Manhandled Ch. 01


I needed a drink. And, if I’m being quite honest, a good fuck would be great too.

Friday night, end of a long week at work, I find myself at a quiet bar not far from my place. I’ve heard some of my co-workers say they come here on occasion so maybe I would see some familiar faces and relax with a drink or three. Hesitating outside the front door, I examined my appearance. I was still dressed in my work clothes: a burgundy long sleeve button up blouse pulled tight across my large breasts, a knee-length black pencil skirt with a slit up the back and black heels. My wavy dark brown hair spilled down across my shoulders as I removed the hair clip from my head. Unbuttoning one more button to deepen my cleavage put a smile on my face. I could see the top edge of my black lace bra across my milky white breasts. Maybe I can get some attention tonight. Having been single for a few weeks now, I was growing bored.

I entered the establishment slowly, gazing around the dark room without staring. Making my way to the half-empty bar I spot a woman I’ve seen in the office a few times. Emily? Melissa? Something like that. She notices me alone as I sit down on a barstool a few seats down from her and two other patrons I do not recognize. “Lindsey?” she asks. “Hey, Lindsey!” She comes up to me and pats me on the back. “Have I seen you in here before?”

“No,” I replied. “But I don’t live far, thought I would stop in and unwind tonight.”

“Cool!” she says enthusiastically. Clearly she has had a few drinks already. “Well, you enjoy your evening. I’m gonna head back over to those two fine gentlemen who are currently arguing over who is buying my next drink. Toodles!” She puts her arm around me and squeezes my shoulder before rejoining her gentleman. I smiled after her as the bartender caught my eye.

“Amaretto sour, please,” I tell him. He nods and mixes my drink, topping it with a cherry before sliding it to me. I relaxed my body as I tasted the sweet liquid. Smiling, I dipped the cherry around in my drink as I casually admired my co-worker, silently wishing myself luck on some male attention of my own.

Three lonely drinks later my peripheral vision saw Emily or Melissa giggling and stumbling a bit as she left the bar on the arm of one of her gentlemen. There were only a handful of people left at tables in the dark corners of the room. Where did the other man vying for her attention go? I shrugged to myself. The night was still young.

The front door banged opened and a man came through the entryway, swiftly approaching the bar near me. “Shot of bourbon,” he said, putting a fifty dollar bill onto the dark wood surface. The bartender poured the drink and sat it down in front of the man, his fingers barely cleared from the small glass before the man grabbed it and tossed the liquid down his throat. He took a deep breath and gritted his teeth as the bourbon headed toward his stomach. The man was tall and had short, reddish brown hair with a trimmed beard. His dark blue shirt and jeans made his blue eyes look darker in the dim light. He glanced at me and I watched his gaze wander over my entire body before I realized I was staring at him. I turned back to my empty glass and picked it up to wave at the bartender. The man moved down to the barstool next to mine and put his empty shot glass down next to mine. “Two more shots,” he said to the bartender without taking his gaze off of me.

“I don’t drink whiskey,” I said quietly as the shots appeared quickly before us.

He picked up each glass and held one out to me. “You do tonight,” he smiled. “Tyler. Pleased to meet you.” He held out his now empty hand as I reluctantly accepted the drink.

I stared into his dark, sexy eyes, shook his hand and poured the whiskey into my mouth, swallowing as best I can, coughing a bit as the liquor burns down my throat. He is still holding my hand as I clear my throat. “Lindsey.”

Tyler smiled a devilish, knowing smile. Oh lord, I thought to myself as my stomach began to burn. This man was going to be trouble. But maybe I needed some trouble. “I haven’t seen you in here before, have I?” he asked me casually, watching me.

“No, I’ve never been here before now,” I replied, keeping my eyes on his face. The more I watched him looking at me, the more I felt the need to button that last button I had undone before I entered the bar. I felt naked beneath his hot gaze. I cleared my throat and turned to my empty glass. “You come here often?”

“I suppose you could say that.” He plucked my glass from my fingers and waved it at the bartender. “Another round,” he said.

Well, here was that male attention I was looking for, I thought. Let’s see where it goes. “Are you trying to get me drunk, Tyler?” I asked playfully.

He bahis firmaları took my refilled glass and his shot in each hand and turned to face me before answering. “Is that not why you’re here?” He took a sip of my drink before handing it to me, nodded once and shrugged, and held up his shot for a toast. “To our exes. May they rot in hell.” He clinked his shot to my glass and downed it before I could move. This was getting interesting. He put the shot glass down and watched me, waiting for me to drink. Looking down at my drink, I pulled the cherry out of the ice and tipped my glass back, drank every drop of the sweet liquid and sat the glass back down. Tyler nodded his approval, then stared as I placed the cherry between my lips, pulled the fruit into my mouth and sucked the alcohol from it, plucking the stem off as I chewed. He swallowed, leaned his head towards the bartender and requested two more shots without taking his eyes off of me. I grinned at him, biting my bottom lip. This was going well.

The shots appeared quickly and Tyler handed me one as I tossed the cherry stem in my ice. I held the glass up to his in the air. “To this incredible woman before me. May her sexy legs find themselves wrapped around my head before the night is over.”

I chuckled as we clinked our glasses together and poured another shot of whiskey down my throat. Whoa, that one burned more than the first. I coughed a bit while he watched me with a sensual smile. The way he was looking at me now told me I was something he wanted, and he would take it if he had to. My panties grew damp and my clit began to throb. Turning to the bartender I said, “Glass of water, no ice, please,” and turned back to Tyler.

He laughed. “Don’t wanna drink the night away with me?” His hand reached out to my legs, touching my knee and slowly gliding up my thigh under my skirt. The tight material didn’t let him get far. He withdrew his hand even slower and I shivered.

“I shouldn’t…I mean, I…don’t want to be hung over,” I stuttered, picking up the glass of water as it arrived and taking a long drink. He nodded to the bartender for another shot while I drank. “Besides,” I said, catching my breath, “I’m sure I will want to remember the rest of the evening.”

Tyler smiled, threw back the shot of bourbon and leaned towards my face. “I would like to go somewhere with you where I can fuck your sexy brains out. How does that sound?”

“Sounds promising,” I replied teasingly. “Where would you like to take me?”

“I would take you right here on this bar if no one minded,” he replied. “Scoot that skirt up, take off your panties, kneel down and lick you until you cum all over my face and this barstool.”

My mouth fell open and my panties were soaked now. I looked around at the few people remaining in the bar, seemingly unaware of us. It was tempting to say the least. “My place isn’t far.”

“Good.” He slapped another bill from his wallet onto the bar for my tab as I finished the water. He held out his elbow for me to slide my hand into as he led me out of the bar.

We chatted a bit on the walk to my place. It seemed the whiskey had had little effect on Tyler, even though I had never met him. I was a bit more than tipsy after mixing alcohol this evening but was feeling great. When we reached my apartment I unlocked the door, pointed him to the kitchen and told him where a bottle of Crown Royal was that my ex had left in my place and excused myself to use the bathroom. I found him with a small glass of the whiskey when I returned, pouring the liquid down his throat. “You seem to like whiskey,” I teased.

“Puts me in a good mood,” he replied, setting the glass down in the sink. “Not that I need something to do that tonight. Your beautiful body has a similar effect.” He crossed my kitchen in a couple strides, cornering me against the wall. “Now, I wanna taste you.”

I swallowed, noting the throbbing that increased between my legs. I hadn’t had sex for a long time it seemed, and all this talk of devouring me was bringing me close to the edge already. I tried to squeeze by him to lead him to the bedroom but he wrapped his arms around my waist and covered my mouth with his. I could taste whiskey as his tongue dove inside my mouth hungrily. My hands found their way into his hair as I kissed him back, leaning my trembling body into him. His erection pressed against my belly through his jeans as he gripped me tighter and continued his heavenly assault on my mouth, one hand dropping from my back to cup my ass. I moaned into his mouth and he let me go, both of us breathless as he dragged me from the kitchen in search of my bedroom.

Stumbling behind him, I pointed to a door on his left and he threw it open, pulling me inside and kaçak iddaa roughly pushed me onto the bed face down. I started to get up but he pushed my face back down and then pulled my hips back so I stood leaning over the bed. Light poured into the dim room from the hallway and the small windows over the bed so he could see what he was doing. He fumbled with the tiny zipper in my skirt for several seconds before he grabbed each side of the slit in the back and jerked my skirt apart up my legs. I let out a small scream as the cool air touched my bare thighs. He pulled his shirt off and knelt down behind me, running his hands across my black lace panties and my ass cheeks, nuzzling my damp pussy through the material with his nose. He gripped my thighs and inhaled, sighing as he took in my scent. Reaching up to my waist he slid the wet panties down my legs and I stepped out of them, spreading my feet apart. With his arms wrapped around my legs, his tongue slipped out of his lips and lapped at my shaved pussy gently for several moments before his wide open mouth latched onto my lips, sucking my clit as hard as he could. I screamed and moaned as my legs shuddered under his grasp. I was cumming before I could think clearly again and I squealed into my bed covers as I covered his face in my juices.

Tyler slowed down his assault on my clit as my noises subsided, softly licking me all over as I relaxed. After a few minutes he grabbed my hips tightly again and thrust his tongue inside my tight pussy as I moaned. Moving my hips back and forth he tongue fucked my pussy until I came again, my pussy juices running down his chin and my legs. He slowed down again as my orgasm dwindled, licking my soft flesh slowly like an ice cream cone. His tongue moved further up my crack, licking my anus and sliding inside for a few moments. His facial hair tickled my sensitive skin as he invaded my ass, causing me to scream and wiggle beneath him.

Tyler groaned and stood up behind me, unzipping his jeans while I stayed in position. The tip of his hard cock brushed my ass as it sprang free of his clothes. Lining up with my soaking wet hole he slipped his dick inside me, penetrating my pussy slowly inch by inch. I growled as he held me still, teasing me with his cock. He squeezed my ass cheeks in each hand once he buried himself inside me and held still for a few moments. Reaching up my back, he grabbed a handful of my long hair and jerked my head back as I screamed. “Ready for me to fuck you?” he asked.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, the pain in my scalp becoming more bearable.

“Good little bitch,” he replied, slapping my ass with his free hand as he inched himself from my throbbing pussy. Before the head came out he jerked hard on my hair again, pulling me back onto his cock as I screamed again. Tyler fucked me like this for some time at a steady pace, moving my body with my hair and slapping my ass, burying his cock deep inside me while I whined and moaned. My head hurt a bit but his brusque handling of my half-naked body was exciting me.

After some time had passed he pulled his dick out of me and jerked me up on my feet by my hair, spun me around to face him so he could remove my torn skirt from my waist. With him knelt down in front of me I stepped out of my skirt and he tossed it aside while his mouth found the inside of one knee, kissing my leg gently. I watched his head and muscled arms as he tasted my flesh. He moved over to the other leg and slowly worked his way up to my pussy as goosebumps crawled across my skin. My legs parted as his tongue darted out to lick my damp lips softly. My body shuddered in response to his teasing.

Tyler stood back up to face me, grabbed my bare ass and picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. The heat in his eyes thrilled every inch of my body as he moved onto the bed and laid us down on the covers. His mouth devoured mine once more as I wiggled beneath him, wanting his cock inside me again. Breaking the kiss, he got up on his knees between my parted legs and took each side of my button up shirt in his hands, tugging the material apart harshly and popping off every button all the way up my chest. My nipples were peeking out of my bra cups from being manhandled earlier, and Tyler leaned down on me to take one in his hot mouth. I arched my back in response, my pussy throbbing for attention as he ravished each nipple in turn. Noticing the clasp on my bra was in the front he unhooked it, freeing my large breasts for his tasting. I tried to wrap my hands around his head but he pushed my arms up over my head and held me there as he licked every inch of my breasts, my clit throbbing even harder now. I whimpered in protest, watching him take a nipple into his mouth and suck hard. I shrieked a little as the kaçak bahis sensation spread across my body and he looked up at my face and grinned.

He let go of my arms then, scooting down the bed to plant his face between my legs again. Running his hot tongue across my lips hungrily, he then blew cool air onto the damp skin causing me to shiver. He grinned again, a devilish grin that kept my pussy slick with need. He continued lapping at my lips and clit, slowly torturing me as he lifted my legs up and apart to grab my ass cheeks and squeeze. His tongue moved lower, dipping inside my fucked little hole as I moaned. The teasing was too much for me; I needed to cum again. I reached down and grabbed his head with both hands, pulling his face harder against my clit. He looked up at me and I could tell he was smiling. I moved his head against me as he flicked his tongue over my clit, my breasts bouncing around as I fucked his face. Tyler wrapped his arms around my thighs and held on as I moved his head and my hips faster, my orgasm just seconds away. I screamed loudly when it spilled over the edge, rubbing my cream all over his mouth. He slowed down as I let go, my strength collapsing after yet another climax.

His mouth began trailing kisses up my stomach as I lay there in ecstasy, running his tongue across my breasts and up to my neck. When his mouth reached my neck and I could smell my juices on his face, he alternately kissed and licked my neck and ear as his hands pushed my arms up over my head again. Holding my wrists with one hand, his other hand picked up my right leg and rested my ankle on his shoulder. I stared into his face as he shoved his cock back into my slick hole, laying more of his weight on my leg and stretching me. Tyler pounded into me again and again as I shrieked in pain and pleasure. The way he used my body so roughly was absolute heaven to me; I needed a good, hard fuck badly. He groaned as he let go of my wrists to lean up on his hands, fucking me harder yet as he spilled his load into my hole.

After a moment to relax his breathing, he looked down at me and grinned as he slid his dick from my pussy. My leg dropped down as he lay down on his back next to me. I could feel his cum running out of me as I turned to him, my breathing slower than his. He looked at the ceiling for several seconds before turning to face me. He grinned. “Get on my cock, bitch.”

I glanced down in surprise at his still hard dick. “You haven’t had enough yet?” I teased.

“I’m pretty sure I will never have enough of you, honey,” he remarked. “I’ve never tasted a more delicious woman.”

I blushed, biting my lip as I crawled on top of him, shedding the rest of my clothes. I knelt over his cock and leaned forward, my breasts dangling over his face. He held onto my waist with his strong hands as I held his cock under my pussy. He pushed me down and thrust up inside me at once, sending a shudder through my belly. I held still for a moment as the dim light from outside shone through the windows onto our naked bodies. Tyler began moving my hips for me with his hands and I took the hint, starting out slowly, feeling the head of his dick rubbing my cervix. He laid there watching me grind my hips against him for awhile, our juices covering the both us as I rode him. I leaned forward over him, grabbed the headboard and started sliding up and down his shaft, fucking him steadily. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge and I moaned, causing him to squeeze my hips tighter and thrust up inside me. Our breathing increased as he pounded away at my pussy, my moaning and his groaning turning into screams as I came and he followed, shooting another load into my fucked hole. I collapsed and shuddered on top of him, his heart pounding beneath my chest.

I hadn’t noticed I had fallen asleep until I woke a few minutes later. Tyler was watching me, his fingers stroking my back as I laid on him. I smiled and rolled over, sighing as I sat up and ran my eyes across his naked flesh. He watched me in silence, one arm under his head on my pillow and the other laying on his stomach. I ran a finger across the sun tattoo on his bicep. “Thanks, I needed that,” I whispered.

He cocked his head and grinned. “No, thank you, Lindsey. I enjoyed every moment. You are one incredible woman I won’t soon forget.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, his hungry mouth finding mine and devouring me once again.

I could taste myself on his lips and I sighed again. “Do you need me to call a cab?”

“I can’t stay?” he asked with a teasing smile. “I would love to wake you up in a few hours.”

“Oh, my,” I replied, blushing again. “My body will probably be sore for some time and…and…”

“No more manhandling?” he inquired. “Well, I can’t make any promises about that. Fucking you feels too good.”

I sighed, crawling into the bed next to him. “Okay, you can stay. Tonight.”

“Mmm,” he grinned. “I promise you won’t regret it.”

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