Corona Exposure Pt. 01 Ch. 01-11



Chapter 1

“So,” asked Teri, “are your folks okay?”

“Yes,” Angie answered happily, as she hung up the phone and smiled at the older woman. “One week into their Corona self-isolation and no symptoms or anything. Some neighbors dropped off groceries for them, so they’re set there too.” She laughed, “They apparently even still have toilet paper on the shelves.”

“Good to hear people in Kansas are showing more common sense than here,” Teri’s husband, Mike, said with a mix of disgust and humor. “Our local shelves were nearly empty again when I went shopping yesterday, and still people were bitching about being limited to one package per customer. I mean, I know it’s a shitty situation, but really…”

“Oohh,” groaned Teri and their son Rob, while Angie laughed.

Then Angie said, “I’m just glad they were able to get back from Europe before all the flights were shut down. Can you imagine being caught overseas and trapped in a foreign hotel? Somehow I think the romance would wear off pretty quick.”

“Yeah,” said Rob, “that would suck. We were sure lucky to be taking our spring break here with you guys instead of down in Cancun, like we’d thought about.”

“And we’re very happy about that too,” said his mother as she gently stroked his cheek. Then she looked wistfully at Angie. “Although I’m sure your parents would love to have you at home with them.”

“Yes,” the young woman agreed. “But since Rob was there over Christmas Break and they got to meet you two over Skype, I think they’re okay with me being here.”

“I know I am,” Rob said, reaching an arm around Angie’s shoulders and pulling her in to him.

She smiled as she looked up into his handsome face. “Me too.”

“Sooo…” Mike ventured, loathe to break in to the love birds’ moment. “Have you heard any more from the university about what they’re going to do for the rest of the term?”

“Yeah,” answered Rob. “It looks like they’re scrambling to get all the professors wired up so they can give lectures remotely.”

“Most of the big lecture halls already have that capacity,” Angie picked up, “so disabled or remote-learning students can take part. Lectures from those rooms will probably pick up on schedule.”

“And when they can get the instructors’ laptops connected to the school network, then smaller classes will be able to start up again as well,” said Rob. “I bet they’d love to have you on staff right now,” he told his dad.

“Why’s that?” asked Angie, looking from son to father and back again.

“Well, I told you that my dad sets up video security systems around the area, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right, I remember,” his girlfriend said, looking over to Rob’s father. Rob actually took much more after his beautiful mother, but Mike was also quite handsome in his own right. And the eyes, she thought, the eyes were where the two men looked most alike. And right now, Mike’s eyes were crinkling around the edges as he listened to his son with a touch of suspicion — looking out for a teasing jab, Angie guessed. She’d quickly learned the whole family had a healthy dose of schadenfreude.

“What I didn’t say is that he’s actually a video engineering wizard. He’s not only set up video monitoring systems at lots of the banks and other businesses along the panhandle, he also designed software to control video cameras remotely and automatically.

“Wow,” Angie said, sounding impressed. Turning to Rob she added, “Now I know where you learned those tricks you used to take over my laptop camera…um”. Her voice dropped off awkwardly as she realized what she was saying and to whom.

“Really?” her boyfriend’s father said suspiciously.

Rob jumped in quickly, “She means I was able to upgrade her system so her camera looked better and our Skype sessions became more stable.”

“Like father, like son,” Teri laughed, shaking her head.

“And what about you two?” Asked Rob quickly, trying to steer the conversation away from him and Angie’s laptop camera. “How is all this social distancing going to affect your work? I mean, you’ve already been doing a lot remotely anyway, haven’t you, even more than in the past?”

Teri and Mike shared a look, then Mike responded. “Well, you’re right. Of course, I don’t do the monitoring of installed security systems anymore since I sold most of that business, but I do still work on the primary system as a consultant, and I do all that remotely. I occasionally will check on the physical setups for people I know here in town, but I can do that when the store is closed, so I won’t have to deal with many people face-to-face.”

“And what about you, Teri?” asked Angie. “Is this Coronavirus lockdown going to hurt your business?”

Teri didn’t answer right away and Angie thought the older woman was coloring, almost blushing. Then finally, “No…no, I don’t think it will.” She shared another look with her husband; an awkward look thought Angie.

“Actually,” Teri continued without breaking Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort her gaze with Mike. “I think business might actually go up as more people are stuck at home themselves.” Finally, she turned toward Angie, “I mean, you know I offer free-lance editing and illustrating services, right?” The college girl nodded. “Well, maybe with more time on their hands, ‘working remotely from home’,” she said with quotation marks in her voice, “more people will try writing that story or book they’ve always dreamed about and will hopefully reach out for editing support.”

“I bet you’re right, Mom,” said Rob. “This whole situation is going to put a significant blip on the human timeline. Obviously it will be mostly from bad effects, like the deaths and the economic costs, but there have also been some good side effects. We’ve already seen drops in pollution and crime, so why not increases in creativity as a counterbalance?”

“I have two friends who’ve already set up a bet on whether all this forced together time at home is going to end up in more babies or more divorces,” Angie laughed.

Hmm,” Mike said with a chuckle. “Somehow I think both of those numbers are going to go up.”

Chapter 2

“I can’t believe the irony of all this,” Mike was saying later to Teri as they cuddled together in their bed. “The lockdowns are damaging so many businesses, but driving our potential through the roof. But I’d much rather everyone else could go back to work and we could just continue growing the way we were anyway.”

“And having Rob safe with us is the best thing we could hope for,” his wife said, picking up the thread. “But it’s really going to make it hard to keep up our normal work, let alone take advantage of the increased demand we’re seeing. But I’m so happy to have him here, even if it means we lose some opportunities. Heck, I already feel almost guilty or mercenary to think we could benefit from this crisis.”

“I know what you mean,” said Mike, “but if you step back and think about it, there’s no reason to feel guilty. It’s not like we’re price gouging people on hand sanitizer or something. Hell, I’d even say we’re going to be helping people deal a lot better with their social isolation, loneliness and boredom. “

“Oh,” his wife replied, the gloom in her voice finally replaced by her usual humor. “We’re providing a community service? Boosting our viewers’ mental and emotional health during this difficult time?”

“You got that right,” he answered with a wicked smile. His hand reached for one of her breasts, the fingers slowly circling around the large areola. “You have already been boosting a lot of people’s emotional health…not to mention their blood pressure.” He steepled his fingers over the breast top, gently drawing his fingertips up over the areola and closing softly on her nipple. He kept up the slow massage, sliding his fingers down the sides of the beautiful globe and back up to the hardening nipple as he continued speaking. “But we are going to have to pace ourselves with some of that extra demand. Or actually, you’re going to have to pace yourself.” He pressed his palm lightly against the nipple, wobbling his hand around like a spinning plate trying to balance on top of a juggler’s stick. “Did you see that GatorHound was looking to book a full hour private session for Tuesday?”

“Tuesday?” she said, snaking a hand between their bodies and into his crotch. “He’s a 20-minute Saturday night guy.” She held his manhood gently between her fingers. “I guess he’s another one who’s been told to stay home,” she mused.

“And you know how sore your tits are after just a 20-minute session with him.” He bent down and kissed the swelling nub.

She did remember and pressed her tit harder against his mouth while squeezing his cock more firmly. “Very sore,” she moaned.

“Sometimes so sore that I can’t touch them myself for a couple of hours,” he said, taking the nipple lightly between his teeth.

“But you get to fuck me so hard when he’s done,” she growled. “And spray your hot cum all over my abused tits to help them heal.”

“But what about when I’m not here?” he said, pushing her over onto her back and moving to a kneeling position alongside her torso. He grabbed both of her full melons while she kept a firm grip on the growing rod between his legs.

A sly smile crept across her lips. “I cheat,” she answered.

His hands stopped their tit-flesh massage. “Cheat?”

“Like this,” she said, pulling his hands away from her boobs and replacing them with her own.

She steepled her fingers above each tit as Mike had done moments before, but with a tighter grip, and started squeezing and pulling them out from her chest. Her moaning and then whimpering as she stretched them out made Mike feel both worried and aroused. Then she stopped her erotic noises and smiled at her husband. “Bend down and look at my tits from the side,” she said.

He did and realized he had indeed been tricked. Or to be fair, had tricked himself, with his mind creating images he hadn’t really seen. Teri’s fingers were indeed on her breasts, pulling them up, but they weren’t stretching her nipples as he’d thought. Instead, they were actually below the nipples, in the more solid flesh. She suddenly collapsed her hands to their starting point and repeated the tit stretching. But now he could see that most of the upward movement was actually just her hands rising above her breasts before actually pulling on them. He switched back to his original position and realized that the backs of her hands blocked the view of what was happening beneath. But when she started moaning before really pulling on her tits it made him think the abuse to the sensitive mounds was much more than it really was.

“Wow, that’s amazing. And fucking clever,” he added with a chuckle. Then, “But what about the times when I was here? Why wouldn’t you let me touch you afterward if you weren’t really that sore?”

“Because I have trouble cheating when you’re right there,” she purred, pulling his hands back to her chest. “I always try to keep my eyes on the client, but I’m really watching you, putting on the show for you; pretending it’s your voice telling me to play with my titties, that it’s your hands reaching in to do it yourself.”

His long fingers stretched out as his hands slid down the outsides of her breasts; his eyes locked on hers. He swung one leg over her body and straddled her torso, his manhood jutting up just below her breasts. He leaned forward and bent down until their mouths met in a passionate kiss. She could feel him still clutching her tits, leaning into them, mashing them against her ribcage, and her passion rose. She thrust her tongue hungrily into his mouth, pushing her chest up, encouraging his rough handling. He moved his thumbs up onto her nipples and began flicking them back and forth as their tongues continued wrestling.

Mike straightened up and scooted a bit forward as he pulled his wife’s gorgeous tits apart with a strong grip on each one. Teri tilted her head down to see the beautiful phallus standing up like a stone tower between her mounds. She reached down and pressed her husband’s swollen cock down from vertical to horizontal in the valley between her tits. He pressed the soft, but firm, globes together, trapping his rod in between, with the big head poking out. Teri thrust her head further down and lashed out her tongue, taking the first glistening drops of pre-cum from the slit in his cock head.

She could feel her own juices starting to flow from her larger slit as her man began slowly rubbing his hard cock between her tits. He was gripping them close to her chest, forcing the flesh up toward her nipples like water balloons. Teri reached back behind her head to the shelves on the headboard of their King-sized marital bed. She felt a couple of bottles until she recognized the shape of the one she wanted. As she brought it forward and flipped open the spout, Mike separated her boobs and his pulsing meat sprang free. His wife smiled sexily up at him as she squeezed some of the edible lube in the valley between her large, round hills. She rubbed the gel a bit along her sternum then used her now-slippery hand to stroke his lovely cock a few times before forcing it back down to her chest, where Mike once again trapped it between her boobs with his strong, squeezing hands. He started tit-fucking her again.

Teri squeezed some more lube into her hand, then put the bottle back. She started squeezing her arm between the inside of his thigh and her ribcage. Mike caught on to her actions and came up higher on her knees to provide clearance for her to extend her arm beneath him. Now she could reach her crotch the way she wanted to, to treat her labia and clit the way Mike was treating her tits and nipples.

With her other hand Teri pulled a pillow tightly under her head to lift it up and hold it forward. Now she could easily see as well as feel the tight grip Mike had on her boobs and how the angry looking cockhead forced its way between them, thrusting toward her mouth each time. She could reach out and lash the tip of his rod with the tip of her tongue, like two snakes striking at each other, and she would be perfectly positioned to accept his final strike and the load of hot, white venom that would come with it.

The feel of his hands, the look of his thrusting cock, and the anticipation of tasting and swallowing his spunk kicked her excitement straight up into third gear and she could feel an orgasm already starting to build. Her left hand scooped up some of the gel that his tit-fucking had spread around her chest and wormed itself down to join her right hand in her crotch. Her arms were now basically pinned against her sides by his strong thighs, a feeling of being controlled that only added to her excitement. But she could still move her wrists and fingers enough in the small area to attack her cunt.

She pressed the outer lips closed and pulled up on her labia until the lube made them slip and snap back. She did this several more times in quick succession, building on her excitement with the teasing.

Mike couldn’t let go of Teri’s tits without losing the glorious groove he was plowing between them, but he managed to trap each nipple between the index and middle fingers of each hand. He squeezed and lifted them, then let them snap back.

Teri was loving this and copied the motion between her legs. She ran an index and middle finger on either side of her clit, squeezing the sensitive nub and then pulling it up until the lube made it slip away. She started repeating that motion over and over again while her other hand explored the tight, wet hole below her clit.

The look of wanton passion that grew on his wife’s face as she moved closer to her climax never failed to push Mike to the edge of his own orgasm and he saw and felt it now. He adjusted his hands and pinched her fat, sexy nipples between thumbs and forefingers while holding her beautiful globes even tighter against his throbbing cock.

Teri felt the increasing passion in the man above her. His thrusts between her tits were becoming more powerful and erratic and his cock head was banging harder against her tongue and lips. She matched his growing peak by frantically rubbing her flaming clit beneath the flats of her fingers while thrusting two and then three fingers of her other hand deeper into her cunt.

When his orgasm hit him, Mike popped up higher on his right knee and snapped his left leg forward, planting his foot alongside his wife’s head. He grabbed behind her head, fingers digging into her hair and pulling her head forward. His right hand grabbed his cock as it spurt into her face. Her mouth was gaping open, searching for his cockhead the way a baby’s mouth searches for her mother’s nipple, hungry for the warm liquid inside. He thrust his fat knob between her lips while furiously stroking his rod, shooting pulse after pulse of thick cum into her beautiful, slutty mouth.

The splash of the man’s cum against her cheek brought Teri to the top of the peak and the feeling and taste of the next spurts inside her mouth pushed her over. She wanted to gasp, but instead swallowed greedily as her whole body twitched and jerked beneath the assault of her fingers on her cunt and clit. When his seed finally slowed from a stream to a trickle, she still kept her lips tightly locked around his thick meat, breathing deeply through her nose as she milked the last drops from him. Her left hand stopped thrusting into her pussy, but her right hand kept stroking her clit, drawing out the orgasm, slowing down bit by bit. Both her hands were soaked with her own juices and she brought them up to her tits, massaging her spunk into the tender nipples and flesh.

He shifted his body so that he was once more kneeling besides her, leaning across her gorgeous frame, supporting himself on his arms in an X-rated game of Twister. He bent down his head and gently tongued the areole and nipple of a breast, savoring the sweet tang of her pussy juice. Then he brought his mouth to hers and they shared a deep, erotic kiss, tasting the mixed flavors of their sexes.

Mike eased his body down so he could take Teri in his arms as they continued kissing. He gently pulled his mouth back from hers so he could see her face and look into her dark eyes. “I love you.”

Her eyes sparkled with pleasure. “And I love you.”

Chapter 3

The next day was Saturday and the two college students were supposed to be heading back to Fayetteville where classes should have been restarting on Monday, following the end of Spring Break. Instead, Rob and Angie were working with Rob’s parents, Teri and Mike, to set up a computer desk and study table in the upstairs guest room that lay between Rob’s and his parents’ bedrooms.

“Good thing we didn’t throw this stuff out when we upgraded our office in the annex last year,” said Mike as he laid down a plastic chair mat in front of the old, but serviceable desk.

“You old pack rat,” Teri laughed, kissing her husband on the cheek. To Angie she said, “He always loves being able to say, ‘I told you so,’ when he finds a new use for something I wanted him to throw away.”

“Well, I guess I’m glad he didn’t listen to you this time,” the young woman laughed. “Although I do feel bad about all this effort,” she said more seriously as she looked around her new study suite. “I’m sure I’d have been fine with my laptop in Rob’s room or at the dining room table.”

“Nonsense,” said Mike. “Trying to pay attention to a remote lecture while someone else is following a different lecture at the same time would be too hard. And you need to be able to spread out and not have to pick up all your notes and books every time we sit down to eat.”

“And knowing how much my son is like his father,” Teri added, “I’m sure there’s no way you’d be able to concentrate if Rob was in the same room with you. Heck, Mike and I were at different schools and he still found ways to interrupt my study time. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I’d actually had to try and study with him right there.”

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