Mary, Mary


Author’s note; This story serves as a prequel to the series known as Richie’s Place and documents how one of the resident came to the house.

Mary Delaney sat alone in the silent living room of her Ohio home. The last of the mourners had left and night was approaching. Though she had largely given them up, she watched the smoke drag upward from her cigarette. She stared at the framed photo of her with Bill, her now late husband.

He had been such a perfect provider for her.

Bill was a successful CPA and they had a lovely home in an upscale neighborhood and a small circle of friends they socialized with.

He was such a good provider for her.

Though the culture had begun to change around them, it had largely stayed out of their comfortable existence. Mary volunteered for Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential campaign in 1968 and was excited when told she and her co-workers would meet the Senator on his way to the convention in Chicago that summer. She mourned with the nation when his campaign ended so sadly.

He provided such a good life for her.

How could he have ended it the way he did?

She learned that the massive and fatal heart attack he suffered was not from the stress of tax season, as she’d been told, but from the attentions of his secretary, Debbie.

And now she was alone.

Mary looked out the picture window at the house across the street owned by their friends Ed & Sally Randall. She’d been friends with Sally since High School, her husband Ed was an ex-Marine and equally successful real estate developer and their home featured a grand swimming area that was the scene of many summer parties where the drinks and laughter flowed equally.

She looked around the room, so many mementos of their time together. She decided that it might be best to call it a night, begin the next chapter of her life in the morning.

As she undressed, she glanced in her closet and saw the silky nightgown she often wore. He’d always loved her in it. Bill had been a tender lover, though she wondered if there was more to sex than what she did with him. He loved her body, her large DD tits and always welcoming pussy. So why was their lovemaking confined to him on top of her? She’d heard whispers of self-help books that promised to “spice up” their sex lives but figured why mess with a good thing?

After all, he was such a good provider for her.

She turned off the air conditioner, the evening quiet and cool breeze felt nice on her body. She neatly folded the black dress she’d worn most of the day and hung it up in her closet. Over her shoulder she could see Bill’s closet, the sliding doors were open. His suits neatly hung and organized according to color and style, sharply pressed, neat as a pin. Shoes arranged equally and always shined to a mirror finish.

And behind the shoes a cardboard box, one she’d never noticed before and would have only seen at his office. It was the kind accountants kept ledgers or other important items in. Bill was not one to keep personal things in boxes like this. And when it came to their financial papers, it was scrupulously organized and kept in the file cabinets in his den or the antique banker’s safe he’d been given by a retiring client. Curiosity now got the better of her and she pulled the box out of the closet.

Written on a label were dates; “1-66 through present”

What could that mean?

She removed the box top. Inside were neatly stacked issues of Playboy magazine, in order by dates, starting in January of 1966. Each issue was kept inside a plastic envelope with a white sticker indicating the issue date, Playmate and the subject of that month’s interview. There was even a letter grade for the Playmate. She wasn’t shocked or angry. Looking at the front covers she saw subscriber labels with his name and his office address. She’d always heard about this magazine but never really looked through an issue closely.

Nothing to stop her now, she thought.

Still clad in just her bra and panties, she took a few issues out and took them to the king-size bed she’d shared with Bill. Its sheets felt nice and cool against her body. The TV was on, the sound low in the dim room

She began to read the magazine like she would any other. She soon came upon the centerfold, and she hesitantly opened its folds. She breathed in slightly and wondered if this was what turned Bill on. The woman was beautiful, she knew that. But her tits weren’t as big as hers, and there was no pussy to be found. She had this little hussy beat, that’s for sure.

She had a pussy, alright.

She saw the girl’s name, Diane Chandler, Miss September 1966. OK, not bad, she thought. Dianne had short and cute brown hair. Her tits looked very nice, maybe C cup size. She looked like the college girls she saw around town. Cute ass too from what she could see.

She took out another issue and flipped through that one too. She was intrigued at the variety of girls in the magazine. All different types, it seemed. Some were blondes, bahis firmaları some brunettes, even a few redheads. Just then, she glanced up and saw her reflection in the large mirror over her dresser. A larger, antique one hung on an opposite wall. She thought how it must look, her reading Playboy magazine in just her underwear, looking at pictures of naked women. That just wasn’t done. It was un-ladylike. It was beneath her standing in the community. It was so naughty.

And suddenly she was starting to like it.

Mary got off the bed and took an issue over to the dresser and opened a centerfold. The busty blonde in the centerfold looked a little like that actress Angie Dickinson she’d seen in the Sinatra movie “Oceans 11”. She and Bill loved Sinatra and his buddies, he’d been lucky enough to get tickets through a client to one of his shows when they went to Las Vegas and she felt so glamorous that night.

Oh, the memories.

Mary looked at the centerfold again. She boldly reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her big tits were freed and she struck a pose like the centerfold. With her flaming red hair, she felt just as glamorous and exotic. Then wondered what if she went further?

Mary slid her panties down, exposing the red bush between her legs. She now stood naked before the mirror. Those centerfolds never looked like this, naked as the day they were born. She actually liked what she saw and it intrigued her looking at these other girls in the magazine. She’d never thought to look at any of her girlfriends when they were all younger and back in high school. But she knew a few had looked at her, at her growing chest. It was not proper.

Proper? Was it proper what Bill had done to her with his young secretary? What did she have that Mary didn’t?

As the night went on, she lay naked on her bed with the magazines sprawled out around her. What she saw and read continued to intrigue her. The variety of the girls, all so pretty, she wondered what it felt like to be so desired by men just on a photograph alone

What was out there?

Around 2 AM, she finally fell asleep. It was mid-morning when she awoke, still naked on the bed. She reached for her robe, but then thought, why bother? She did her normal morning routine totally naked. It felt so liberating in a way as she sipped her coffee and read the morning paper at her kitchen table, completely naked.

The more she thought about it, the more she knew there was something else out there. Something she’d never fully experienced. And reading those magazines Bill had kept hidden from her only reinforced that belief, but where to start?

A few days later she met with their attorney, an old friend of theirs who informed her that as his wife, she was the sole heir to his estate. Bill’s careful accounting had made her a rich woman. Their house was nearly paid off and there were two cars in the garage, a Cadillac for Bill and a Mustang convertible for her. But she saw no need to gloat, whatever arrangements Bill had made would continue for her. If she wanted to make any changes in her life, she’d be well cared for.

She had to find something new, to move on as it were. She was in no rush, the day was hers. She started off through the city park and went past a group of what seemed like high school boys, probably football players. She could hear some of them talking as she breezed by them.

“Whoa what a body on her.” One said

“Come on, she’s old enough to be your mom!” dismissed another.

“Better looking than Charlie’s mom, that’s for sure.”

It almost sounded like they were ogling her body, it made her smile. She made sure to look over her shoulder at them, like she heard what they’d said, and appreciated it. The look on their faces said it all. Especially one with brown hair wearing a blue jacket with a white racing stripe down the front, he caught her eye more than the others. He didn’t seem like other teenage boys with their Beatle haircuts, nor was he one of those hippie kids she sometimes saw. No, this one looked nice.

Perhaps she’d found what she was looking for. She smiled at the thought.

The routine of suburbia was still a part of her life. And the shopping centers were still part of it. Her food shopping was routine, one of these, a pound of that, a special price on this. She saw some of her friends there, other wives with demanding husbands. Well, maybe not demanding. As she went through the checkout line she chatted with one of them, Barbara from down the street. She was married to their lawyer and had been a big help to her in the time following Bill’s passing. Barbara was a slim brunette who’d once been a beauty queen, how she still had that body Mary didn’t know.

Her purchases rung up she suddenly saw who’d been bagging her groceries, it was the boy from the park who’d caught her eye.

Now, this was interesting, she thought!

“Um…would you like to me to carry your bags to your car, Ma’am?” he shyly asked

She’d been asked that so many times before kaçak iddaa but this was different.

“Oh, yes…that would be fine…” she said as she looked for his nametag before finally seeing his name “…Randy.”

Randy played second base on the baseball team at his high school. The supermarket job gave him extra cash which he hoped to put towards a car, or maybe a motorcycle like his friend Danny had, though he knew his parents would be firmly against it. Now he was in the presence of the lady he and his friends had gawked at that day in the day in the park. His friends were a mix of athletes and car guys, with a few secret stoners mixed in.

As they went out to her car, he wondered if he should dare say something to her, she felt the same way. She’d driven her white Mustang this day and he quickly loaded things into the trunk.

“Thanks, Randy…I’ve seen you before haven’t I?”

“Oh, uh, yeah I-I think I saw you in the park the other day.”

“Yes, that’s it.” She said “you were with some other guys, right?”

“Yes, they’re just uh, guys I hang around with.” He stammered

“From school?”

“Uh-huh…that’s it.”

“How long have you been working here, I don’t seem to recall seeing you before?”

“I just started a couple of weeks ago. It’s just to get some extra cash, you know.”

“I see.” Mary replied as she reached into her purse “Well, consider this some extra cash.”

Mary handed him a ten dollar bill

“I’ll see you around, Randy.” She said as she got into her car

“Uh, yes…” he said then quickly added “Thank you Ma’am!”

Mary slid her sunglasses down

“Oh, please, call me Mary, Mary Delaney.” She said with a sly smile added

“Right, okay.” Randy said with a small wave as she drove away

Mary looked into the rearview mirror at Randy, then gleefully laughed

As the seasons changed, she continued her new life, as it were. She still socialized with their friends like before. She still missed her husband, still wondered what lay ahead for her.

But her weekly shopping trips took on a whole new meaning as she made sure to have Randy handle her bags every time. She looked forward to the chats they had each time, and she loved the effect her little flirtations had on him.

One thing that had changed was a newfound confidence in her body. She suddenly enjoyed being naked in her home. When the sun went down, her clothes came off.

Pretty soon summertime arrived. It had been a long cold winter, and she welcomed the long hot days ahead.

“Mary, I’m not taking no for answer.” Sally said on the phone one hot day “You’re coming over and cooling off in our pool. It’ll be just like old times. Besides, I think you’re due for some fun.”

“OK, Sal, I never could win an argument with you.”

“Great, see you in a while. I’ll leave the front door open for you.

Ed and Sally had done a big renovation of their backyard during the spring and Mary was eager to see the results. Sally was right, she was due for some fun. Those football guys in the park still lingered in her mind, though.

If she could, what would she have done with Randy, the one who gave her the eye, or all of them for that matter? All of them looked good, nice and strong from all that football. She thought about Randy especially. As she got out her swimsuit and undressed, she paused as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her naked body looked good. Her tits were nice and big, and her pussy inviting to that person lucky enough to see it. What would Randy do? He looked so nice. Mary’s hands began to wander her body as she thought about Randy, what would he think of her body? What would his friends think? Her fingers began to softly touch her pussy, she was wet. She now lay on the bed, her fingers now softly rubbing her pussy, the feelings of pleasure came over her, it had been so long since she felt them. Her finger now dipped inside her pussy and she gasped slightly. It went inside her again, a little deeper this time. She was overcome with passion and pleasure the more she did this, she wanted it. Her breaths came fast and furious. Oh, how she wanted to feel the touch of another man, the way his hands would be on her. All over her body, yes, she was close now, she could feel it coming, that feeling, like a wave of ultimate pleasure, it was here! She cried out loudly in her bedroom as she felt every bit of her orgasm, it felt so good! She could feel the moisture on her fingers. She took one and gave it a lick, she tasted good.

Once she’d regained her composure, she sat up and looked at herself in the mirror. She felt so sexy.

She knew what she wanted now, and by coincidence, Mother Hubbard’s cupboard was a little bare.

But how could she do it? How could she tell a young grocery boy that she desired him? She’d have to plan this out somehow. For now though she was looking forward to an afternoon at her friend’s pool.

She quickly grabbed her one-piece swimsuit and threw it into a tote bag with some suntan kaçak bahis lotion and her sunglasses, she figured Sally wouldn’t mind if she changed over there.

She headed across the street to Sally’s house and knocked on the front door before opening it slightly and calling out her friends’ name.

“Come on in!” Sally yelled from outside

Sally Randall came in from the backyard. Mary was taken aback when she approached and saw her thin pink robe untied and she was naked underneath.

“Uh, did I come at a bad time?” Mary asked hesitantly

“No, not at all!” she replied “just working on an all over tan, you should try it.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.”

“Come on, no one’s gonna see you. It’s why we put that big wall around the yard, remember?”

“I see, but still…I feel a little funny about…”

“Being naked? Don’t be, you’ll be fine. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked.”

She was right. Mary and Sally had gone to school together and spent many summers at a nearby lake with their families. Sally’s body was equally beautiful, she had thick blonde hair and her breasts were as big as Mary’s, they were two busty beauties all right. But whereas Mary had been self-conscious about hers, Sally didn’t mind the attention from the boys.

“If you’re still nervous, wear this ’til you feel comfortable” she said as she took off her robe and handed it to Mary “I’ll get us some drinks, iced tea OK?”

“Yes, that’ll be fine” Mary said as Sally walked off naked towards the kitchen

Mary was still uncertain about all this as she stood naked in their bathroom, but a quick glance at herself in the mirror made her think back to just a little while ago, being naked in her bedroom and dreaming about Randy. Maybe she should get used to this. She quickly stripped and boldly walked out into the sunlit backyard carrying the robe, she wouldn’t need it.

“Wow, Mary you look great!” Sally said as she sat up from the chaise lounge she’d been lying on.

“This just feels so weird!” she said nervously as she looked around and then sat down on another lounger “isn’t Ed home about this time? What if he sees me?”

“Aw, don’t worry about it.” Sally said as she handed her a drink “he’s on a business trip and won’t be home ’til later tonight. It feels good the way sun hits you doesn’t it?”

“You’re right about that.”

“I was nervous too my first time. So was Ed when we went out to that resort last summer.”

“What resort was that?”

“The one in Florida, it was a naturist’s resort.”

“A naturist’s resort? What’s that?”

“They’re also called nudists’ colonies.”

“You’re kidding me?” Mary said, shocked “you mean one of those places where…” her voice drifted off. Sally nodded her head.

“You and Ed went to one of those places?”

“Uh-huh. It was, well something I’ll say that.”

“That’s crazy!”

“I thought so too. But after awhile, it was pretty nice.”

“But, my god, Sally! Naked people staring at you, that’s just so strange.”

“Well, lemme tell you what’s not strange, honey” she said “Ed and I had more sex that weekend than anytime since we got married.”

Mary held her hand to her mouth in shock.

“I was so sore when we got home, all that fucking.” She giggled

“Well, of course. There were so many pretty girls there, I’ll bet it drove Ed crazy.”

“Mary, it wasn’t just pretty girls.”


“It was the men there too.”

“Oh, my…” she somehow said

“It was…wonderful.” Sally said with her eyes closed and a look of pleasure on her face

“But…but that just seems like cheating if you ask me.”

“Not if Ed’s there, he felt the same as you. We both went there with an open mind, we still love each other. That’s what’s most important. I think it brought us closer together too.”

Mary was still unsure what to think of this.

“I know how much you loved Bill and all, but don’t shut the door to new experiences, Mary. I think Bill would feel the same way, he’d want you to be happy.”

New experiences, she could relate to that. She’d been eyeing Randy, wondering if she could get together with him somehow. Now her best friend was telling her of a wild time she’d had with her husband.

“Tell me more.” Mary said

“About what?”

“The resort, the men…what did you do?”

Sally smiled

“Oh, everything!” she said with a smile “It was like a big beach party, but we’d sneak off with other couples and…”

“Other couples?”

“Uh-huh, like those parties we went to as teenagers at the lake. We’d have a couple of drinks, talk for a bit and then we might go off into the woods or back to our cabin with them.”

Mary and Sally were both lying face down on the loungers letting the sun warm their skin. Mary was rapt-eyed as Sally continued.

“We swam naked in the pool all the time, we even fucked in the pool one night.”

“What about the other couples?”

“Oh, yes. There was one couple there, I think they were from Georgia, they brought their son with them.”

“What! But that’s illegal isn’t it?”

“No, no, he was old enough. They wanted him to have sex with someone they could trust…and guess what Mary?”

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