Marital and Sexual Bliss


As a man in my mid-sixties, I am in a state of sexual bliss. The sex in my marriage gets better and better, kinkier and kinkier as the years pass by. It was not unusual for my wife to walk up to me after 30 years of marriage with just her sexy panties on her beautiful body and say,

“Do you want me to suck your cock?”

I jump up quickly and she usually adds,

“Get undressed. I’ll meet you in the bedroom in a few minutes.”

My marriage started like most. There was wild and crazy passionate sex that both of us enjoyed a lot. My wife and I could not fuck enough. We had sex everywhere and anywhere. As we aged, it became more about making sure both of us got as much pleasure as possible each and every time.

My wife and I were in the health club business. She was an aerobic instructor with an amazingly beautiful, tight ass that had that “fuck me” look in a leotard. She had that big ass, a skinny waist and beautiful tits that looked massive because her waist is so small. Her nipples are very large and very special. I bought her a shelf bra at Fredericks of Hollywood for a present. I love seeing a hint of her nipples when we go out to dinner.

We fucked in my office at the health club, on the couch in the lobby, in the showers and even in the sauna. Most of this fucking was after hours, but once in a while we had to fuck each other somewhere while the club was open.

Maybe it was our very fit bodies, but my wife wanted to fuck as much as I did. The time we fucked in the sauna we were in the building after closing getting ready to lock up.

I said, “Let’s go downstairs for a minute.”

We walked into the men’s locker room to check on supplies and my wife said,

“Let’s fuck in the men’s locker room.”

We undressed each other and I quickly had a real hard cock. We fucked in the showers, on the benches and near the sink and mirrors. Watching my cock go in and out of my wife’s pussy from behind in the large mirrors was very erotic. Eventually, my wife opened the sauna door and bent over with her hands on one of the benches. I stood behind her and drove my cock into her from behind that very special ass. She loves my hands on her hips driving my cock into her wet, tight pussy. I was fucking the ass so many guys wanted as they watched the girls walk to and from our aerobics room.

My wife loves getting back-doored. We had been at it for over 30 minutes and my wife’s ass felt soooo good as my cock pounded it and my balls hit her ass. She was dripping wet and her pussy just sucked my cock tight with every stroke. Eventually, I exploded a gigantic cum load into her. I had kept my cowboy boots on while we fucked. My big cum load dripped out of her pussy and onto my boots. I told my wife I’m never removing that stain from these boots. I’ll use that on my boots to always remember this day.

She said, “I love you.”

We attended a Health Club Convention in Las Vegas. It was filled with lots of learning during the day and lots of fucking at night. On the red eye flight home to the east coast most of the plane was asleep, including one of my best female employees in the row in front of us. My wife and I were the only passengers in our row with an empty seat next to us. My wife whispered in my ear,

“I want to suck your cock right now. Unzip your pants.”

I looked around and didn’t see anybody bahis firmaları looking at us so I did. My wife put her face in my lap and covered herself with a blanket the flight attendant passes out. I was in oral heaven in seconds. The combination of the great blow job along with the fact we were in a commercial plane, a mile high, with an employee in the row in front of us and people all around us had me cumming very quickly. My wife got a mouth full of cum. She removed the blanket and smiled with that special smile as I quickly buckled my belt and zipped my pants.

My wife whispered, “Now we are members of the mile high club.”

We attended an outdoor racquetball tournament in Columbus, Ohio. I was eliminated far too quickly, so I asked a friend if I could use his apartment to take a shower. My wife and I went to the apartment and like every other occasion she wanted to fuck after I got out of the shower. We started fucking, but I felt very strong sexually that day. Usually when I cum we rest and she gets me hard again after I play with her clit or suck her nipples. On this occasion I stayed in her after cumming and continued to stroke her pussy slowly.

I got hard within a minute or so. My wife and I counted this special day and remember me cumming five loads, an all-time record for me. My wife has had five orgasm many times, but my five cum load day was so special it is one of our memorable days. Needless to say, we returned to the tournament much later than expected and with far bigger smiles than expected.

My wife and I have fucked behind restaurants, on the beach, in the Gulf of Mexico, on a hotel balcony in Asia, in a high rise parking garage and more. I am so lucky to have a wife who is always eager to fuck. She loves putting Amaretto on my nipples and cock and sucking it off with enthusiasm.

Then something happened to pick up the pace. I never thought it was possible for our sex life to improve, but it happened. I was required to travel to Asia for my teaching position with the local state university. My wife had to stay home. Her job would not allow an entire month away. That trip turned into nightly phone conversations about what we both wanted upon my return. We used Skype and she showed me her pussy and amazing tits 10,000 miles from home. The daytime included steamy emails adding to the fantasies. On one particular phone conversation my wife gave me directions on touching my cock and nipples while she told me how she was touching herself. I had great phone sex and found myself screaming my wife’s name as cum exploded all over my chest.

When I arrived home the phone sex, erotic emails and sensual texts continued. It took sex from something we did when we were not tired at night to something we talked about and planned constantly. This form of communication became the ideal means of communicating fantasies to each other which we acted out together. We were communicating so well my wife and I openly talked about sex a lot. When my wife and I go to dinner the conversation is seldom about the day’s activities. It is almost always about fucking when we get home; what we want to do and how we want to do it.

At this time my wife became aware of my panty fetish or maybe she even created it by looking so good in panties and by encouraging me by shopping with me to buy her panties. Asking to suck my cock in panties kaçak iddaa standing in the living room also contributed. She taught me how enjoyable nipple pleasure could be and even experimented with a butt plug on me during one vacation. I never knew sex could be so great and my body had so many pleasure zones.

My wife read books to get creative ideas about sex. She is currently reading the 50 Shades of Grey books. Nothing could stop her desire to fuck me and get fucked as often and kinky as possible. I often asked her to leave her panties on and would fuck her from behind and watch my cock go in and out of her sweet panties and pussy.

My wife always knew I loved her panties. As I said we regularly shop together for her panties. In fact, we love to eat on Friday night at a restaurant near a Victoria Secrets. We walk there after dinner and buy panties for her to wear the next night or the rest of the week. My wife says she has enough panties. I believe you can never have enough panties and I love the fact the ladies know us at VS.

At one point I talked to my wife about my desire to wear panties. She said she liked real masculine men and did not prefer me in panties.

I let the idea go for a few months and brought it up again. I even wore a pair of her silk panties out to the kitchen before we went out to dinner one night and said,

“How do I look in these panties.”

She said, “Take them off. I don’t like it.”

I didn’t want to give up so I showed her Internet sites that sold male panties. I bought a few pairs; a silk pink thong and a pair of black silk panties with a pouch in front for my package. When they arrived she said,

“Why did you buy these?”

I said, “I want to feel special when we go out together and look nice when you take my clothes off.”

She didn’t say much. I put the pink thong on and walked out to show her. Her eyes lit up and she had a big smile.

She said, “Wow, you look good in those.”

That was the start of me wearing panties. I wore them first on special occasions, but quickly was wearing them almost every day. My wife really got into it and told me how great it looked and how amazing my cock and balls felt in my silk panties. Then on Valentine’s Day I thought I was getting no gifts at all. I wasn’t worried because I knew I would get fucked real good that night. My wife and I went out to dinner. She had the excited look on her face.

She handed me a small bag and said, “Here’s your Valentines Day present. Go put them on and throw away the underwear you have on.”

She gave me a fishnet thong that shows my cock and balls very clearly.

She added, “I can’t wait to get home and see you in these and fuck your brains out.”

I didn’t think our sex life could get much better, but we are fucking even more and are communicating even more. Life could not get better for both of us.

Last week we went to dinner and my wife put a little velvet pouch on the table before our food arrived. I opened it and found two Ben Wa Balls and a small bottle of lube. I was so excited.

She said, “I’m going to put these in before we go home.”

I absolutely was in ecstasy. That night was one of the best fucks we ever had.

At dinner I told my wife I wish there was something similar I could do. When we got home I went immediately to our toy storage kaçak bahis and pulled out the butt plug. I lubed it real well and inserted it into my ass hole. I walked to the kitchen where my wife was having a glass of wine. I was wearing just my black silk panties.

I said, “I have a surprise for you.” I turned my ass to her and pulled the panties down to reveal my butt plug.

She said, “Why did you insert the butt plug? That’s my job.”

We walked hand in hand to the bedroom. I undressed my wife slowly kissing her all over her body. The Ben Wa had a string attached to them. I removed them from my wife’s pussy with my teeth and licked the nectar off of them. I love the taste and smell of my wife’s nectar. I love pulling on my wife’s pussy lips with my lips. I love tonguing her clit and even sucking on it when it gets larger and hard. This night I gave my wife’s pussy and extra bit of affection. I love trying to stick my tongue as deep as possible into her love tunnel.

My wife played with my balls and cock in my black silk panties as she sat on the side of the bed and I stood in front of her. I played with her nipples. They are so big and get so hard. She has 36D tits that bring both of us so much pleasure. I asked my wife if she would pleasure my nipples. As always she agreed. I propped some pillows in front of the headboard and she sat up there wearing just her panties. Those big tits looked so good. I sat in front of her between her legs with the back of my head on her tits. I had my hands on her legs. I put some coconut lotion on my nipples. She knows I love it when she teases the tips of my nipples. Eventually she starts doing what she knows she would enjoy. The pleasure gets so intense I start to moan. The more intense the pleasure builds the more I want my cock in her. It’s hard to control myself when she focuses on my nipples like this. Eventually, I move away from her and stand at the side of the bed. I ask her to lean over the bed so I can fuck her from behind. I give her plenty of cock to thank her for massaging my nipples. I then ask her to get on her back on the edge of the bed. I’m standing at the edge and she is on her back. My hips are free to give her plenty of thrusting. I can pleasure her tits and nipples this way. We’ve been at it for at least 30 minutes and I’m loving every second. The butt plug is still in me. Her favorite position is riding me cowgirl style. We switch to that and every time she pounds her pussy down onto my dick the butt plug massages my prostate.

I ask my wife to roll off of my cock and back onto the bed. She does and I get on my hands and knees in front of her.

I say, “Work my ass with the butt plug, please.”

She starts stroking my ass with the plug ever so slowly. I have my head on the silk sheets and my ass in the air for easy access. I ask her to do me faster and deeper. She does and the pleasure is through the roof. At this point I’ve had my nipples on fire with pleasure, my cock in my wife’s tight, sloppy wet pussy and now my ass feeling better than ever before.

I roll over and get back onto my wife. She is on her back first, but then I roll her over on her side. I’m behind her on my knees. I fuck her hard and fast. She is moaning and screaming. I cum the biggest load ever and fall to her side my heart racing. We both are content and love our lives together.

I love my wife and her attitude towards sex. We are older now, but it just gets better and better. I have no idea what is next, but I can’t wait to find out. We are heading to the Adult Toy store tonight to shop for adventure.

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