Me , Katie in the Caribbean Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – Me, Katie and the Couples massage:

Katie is a friend of my wife and I, in Chapter 1 of this series ‘Me & Katie in the Caribbean’ you can read about how I ended up on holiday with Katie instead of Penny, and how we’d been getting to know each other better over the holiday so far…

We’d been given a voucher for a free 1 hour couples massage when we’d arrived at the hotel, so one afternoon we went to the Spa to cash it in just before our 4pm appointment. The spa marketed itself as a ‘palace of peace and tranquility’ and it certainly lived up to the billing when we stepped through the door; the Air Con was quiet and powerful so the place was cool, the trickle from the water feature and soothing music was designed to slow the heart rate, and the staff’s hushed tones at the reception desk was definitely different to the bubbly persona of the front desk staff. I handed over the voucher to the girl behind reception whose name tag said ‘Maz’.

I’m terrible with guessing ages but to me Maz looked about 21, she was slightly curvy with a little puppy fat on her, but her ass was huge and bosom was plentiful, all her assets were on display as her crisp white ‘scrubs’ style uniform tunic was at least one size too small for her. Her ample breasts were pushed together so tightly there was no cleavage gap – just a crease as her two fabulous melons met.

As she led us through to the massage rooms the only additional noise was the slight squeak and noise of her flip-flops on the tiled floor. I could just make out the red lacy trim of her panties as they poked out of the top of her white yoga pants and the shadow of the black material as it disappeared down towards her crack.

Inside the room there were 2 massage tables spaced about a metre apart, the room wasn’t dark but the lighting was soft and low, with the same music playing as we’d heard in reception. There was a bookshelf with the oils and several sets of rocks, the kind you see stacked in artsy canvas prints in reception waiting areas; to be honest I think they were the exact same ones that there was a picture of in the Spa’s reception area. Maz handed us each a towel and asked us to get undressed and lay face down on the tables. We’d gotten used to be naked around each other so it was no big deal to just strip right down and get ourselves ready.

When Maz came back in she was joined by her colleague Jasmine. Jasmine looked a bit older than Maz, maybe 25 or 26. She had a very curvy figure and seemed to have the same tunic as Maz but Jasmine was also wearing the matching trousers rather than the tight fitting yoga pants that Maz was wearing.

Maz collected a bottle of oil and went over to Katie; she leaned in close to her:

“Sweetie, just holler if I’m pressing to hard or you don’t like something. I’m told my hands are magical but at times they can be a little rough.”

Katie lifted herself slightly out of the face hole in the table and said, “You won’t need to worry about me, I get a sports massage every week after I ride my horse. You can go as deep as you want.”

As Katie got herself back into position Jasmine wandered over to my table and asked with more than a hint of playfulness:

“Do you like it rough as well sir?”

“Ha, no thanks,” I said, “I’m a real Jessie when it comes to rub-downs, just give me the nice and relaxing basics and I’m good.”

“Pity…” she said quietly as she adjusted my towel to gain unrestricted access to my back, it had been covering me from my shoulders to the back of my knees but was now neatly folded at the very base of my lower back without exposing my arse. I couldn’t see Katie as all I could see through the face hole in my massage table were Jasmine’s feet but I assumed Katie and Maz had started in the same way.

The massage was fantastic, so slow and relaxing, I could feel myself drifting off slightly and then being re-awoken when Jasmine’s skilful hands moved my body into a slightly different position, I thought we’d been there for hours but when we were asked to turn over I could see from the oversized clock on the far wall it had only been 40 minutes.

My towel was safe and secure across my groin and I’d seen Katie’s when I turned over, hers was also protecting the modesty that she didn’t actually possess – just as I’d expected from a spa on-site at a top hotel.

Jasmine had rested my hand on her shoulder as she worked on each of my arms, I could tell she got a kick out of being great at her job; I was so relaxed I was like putty in her hands, she could have folded me in half and I’d have just sighed some more. She’d worked my Pecs and stomach slightly harder, and whilst my nipples had stiffened under her touch, my cock was almost as sleepy as I was. I say almost; I think it’s impossible for any guy to get a massage in a room with three great looking women and not be slightly aroused but I wasn’t sporting a tented towel or anything.

With about 10 minutes to go in our hour, the ladies were working on our feet in perfect unison when the mobile phone in Jasmine’s maltepe escort pocket flashed and vibrated discreetly. She placed my foot back down and left the room for a moment. When she came back in she looked more than a little flustered as she whispered into Maz’s ear, the spa girls shared a quick hug and Maz came back over to me. She was about to restart with my feet when I sat up and asked her what was wrong.

“It’s nothing sir, let’s get back to it.”

“I don’t know you but I can see you’re upset, what’s going on?”

“It’s my son – he’s hurt his ankle falling off his bike coming home from school.”

“What are you still doing here then? You should go check he’s OK.”

“He’ll have to wait, I can’t leave until the spa closes at 6pm.”

“Why not, surely if you need to go you need to go?”

“It’s not that Mr B, if I go they’ll dock my pay and I can’t be having that, not this week.”

I carefully got up from my table and went over to my shorts which were neatly in a pile in the corner. I took out my wallet and gave her the tip that she’d deserved for a thoroughly great massage, I told her that the massage was amazing and she’d done more than enough in the hour that 10 minutes wasn’t a problem. I also asked Maz to put us down for another 1 hour couples massage, that way Jasmine would have had to have been around until 6pm even if someone ‘thought’ they’d seen her running off early.

Jasmine looked at me and smiled, she gave me a bear hug squashing her bosom into my bare chest. I felt a bit self-conscious stood there wearing only a towel but mercifully the hug was short, then Jasmine scurried out of the room.

“That’s really good of you guys, but we were the only two in the spa today, so I can only massage one of you for the extra hour,” Maz said.

“That’s cool,” I said, “Katie looks like she’s having a nice massage and mine was great too. I’m sure we can each have you for 30 mins each if that’s OK?”

They both smiled at me and nodded; I got myself back onto my table and lay on my side so I could watch Maz work on Katie’s athletic body. I think Maz wondered if I was going to get bored waiting for my turn but I was very happy watching the professional way she manipulated Katie’s body, I also really enjoyed looking at the level of bliss that was radiating from Katie as she lay there. Her regular sports massage back home was not going to feel anywhere near as good next week.

“I’d have this done every day if I could,” said Katie, “You need to learn some of Maz’s skills!”

“If it means I get to massage you, I’ll book a course as soon as we get home.”

“You wanna learn now?” Maz asked, “After what you just did for Jas, I’d be happy to show you some techniques, the first hour’s up so I’ve pretty much done her everywhere.”

I didn’t need to ask Katie if she was OK with it, I could tell by the look on her face that this was just about to get fun!

I wrapped my towel tightly round my waist so it would stay nice and secure and wandered over to Katie’s table and stood alongside Maz, who’d got the bottle of oil ready for me.

I held my hands out and she placed a small drop into each palm. She worked it into my skin firmly as our hands danced around each other until they were lightly covered and warmed up.

“That’s lesson 1, too much oil is bad for a proper massage, you need enough to let your hands glide but you still want some friction, it warms the skin and the muscle underneath.”

“Got it, so where do we start?” I enquired.

“I was about to do Mrs B’s shoulders so we’ll start there.”

I stood on one side of the table and Maz was on the other, I was mimicking her movements as best I could as we worked on the shoulder joint itself, and then onto Katie’s clavicles. Our hands were moving slowly with purpose, and Katie was quick with the compliments.

“This is the first time I’ve had a ‘4 hand’ massage, it’d great so far, I’ll recommend you for a job as a spa if you get bored of your office.”

“I’d happily pay to do this all day,” I said, before realising that was exactly what I was doing already.

Maz looked at me and giggled, working out me and Katie were both pretty fun people and that she could have a little fun with us too. Quite often at big hotels the only people with the cheeky patter are the entertainment and bar staff, everyone else is very polite but also quite quiet and reserved. Maz was starting to cast aside the working professional side of her personality.

“OK, we’ve done the top of the shoulders, now it’s time for the neck and that’s really a 2 hand task.” Maz said.

I started to slightly back away from the table but she pulled me back and said, “No, your lesson is not over yet.”

She positioned me directly behind Katie’s head at the end of the massage table, she had me shuffle forwards as far as I could go and moved Katie as far back as she could go also so my towel covered cock was only an inch away from the top of Katie’s head. Maz then slipped in behind me and placed my hands maltepe escort bayan on Katie’s neck then put her hands directly on top of mine.

“I move, you move, OK Mr B?” she said.

“All good boss, and it’s Alan by the way, but you can call me Al. I hate being called Mr B and it’s definitely not ‘Mrs B’ either, she’s at home! This is Katie…” I said, which was true, but Maz just laughed, assuming that I was just making a joke.

“OK Al, with the neck it’s all about circles so tiny the client can barely tell your hands are moving.”

Maz and I began to work on Katie’s neck and we were rewarded with a low deep sigh, my teacher must have been instructing me well as Katie seemed to drift further and further away from reality. She later told me that she felt like she was floating away from the table which I took as a massive compliment of my newly found skills.

After we’d worked on Katie’s neck Maz moved my hands to the very top of Katie’s chest. My fingers were brushing the top of the towel that was covering her breasts at the end of each stroke. I knew Katie would be fine with a full-body massage but I wasn’t sure if Maz would want to leave the room or ask us to finish off back in our room.

As the strokes Maz and I were making up and down Katie’s shoulders and chest got longer and longer Maz ended up with her entire body pressed tightly up against my back. I wanted my arms to push further towards Katie’s breasts so I suggested that Maz and I swap places. As we swapped I immediately regretted doing so when I realised I’d just signed myself up to having my rapidly stiffening cock pressed up against Maz’s super-tight yoga pants.

Swapping places allowed Maz to reach further along the length of Katie’s pecs, closer and closer to her nipples which I could just make out even though they were hidden under her towel, they must have been like bullets to be visible under such a thick and fluffy towel. Our hands had started reaching the top of Katie’s breasts at the bottom of each stroke.

“Some ladies don’t like to have their chest done, but it’s an important group of muscles and it feels great too, you don’t mind do you missus?” Maz said.

“No way, I’m really enjoying myself, right now I think this is the best spa I’ve EVER been to…” Katie said and with the next stroke of our arms, the pretence of just doing the top of Katie’s chest was gone. We crossed the entirety of Katie’s firm breasts squashing over her erect nipples in each direction as we worked our hands all the way to her belly button and back. All this work has pushed the towel further south; it was now only covering Katie from her belly button downwards. Katie’s nipples looked harder than I’d ever seen them, sticking up proudly towards the ceiling.

I worried I was really taking advantage of Maz’s wish to keep us happy in Jasmine’s absence, at the bottom of each stroke her chest was almost completely covering Katie’s face and the whole of my front was basically superglued to Maz’s back. My biceps were also brushing the sides of Maz’s breasts as we rocked back and forwards.

I thought I should check if she was OK with all of it and give her an easy way to change the situation.

“How’s my technique? I wouldn’t want to upset my amazing teacher on my first day.” I said as we made another pass across Katie’s breasts.

“You’re doing great sweetie, we get mainly prudes and wrinkled up prunes in here, it’s kinda fun to do some stuff I’d never do with them, or with Jas in the room!” she said, setting my mind as ease that she was enjoying our extra session as much as Katie and I were.

“Cool, tell me off if I get anything wrong…” I said, making it as clear as I could that although we were having fun she could back off at any time.

“Honey, I bet you flinch before I do!”

That assertion was just about to be tested, my tightly tucked in towel was becoming looser with every pass, based on what she’d just said I decided I didn’t need to worry when it fell to the ground. My cock sprang upwards when the weight of the towel was released and it whacked her on the arse.

Realising what had just happened she half turned around and said, “Wow, I wasn’t thinking of that sort of flinching. I’m glad that towel’s gone though, you didn’t look very comfortable in it. It’s getting hot in here and I don’t want any more oil on my uniform as I’ve lost my spare so I need this one to be pretty clean in the morning.”

I expected her to move away from me and work on Katie from the side but she lifted her tunic over her head, unhooked her bra, and quickly tossed it aside. She asked me to remove her yoga pants too. Quick as a flash I dropped to my knees and pulled them down, leaving her panties in place, she lifted one leg then the other to be free of their tightness. We re-assumed our previous positions, Maz’s and my hands resuming their slow path from Katie’s collarbone to her belly button. As we approached the bottom of our stroke it was no longer Maz’s tunic that was covering Katie’s face – it was maltepe escort bayan Maz’s uncovered breasts. Katie gave them a kiss on their first pass and placed her hands on them on the second. Katie looked at Maz for encouragement as she did so; a simple nod was all that was needed.

I was feeling ready to explode already, I’d been working on the gorgeous Katie, and being pressed up against the nearly naked Maz was getting to be too much, I feared if I came it would signal the end of our fun, so I backed off from Maz. There really was only so long I could have taken with my cock firmly nestled in her ass crevice, so warm and soft, with the occasional firmness of the lacy material of Maz’s panties causing friction as my cock dragged across it.

As I moved round to the side of the massage table Katie took one hand off of Maz’s breast and held my cock gently, I knew I’d not last long so when I caught Katie’s eye I shook my head gently, she knew what I was trying to communicate so she let go of my cock and took my hand instead, she pushed it towards her pussy. I removed the towel and dropped it on the floor. I looked at Maz, partly to check we were still OK and partly for some instruction. Maz moved round to the opposite side of the massage table to me and once again I mirrored Maz’s movements as we lifted Katie’s legs and massaged all over her hips and the very tops of her thighs, we occasionally grazed her mound and bare pussy lips but we stayed away from her clit and I refrained from sticking a finger in her to draw it out as long as we could.

Katie was moaning and I thought she’d be able orgasm without it but she begged for her clit and soaking wet hole to get some attention. I wasn’t going to tell her no! Maz worked on her clit while I inserted one finger, then two, two became three, and when I tucked my pinkie finger into the shape Katie was being stretched to the limit with four, she was bucking and squirming as much as I’d ever seen in real life. Katie’s arms were flailing around so much she’d forgotten about playing with Maz’s breasts but she didn’t seem to mind. Katie’s orgasm was huge; she squirted all over the table, all over my hands, all over Maz’s hands, and all over the floor around the table. Katie lay totally spent on the table panting so hard I swear could see her heart beating in her chest as it rose and fell.

After a minute or two, Katie was capable of speech again:

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had without a cock in me!! Thank you…”

“It’s not yet 5.30, is it time for Al to get a turn?” Maz said.

“I’m game if you are, but it’s been so good already, I’m definitely gonna see to it you get Employee of the Year!” I said.

“Wouldn’t be fair for just one of you to get the happy ending, we don’t normally do that here but for you, it’s OK.”

I didn’t need to be told twice so I got up onto the table, it was still soaking wet from Katie’s orgasm, Katie even slipped slightly on the wet tiled floor as she jumped down.

Maz’s instructions for Katie started off similarly to mine, their bodies were close but they were concentrating firmly on the job in hand – making sure I was happy. Having the 4 hands swiping all over my body was wonderful, I’d enjoyed the relaxing massage from Jasmine but now I was so worked up all I wanted to do was come as hard as I could.

Their hands teased my chest, then they worked down either side to my legs, pushing swiftly back and forth from my ankles to my hips. At the end of each stroke I was given a little treat where one or two hands would snake around my cock and balls. I was in heaven just lying there but I wanted to get a bit more hands on too, with beautiful women stood either side of me I was spoiled for choice. I ran my hand up and down Maz’s side, her smooth skin so soft and perfect. I moved my hand further up and cupped her breast gently. I used my index finger to trace circles round the edge of her Areola. She sighed deeply as I continued to tease her just as much as she and Katie were teasing me. It was Katie that decided to crank it up a notch; she walked round to the foot of the table and climbed on, as she shimmied up the table my legs parted slightly until she was kneeling just below my crotch. She carefully leaned in until her lips were millimetres from the throbbing head of my cock.

Maz had turned her gaze to see what Katie would do next, my hand was still on Maz’s breast but I too had been distracted by Katie. She looked me in the eye and winked, then wrapped her cherry lips around my shaft; she took me deeper and deeper until her bottom lip was touching my balls. I moaned loudly as she started to move up and down my cock with speed. My orgasm was building and I knew I was close. Maz could sense it to, she also leaned over me and held her breasts together and placed them over my face so I could bury myself in them and nuzzle them without affecting Katie’s work on my throbbing cock. I came with a bang, filling Katie’s mouth over and over. As much as she tried to swallow all that I gave her she was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cum and the speed at which it was shooting out of me. Some had spilled down onto my stomach and some had hit Maz on her breast too. Once I’d been milked dry Katie leaned over to Maz and lifted her breast to lick off the remaining evidence of our encounter.

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