“You’ll be in room 300 tonight with six students. You’ll get their names by e-mail later this afternoon,” the Vice Principal, said.

It was Kimber’s first year of teaching, and she knew that this day would come soon. She had to monitor detention for the first time. And it was the worst kind of detention — Friday afternoon. Not even the janitors stuck around after the last bell on Friday.

It wasn’t really tough work – just time consuming. Time she could spend doing something else . . . anything else, she thought. She was glad that she had a couple of magazines tucked away into her attache case.

Kimber had just graduated from college the year before with a degree in education. She didn’t really want to teach. She chose the major because it was pretty easy. College was really pretty easy for her in general. Not a lot of studying, quite a bit of partying. She was a standard student. This private high school was the first to respond to her resume, the first to interview her, and the first to make her an offer. She took it, thinking that working at a private all-girls school would be pretty easy.

“Thanks, sir,” Kimber said. She walked back to her own classroom. She had one more class period to go, and it was a free period. Then she’d head over to room 300 to babysit for whatever students were dumb enough to get caught today.

After organizing her room, she sat back down at her desk and saw an e-mail from the Vice Principal pop up on the screen. The subject was “The List.” She opened the message and saw six names on the screen — six of the most popular girls in school, in fact. Kimber didn’t have any of them in her classes, but she knew them by reputation. They were all seniors, and all on the school “spirit squad” which was their cheerleading/dance team. Kimber wondered what they did to deserve detention, but the e-mail didn’t get into that.

Kimber walked toward room 300, and stepped into the bathroom to check herself in the mirror. She teased her auburn hair a bit. Everything looked OK, she thought. More than OK, she looked damn good, she thought again. Kimber was about five foot six inches tall, and was pretty slim – well, except for her chest. She was pretty big there – well, very big — and unfortunately it made her look kind of fat if she wore the wrong clothes. Today she wore a small but modest gray skirt and a black shirt – tight so that people could tell where her tits ended and her flat stomach began. It was also kind of low cut allowing for a little bit of cleavage to show. She knew that the male teachers stared at her boobs all of the time, but she didn’t really care. Boys will be boys, she thought.

Kimber finally made it down to room 300 seconds before the bells rang. She walked in and saw the six girls sitting in the back row of the room. They were all very attractive, Kimber thought, and all wearing their school uniforms – short, pleated gray skirts and white button down blouses.

“I’m Miss Paige, girls, and we’ll be together for the next hour, so let’s make the best of it,” Kimber said in her semi-stern teacher voice. The girls didn’t really pay much attention.

“OK, I’ll run down the list to make sure you’re all here. When I call your name, come up and sit down where I tell you in the front two rows. Heather?”

“I’m here,” Heather huffed as she stood up and walked toward the front row. She was a little shorter than Kimber, she noticed, and a tiny bit heavier, but with very big tits – just a bit smaller than hers, maybe. She had long, black, curly hair, and a pretty face, with small round glasses which looked very nice on her. She knew that Heather was co-captain of the squad, and was also very popular.

“Great, have a seat,” Kimber said pointing to the first chair in the front row. “What are you here for today?”

“Cut class. We all did,” Heather replied.

“I see. Cherie?”

“Yeah,” said a very attractive light brown- skinned girl with straight reddish hair. Cherie looked like she was about the same height as Heather, but pretty thin. Kimber thought maybe she was black, but couldn’t really tell. Did black people have red hair? Maybe it was dyed. Who knows, but Cherie really looked stunning. Kind of exotic, really. Kimber put her in the second chair of the second row, diagonal to Heather.


Without a word, a blonde girl stood up in the back row. Carrie wasn’t the most attractive girl of the bunch, but she was up against some amazing competition in this room, and she was certainly not unattractive either. She had very light skin, a perfect complexion, and was average weight. Great posture, too, Kimber noted as she walked, shoulders back, chest sticking out, head up. “Sit right here, Carrie,” Kimber motioned to front row, third seat, leaving a seat between her and Heather.


“Right here!” a bubbly voice replied. Another blonde, Jenny was a little taller than Carrie and a lot thinner with a perfectly athletic body. She was tan, Kimber noticed, and had a huge smile on her face.

“Great, Jenny, escort bursa sit in the second row, a seat away from Cherie.”

“OK!” Jenny said.


“It’s Bree,” the tallest girl said, standing up and walking toward the front. Bree was absolutely stunning. Dark black hair like Heather’s, light alabaster skin which contrasted beautifully with her hair, and an extremely curvy figure – gigantic breasts, small waist, and a nice round butt. Kimber was jealous. Why couldn’t she have a body like that? She knew that Bree was captain of the cheering squad, and probably the most liked girl in school.

“Right in front here, Bree. And you must be Shandra,” Kimber said, looking at the black girl in the back. She was also very attractive and even though she was the same age, she looked a little older than the other girls, who were all 18 according to the sheet. She was as tall as Bree, maybe an inch shorter. “Second row, Shandra.”

“Great, now for the next hour you can read, do homework, or sit quietly — no talking or note passing,” Kimber tried again to sound stern but reasonable. She sat at the teacher’s desk in the front of the room and started reading the first of her magazines. She looked up at the girls sitting in the front two rows again. God, they’re all so cute, Kimber caught herself thinking. She looked down at Bree’s legs – she was in the front row closest to her. God, they’re so perfect and smooth, she thought again.

She heard whispers that shook her out of her trance. She looked over toward Heather, who was turning around after talking to Cherie.

“Heather, do you need something?” Kimber asked.

“Nope, I’m fine, thanks,” Heather said, smiling. The whole group laughed quietly.

“Oh, because I’m pretty sure I said no talking, but you were talking to Cherie, so I just assumed that there was some emergency,” Kimber said, holding her ground.

“Well, there’s not,” Heather said, causing the other girls to laugh again.

These girls are used to getting their own way, Kimber thought. Well she wasn’t going to take it. Not from them. “Heather, come here, please.”

Heather groaned, walked up to the front of the room and stood next to Kimber’s desk. “Yes, Miss Paige,” she said, the smirk still on her face.

Kimber leaned in and whispered in Heather’s ear, “Look, this can be easy or hard. It’s your choice. I can make life difficult for you if you’d like.” Heather’s smirk disappeared and turned into an angry glance. “Now go sit down and shut up, please.”

Heather turned around and sat down hard in her chair, immediately writing something in her notebook.

Kimber pretended to read her magazine again, but really watched Heather out of the corner of her eye. Once Heather finished writing, Kimber heard her tear the paper out of her notebook and fold it up. She saw Heather hand it to Cherie, who read it, laughed, and handed it to Carrie in the front row. Carrie read it, smiled, and handed it back to Jenny. Jenny quickly read it, then handed it up to Bree. Bree laughed quietly, and passed it on to Shandra.

OK, busted, Kimber thought, as she got up and walked over to Shandra. All of the girls immediately looked down at their desks and Shandra slid the note under her book. Kimber leaned down and put her hands on Shandra’s desk. Shandra looked down Kimber’s shirt at her huge boobs, and then looked up at Kimber.

“Can I have that note, please?” Kimber asked.

“What note?” Shandra said, stone-faced.

“This one,” Kimber picked up Shandra’s book and held the note in her hand. “You girls must think I’m stupid. Let’s see what we have here.”

Kimber held the note up, and started to read aloud: “This bitch got bigger boobs than brains. She’ll regret callin’ me out.” Then there was a stick figure drawn on the page with giant tits and a vacant look on its face. Heather’s face reddened as she stared down at her desk. The other girls laughed.

Kimber folded the note and put it on her desk. “Hmmm, sounded kind of like a threat to me, Heather. And you’re such a good artist! Well, since you’re all in on this I guess you’ll all pay for it. How does detention for the next week sound?”

Jenny’s smile turned into a look of concern. “No, please we have an away game in two days. We can’t miss it!”

“Oh, really? Why not?”

“Because if we miss a game then we get disqualified for the dance championships.” Bree added, also concerned, but not showing as much emotion.

“Well, you should have thought about that before you started passing notes around,” Kimber said, proud that she finally got their attention.

“You know she won’t do it. Mrs. Abbott wouldn’t let us miss it,” Heather said to the other girls, still showing defiance.

“Fine, let’s see about that,” Kimber said, calling her bluff. She didn’t even know if she had the authority to give out detention, but she had to stay firm.

Heather changed her tone at that, and said, “Fine we’ll shut up.”

“I already warned you once, Heather. bursa merkez escort It’s too late. You just got your friends here in a heap of trouble,” she knew that they would do anything not to miss their trip, so she thought she’d play this out a little.

“Oh c’mon, please, don’t do that. What do you want from us,” Heather was nervous, Kimber could tell. The other girls were scowling at her.

Kimber walked over to the door and pulled it closed. She locked it, and pulled the window shade down at the same time. She felt this sudden urge of superiority wash over her, and wanted to really show these girls who was boss. She also felt a feeling inside of her that she had never felt before – she was very attracted to these young women – sexually. Maybe it was the position of authority she held for the first time, she wondered. Here she was, standing in front of six 18-year old, beautiful, young women, and getting extremely turned on.

“Well, Heather, why don’t you come up to the front of the room,” Kimber said. Heather got up and walked in front of the classroom and stood next to Kimber.

“OK, now what?” Heather’s voice trembled a bit.

“So you think my boobs are bigger than my brains, eh? Well, you’re probably right, but it’s kind of funny coming from you,” Kimber said, looking down at Heather’s chest and giving her left tit a little poke. Her shirt was on pretty tight over her chest – so tight that it was straining a couple of her buttons allowing Kimber to see that Heather was wearing a white, lacy bra.

The other girls laughed nervously. Heather’s face reddened again. “Um, sorry, I guess I got carried away. I apologize.” She folded her arms over her breasts.

“Oh, it’s too late for that, Heather. In fact, most of you have some big boobs but not a whole lot in the brain department,” Kimber said, looking at the other girls, especially Bree, who felt Kimber’s gaze and squirmed a little in her seat.

“I think you all need to come up and stand here with Heather,” Kimber demanded. The other five girls slowly stood and lined up next to Heather.

“Good, now what class is it that you girls skipped?” Kimber asked.

“Health,” Jenny offered.

“Oh, I think Ms. Jenkins is teaching anatomy in her class this week. Maybe we should make up the class right here, tonight?” Kimber suggested.

All six girls were facing her direction, motionless. Kimber was getting very excited. She could feel herself getting moist between the legs as she looked the girls up and down. “First, let’s learn a little about how different anatomy can be. I want all of you girls to line up in order of the size of your tits.”

They all stood up, looks of mild concern on their faces with the exception of Bree, who smirked as she walked by Kimber. “Heather, organize us,” Bree said.

“That means you’re first, Bree,” Heather said. “I know that I’m next. Then Shandra.” Bree and Shandra took their place in line, leaving a space for Heather.

Heather looked over at Cherie, Carrie, and Jenny. “Cherie, you’re next, I think. Hard to tell. Carrie sticks her tits out but I think you’re probably bigger.”

Carrie looked angry, but stood in line next to Cherie.

“I know, I know, I’m last,” Jenny said, her face red. She stood at the end of the line.

Heather looked up and down the line and took her own place between Bree and Shandra. “OK, done,” she announced proudly.

Kimber could feel herself getting wet as she looked at the line of uniformed teens standing against the wall. She noted that some of them had stiff nipples, probably a little excited from the exercise. She also noted that the size of their tits correlated to the role each girl seemed to play. The two biggest chests were also captain and co-captain of the dance team. The smallest was also the most demure.

“OK, well, let’s see how you did. Let’s start at the end of the line.” She looked at Jenny, who looked back at her with a cute little smile. She reached up and touched Jenny’s breasts, first on the sides, sliding her hands along her small chest to the front. Jenny shivered, but stared down at Kimber’s hand caressing her smallish breasts.

“OK, Jenny. I’m going to guess that you’re a 32 A,” Kimber said. The rest of the line snickered. “Let’s see if I’m right.”

Kimber unbuttoned the top button on Jenny’s shirt, then the next, revealing her tiny white push up bra, pushing her smallish boobs up and together to form some unnatural but attractive cleavage. She was extremely tan, and in great shape — not an ounce of fat on her, Kimber saw, as she continued unbuttoning. She slid the shirt off. The other girls were all looking at Jenny’s chest, and none of them made a sound.

“Hmm, she said. Turn around, Jenny.” Jenny did as she was told, and Kimber pulled the tag from the back bra strap. “Well, girls, I’m one for one so far. 32 A it is!” Kimber unfastened the bra and slid the straps down Jenny’s shoulders and arms, letting the bra fall to the floor.

“OK, bursa escort Jenny, turn around and show us what you’ve got, honey,” Kimber said hoping she didn’t sound too anxious, although it was obvious that she was.

Jenny turned and showed her tiny tits to her teacher. Kimber’s mouth dropped open slightly at the sight. They were small, but perfectly shaped, and she had very puffy areolas – almost freakishly puffy, Kimber thought, as they puffed out almost as far as her little breasts did. Her little nipples were hard on top of the puffy areolas. Kimber was thrilled, and felt her own sensitive nipples stiffen up. “Wow, Jenny, those are incredible. Good things do come in small packages, don’t they? She turned Jenny around and showed her off to her friends, who all stared at Jenny’s breasts. She saw Bree shift her legs a bit, as if rubbing them together.

“OK, Carrie, Heather thought you just stuck your tits out to look big, so let’s see what’s going on there,” Kimber said. Carrie still looked a bit angry. Heather smirked. She could see that Heather and Carrie didn’t think very highly of each other. “I’m going to guess about a 36 B for you, Carrie.”

Carrie stood silently and stuck her chest out a bit further as Kimber felt her firm breasts, squeezing lightly. “They are full,” Kimber said to herself, feeling up the young woman. Kimber pulled Carrie’s shirt out from the waist band of her skirt – most other girls let the shirt hang, but Carrie preferred to have it tucked in. Then she started at the bottom of the shirt, unbuttoning until she got to the top button. She opened the shirt and revealed Carrie’s chest to the room. “Wow, Heather, she may stick them out, but she does have a lot to stick out. Turn around, Carrie,” Kimber commanded. Carrie did as told, and faced the wall.

Kimber pulled the Maidenform tag out from the bra and read it aloud. “36 B. I’m two for two now, girls,” she said as she unhooked the bra which immediately snapped forward. She slid the straps off of Carrie’s alabaster shoulders and let that bra fall to the ground next to Jenny’s. “Turn around Carrie.”

Carrie turned around revealing her breasts. They stuck straight out from her chest, and both nipples were set high, pointing off center to either side. “Cute,” Kimber said, reaching up and squeezing her boobs, pushing them together, and letting them fall back to their original position. She did it three times, and then pinched her nipples, which were rock hard on top of her light pink, bumpy areolas. “I think I’d give them a B plus, Carrie – you’ll probably need a C cup before too long.”

Carrie smiled, and looked down at Heather who was staring at Carrie’s boobs. She looked like she was in a trance. Maybe this will help improve relations, Kimber thought.

“OK, you’re next, Cherie,” Kimber moved along. She felt Cherie’s chest, and thought that they seemed heavy and that they were hanging pretty low. “Wow, you’re very loose,” Kimber said. “I’d guess about a C cup. Let’s say, 34 C.”

Kimber unbuttoned Cherie’s shirt and let it drop to the floor. Cherie was wearing a pretty plain beige bra a little lighter than her skin, and her cleavage was pretty incredible. She could see Cherie’s nipples poking through the spandex cups. Kimber ran her hand along the cups, felt the hardened nips, and gave them both a light pinch. Cherie shivered as she stared at Kimber’s large breasts, seemingly wishing she could reach up and grab them.

“Well, your clasp is in the front, so let’s see what you’ve got,” Kimber said. She unclasped the bra and let the cups fall to either side revealing Cherie’s mocha colored tits. They jiggled as they fell down after the bra was removed. She had some pretty big boobs, and they sagged a little bit. Her dark brown areolas were very large, perfect circles and her darker brown nipples stuck out about a half inch, perfectly centered.

“34 C, I’m on a roll” Kimber said as she read the bra’s tag and looked back up at Cherie. “Wow, you have such beautiful brown skin, and such smooth breasts, Cherie. What’s your secret?”

“My dad’s black, my mom’s Irish, so here I am,” Cherie said with a smile as she grabbed on to her tits and propped them up with her hands. The other girls were all staring at Cherie’s chest as well.

“You want to see what a real black chick’s tits look like?” Shandra said, knowing she was next; she started to unbutton her shirt, exposing her massive cleavage tucked into a white lacy bra. Cherie laughed and looked over her tall black friend next to her.

“You’re pretty eager, Shandra, but hold on a second,” Kimber said. “I have to make my guess, I’m three for three.” She walked over and looked at Shandra’s semi-exposed chest, feeling her erect nipples through the bra cups and then reaching and pushing her tits up from underneath.

“Wow, they’re heavy, and tucked in their pretty well, too. Hmmm,” Kimber said, stepping back and looking longer. “I’m gonna say 36 D.”

“Good guess,” Shandra said, letting the shirt fall to the floor. She reached back and unsnapped her bra, unleashing her ebony mounds, which fell out of the cups and landed on her chest. She was huge, Kimber thought, and they were beautiful. She’d never seen a black woman’s breasts before, and immediately fell in love with them. “Oh, God, Shandra . . . look at those,” Kimber stuttered.

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