Morning Seduction Ch. 02

Big Cock

Lee’s limp dick drew Ruth’s still-hungry eyes, her breasts still glistening with the occasional cum spot left over from Lee’s cleanup service. That devious smile morphed into a soft kiss against Lee’s mouth as she played with his flaccid penis, swirling her tongue around his while roaming her hands around his chest. He used this opportunity to touch her bare breasts, softly turning and pinching her nipples that made her gasp against his mouth in response. He broke off the kiss and traveled down her neck, until he was face-to-face with the soft pink of her areolas. A tender kiss laid upon the skin underneath her breast, a soft lick located near her pink circle, and the occasional breath of hot air against her sensitive nipples; Lee’s mouth traveled everywhere except the nipple, which teased her to no end. Ruth edged her breast into his mouth, but he refused the invitation, instead traveling around the breasts once more. She grew frustrated, but he quelled her desire with quick, soft licks that only teased her nipples more.

Breast play was common between them, and Ruth had a love-hate relationship with his teasing nature. Suck them please, whispered Ruth. Lee objected, smiling. If only you had the milk I wanted, he teased. This was a common fantasy between both parties: Ruth, overflowing with milk, desire, and an ache that could only be solved through Lee’s generous mouth. They weren’t interested in kids, however, so Lee teased her with the fantasy.

Ruth smiled in response, especially when she saw his cock hardening once more. Not so fast, she objected, when Lee guided bahis firmaları her hand toward it. She swirled him around so that she sat in the chair once more, legs spread across the arms of the chair. Lee and his semi gazed longingly at her wetness, but Ruth read his mind and quickly corrected him. Mouth first, cock after, she commanded. Lee’s cock sprang to full attention as he descended to his knees and prayed the only way he knew how: a patient, observing mouth with a desire to explore every inch of Ruth’s sopping wet cunt.

Her white, nigh-translucent thighs had the color of a nice pale cream. Lee would argue that they’re even nicer to lick and suckle, all the way down until the white recedes and her pink lips appear. He loved licking the crevice between her leg and pussy, that sensitive line between erotica and sex. He let his tongue wander to a single pussy lip and would suckle it gentle, but only for a moment. Ruth loved the wait, but she was particularly anxious to have her clitoris touched by his tongue today. She wrapped her hands around his brown hair and attempted to guide him to no avail. She was at his mercy, at least temporarily speaking. It was her tightness and wetness that drove him, and this always helped her ecstasy. When he made the finally, methodical trip from the very bottom of her soaking cunt to her rigid button, she knew he was dying to be inside her. His tongue circled slowly, deliberately, edging up against it every now and then to send a shockwave across her body.

She imagined his hardness plunging into her. Or would she be on top? kaçak iddaa She attempted to decide while fighting spasms in her legs as he gently moved her clitoris. A few minutes later he began to suckle on it. She found it increasingly harder to concentrate on the vision of his piston deep inside her womb. He alternated between the lovingly suckle and the pressure-sensitive lick. She imagined him expanding inside her, barely able to stand her tightness. Finally, an extended tongue rub broke Ruth and she flooded Lee’s mouth with sweet, tangy cum. He lapped it up as gently as he could, not wanting to ruin her post-orgasm bliss. She pulled his head up and kissed him, tasted her own juices, and grabbed his throbbing cock in one swift motion. He was throbbing and eager, so Ruth rushed to set him in the chair and straddle him.

They kissed, briefly, and Ruth took that as an opportunity to guide his cock into her warmth. She felt his moan against her lips, which she returned as his length slowly slid and filled her. Lee resumed his favorite pastime of suckling and kissing her breasts while she slowly started to gyrate on top. Lee wrapped his hands around her hips, guiding her messy, wet cunt up and down his length. Ruth always felt sublime, but her pussy was extra warm and welcoming after oral. He distracted himself from the pleasure of it all by wrapping his hands around her ass, which he tenderly rubbed and massaged as she moved. Lee couldn’t resist, however, traveling his hands gently across her bum, until she felt a lone finger penetrate her ass. Her ass was extra tight as he filled kaçak bahis her, and her motions quickened in response to the surprise pleasure. He kissed her eagerly, with swirling, passionate tongues as her pussy clenched around him. They consumed each other with a vigor and thoroughness that neither of their past lovers had offered, which benefited both of them greatly.

After several moments of her pussy driving him wild from one direction, Ruth turned around to put her feet on the floor, lifting herself up off his cock with her legs. Lee knew that Ruth was aware how the position drove him crazy. He chewed his lip as her pussy grew tighter and her pace quickened as she received more and more pleasure. Her clit was too sensitive to rub at this point, so she overcompensated by fucking Lee’s rigid cock as thoroughly as possible. She attempted to rub his balls but her hands were swatted away—they had swelled, and so her face turned into the lascivious greed she exuded in moments like those. She slammed her pussy more forcefully and felt his cock grew. Lee responded by playing with her ass more enthusiastically, which only spurred her desire further.

Finally, with a sudden and violent shift within her pussy walls, she began to came and tighten around him. This pushed his fragile form over the edge, and so he pumped in response. Pumped what cum he had left in his body inside her, and she fascinated about that as her pussy tingled. She pictured her cunt squeezing the last drops of his swollen, well-treated balls into her cunt. I love leaving the last bit in your womb, he cooed against her sweaty body. She smiled—the male ego, territorial to the last dirty drop. Lee knew she didn’t mind, and kissed her tenderly. They both sat and caressed one another in the glow of a satisfying morning.

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