Blind Date Ch. 1


It’s a Saturday night and I am waiting nervously for the doorbell to ring. I fidget and straighten my skirt, fiddle with my makeup, tap my fingers…I’m waiting for a blind date.

A friend had called and told me about this great guy she had met earlier in the week. We spoke on the phone and chatted a lot on the Internet, doing some heavy flirting through it all. We had basic descriptions and that was about it. I had never been set up before, thus the nervousness.

Looking at my watch, I see that he should soon be here. Then the doorbell: I start to get up, smoothing my clothes, and hoping that I don’t look sleazy. I am wearing a short, blue skirt and an ivory silk top that shows my cleavage. A tingle is tracing its way up and down my back and I have a feeling that tonight will be very interesting.

I get to the door and open it hesitantly. What if he looks differently than he described himself? What if he doesn’t like the way I look? Maybe looks shouldn’t matter; we seemed to hit it off personality-wise in our conversations. I open the door and let out a sigh of relief through a smile: he is gorgeous!

I let him in and take his coat, “I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to find the building,” I said. He smiled and replied, “No problem there. I’m Mark.”

I led him to the living room and asked him if he wanted some wine or beer. He said that a beer would be great and smiled again. My heart leapt into my throat. He was so sexy. I would definitely have to thank out mutual friend.

I went to the kitchen and got a Corona out of the fridge and a glass of red wine for myself. I needed something to calm my nerves…and my raging hormones. Upon my return to the living room, I found he had made himself a little more comfortable. Relaxing in the overstuffed arm chair. I passed him the beer and sat down on the couch.

“Well, we’ll have to thank Rachel for setting us up,” he said with a laugh. I was expecting someone charming and cute, but not this.” I had to laugh, he had voiced my own thoughts out loud and I told him so.

We sat and talked, getting Maltepe Escort Bayan to know each other better. We still had half and hour before our dinner reservations. I learned that he had the best smile and I couldn’t’ take my eyes off of his lips. I wondered what it would be like to nibble them…I think his mind was wandering the same way that mine was, because the sexual tension in the room had risen considerably. I didn’t even know what he was talking about anymore, all I could think about was his body (very nice) and what I could do with it…and what it could do with me.

He was pointing at his watch and saying we had better leave if we wanted to make our reservation. I didn’t want to go but I also didn’t want to give away the fact that I wanted him right now. I had never felt such a sexual attraction to a man I had just met.

At the restaurant I toyed with my food. I was nervous again, having decided that I would find some way to lure this hunk back to my place. I really wanted him in my bed doing all sorts of fun things. As the dinner drew to an end I took a deep breath and said, “I don’t want to seem like and sleazy girl, and I usually don’t do things like this, but I really want to have sex with you. I feel great chemistry between us and I want to explore it.” I waited with my breath held, terrified that he would laugh at me. He did smile and said, “I thought you would never ask. What do you say we leave right now?” Thank God.

In the taxi we caressed and kissed, teasing each other. In the elevator we became more passionate and his kisses left me weak in the knees. His mouth was a sensuous as it looked. I fumbled with the keys to my apartment and led him back into the hallway. I immediately untucked his shirt and ran my hands along his chest. Oh my stars, he had a six-pack on his stomach. He grabbed me and held my ass, kissing me, nibbling my neck and shoulders. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair. I led him into the bedroom, unbuckling his belt along the way.

I nibbled on his full lower lip and he groaned, “I want you sooo bad.” Maltepe Escort He tore my blouse off and the bra underneath it soon followed. I dropped his pants and ripped off his shirt. I could feel the heat of his erection through his underwear. I grasped his shaft through the thin material and gasped at the size of it. I was immediately drenched and you could smell my musky scent in the air around us.

He dropped to his knees and started kissing ever so slowly down to my mound. I shuddered as he came closer and closer to my lips. He spread them apart with his fingers and delicately pushed his tongue into the slippery folds. He began lapping ever so slowly at my clit and my knees threatened to give out. I had to let myself fall back onto the bed. I spread my legs wide and let him have better access to my steaming hole.

He pushed his tongue deeper and started licking faster at my clit. At the same time he slipped two fingers into my now sopping wet hole and began to finger fuck me. My hips started to buck and I tangled my fingers into his hair, pushing his face even further into me. I could feel my orgasm welling up, and he could too. He stopped and looked up at me, juices covering his mouth. He grinned at me. I lay there panting, wanting release. He went back down, and gave me one last lick, from my vagina to my clit. And stopped again. This was torture…but two could play at that game.

I sat up and patted the bed next to me. He got up and removed his underwear. He was HUGE! I firmly wrapped my hand around it and began to pump. His head fell back and I pumped faster and faster, applying pressure at the base of his cock every so often to keep him from getting too excited. I leaned forward and wrapped my full, red lips around the head, flicking with my tongue. He groaned and pushed my face down onto his throbbing cock. I deep-throated as much of the massive shaft as I could, still keeping a firm hold at the base. I didn’t want this to end too soon.

His breathing got heavier and mine quickened as well. I stopped sucking and gave him one last pump. “I want you Escort Maltepe in me,” I breathed. “Right now.” He complied by throwing me back onto the bed and spreading my legs. He placed the tip of his cock right on my pussy and ever so slightly pushed the head in. I arched my back and tried to get all of it and he pulled away, smiling wickedly at me. I moaned in frustration. “Please…” He repeated this again and again until I was squirming and groaning and begging him to fill me with his hard cock.

Finally he obliged. He flung my legs up over his shoulders and still with that wicked smile drove all 9 inches into my steaming, juicy cunt. I would have screamed if I’d still had any breath left in me. Oh my god, did this ever feel good!!

He slid almost all the way out and rammed it back in again. This time I did scream. My hips were moving on their own by this time and I was meeting him stroke for stroke. He leaned over and began to suck on my nipples, first one then the other. I moaned and thrashed on the bed, tangling my fingers into the sheets, tossing my head back and forth. I could feel my pussy clenching around his massive cock and knew that I would cum any minute now. My breath was coming in rapid, breathless little pants, and he was starting to breathe like a race horse. I took my legs from around his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist to get better leverage.

I grabbed his ass and hung on as he rode me. Ramming me harder and harder until I could handle no more. I felt a familiar tingle starting in my belly and working its was down to my pussy. It started to spasm uncontrollably and I screamed again and again. He kept ramming and ramming and his hips began to buck. “C’mon baby, fill me with your cum…I want you to cum in me…” I moaned. “Please, cum in me.” I felt his cock give several jerks and my pussy grabbed him tighter still. He released load after load into me and wanted every last drop of it in my hot, juicy pussy. He arched one final time and yelled: a primal, instinctive sound that made me cum again.

Exhausted he collapsed on top of me and licked my nipples again, eliciting yet another small orgasm. I wrapped my arms around him, tracing patterns on his chest. He kissed me again, gently this time, and we feel asleep in each other’s arms.

To Be Continued…

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