Being Instructed


I got the phone call early Tuesday afternoon that I would be substitute teaching at St. William’s Catholic High School. It is one of the few private schools in the city that I hadn’t worked at yet. But with my sterling record and impeccable credentials it was just a matter of time. St. William’s is one of the finest, most expensive and exclusive school in the entire state. To celebrate I cracked open a bottle of wine that a neighbor of mine had given me for my birthday; though I am not sure her husband would be pleased to find it missing from his wine cellar. She, who will remain nameless for her protection, was a very rich, attractive and very horny housewife. Since my teaching gigs were sporadic at best I had plenty of time of extracurricular activities; namely banging the lonely wives, daughters and girlfriends in the neighborhood.

My record as a lover matched if not exceeded that of my teaching credentials. I have slept with mothers and daughters of the same household but not at the same time… yet. I have fucked many here in my home but most either at their houses or in my car or some fashionable outside location. The women didn’t want to get caught but by god they took some serious risks. I remember a particularly close call at the local art museum with a very prominent wife of a political official; she wore the most accessible skirt in her wardrobe and I stood behind her while inside of her and her talented pussy milked me of a powerful orgasm. I nearly panicked when a friend of hers approached and she introduced me as her cousin. They chatted for a good five minutes all the while the dirty slut squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles until I came while friend stood a scant five feet away. When I let out a low moan she explained that I was a student of the arts and was overwhelmed by the display.

I stepped out onto my back deck and set some wood in my fire pit and started a fire. I got my broom and swept the little snow that had fallen since I had cleared the surface off this morning. I love winter and nothing better than wine, a cozy fire and the knowledge that I had work the next day. I brought out one of my comfy chairs and set it by the fire pit and with wine glass in hand sat down and let out a little sigh of contentment. I closed my eyes and listened to the crackle of fire and smelled the scent of the burning wood and all was well with my world. After two glasses of wine the sky had reached full dark and I felt a little hungry so I opened the sliding glass door and pondered what to eat. I refilled my glass and opened the door to the fridge and looked around to see what took my fancy. Ding! I turned, closed the fridge door and walked over to the front door.

“Who’s there?” I called out.

“Lucy… I saw your fire and brought some leftovers if you’re hungry?” Her sultry voice told me someone was looking for some loving by my fire.

I opened the door and stepped aside to let the leggy redhead in. She was wearing a winter coat and sweat pants that hugged her ass like a second skin.

“You read my mind, I was just checking the fridge for food sweetie,” I told her kissing her cheek.

“Do you feel up to cracking open another bottle for lil old me?” She said batting her emerald green eyes.

“For you anything and I do mean anything,” I said the sexual tension thick enough to cut with a dull spoon.

“I brought some steak, cheese and grapes,” she purred.

“Mmm perfect,” I called over my shoulder from the far side of the kitchen as I looked in my closet I used as a ‘wine cellar’.

I picked out a wine that would go well with the food and by the time she had the food ready for us the wine was uncorked and her glass filled.

“Haven’t seen you around in a while Lucy what have you been up to?”

“Oh… this and that,” her voice held a naughty tone to it.

“If I didn’t know better I would suspect you were here to seduce me.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Ted.”

“Liar,” I said smiling and handing her the glass of wine, “is it cold in here I can turn up the heat.” I said seeing that she still had her coat on.

“Oh don’t bother I am waiting until after we eat to take off my coat.”

“Ah… is there a surprise for me underneath?”

“Damn am I that obvious?” She seemed genuinely upset.

“No… just a lucky guess.”

“Oh… okay…” she was back to all smiles.

We moved out onto the deck and I brought out a second chair and we sat next to each other sipping our wine and feeding each other bites of food. I fed her a piece of meat and she sucked my index finger into her mouth and suckled it for a full minute before letting it go. Damn but it had been weeks since the last time we hooked up and it had been epic; tonight might prove to be legendary in its intensity! I took a grape and traced her lips with it before popping it into my mouth and she literally growled like a bitch in heat. It didn’t take long to polish off the leftovers and moved to straddle me in my seat her ass facing the beşiktaş escort fire.

“Gods I have missed you baby,” she purred in my ear. “Are you ready for my surprise?”

“You know I am,” I said nibbling her ear.

“Unzip my coat slowly…”

I reached up and slowly pulled down the zipper to reveal bare skin beneath the coat and more of it! The little slut had been gone because she had gotten a boob job. She had always been conscious of her chest size and kept saying that one of these days her hubby was going to buy her the tits she should have been born with. The large B-Cup breasts I was so familiar will her gone, replaced by large C-Cup or maybe a small D-Cup. Her puffy nipples didn’t seem to have suffered from the operation. I leaned down and took in her scent as I flicker my tongue over one then the other nipple and she moaned loud and long.

“Well that answers my question.”

“What question baby,” Lucy asked.

“If your nipples are still as sensitive as they once were,” I told her.

“As you can see, they are the best money can buy.”

“Has the old man broken them in yet?”

“NO… he is off on a business trip in Europe. He’ll be back by Christmas hopefully, for the kid’s sake that is.”

“So how do you suggest we christen these fine tits of yours,” I asked.

“What’s the one thing I have always wanted to do but couldn’t?”


“YES… so why don’t you drag me off to the bedroom, strip me naked and I will wrap these beauties around that long… thick… ‘cock’ of yours!”

“How can I possibly turn down an offer as fine as that?”

She stood up and I took her hand and led her off to my bedroom. She stood at the foot of my bed and kicked off her shoes and left the rest to me. I grabbed the zipper and pulled it down as slow as I could and in the dim light of the room her rosy nipples practically glowed. When the coat fell open I moved behind her and slowly pulled it off of her while I rubbed my cock against her ass. She moaned and pushed her ass against my crotch. I tossed the coat onto the rocking chair in the corner of the room and reached around and cupped her tits and began to softly, slowly massage her flesh. She growled and purred as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She ground her ass against me harder now and my cock was at full erection in no time. I took my sweet time cause I love teasing a woman and making her soaking wet before we fuck. After I could take it no more I lowered my hands from her tits to the elastic waist band of her sweat pants. Again slowly I tugged them down over her bubble butt and I actually knelt as I brought them to the floor. Lucy stepped out of the pants and turned to face me. I slipped a finger between her pussy lips and it slipped in with no resistance at all. I rubbed her clit a bit and I could see her actually shaking with need. I made little circles with the pad of my index finger over her clit and she bit her lip and ground her hips against my finger making it slip deeper inside. I withdrew my finger and licked it then sucked it while she watched. I stood up and she took the two steps separating us and began to tug my t-shirt up and off. Then she pressed her sensitive nipples against my chest and molded her body to mine. Her hand slipped between us and began to stroke the shaft of my cock slowly. Then when I could barely stand it she undid my belt, unbutton my jeans and let the fall to the floor. Not expecting company I actually wore underwear and she tugged my boxer-briefs down and off of me. Lucy gave me a gentle shove and I sat down on the edge of the bed and she walked over to the nightstand and retrieved the bottle of lube before kneeling down before me her eyes blazing with lust. She drizzled lube over and between her tits and rubbed it in until her flesh gleamed with a slick film. Lucy wrapped her breasts around my iron hard cock and began to rock up and down pushing her tits tight against my erection. Her enthusiasm was obvious and she even lowered her head and when the tip of my cock popped out from between her tits she flickered her tongue over the very sensitive tip. I watched as she greedily lapped the pre-cum from the tip. She switched tactics and gripped her tits so that she could move them independent from one another and massaged my cock now. I moaned and told her how good it felt with her tits wrapped around me and this just made her all the more eager to have my cock inside of her.

“I can’t take it anymore…” she moaned and stood up and shoved me onto my back.

With a quickness that surprised me she pounced and impaled herself on my thick member. Lucy began to ride me and I let her do all the work. I cupped her tits and began to knead them and flicker my tongue over her nipples and that seemed to drive her closer and closer to the edge.

St. William’s was a massive stone edifice standing four stories tall crafted of polished granite that gleamed in the winter morning light. I parked etiler escort my car in the teacher’s lot and walked to the main entrance and was welcomed by the guard and directed to principal’s office. The principal was an attractive Asian woman in her late forties but due to regular exercise and a healthy diet looked barely thirty. She told me that my services had been contracted for two months and depending on how well I did I might even land myself a permanent position at St. William’s. I smiled and told her I would do my best and wouldn’t disappoint her. I was given a folder with paperwork and a map of the school. She had circled the classrooms I would be using as well as a schedule up to the Christmas break. She and I would meet after the break to see how my services would best be put to use. I scanned my schedule quickly and took my leave of her and headed for my first classroom.

The school was the finest building I had ever set foot in. The floors were polished marble and the interior walls matched the outer with its gleaming black granite. The oaken doors were heavy and carved with an elegant beauty that was reminiscent of old world style. The students were the elite of the state and in some cases surrounding states. The uniform was a black cloth with silver piping and a heraldic crest over the left breast. The boys wore pants and the girls wore either slacks or skirts depending on the weather. Today there were few girls wearing skirts due to the bitter cold outside and the nippy atmosphere within. I found my classroom and there were actually a few students who were already seated as I made my way to the gorgeous mahogany desk with its New England craftsmanship and gleaming brass fittings. I set my briefcase carefully on the desk, sat down and took in my new environment. I had to admit I was a little intimidated but if I could actually land a job her I would set. The first bell rang and I heard the rumble of feet and voices and soon the room was full of students and before the second bell they had taken their seats and were quiet. Weird. I stood up as the second bell rang and turned and to my utter dismay a state of the art smart board took me completely off guard. I turned back to face the class and smiled.

“I was going to write my name on the board but the chalk I bought isn’t going to do the job now is it?”

They actually laughed and a cute girl raised her hand and I nodded to her.



“Ah, Mr. Baker in the belly drawer of the desk is an IPad you can use that to access the smart board or if you want I can help.”

I opened the belly drawer and took out the IPad and turned it on and looked at the aps and saw the one for the smart board and with the press of a button the board came to life. I keyed in my name and again the class gave me a good natured laugh. I think I was going to like this school.

“Okay from the top,” I said, “I am Mr. Baker and I will be your substitute teacher while Ms. Young is out sick. It appears that you were studying the Civil War is that correct?”

There were nods and I found the history lesson and where Ms. Young had left off. I loved the Civil War and set right to work asking a few preliminary questions and found the class both intelligent and receptive. Before I knew it the bell rang and I handed out the prescribed homework and with smiles and a few handshakes I was welcomed into the family of St. William’s. One stocky male student stayed behind and waited for everyone else to leave.

“Mr. Baker?”


“I wanted to know if I could ask a favor.”

“What sort of favor?”

“Well yesterday Ms. Young confiscated my smart phone and I was wondering if I could have it back?”

“Why did she take it in the first place?”

“She caught me texting in class.”

“Honest, I like that. Well I will give it back… but if I catch you repeating that mistake you won’t get it back until Christmas break… fair?”


“Okay, now where does she keep her hoard?”

“Second drawer on the left hand side, it’s the one with the electric blue backing.”

I opened the drawer he indicated and found no less than six cell phones. His phone was near to the front of the drawer. I handed it back to him and told him not to disappoint this good will gesture and he seemed quite sincere on not texting in class anymore. Then he was off and running for his next class. I had a free period and my third hour class was in this room so I decided to get comfortable and play with the smart board for a bit. I closed the second drawer and it caused the bottom drawer to pop open and what I could see made my jaw drop. I went over and closed the door to the classroom and opened the drawer all the way. What had caught my eye were three bottles of anal lube, two were empty and the last was half full. Below the lube were all manner of toys from ball gags to butt plugs and from vibrators to dildos. Was this woman insane or just looking taksim escort to lose her job? Maybe this was the opening the principal had mentioned? Tucked in the back of the drawer was a second IPad but this one was a custom model with an inscription on the back cover that read… ‘To Carol, My Inspiration…’ I closed the drawer and turned on her I Pad and found the files and aps much different than that for the one at school. There were tons of pictures loaded in various folders marked redhead, brunette, blonde, anal, oral and others. I opened the ‘anal’ folder and damn this woman was hot! She was on all fours and taking two cocks at once and in some there were three guys involved. As I perused her files I found folders with videos in them as well and I decided at the moment to ‘borrow’ her I Pad and take it home for a better look.

I met the other teachers at lunch and asked a few subtle questions about Ms. Young to see if any of the male teachers showed any signs of knowing about her hidden toy hoard. But I was disappointed to find that Carol Young was a pretty quiet demure woman as far at the others were concerned. How interesting she was a closet freak this was going to be fun! The rest of the day seemed to crawl and all I could think about was getting home and watching the movies our sweet demure Ms. Young had made. At last the final bell rang and I made my way to my car carrying my briefcase and in it ‘her’ I Pad.

I arrived home and waiting for me on my front porch was Diane Lane a neighbor’s daughter. I pulled into my garage and she met me as I exited.

“Hey Ted!”

“Hi Diane how are you?”

“I’m okay…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can we talk inside?”

“Okay, does your mom know you’re here?”

“She’s the one who suggested I come and see you.”

“Oh okay…” I unlocked the door and waved her in before entering myself.

“I am having problems at school and mom said you might be able to help.”

“What kind of problems?”

“There’s this girl and her friends…” I could see the tears start to flow.

“Are they giving your grief?”

Diane nodded and I gave her a hug and the damn burst and she was sobbing and her body shook with the pain. I waited for her to calm down a bit before asking any questions.

“How long,” I asked.

“Since the beginning of the year,” Diane whispered.

“You want help getting them off your back?”

“Can you help?”

“Have you talked to the teachers or a counselor?”

“Yeah but she is the superintendent’s daughter.”

“Really, no wonder everybody is keeping their distance. I’ll have a talk with him, he and I play golf sometimes and he owes me a favor.”

“Wow, I really appreciate it if you ever need a favor…”

“Actually… do you know how to sync an I Pad to a television?”

“Sure if the TV is new enough let me take a look.”

“Okay I am going to change into some sweats, take a look and I’ll be right out.”

I had barely changed when the sounds a woman in the throes of passion came to me. I came racing out and there was Diane watching the TV screen with a look on her face that appeared a look of shock and pure lust.

“Diane I can explain…”

“Damn… how does she keep from choking on that monster?”

“Um… what?”

“Look at the cock on that guy…”

It was the way she said ‘cock’ that caused my sweat pants to tent and Diane didn’t miss it. She set down the I Pad and walked over to me and dropped down to her knees and with a very unladylike yank freed my dick. Her tiny hand wrapped around me and I began to freak out and then she put me at ease with just a few special words.

“Ted, relax I’m eighteen and I want this.”

She took me into her mouth and licked and sucked the head expertly.

“Where did you learn that?”

“Mom told me all about you and your fabulous cock. She’s the one who taught me how to make love to man and swallow every last drop. So shut up and enjoy this.”

She split her attention between me and the TV screen which showed Ms. Young sucking a long thick cock and loving it as much as Diane was. Diane was a thin girl with small breasts but an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. She wore her brown hair long and her glasses gave her an extra sexy factor. As she sucked me off she was undoing her jeans and using one hand then the other tugged them down over her ass and then she began to finger her pussy as she deep-throated me. As Carol got on her hands and knees to get fucked doggy style so did Diane. She kicked off her shoes and lost the jeans.

“Come on Ted fuck me, fuck me good!”

We were mirroring the video and damn that was hot! I knelt behind her and teased her pussy before sliding in nice and slow.

“Damn Diane your pussy is so fucking tight!”

“Should be…” she grunted.

“Why is that?” I asked as my cock finally penetrated as deep as it could go.

“You’re my first.”


“Mmm so thick…” she moaned as she began to move against me as her gaze never left the TV.

I positioned us so that she was able to more easily see the TV screen and we once more mirrored the action before us. I slammed my hips into her and her moans got louder and louder and felt her pussy start to squeeze me tighter still. It was clear to me that Diane was close to climax.

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