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We had known each other for months by the time we actually met face to face. By this time there had been the almost daily exchanges of erotic correspondence, followed by the trading of photos showing how aroused we were by each others’ words. There had been many telephone conversations, which invariably ended with both of us masturbating, each listening to the other’s fantasies, voice, breath. The way you sounded at orgasm never failed to bring on my ejaculation.

When we did meet at the motel, we decided to play, at least this first time, by the same rules that had bound us up to this time – after all, we had never touched, never kissed, never held each other. In this way, each of us could preserve a feeble semblance of fidelity – we could do anything but touch each other.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t have plenty of ideas of what we could do.

Standing on opposite sides of the bed, we began to unbutton our shirts, me slipping mine off to reveal my shoulders and chest, yours falling to the floor to reveal your brassiere that held the fullness of your breasts that I had so often longed to see. You sensed my excitement and slowly reached back to unclasp your bra, and you carefully slid it off your body, showing me little bit by bit more of your breasts until finally your nipples came into view. They were already hardened; you put your hand to your mouth, finding some saliva and then stroking it over one of your nipples, massaging, tugging with your fingers. “That’s me, baby,” I said to you. “Just think of it as my fingers touching you like that…”

Your breath quickened as you pinched your nipples hard between your fingers. I could hear the arousal in your voice as you ask me to get undressed all the way for you, to show you what you’ve been dreaming about all this time. The sound of my zipper is loud in the room, and you watch intently as I slowly lower my pants.

As you watch me, you feel yourself getting damp, your heart pounding beneath your breasts, which rise and fall with each breath you take. You slip the buttons of your skirt loose, bahis firmaları letting it drop to the floor. Your fingers graze your pussy as you watch my pants slide down my legs, revealing the hard bulge in my boxers.

Seeing your skirt slip off your body onto the floor — revealing the skin of your stomach, the curve of your hips, the softness of your thighs — I tug at the waistband of my boxers, indeed I have to pull it out some distance to be able to draw the garment out to clear my erection, which then becomes visible to you — my cock jutting upwards from my hips — you first notice the swollen bulb at the end, engorged with blood it is nearly purple; then your eyes trace downwards to my shaft — you can see clearly the lattice of veins along the stalk, and the tube that runs along the underside of my shaft — the tube through which my semen will travel as it is urgently propelled out of me. You notice how my entire cock bobs up and down — literally reflecting the beats of my heart, which pounds hard in my chest given my proximity to you. And your eyes travel down to the wrinkled skin of my scrotum, lying in folds around the base of my cock, and the bulges of my two balls that hang inside.

You kneel down in front of me, your face inches away — “Don’t,” I say abruptly, “don’t forget our rules — no touching.” And you smile up at me then close your eyes and inhale — taking in that special scent of male genitals — it makes you gasp and you look around, confused as to what to do next — you get up and sit on the edge of the bed, overwhelmed by your desire, flustered at your inability to taste it fully.

“It’s your turn now,” I gently remind you. And you lay back on the bed and slowly, oh so slowly, ease your panties down over your hips, showing first your pubic hair and then I can see, nestled within it, your outer lips — they seem swollen already — and then I notice your inner lips protruding between them. And I notice the first hint of your scent in the air. Now it’s my turn to gasp…

I’m glad you did what you did — it’s just what I wanted you to kaçak iddaa do — you pull your legs apart and you come open — ahh, I can hear that sucking sound, the air rushing into you and pushing air from inside you out into the room — I inhale and can smell you, smell deep within you, the smell is deep, musky, warm….

And yes I am stroking my cock now, my fist sliding up and down the shaft, and on the upswing my fingers glide up over the head, then back down, my hand serving as a pussy of sorts, as I stand over you, your legs spread wide to show me as you play with yourself, as you slip your finger inside and bringing your moisture out, rubbing your shiny wet finger over your clit. My cock is enormously hard now and I am very aroused, my breathing deep and rapid.

You show me so well. Your legs pulled up to your sides, leaving your gaping pussy there before me, your pubic hair matted with your own wetness, your pussy lips spread open, your throbbing clit visible to me as your fingers slide down the side of your clit and up again — your breath catches. I bend down over you and you can feel my breath warm on your swollen wet pussy, and I can feel your heat, smell you — my lips extend towards you — but — no — I mustn’t — and I reach down to pick up your panties that you had dropped to the floor.

I brush them lightly against my scrotum — so sensitive there, the touch of the fabric on the wrinkled pink skin — my balls lift up against my body in response, signaling at the same time my intense arousal and that my ejaculation is near. I lift your panties to my face, touching the crotch of them to my lips — my lips now touching where your pussy lips so recently have been — I can just taste you so lightly, my tongue flicks out to lap the remnants of your secretions, I bury my nose in the fabric, inhaling your odor as I gaze down at your fingering yourself — and this, this is too much for me and my hips begin to buck at the empty air between us, my body humping up in an involuntary spasm — I quickly take your panties from my face and wrap them around my cock — just kaçak bahis as the hot liquid pooling at the base of my cock travels up the shaft — it feels like liquid pleasure as it rises up and then I squeeze, hard and it spurts out of me, filling the crotch of your panties as I look down at your face — you are watching me come, and I call out hard as I ejaculate once, twice, three, four times into your panties, before the intensity of the spasms begins to subside, and they still come, more gently now, my sperm flowing out of me into the fabric.

I drop your panties from my hand and they land on your belly — the first thing you feel is the warm wetness of my semen against your body. Urgently, you reach for your panties and rub them over yourself, smearing my sperm through your pubic hair, over your labia, over your clit, and then you feel, you feel the need to be filled up inside, and you take the cum soaked crotch of your panties and push it against your opening, your fingers pushing inside you, pushing the crotch of your panties up inside you until you are stuffed with the entire crotch of your panties — I can see them hanging out of you, your pussy lips clasping them, your hand stroking over your hairy thatch, fingers flicking your clit and your hips begin to rise off the bed.

I am watching you so closely, and even though I have just come, my cock begins again to grow stiff — I’ve never seen anything so stimulating, never recovered so quickly before — and there I am hard again, jacking myself off over you as your cries become louder and quicker now, your fingers clutching at yourself, pushing inside yourself, stroking over yourself until the waves of your orgasm overcome you at last like the surf of the ocean and you cry my name out breathlessly, your hips bucking against your hand — they only buck harder as you see that I’ve now ejaculated again — my semen flying out of me and landing on your pussy, emptying my balls onto you, soaking you as you rub your frantic fingers over yourself, rubbing my sperm into yourself, taking it inside yourself on your fingers and finally, once we have both finished, sliding your fingers out of yourself and up to your mouth, inserting them inside your lips and tasting our mingled fluids…

The next time, I promise, will be inside you.

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