Kimberly’s Punishment


“Please Mr. Oakley, I’m sorry!” Kimberly squealed as the powerful hand of her English teacher met her bare ass with enough force to send a loud ‘smack’ into the confines of his office. Kimberly was bent over the smooth wooden desk with her jeans and panties down around her ankles. Her round bare ass was red from the twenty or so spankings that Mr. Oakley had given it already. She begged and pleaded as the rough treatment of her posterior continued, but even as tears ran down her pink cheeks, arousal dripped from her puffy pink labia.

Mr. Oakley’s left hand pressed down on the small of Kimberly’s back, keeping her face down on the desk with gentle but steady pressure as his right hand came up into the air again. Tightly flexed, with all four fingers held tightly together he spanked the sexy young girl over and over in a slow, metronomic rhythm. With each strike she yelped or whimpered, intermittently begging for a halt to her suffering. But he was going to give her everything that she deserved.

“You’ve been a bad girl little Kimberly, and this is the punishment for bad girls.” He spoke slowly, intentionally, punctuating every few words with another spank. “You’re going to take fifty spankings, and if I hear another word of complaint, I’ll make it seventy. Do you understand me Kimberly?”

“Yes Mr. Oakley,” she said softly, the last syllable of his named upturned illegal bahis into a squeak as the thirtieth hit landed. She cried as quietly as she could as the assault of her perky little rear continued. She hated this, but she also loved it. Her body responded to the contact, the pain, and she couldn’t stand the fact that she was bent over a desk in her teacher’s office and she was the horniest she had ever been.

Finally, the final spanking landed, and Mr. Oakley let his hand linger on her bright red buttock. He rubbed his hand in soothing circles across one cheek, then the other. Kimberly moaned in relief as the punishment came to an end, but something inside of her wanted it to continue. Her innocent little pussy had begun dripping down the insides of her thighs, the smell of her arousal obvious. Mr. Oakley had been careful never to touch her sensitive lips even once. This was a punishment after all, and it wouldn’t do for that to be undermined by the immense pleasure that he knew he could give this young, inexperienced girl. But she wanted it. He could tell she wanted it from the first slap, and it had taken an enormous amount of willpower not to give into his base desires, abandoning the punishment.

As she lay across the desk, shaking from the ordeal, Kimberly felt her arousal becoming even stronger. Without the distraction of pain and the concentration it took to keep from illegal bahis siteleri screaming or moaning, her mind took off into wild fantasies of Mr. Oakley having his way with her near helpless form. She imagined him touching her pussy, inserting a finger into her, inserting his cock into her sweet young body. Her body was on fire, the focus between her bare legs, and she was panting hungrily, her tongue lolling from her mouth, drool pooling on the fine wood of the desk.

Mr. Oakley watched her carefully, taking in the sight of his nubile student going insane with lust. He moved closer, not touching, but close enough so that she could feel his presence. He would never touch a student in any way beside disciplinarily unless they invited that touch directly, so he stood poised to fulfil any request, while still maintaining a modicum of professionalism.

Her knees shook. Her pussy gushed. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to be touched, needed to feel him inside of her. Needed to feel what it was like to be with a man. Not a boy, but a man. And so she said it. One simple word barely uttered through the scrambled haze that was her mind at that moment.


At once Mr. Oakley pressed into her. His lips grazed her back and his hand found her pussy, his middle finger immediately pressing her swollen clit canlı bahis siteleri like a button as the tip of his thumb slid gently into the tightly gripping walls of her womanhood.

Kimberly came immediately, her legs spasming as her mouth let out an unintentional sound that was less of a moan and more of a primal shout. Mr. Oakley’s teeth gently gripped a place on her back as his middle finger worked small circles around her sensitive nub, extending the orgasm for five, ten, twenty seconds. Kimberly ran out of breath and fell silent, but her whole body shook with the intense pleasure that had been given to her by her English Teacher.

Eventually her body began to calm. She breathed heavily, and relaxed her fingers, which she now noticed had been gripping the far edge of the desk with so much force she expected there were nail marks. Every few seconds a wave of lingering pleasure washed over her, causing her to shiver. Mr. Oakley had let go of her back and her pussy, now gently rubbing the angry red ass still before him, soothing the pain and giving the oversensitive clit a chance to recover.

As soon as she had control of her faculties again she slowly pushed herself upright and turned around. She stared into Mr. Oakley’s eyes, her gaze one of utter satisfaction and unbridled lust.

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, Mr. Oakley,” she said breathily. And then she stepped out of her jeans and leapt onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist and pressing her mouth to his in a deep kiss. The kiss lasted for several seconds before Mr. Oakley broke away.

“I’ve only just started, Kimberly.”

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