How I Became a Cuckold


Chapter 1: A Little Bit About Us

My name is Jonathan. I am a 6.1 foot tall 195lbs 23 years old man currently living with my girlfriend in Vancouver, Canada.

Consider me a very shy guy, but when you get to know me and I get to know you better, we will have a lot of fun. And when I am horny, you can pretty much have me do just about anything you want. My girlfriend quickly discovered my submissive side and decided she would exploit it in her own way. I do have my limits though, let’s make it clear.

I have an average-sized uncircumcised 6 inches cock with a pretty thick head. I am very sensitive to the head, which is an advantage because my penis is more sensitive than a circumcised one but after ejaculation, my head gets so sensitive that I begin having muscular contractions. I guess you can call that a huge orgasm, but for me, it’s kind of shameful.

When I was just discovering my body in my early teenage hood, I had some sexual activities with my male friends. It was mainly oral sex though… Like one day, back to when I was 13 years old, I was playing a board game with my friend who was also my neighbor.

The loser would get to suck the other one’s penis. That was said as a joke at first, but when the game ended, we did get to the acts. We both gave and received, and that was the last time I had touched a penis other than mine…

I don’t consider myself bisexual because I have never had full sex with a man before and the idea of having a relationship or simply kissing a man repulses me. However, I do sometimes fantasize about sucking a penis again, as I have enjoyed my past experiences and always liked the look of a big hard cock.

I always enjoyed masturbating… I masturbate at least once every day, but it can go up to as high as 5 times. Sometimes when I am horny, I stick a few fingers into my anus as I masturbate and massage my prostate. I always wondered what it would feel like to have a cock in my ass.

Now, here’s a little about the love of my live, Kristen.

My girlfriend is a VERY horny girl. Even though she is only 19 years old and 5 feet tall, she has a nice pair of 34D tits. She is a sex addict, and never seem to have enough. We usually have sex before we go to sleep, and when I come back from work.

We used to have standard sex all the time, but recently, she has found pleasure in playing the dominant girl, and quite frankly, I don’t mind it at all.

One time after I shot a big load in her mouth, she stood up, looked at me through the eyes and kissed me with her tongue full of my cum. I was surprised at first, but I then I thought it was hot. We kissed and swapped my cum for a few minutes and after which she swallowed all of it.

Kristen likes facials, and she loves the taste of cum. When we have sex for the second time in the same day, I obviously don’t cum as much as the first time, but she still sucks my duck dry and make sure she doesn’t miss one drop. But sometimes, she asks for more and doesn’t seem satisfied.

One night before we had sex, she told me about her gangbang fetish. She dreams of getting fucked in her ass and her pussy at the same time while masturbating two other cocks. Then, she would let them cum into her mouth and she would swallow their loads, one after the other. Since I always dreamt about watching her getting fucked by another guy, this is when I decided to tell her about my fantasy.

After a long talk, we decided we just had to experiment it.

And this is how I became a cuckold….

Part 2: Officially a cuckold

Our fantasy now exposed, we had to get down to the acts. Kristen was really excited about having sex with another man than me for the first time in her life. The morning after we talked about our “project”, we started reading forums over the internet about cuckolding. We went through a lot of other people’s experiences and were eager to experiment some of them.

My girlfriend always wondered what a big black cock felt like so she went on and posted an ad on craigslist. This is how the ad looked like:

“Looking for a black man for cuckold experience. You must be between 18 to 30 years old and well hung (8″ minimum). My boyfriend is very submissive and will participating too as I order him to!”

It didn’t take long before we get our first call. Of course, the first few calls were not interesting as they didn’t meet our requirements. The first calls were white men with small cocks which my girlfriend wasn’t interested in.

But one Gaziantep Anal Escort night, as I was watching a porn movie and receiving a blowjob from my girl, the phone rang.

“Hi, can I talk to Kristen please?” the young voice said.

“Yes, this is her, who am I talking to?”

“Well, hum, hey, my name is Dave, I am responding to your ad on craigslist. Are you guys still looking for someone?”

“Absolutely, the other calls we got were uninteresting. Mind if I ask you a couple of questions?”

“Sure, go ahead…”

I was sitting next to Kristen on the table, and knew what the call was about. I started feeling anxious and could feel my heart pump like if I had been running for the past 10 minutes. This call was going to be the good one, I could feel it.

“Well first, how old are you?”

“I just turned 18 two days ago. I always wanted to take part in a three-way with a couple and I thought it would make a great birthday gift. I am not very experienced though and I am pretty timid, I hope you guys won’t mind…”

Kristen immediately looked at me with scintillating eyes and a big smile like you see on those dentist ads on TV.

“We aren’t very experienced either… Jonathan and me never had sex with anyone else before we met, so this is all new to us as well.”

“Oh well then this sounds great,” Dave replied.

“Last question. How big is your penis? I know this is an indiscreet question, but my boyfriend has an average-sized penis, and I always wanted to know what it felt like to have a big thick cock inside of me.”

“My penis is 9 inch long when erect and it is very thick. I can send you pictures by e-mail if you want!”

“WOW,” Kristen yelled. “You have a 9 inch cock at 18 years old? That’s unbelievable. Well I guess you are the perfect candidate then… Can you meet with us tonight?”

“Sure, I can be there in about 15 minutes by car!”

“Alright then, we’ll be waiting for you!”

That was the longest 15 minutes of our life. Kristen and I couldn’t wait anymore. In a few minutes, I would be watching my girl get fucked by a black dude who had just turned 18. I was turned on, and was already having a rock-hard erection….

When Dave knocked at the door, Kristen got up from our black leather sofa and went at the door to greet him.

I stood up and went to open the air conditioning as I knew it would get warm soon. I was getting more nervous, and was starting to think that maybe all this was just a bad idea when I heard Kristen arrive in the parlor where I was standing still.

“Hey honey, look what I got here!” she said to me.

Kristen was holding Dave hand in hand. The guy was pretty tall. He was wearing a Yankees baseball cap, a black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I could see the guy was very nervous, hell I was too so I couldn’t blame him.

I took my hands off my pockets we had a handshake.

“Nice to meet you Dave, I am Jonathan…”

“Hey there,” he said.

I looked at Kristen, and saw through her eyes that she really wanted to do this. She looked happy and excited at the same time. I wasn’t so sure anymore….

“Dave, I want you to feel comfortable. We are very nice and open-minded, don’t be shy and just make it like if we knew each other forever. ”

She took his left hand and placed it right on her left breast. It felt very weird at first, but I sat down on the sofa and waited to see what would happen next.

She then took her hands and touched Dave between the legs and started massaging him. He looked at me, and then took her white t-shirt off.

Her big breasts were now exposed as she wasn’t wearing any bra. Dave didn’t waste any more seconds and started licking Kristen’s hard nipples, and was now touching her ass with his hands.

I started feeling blood running through my penis, and was now having an erection. I was feeling comfortable and excited. After all, it was my idea too and I wanted this!

I took off my shorts and underwear and started stroking my rock hard cock.

When Kristen saw my dick out, she unzipped Dave’s jeans. Dave was now standing with only his white underwear on and I could see a huge bump forming on his underpants. Kristen got down on her knees with a big smile on her face, like if she had won the lottery, and said:

“I will finally feel what a real cock feels like!”

“Take that cock out and suck it bitch!” Dave then added.

“Ohhh, someone is getting nasty here!” Kristen said while blinking her eyes to me.

Kristen looked shocked when she pulled his underwear down. She took his 9 inch meat into her hands and pulled down his foreskin and started examining his tool. You could tell how amazed she was to see such a big penis. Without any further hesitations, she opened her mouth let it slide in. After a few in an outs, she took it off her mouth.

“Oh my god, this is even bigger than I was expecting!”

I could see the excitement on her face.

“Shut up and suck it!” Dave said.

He took her head, and started fucking her mouth violently. I could hear her making gagging noises as he kept pounding her mouth with his black stick.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth after a few seconds, and slapped his cock on her face.

“Yeah, that’s it you’re a good little whore!”

I was sitting on the sofa, playing with my cock and was actually impressed by what I was watching.

He threw her on the sofa, opened her legs, and tried to slide his cock into her pussy, but it just wouldn’t go in.

“This is big, really big,” she said. “Honey, come here please and spit on Dave’s cock!”

I crawled to him, and spit on Dave’s cock. He tried to penetrate her again, but only a small part of his thick head would go in.

“We’re going to need some lube here Jonathan, go grab the bottle of lube from the nightstand and put some on Dave’s penis!” Kristen ordered me.

I almost ran to our room in excitement. I was now feeling horny and comfortable. I opened the drawer and took the bottle of Fleshlube we had bought from the internet to use on our sex toys.

When I came back to them, I could see Dave licking Kristen’s asshole and slapping her ass.

“This guy’s really in it,” I thought. “This is going to be good!”

I lift the lube’s cap and let a few drop on Dave’s cock that I was now touching with my hands for the first time. I stroked his cock to apply the lube and guided it into my girlfriend’s pussy.

Kristen was now in doggy-style. She was spreading her ass to help him going deeper. I could see from her eyes it was very painful. I saw a few tears in her eyes and she was biting her lips. When his cock finally went half through her, she let down a very loud moan.

“Oh yes, oh my god this is so big. Jonathan, come here!”

He was now penetrating her in a much faster pace, and I could see from her stomach his dick pounding her.

“I want to suck your cock while Dave’s fucking me,” she said.

I laid down in front of her and let her put her watery lips on my cock. This felt so good. I was so excited to see her pussy stretched by that big black cock that I thought this blowjob felt better than any other she had given me before.

I could hear her moan and scream in pleasure. She came 3 times in less than 30 minutes.

“I want you to get on the other end of the sofa and watch us fuck now, you are not getting any more off me now,” she told me.

I did what she told me, and then Dave pulled out from her.

“Your pussy is very tight, but I bet your ass is even tighter,” Dave said.

What? No way is that thing getting inside her ass…. He could barely get inside her pussy…

“You! Come here, more lube,” Dave told me and pointed me like if he was giving me an order.

“Hum,” I said, confused…

“Do as he said, he is my lover and you must respect him and obey him! Be a good slave,” Kristen said with a furious look.

I took the bottle, and squeezed a few more drops on Dave’s penis. I then applied some more lube on my fingers, and started fingering her asshole to spread the lube in.

I next spread her ass a bit and let a good quantity of lube slide into her opening. Dave then pushed me back like if I was a piece of trash and then started making circles around her anus with his penis’s head to try to get it in. He then pushed forward and slid his head into my girl’s ass which had yet to be explored.

“Ahhhhh, ouch, oh my god!!!” she said while rubbing her clit. I could see she was wet, her pussy’s juice was almost shooting all over her fingers. She was screaming in pleasure and holding her head like if she couldn’t believe the both the pain and pleasure she was feeling.

It took a good 10 minutes of me applying more lube and him putting pressure on her anus and fingering her to finally get his cock all the way inside her ass.

He was now penetrating her a bit faster, and she was now yelling in pleasure and fingering her pussy, but that was not enough for her.

“Honey, OH MY GOD, honey… OH YEAH!” she screamed.

I was scared my neighbors would hear her and come knock at the door to see what was happening.

“Jonathan, lick his balls while he is fucking my tight little white ass,” she ordered me.

I laid down under Kristen and started licking Dave’s ball while he was pounding her ass.

“Wanna taste your ass?” he asked her.

“Yes please, I want to taste my ass so bad!”

Dave pulled out while holding her ass spread. I could her anus gape from my position, it was really big. I could almost see her stomach from there…

She turned around to face him, and started sucking his cock and took his dick as deep into her mouth as she could.

“Hmm, this tastes so good…. Please, fuck my ass again,” she begged him.

“Fine,” he said, and sat on the sofa. “Come and sit on me.”

His cock was so big I couldn’t believe it. I was now looking at it like if I wanted to taste it.

Kristen sat on his cock. She then asked him to pound her ass as fast as he could, and he did, so much that I thought her eyes would pop off its sockets.

She moaned and yelled of pleasure, and I could see her juice splashing all over the sofa. She was cumming really hard.

“Come here, and taste my ass from Dave’s cock,” she then said.

“But…” She interrupted me and said:

“It’s an order, and you will do as I say!”

She stepped away from Dave’s cock, and while I hesitated at first, I started sucking on his cock slowly. I could taste my wife’s ass from his cock, and I was loving it. Dave took my head and started fucking my mouth like he did to Kristen earlier. I was gagging on his cock, so bad I even coughed a few times.

“I am going to cum!” Dave said.

She pulled my head off his cock, and started stroking it very fast. She was looking at him through the eyes and with a very horny look and said:

“Please cum into my mouth, I want your cum so bad. I want to taste you. I want my mouth filled up with your babies.”

A few seconds later, I heard Dave moan really hard, his eyes locked right into Kristen’s and then he exploded into her mouth.

She was still stroking him and working hard for her treat. I could see his orgasm was strong when he starting having muscular contractions through his legs and stomach. He had cum so much, she couldn’t keep it all into her mouth.

She was still on her knees with her head facing the ceiling to make sure she wouldn’t lose any more cum, and started gargling on his cum like if it was mouthwash.

She forced my mouth open with her hands and spit all of his cum into my mouth. I was surprised and almost gagged but I didn’t dislike it and almost swallowed his entire load.

“Hey, don’t swallow it, this is my cum and I worked for it. Give it back!” she told me.

She opened her mouth and I spit his load right back into her mouth and she swallowed it all. She licked her lips and started sucking on his cock again and was hoping for more cum. She truly loved the taste of his cum.

She looked at me and said:

“You need some cum too… Suck Dave’s cock and try to get more out of him!”

I did as she told me, and even though Dave already came, he came a second time in my mouth while I was sucking him off, but it was obviously a much smaller load.

“You didn’t have enough. Honey, it is your time to cum now. Cum into my mouth!”

She started sucking me, and slid two of her fingers into my ass. Dave was watching now and started masturbating again. She massaged my prostate with her fingers, deep throated my cock and she even let me fuck her mouth. When I finally came into her mouth, she went and spit it all into my mouth and said

“You know what to do now!”

I swallowed my own load, which was just about as big as Dave’s second load. I licked around my lips to make sure I didn’t miss a drop and then went and kiss my wife as Dave was watching.

“I am going to cum again!” Dave said.

Me and Kristen both looked at each other, and she made a “yes” sign to me. I was going to get his load. I opened my mouth, and Dave came into my mouth with an even smaller load. I then kissed and snowball his cum with Kristen and then I finally swallowed his load.

“You guys were awesome. And you are one horny little cum slut!” Dave said.

“And you taste good. I can’t wait to start again!” she said looking at him with a satisfied look.

“Would you like to stay for the night Dave?” she asked him

“Sure, then we can play again tomorrow,” he said, looking at me with a big smile.

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