Charles’s Adventures with the Maid Ch. 03


The little show Betsy and Mary had put on for me the previous evening had aroused me beyond belief. I had no idea that girls could pleasure each other in such a way, Finishing the evening by popping young Mary’s cherry had surpassed anything I could have expected. I could still feel the glorious tightness of her lovely young muff and knowing that mine had been the first cock to enjoy it filled me with pride. When I woke the next day with my customary stiff member, I wasted no time in re-living all the previous night’s events while wanking off most vigorously. It was the thought of Betsy guiding me into her friend’s tight virgin twat that opened the flood banks and I had to grab a cloth to capture my copious ropes of come.

After breakfast, I was passing Papa’s study when I heard him speaking angrily.

“Do you think I pay you good money to bend over straw bales and enjoy Jack’s cock in your eager pussy?”

It did not take a mastermind to work out that Betsy had been up to her old ways with the stable boy. Good God, the wench was insatiable! (Though honesty compels me to admit I found this rather a charming quality in the young harlot). Papa spotted me through the door and called me in.

“Charles, you will one day be man of this house and will be responsible for reprimanding the staff. Now might be a good time for you to start. Betsy here was in the stable this morning with Jack and I will let her tell you what they were doing.

Betsy glanced at me. She knew that I had already caught her with Jack before and had spanked her bare arse cheeks. I don’t know which of us had enjoyed it more. This time however I saw that there was a riding crop lying ominously on Papa’s desk.

“I was letting Jack have his way with me, Sir,” she said, a little sulkily.

“Please tell my son exactly what you were doing.”

“He had his manhood in my pussy, Sir, and he was thrusting it in and out till I saw stars and could not stop myself from crying out. Then when he was about to spend, he pulled out his tool, Sir, and he squirted his stuff all over my titties. There was ever such a lot, Sir. I scooped it up with my fingers and sucked them, one by one. That’s when his Lordship came in and found us.”

By God, I could feel the old trouser snake stiffening. I tried not to smile as I was fairly sure Papa would have been watching and tugging on his own trouser snake, long before disturbing the arousing scene.

“Well, Betsy, we must cure you of this habit of letting Jack have his way with you,” I said sternly.

“I felt a riding crop might be most appropriate,” said Papa. “If she wants to behave like an animal in the stable, perhaps she should be treated like one. Betsy, strip down to your stockings and garters.”

“Will it hurt, Sir?” Betsy asked anxiously.

“How else will you learn, Betsy?” I asked, although I had already decided I would not be too harsh. I was too fond of the wench. Both Papa and I were trying to maintain stern faces as we looked upon her magnificent body. Those huge, firm young titties with their dark circles and cherry teats – I longed to suck them for all they were worth. And then there was her lovely hairy young quim which we both knew from experience was a delectably tight, wet fuck.

“Bend over the desk, Betsy.”

She lay flat across it and I told her to raise herself up and support herself with her hands. I saw Papa nod approvingly. We both wanted to see those glorious tits bounce with each stroke. Her shapely arse with quivering cheeks was a sight to behold and her pussy lips were pouting between her legs. Both I and Papa had visible bulges in our breeches.

I picked up the crop and smacked it a few times against my own hand.

“Remember this is for your own good, Betsy.”

I brought the crop down smartly on lovely firm young bum flesh and it made a very satisfying sound. Her big round titties trembled mouth wateringly.

“Ooooooh, Sir! That doesn’t half sting! Couldn’t you use your hand instead?”

She bit her lip. Thwack!

“Have a heart, Sir! I won’t be able to sit down for a week!”

I did four more arse-quivering, tit-trembling strokes then laid the crop down. Despite her protestations, her arse cheeks were rosy but no more than that and, if I wasn’t mistaken, there was a tell-tale sign of moisture on her hairy quim lips.

“Now then. Are you going to let Jack’s cock between your legs or in your mouth for that matter ever again?”

“No, Sir.”

I was fairly sure the harlot was not telling the truth. She might just cry out a little more quietly the next time Jack was filling her up with his man meat and ball batter.

She started to get up but Papa told her to stay where she was.

“Charles, I know you escort izmir have experienced Betsy’s expert cock sucking technique for yourself. Have you had the opportunity to try out her tight young quim yet?”

“Erm…yes, I’m happy to say I have, Papa. And a most enjoyable experience it was.”

“Indeed? You have been busy, my boy. And Betsy has been even busier.”

A ghost of a smile played on Betsy’s lips.

“Well, since she is here and in a most accommodating position, perhaps you would like to try something new? I would like to make sure you are a man of the world ready for when you take a wife. Did you know that a woman’s cunt is often delicious and that when you lick it, the woman can take the old poker much more easily and make your fucking experience more pleasurable?”


“Good God, Charles! You have already lapped Betsy’s cunt?!”

“Well, not Betsy’s, Papa.”

Papa looked incredulous and I rather enjoyed his surprise that my education had been rather more extensive than he knew.

“I have tasted young Mary’s quim, Sir, and most delicious it was. I did also watch Betsy and Mary enjoy each other’s pussies.”

“But…how…when did this happen, man?”

I explained about last night’s adventures and, by the end, Papa’s breeches were nearly bursting.

“You have popped young Mary’s cherry?! She has only been here a week! And I was not aware that such things were going on in the maids’ quarters. I feel we should invite Mary to join us.”

Mary was sent for. Meanwhile I felt Betsy had been abandoned for a little too long in her delightful position.

“While we wait, I feel I may just try tasting Betsy’s inviting young muff. Just so I can compare the taste to that of Mary.”

“Oh, go ahead, son,” replied Papa with a touch of sarcasm, though I noticed he had opened his breeches and freed his swollen cock.

I knelt behind Betsy and ordered her to spread her legs. Hearing me relate last night’s events had clearly aroused her as much as it had Papa. The action of parting her legs caused her hairy pussy lips to open and I was treated to the sight of sticky quim cream coating the beautiful pink petals and the delightful musky aroma of a woman’s excited muff. I buried my face in that honey pot and inhaled deeply before beginning to lick up all that gooey goodness.

Betsy groaned and began to move her cunt against my face, The more juice I lapped up, the more that came gushing down. It was quite delicious.

“Oh, Sir! You are doing it wonderful! Please don’t stop, Oh yes, Sir, my clitty!”

Mary entered the room and looked round astonished! His Lordship was tugging on his large manhood while Betsy was bending over the desk and the young Sir had his face buried in her kitty and, judging by Betsy’s gasps and groans, he was giving her a licking and sucking to remember.

“Ah, Mary. I hear you are no longer a maiden?”

I could just hear the sound of Papa’s voice over the noise of my own slurping and Betsy’s gasps for me to keep licking her most delicious young twat. I could imagine Mary blushing furiously as she replied.

“No, your Lordship. I was taken for the first time last night.”

“So I hear, And did you enjoy it?”

“Lor’, it hurt like the devil at first, your Lordship. Sir has a whopper….a very large manhood, I mean. But once my…my…”

“Your pussy, girl?”

“Once my…pussy had got used to it, it was ever so nice, your Lordship. It gave me the funniest feelings in my pussy.”

“As you can see, Mary, my cock is very ready for a tight young pussy. Please strip as Betsy has done.”

I heard Mary remove her clothes without protest or false modesty. I deduced she found what she was seeing in the room arousing, especially since Betsy was clearly reaching the peak of her pleasures.

“Sir…you are licking my kitty so…I cannot take it much longer…I am going to spend…oooooooooohhhhhh.”

She shuddered delightfully, every inch of that magnificent body quivering. I had to use my pocket handkerchief to wipe all the quim juice from my face and mouth. I knew the taste would linger on my lips for quite some time and I wasn’t complaining. Meanwhile Mary had joined her friend, bending over the desk in just her stockings and garters, her big round titties dangling free. What a wonderful sight!

Papa had already removed his boots and breeches and was positioning his sizeable poker ready to enter Mary’s inviting gash, glistening pink in contrast to its beautiful thatch of dark hair. He was aware that Mary’s lower lips had only been stretched once before and entered her slowly. She cried out as the cock head pushed through the opening but soon was exhorting Papa to greater efforts,

“Oh izmir escort bayan yes, your Lordship. That feels so big and stiff in my cunny! Oooooh, how deep you are going! Yes please! Ram my cunny with your big manhood.”

Betsy had quite recovered from her spend and was now the harlot I had come to love.

“Let me taste your cock, Sir. You licked my kitty so wonderful.”

I did not need asking twice. I moved round to the front of the desk and Betsy’s full lips closed around my stiff member. I had forgotten what a glorious feeling it was to have my cock in a pretty young girl’s mouth. She kissed my sensitive tip, licked my mushroom head then sucked and handled my excited cock. To add to my excitement, I could see Papa at the the other side of the desk treating young Mary’s inexperienced quim to a very vigorous fucking. His balls were slapping against her delightful bum with every deep thrust and she was clearly enjoying every moment.

To give Betsy’s mouth time to recover, I moved along and placed my cock tip at Mary’s lips which were already parted in pleasure. She eagerly engulfed my tool which was now rock hard, purple and glistening with Betsy’s saliva. Although Mary did not pleasure a cock with Betsy’s expertise she made up for it with enthusiasm, and it was exciting beyond belief to pump Mary’s mouth with man meat while her cunt was being pumped at the same time.

Finally I could bear it no longer and moved back to the other side of the desk and thrust myself straight to the hilt into Betsy’s dripping wet quim. She gasped then began to rotate her large arse cheeks against my groin. Papa and I had our eyes closed in pleasure, both buried as we were in prime young cunts with both our beauties gasping and moaning and begging us to fuck them harder.

Papa came first, pulling out his poker and ordering Mary to her knees. He squirted a surprising amount of ball fluid in her mouth and on her titties. She was well covered and it was a sight that nearly pushed me over the edge. I ordered Betsy to lie on her back on the edge of the desk. I got her to hold her legs in the air – a delightful position which showed her well plundered gash to its full advantage – then returned to the attack, knowing full well I couldn’t last much longer with such a tight young twat and a pretty girl kneeling next to me, still covered in Papa’s sticky batter.

Betsy was beginning to tremble and shudder and I felt my purple pole ready to erupt. I pulled it out and spurted my thick, creamy seed all over her dark pussy hair where it looked wonderful. Rope after rope lay in her thick thatch. Betsy sat up and eagerly sucked the last few drops my balls had to offer from my bell end.

When we had recovered, Papa asked the girls what was this he had heard about the maids pleasuring each other in their quarters at night. Betsy dutifully explained again how some of the maids didn’t have young men and found they had needs which weren’t being met.

“On cold nights, my Lordship, we sometimes share beds to keep warm and…one thing leads to another and…well, we showed Sir last night how we sometimes help each other have a good night’s sleep by…giving each other pleasure, your Lordship.”

“Hmmmmm. Most irregular,” said Papa, while beginning to tug on his fuck stick again. “Pray show me how you give each other pleasure.”

Both Papa and I sat ourselves comfortably in chairs with our hands on our cocks. The girls dutifully lay on the rug. Betsy rubbed her marvellous mammaries against Mary’s, making sure their teats kissed together delightfully. They then took it in turns to suckle each others titties, both whimpering with pleasure.

“Sometimes we lick each others cunnies and clitties till we spend, your Lordship.”

“Hmm, you had better show me,” Papa said disapprovingly while his pole became increasingly rigid.

The girls straddled each other top to tail, parted each others well-fucked quims and licked each others juices which I could say with some authority both tasted delicious. They were now writhing, groaning and begging each other for more.

“It seems most unnatural for girls to do such things. It is a man’s job to do this to a woman when the urge takes him. Are there any other such unnatural acts you perform?”

Both Papa and I were wanking furiously, our cocks having reached full stiffness once more.

“If a girl is gagging for a stiffie…a manhood in her cunny, we sometimes use a hairbrush handle or a candle.”

“Candles on this estate are purchased at my expense to light the house, not to service the wanton cunts of my maids!” said Papa, pumping furiously on his tool. “I ought to dock the money from your wages, you young harlots!”

“Yes, izmir escortlar your Lordship,” Betsy answered meekly. “Would you like me to show you?” she asked hopefully.

Mary, who was still lying with her legs akimbo and her sopping wet gash beautifully on show also looked hopeful.

“Well, I suppose we had better see this shameful act so that we can see the full extent of their depravity, eh Charles?”

“Yes indeed, Papa. I am most disturbed at the very idea,” I answered. I don’t think my young cock had ever been stiffer. I continued to wank it vigorously.

Papa took a candle from the sideboard.

“If you please, your Lordship, one of the large candles might give you a better idea.”

“Even more expense!” Papa almost raced to the mantlepiece to retrieve the largest candle we used in the household. I wondered vaguely if I could get Betsy to ensure that the candles used in my bedroom were ones which had been previously used to plunder the young maids’ cunnies. I could only imagine the delightful aromas they might give off when they got warm.

Betsy took the candle and eased the tapered end into Mary’s sopping wet cunt.

“Mary has never taken one so big before, your Lordship, but I think you have opened her so well with your great big manhood, she may manage it.”

Papa clearly looked gratified despite trying to maintain his strict demeanour. Inch by inch, the large candle disappeared into Mary’s tight hole. When she gasped it was too big, Betsy licked her clitty and pinched her teats before pushing it a little further. When it was well in, she began to thrust it in and out until Mary was threshing around in the throes of pleasure. Finally she called that she was spending and her hips lifted right off the floor as she gasped, groaned and whimpered. Betsy removed the glistening candle from Mary’s gaping cunt. She looked at Papa, awaiting further instruction.

“Well, my boy, we clearly have two wanton young harlots here. I despair of reforming them. Girls, resume your positions bending over the desk.”

The girls bent obediently over the desk, side by side. I assumed we were going to fuck their pussies again and frankly it would not be a moment too soon for my cock which was rampant after the display the girls had put on. However Papa intrigued me.

“Since they seem to like unnatural acts, perhaps we should fuck them in a different hole.”

A different hole? I was mystified.

“I know Betsy is familiar with the act of buggery as…ahem…I believe I may have taken her that way once or twice. No doubt Jack has enjoyed your arsehole before, eh Betsy?”

“I…I think he may have done, your Lordship, yes.”

“And do you enjoy the act?”

“It stings a bit at first, your Lordship, but once your bumhole has stretched, a nice manhood up there feels lovely, like. Especially when I play with my clitty as well.”

“I might have known, you wench, Mary, do you think you could take a cock in your bumhole?”

“Oh Sir! I am only just getting used to one in my cunny!”

“Hmmmmm. Perhaps we need to save that for another day. I think a candle would go very well up there with a cock in your cunt. Charles, you will find it easier if you get your poker good and wet first in Betsy’s cunt.”

I still could not imagine how I was going to fit my manhood in Betsy’s puckered hole and I found the idea slightly distasteful but clearly Papa and damn Jack had enjoyed the experience. I gladly sank my swollen fuck tool back in Betsy’s sopping wet twat.

“Now, Betsy, guide your young master’s cock to your arsehole.”

Betsy did so.

“A good hard push will do it, Charles. Get the head in and then give that bumhole a damn good seeing to.”

With Betsy’s help, my mushroom head was eased inside her impossibly tight hole. She was clearly gritting her teeth but the young minx still told me to keep pushing. Finally I was in and ah! the glorious sensations of a lovely young girl’s arse! I had thought her quim deliciously tight but this was something else.

“Do you like my bumhole, Sir? You’re stretching it lovely. Fuck your Betsy’s tight arse. Are you going to fill it with your thick, gooey spunk?”

I looked over at Papa who was fucking Mary’s lovely hairy young muff while pushing the smaller candle in and out of her virgin bumhole. Mary was clearly enjoying the experience and begging him to fuck her faster.

Neither Papa nor I could last long after all we had witnessed and our current delightful situations. Papa obviously had to pull out his meat so he sprayed his offering on Mary’s quivering arse cheeks. I of course had the luxury of emptying my balls inside Betsy. With a loud groan I sprayed my hot spunk in the very depths of her tightest hole. Her fingers had been strumming her clitty and she too reached a noisy climax.

I removed my spent member with a plop! and as we watched, my seed appeared at the puckered opening and began to drip slowly down to her pussy.

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