This story was written and submitted more than 10 years ago under my previous profile. I hope you enjoy it.


Many years ago, separated from my first wife and before I met my current wife, I spent a lot of time on one of the popular online hookup sites.

I spent most of my time in a chat room, and one day I started up a chat with a woman who lived in my town. We continued to chat in private for a few nights, until one day we realized we worked right across the street from each other.

Our chats were getting progressively hotter, and by now we’d exchanged phone numbers. We had phone sex a few times, me stroking my cock while listening to her fucking herself with a toy. Then one night, it happened.

“Do you want to get fucked?” she asked.

“You know I do, Beverly, but you’re a married woman,” I said, not really caring but giving her the out if she decided to take it.

“And he’s out of town,” she replied firmly.

“Tell me where you live,” I said, and I couldn’t help rubbing my shaft a little in anticipation.

“Neighbors might see your car in the drive,” she said.”Meet me in the parking lot of that Embassy Suites in 15 minutes, and I’ll drive you to the house in my car.”

Needless to say, I was there in about 7 minutes flat.

Beverly pulled up next to me in her SUV, and I quickly got in the passenger seat. She leaned over, and my mouth covered hers instantly, our tongues sliding together, all the pent-up lust and hunger coming out in that one kiss.

I would bahis firmaları have jumped her right there in the car, or gone in and gotten a room for the night, but she seemed turned on by the idea of fucking in the bed she shared with her husband. Truth is, so was I, so off we went.

Her house was ten minutes away, and the whole time she’s driving, she’s reaching over with her free hand, rubbing my cock through my pants.

Once the garage door was safely closed behind us, we were out of the car and in through the kitchen. She insisted on giving me a tour, telling me she was saving the bedroom for last.

By the time we made it to the den, Beverly turned to me and said, “How about another one of those kisses?”

But I had something else in mind, and I turned her around, went to my knees, and started kissing the small of her back, where she had a tat that worked its way all the way down to the cleft in that delectable ass.

I slid her shorts down just enough to kiss the very end of that tat, and was delighted to find her naked underneath.

She sucked in her breath and turned quickly, pulling me up to her. “In the bedroom now,” she said fiercely.

Of course, I obliged, taking her hand and letting her lead the way.

I pushed her back on the bed and fell in next to her, our mouths again locked together, our hands now roaming freely all over each other’s bodies. I looked up, saw a picture of Beverly and the hubby on the nightstand, and then forcefully pulled her shorts down and off. Seems cheating was making my lust kaçak iddaa rise as well.

She tugged her t-shirt over her head, and pulled mine off as I started down her body. I spent long minutes sucking and licking and gently biting her nipples.

I was running my hands up and down her body while I did, occasionally brushing my hand over her mound, but careful not to give her a finger inside just yet.

She started pushing my shoulders and head down.

“My pussy – I want your mouth on it. Do it, lick me, lick my hot cunt,” she panted.

How could I not comply?

Pushing her legs apart, I started just by rubbing my face and forehead over her slit. I loved getting her wetness all over me, and I literally planted my nose in her slit, rubbing my face up and down.

Finally I snaked my tongue out and started taking, long, slurping, broad strokes up her slit, sliding my tongue inside her, then bringing it up to swirl around her clit.

As I sucked and licked her slit, I put my hands under her hips and then pushed her legs way back. I ran my tongue over her asshole, giving it a little swirl, then stabbing it at the opening, and she goes completely crazy.

“Omifuckinggod, yes, lick my fucking ass!” she screamed.

I worked both my thumbs around to her hole and sort of “tapped” at her ass while my mouth went back to her pussy. She was bucking her hips like mad now, and it was all I could do keep my mouth and hands on her.

“Give me your cock, baby, let me taste it,” Beverly said, so I started sliding around, kaçak bahis not letting my mouth leave her cunt, and straddled her head.

She reached up and grasped my shaft, and I eagerly sank it in her waiting mouth.

I rarely get to be on top when I 69 with a woman, but I love to do it because it really gives me a chance to fuck her mouth.

I’m tongue-fucking her pussy, rubbing a finger over her asshole and then swirling my tongue over her clit. She’s got me deep in her mouth when she’s not licking my balls, and I feel the cum starting to rise.

I grind my face into her cunt, and when I force a finger into her tight back door, she loses it.

She started moaning around my cock and grabbed my ass to force me deeper into her mouth. She digs her nails into my ass, pulling me in, and my face is drenched with her juice as she began to shake and cum.

I’m pumping her mouth when the first spasm shakes me, and I start emptying into her mouth. She’s holding me, swallowing my cum, and when I sort of growl and flip over onto my back, she covers my face with that dripping pussy, sliding her hips up and down and rocking on my face.

She milks the last drops from my cock, disengages her cunt from my face, and starts kissing her way up my body. I feel her letting the cum drip back onto my belly and chest, where she then licks and slurps it back up again.

Finally, she’s crawled all the way up, and with our feet at opposite ends of the bed, her head even with mine, she brings her mouth down on my lips.

We were in some sort of weird upside down kiss, more licking at each other’s mouths and faces than anything. The shared taste and smell of our cum is all over both of us, and I know this is just the beginning of adulterous fun.

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