit! Man, what a beautiful site! He could have sworn her little brown starfish winked at him! Shane let go of one of her ass cheeks so that he could thumb down his raging cock and slowly slide it to the hilt in her drenched pussy. Grabbing her ass back in his hand he very slowly fucked her with five or six long strokes. “Please Shane, faster, faster!” Jessie cried. With this cry Shane pulled his cock all the way out of Jessie.

“Why are you stopping baby?” Jessie moaned. “Please put it back in and fuck me!”

“You want my cock Jess?”

“Yyyeeesss! Please, now, faster!” she was almost in tears now.

“Here you go baby, just for you!” Having said that Shane got a tight grip on Jess’ ass, placed the head of his cock against her anal ring and pushed.

“What are you doing?” she panted as she tried to pull away from him. Shane was so close to his heart’s desire that he couldn’t stop now. “I’m going to butt fuck you baby, just relax and enjoy it! I promise it will be good!” Just as he said that her tight sphincter gave way and the head of his cock popped through. Shane gritted his teeth, he had never felt anything so tight and hot in his life.

“Shane, take it out!” Jessie said.

“I can’t baby, just give me this one time, please!” now he was begging! Jessie quit trying to pull away from him and Shane took that as a sign of permission to proceed. He slowly fucked his big cock the rest of the way into her hot ass. “God, baby, your ass feels so good! Honey, reach back with your hand and rub your clit while I fuck your sweet ass!”

Shane felt Jessie shift as she reached back with her hand and started rubbing her love knot. Soon her breath started coming in gasps and she started pushing her lush tush back against Shanes’ cock. He was in heaven. Her muscles started clamping down on his dick and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He just needed to hold on until she had cum first.

“Oh God, Shane, that feels so good! Pound my ass, baby! Yes, yes, faster, faster! I’m cumming, yesssssss!” she yelled. Shane felt his balls draw up against his body and knew he couldn’t hold his own release back any longer. With a loud roar, he spewed his cum deep in her bowels and collapsed on her back with his soft penis still clamped in her ass. Soon her body forced his cock from her and when Shane looked down he could have sworn he saw steam rising from his cock. What a hot fuck!

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