I knew when I got busted that I was in trouble, but hey, it was my first bust ever and all it was over were four grams of coke. I was hoping they would go easy on me.

I did something really stupid. I made a delivery for the guy I buy from. I didn’t know he had already been arrested and was helping the cops! So, here I go, silly little me, I made the sale, collected the money, and got to wear a real nice pair of handcuffs! How lucky can a girl get?

Anyway, the cop puts the cuffs on me and reads me my rights. All I’m trying to do is tell him my side of the story and he acts like he isn’t interested. Well, that made me mad, so mad that I tried to hit him, just to get his attention. He added assault to the charges and threw me into the back of his car.

After I calmed down a little, I tried another approach. I told him how sorry I was for everything; letting tears weal up in my eyes, trying to gain his sympathy. Basically, his response was tuff shit; you’re getting what you deserve.

Well, since my hands were now behind me so I couldn’t hit him, I went after him with words. It’s funny how if you try real hard, you can get a man so pissed that he becomes uncontrollable just by making fun of his size, or skills in bed.

That worked a little to well! He pulled off down a deserted dirt road and stopped the car. I thought he was going to get me out and slap me around to shut me up, so I was ready when he yanked me out of the back of the car.

He didn’t slap me; he pushed me up against the trunk and told me to assume the position!

“You already did this, you jerk!”

“No Baby, now I’m going to do a body cavity search! I’m going to teach you to keep your slut mouth shut once and for all!”

I got the feeling that I might have gone to far when I felt his hand under my skirt. He tore my panties off and when I tried to say something, he shoved them right in my mouth! To keep me from spitting them out, he tied a piece of twine around my head and between my lips.

Satisfied that I couldn’t object to anything, he went bahis firmaları back to work on his search. He carefully unbuttoned each button of my blouse and unhooked my bra.

For some reason, my nipples reacted, and stood straight out! He took his time running his hands over my flesh, tweaking my nipples, and generally arousing the hell out of me! I was shocked, not only at his behavior, but at mine as well! I was starting to enjoy this!

For years, one of my favorite fantasies revolved around being restrained, unable to stop what was happening to me. Now, my fantasy was coming true!

Satisfied that my tits didn’t hold any weapons, he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the ground. As I stood there, as naked as I could possibly be with handcuffs on, I began to get very aroused! I could feel the night breeze gently caressing my naked body. That, along with everything else happening to me, had my juices flowing freely!

The Detective spread my legs so far apart they were starting to hurt. I know that in the movies this is where the girl is supposed to beg the guy to stop, but if I could have begged, it would have been for him to speed things up!

I sighed deep inside as I felt his fingers invade my cunt, slowly, until he had two of them buried as far as he could get them. Then, just as slowly, he eased them almost all of the way out. I guess he could feel me trying to grip them, to keep them inside, because he started back in again. This time, he did something a little different; he rubbed his fingers back and forth as he pushed them back up. The feeling was incredible! I shook all over!

He pressed his body against mine, put his mouth to my ear, and asked, “Do you want more, Slut?”

I felt like a slut! I felt wonderful! All I could do was nod my head and fuck back with my hips. Hell yes I wanted more!

I felt suddenly empty as he removed his fingers. I turned my head so that I could see what he was doing, and watched as he quickly got out of his clothes.

The boy was hung! Like a horse! His meat must have been eight kaçak iddaa or nine inches long and as thick as my wrist! When he approached me, holding it firmly in his grip, my mouth started to water. I wanted to feel that monster inside of me!

He spun me around and pushed me down on my knees. I was eye level with the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen. He rubbed it all over my face, trailing his pre cum across my partially opened lips. Like the slut that I am, I helped him! I rubbed my face on his pole, trying to spit out my panties so that I could taste it.

As soon as I felt him untie the twine, I spit those panties out and gobbled as much of his cock as I could!

I was so turned on, handcuffed, nearly naked, and being almost force-fed a monster prick, that I felt the first wave of orgasm starting deep in my belly. I squeezed my cunt lips and helped it come through! I moaned as I felt the rippling effects of my orgasm spread out all over body!

To show my appreciation, I opened my mouth wide, took in air through my nose, and slowly swallowed his dick all the way to the base! I didn’t stop until his pubic hair was tickling my nose!

The cop groaned as his prick passed the back of my throat. I knew I was doing fine when I saw his knees tremble!

All to soon, he pulled his meat out of my mouth. “No!” I cried. “I want it!” I know I sounded childish, but I wanted to feel that hose unleash itself deep in my mouth!

“Relax, Slut! You’re gonna get it. First, I’m going to uncuff you, and then I’m going to fuck your ass! How does that sound?”

I was swooning at the thoughts running through my head! Ass fucked by that monster! My ass isn’t virginal, but Damn! That’s a big piece of meat!

All I could say was “Leave the cuffs on!”

He put me down on the ground, my face in the dirt and my ass in the air! I felt his hot tongue licking me there, getting my little hole wet. I almost came again as he jabbed his tongue inside me!

For a long time, he enjoyed my ass flesh, keeping me on the very edge of an explosive orgasm! kaçak bahis Finally, I felt him rise up behind me. I almost passed out from sheer excitement when he slowly buried his tool deep in my quaking pussy! My cunt was so wet that he met no resistance at all! He only stroked it a couple of times, but I was so horny, I came in buckets! My cum dripped down my thighs, soaking his cock real good!

“Are you ready, Slut?” He asked. “Do you want me to fuck your ass now?”

“Please! Please, Master, fuck my ass with your monster cock! Shove it in me hard! Shoot your hot cum deep inside me!”

I don’t know where the ‘Master’ shit came from, but I could tell it made him ever hotter! He almost ripped me open when he pushed his dick up my ass!

I tried to scream! His hand covered my mouth to stop me. “Quiet, Slut! Hold still and get used to the head so I can give you the rest of it!”

The Head! All I had was the head and I felt like I was splitting in two! I tried to relax but the pain was so intense, so pleasurable, that all I could think of was getting off again!

“Fuck me now, Master! Rip my ass open with your cock! Give it all to me!”

He slammed the whole thing in deep with one push! I thought it was going to come out my mouth! Never have I felt such pain, such pleasure, in my life!

I couldn’t stop the orgasms building up inside of me! I came time after time! Every stroke of his dick in my ass seemed to bring a new one to the surface, and before that one would end, another would start!

I don’t know how long he lasted, when I came to, I was lying on my back, my hands now free of the cuffs, and he had some type of cloth he was using to clean me up. He was so gentle, so unlike he was in his role as ‘Master’, that I felt myself liking him very much.

He noticed that I was awake again. “How are you?” He asked, his voice full of compassion.

“I hurt so wonderfully well!” I said with a grin. “Can we talk about my arrest now?”

With a devilish grin of his own, he said, “I’ve been giving that a lot of thought. I don’t think you need jail time. I think you would learn your lesson better if you were placed under house arrest. My house.”

“You might want to get some leg irons, I can be very naughty at times!”

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