New Year Kiss


We met New Year’s Eve, the count down a mere two minutes away. I sipped my drink, making eye contact with a slender figure sprawled out on the couch. Their combat boots on the table. I made my over to her, and sat down.

“No New Year’s kiss?” she asked with her drink against her lips. I was caught off guard by her question.

I felt her turn to look at me waiting for an answer. “5…4…” the crowd hummed. The loud music and crowd seemed far away from me at this point I was caught in the moment of being with this woman. “2…” I felt myself lean forward, I was relieved when I felt her lips against mine.

I felt her smile, she pulled back after what felt like forever. I sat in disbelief. She looked over to me questionably. “Sorry…I don’t usually do that.” I said quietly.

She let out a short laugh. “What? Kiss random strangers or kiss woman?” I smiled down at my feet.

“The first one.”

I spoke again. “Why are you sitting here alone?”

“I’m not, you’re here.” She said with a deviant smile.

I lightly rolled my eyes. “Okay why were you?”

“I didn’t bring a date.”

“But, the invites were specifically for couples… She cancel last minute?”

“No, I’m the host.”

“Oh…I’m sorry…um-”

“Why are you here?”

“I um… a friend…-” She got up and left.

I sat dumbfounded. ‘She really fucking left.’ I searched for my friends in the crowd. Finally finding one leaving the bathroom, Tiffany. We walk to her fiance Wayne. That’s when I see him talking to the woman from the couch.

He moves aside introducing us. She reaches out her hand, “I don’t believe we have met. I’m Liz.” I return her handshake “Bella” She holds a bit longer than usual, eye contact as well.

She stands back looks at all of us. “You three enjoy the party, I have business I must attend to.” With a nod she disappears.

Tiff and I dancing to the booming music, laughing, and having a great time. Wayne joined in. I yelled to them that I need to get some air as I started my way to the balcony.

People sat smoking in the chairs, I went to the other side. Liz was in the corner on the phone, she took a drag the red ring glowing letting the puff out as she spoke again.

Sounding very serious I looked away trying to mind my own business. Checking the messages on my phone, all from friends and family wishing me a happy New Year.

Liz had sat down her phone, she sat back with a foot on the table. I decided to give it one more shot.

I turned around and approached the small glass table. “Can I sit or are you going to run away from me again?” She took a hit. Studying me, letting the smoke out.

“Sorry” I took that as a yes and sat down.

“That’s all you got?” She eyed me from the side.

“You were stumbling.”


She shrugged. It was quiet, she continued smoking as she asked “Why did you kiss me?”

“…I…We all deserve a New Year’s kiss. And you were staring at me…” I look to her.

She gave me that deviant smile again. “What? You have a very nice butt.”

“Oh, so you were checking me out then?” We laughed.


She spoke again. “So Bella…What do you do?”

“I’m a Kindergarten teacher.”

“Mm,that has to be interesting.”

“Oh yes, the kids are a handful and the parents aren’t any better.”

I said with a smile. I could see the little twinge of a smile on her lips.

“Is it safe to assume you don’t have a girlfriend?” Liz asked. I blushed.

“Yes, I am very single.”

“Mmm why the very?”

“Oh um, my um ex cheated on me, since then I haven’t really dated or even talked to anyone.”

“Well that sucks.” She said.

“Yeah, well enough about me, what do you do for a living?”

She groaned before speaking. “I am an artist but I… I guess you can say that I lost my muse.”

“Mm and what happen to her?” I asked seeing right through her suit of armor. She eyed me smirking.

“Well for starters it wasn’t a great relationship, we fought a lot, we had started drifting apart, started talking to new people. We kind of just became roommates. We fucked one last time, as a goodbye, never seen her since, she left that morning.” Liz shrugged taking a swig of her drink.

The party had died a little, we had spent an hour talking. Tiff came out, “Bells there you are! Been searching for you.”

“I’ve been here.” I said.

“We uh are going to go to the car just wanted to make sure you’re okay…but I see Liz is great company.”

Liz smiled to her. “I can occupy her all night if you want.” She said. I couldn’t believe my ears. Tiff looked to the both of us.

“We will be in the car I’ll let you know if anything changes, uh can I see your purse real quick.” Tiff adjusted herself and her makeup, Liz threw her a rubber on the table.

Her eyes lit up, “God that’s why I love you.” She exclaimed kissing the both of us on the cheeks and running out.

I turn back to Liz who is looking out on the city. “So…” I say, she looks Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort to me.

“So?” She smiles.

“So…how are you going to keep me occupied?”

“Mmm…Lets go inside.” She got up motioning for me to follow, I shrugged and went for it.

Walking past the slow dancing bodies, the ones on the couch never pausing from their make out sessions, to the party animals still swimming in one last shot. We arrive to a room that has been made into a studio.

Paintings upon paintings lined the walls. naked women posing, some too invested in their company to look at the watching eyes. I was taken aback by how graphic some were and the details! “Wow…These are beautiful.”

“Thank you, but this isn’t why I brought you back here…” She said a little hesitantly. She seemed to have lost some of her confidence, almost like she didn’t know how to carry on with me.

“Oh yeah?” She turned around, leaning on the desk.

“Will you come here?” I eyed her… Why on earth would she want me there?

Standing in front of her, I looked up into her eyes. I felt a gentle but firm hand find its ways to my hip, pulling me closer. She kissed me again.

Her other hand was now behind my head, holding me as I melted into her. I could feel my nether region humming. I wanted this. She grabbed hold of my lip, feeling her teeth rake across it, god yes.

I NEEDED this, it had been so long since anyone made me feel this way. She stopped to look me in the eyes, I felt her power, her gentleness, her-her everything in that moment as she searched for my approval of the situation. I leaned in kissing her roughly, telling her I needed this more than ever.

We mashed together her sucking on my bottom lip, I let out a tiny moan, I felt her smile. She pulled me closer to her. Slowly she moved so that I was up against the desk. She lifted me up to sit on it, she was between my knees, right where I wanted her to be. I felt like I was shaking from the anticipation. Our lips met again.

Her hands trickled down my sides, running down my jean clad thighs, she pulled me closer to her with my knees. I felt her close, her body would brush against my lips here and there, the small friction creating a massive wave through my jeans. I felt her unbuttoning my pants, I panicked a little, grabbing her hand.

She looked up to me her hands disappeared. “You okay?” She asked gently.

“Um…yeah, I um…its been awhile…since I’ve done anything with another person. I’m sorry! I panicked…” She sat back.

“There is no reason to apologize. I am just as happy as enjoying your company tonight, we don’t have to have sex…If you still want to, we can take it a bit slower.”

I was flushed. “I um…Could I get some water?” I asked trying to settle myself.

“Of course, button up.” She said moving away from me and to the door for me to follow.

She shut the door behind me and followed me out, pointing to where to go for the kitchen, she got me a glass and filled it.

She sat on the counter as I took sips. “Is Bella short for something?” “Isabel.” I said with a smile.

“And Liz…Short for Elizabeth?”

“Bingo” She said swinging her feet.

“So, how long has it been?” She asked.

“Uh, about a year give or take.” I said shyly.

“Oh…” was all she said.

“Yeah, I’ve um gotten a little too used to my routine that I’d get frustrated with anyone who couldn’t do it how I wanted it. So I’d send them on their way.”

She laughed. “So…? Did I mess anything up then?” She asked looking up at me with a smile.

“No. You didn’t. It was different but I liked it a lot…I just got in my on way.”

“Mm” She said with a nod.

“But Elizabeth…I would like to try again…Seeing as much of a gentleman you are.”

She sat on her hands, “Tell me what you do when your alone.”

I felt my face get hot, “I um, I start by watching porn.”

“Mhm, what kind?”

“Uh mostly lesbian porn just regular, I like to use my vibrator on my clit and ride this suction cup dildo I have.”

“So, you’re on the floor then?” She asked trying to paint a picture in her head.

I knew what she was doing I wanted to tease her a bit, she wanted that photo in her mind so badly. I decided to give her every detail she asked for.

“On my knees, yes.” I answered back.

“How big is it?” Her voice was a bit husky.

“Um…a fair size.” It was quiet.

“So you love your clit to be played with, but have a tiny wild side where you like to be on top in charge.” She eyed me I could tell a whole bunch of scenarios were going through her head.

I smirked at her. “Do you want to find out?”

She dropped down from the counter. She pushed me up against the fridge, picking me up and placing me with care on the counter. She pushed me back a bit, unbuttoning my pants, kissing my stomach. The feeling of lips on my stomach was so foreign, I really enjoyed it, I didn’t even notice she removed my pants.

“You still good up there?” I heard her ask. I opened my eyes to see her waiting for a response, I nodded with a smile. “Then you wouldn’t mind if I take these off then?” She asked tracing my lips with a light finger over my lace panties. She sent my lips tingling. I shook my head.

She removed them, kissing down my inner leg, she handled me with such care. She started kissing up my thigh, nearing closer and closer. She spread my lips with her fingers. I nearly gasped, it was so nice having someone else do the work. I felt her hot mouth kiss my folds, she eased a finger inside me.

That’s when I felt the first wave of pleasure. She started slow, building with each thrust, she slipped two in me, ugh I could feel such the difference. I felt my clit twitching, it was her tongue.

She was flicking her tongue over my clit making me twitch. “Ugh, Liz…” I felt her slowly stop. “No, no, please keep going.” I begged. She did, I cupped the back of her head holding her closer. “Circles Liz” I panted. I was hungry, I felt her change her pace, with the circles she was slower. I started grinding against her face. I could feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach.

That intense pleasure of the build up, fuck I was so close. “Liz! Please don’t stop!” I felt her clamp down, holding my legs, she began a come hither motion, with her fingers, hitting my g-spot. I couldn’t hang on any longer. I felt it, the waves of my orgasm, she held me down so she could ride it out with me.

I was in my own world, that distinct orgasmic state. I lay there almost half awake, panting, I feel her gentle tongue lapping at my juices, I smile to myself.

I pull her up to me, we kiss tenderly, I held her close, panting in her ear. “You good?” she asks.

“Ha…Yes, that was amazing.” I kiss her neck.

“Good, there is more where that came from.” She said with a smile.

More?! “What more?” I asked.

“Would you like to join me in the bedroom…for the night?” She asked picking my pants up.

“Um, yeah…?” I didn’t know what to say, how could there be more, more of what we just did or more other stuff?

“You sure? What are you questioning?” She asked.

“Just…what more is there to do?” I asked innocently.

She furrowed her brows, “What?” she asked with a laugh.

“I-I don’t know…I haven’t ever been with a more dominant women like you…so.” I said shyly.

“Oh.” was all she said as she handed me my pants.

I slipped them on. “Well.” she spoke again. “There are plenty of toys we can play around with, positions, role playing if you think you would be into that, really a lot of stuff.”

“Okay, just let me tell Tiff.” I said. She gave me directions of where her room was. I found Tiff and Wayne on the couch nodding off. “Hey, guys, you can go home.”

“What?” Tiff asked surprised. “Your’e staying here…With her?”

“Yeah? Why?” I questioned everything.

“Just don’t get too attached. She sleeps around.” Tiff said getting up. She hugged me, I was lost in my thoughts as I watched them leave for the door. I didn’t know what to do.

I walked back to her room, I lightly knocked, she looked up from her phone, dressed in boxers and a t shirt, she got up. “Hello.” she said with a smile. Holding me by my waist she kissed my forehead.

“Everything okay?” she asked as she locked the door.

“Yeah.” was all I said.

I decided to make the best of the night. I latched onto her, pushing her up against the wall kissing her roughly. I could hear a low laughter from her. “What has gotten into you?” She asked playfully.

“Just wanting to have some fun, that’s all.” I said as I pushed her on to the bed, throwing my shirt on the floor to reveal my bust overflowing my bra. She smirked up to me. “Then fun we shall have.” She said as I climbed on top of her.

I got her shirt off to reveal breast smaller than mine but still more for my hands to take. I immediately went for her nipple. Sucking hard I heard her sharp intake of air, she gasped as I nibbled. I could feel her arching under me.

I slithered my hand down to her boxers, she was soaked, I brought her wetness up to her clit, rubbing hard and fast. Her hips bucking with my movements, groaning she was close I could see it. The way her face would tense up, her eyelid would twitch a little, it was actually kind of cute.

She opened her legs a little more for me to get her sensitive button, this did it, sent her over, I watched the build up in her face, the way she was trying so hard for this, she needed this just as I did earlier. All the frustration left her face as her orgasm exploded, she gave a gasped ‘fuck’ as she came, her body convulsed, lifting her off the bed.

It was intense, she landed on the bed gasping, she looked so peaceful looking up at me. I took my pants off and laid next to her. She grabbed and held me. “Fuck that was nice.” She said kissing me all over my face.

“No need to thank me.” I said.

“I know, but not a lot of girls ever do that for me.” She said with one more kiss.

“Get on your knees.” She said getting up. I did so, I felt her behind me, she kissed my butt cheeks. Without any warning she shoved two fingers into my pulsating slit. “Fuck!” I said with a groan.

“There she is!” She said happily. She curled her finger and thrust them in and out of me like there was no tomorrow, the foreign stimulation to my butt felt weird but so good. I think I orgamsed but it was different.

I heard the clicking of a tube of lube. I don’t need that I’m already wet enough. Before I could say anything I felt her hand slide over my puckered rosebud. Shit, she really isn’t going to…?! I thought. She eased a finger into me. “Good girl.”

I oddly found myself liking the praise. She slowly moved her finger in and out. It was so weird but soo good. The pressure, it sent me into a mind numbing ecstasy. I felt her shift behind me, and something was inserted into my slit.

It filled me, it felt so good to be that full. I felt her hips move, the object moved with her, a strap on! That’s what it was! “Jesus Liz…” I said under my breath.

“Yeah, you like this don’t you?” She said teasing.

“Shut up and fuck me already!” I hissed.

With that I felt a punch of pleasure into my stomach. She entangled her hand into my hair holding me closer to her as she pumped new waves into me with every thrust. I didn’t know what it was but something was building in me.

I had no choice but to voice my moans. Feeling that I had had enough I collapsed on the bed panting and moaning even though nothing was being done to me.

I felt her hands under me, pulling my hips up, I stayed, I was too weak to move. She used the lube again, she eased a butt plug into me. It pinched a little but got better. I could feel my body tensing at the new pleasure, and trying to create more. She kissed my cheeks.

She slowly made her way up my back, feeling her hot breath on random parts of my back gave me chills. She sucked at my neck, her hot breath on my ear. “Turn over beautiful, lie on your back.” She said. With some help I got there.

She held herself up by her elbows, kissing me, I felt that I was only living for her. She eased the dildo into me, I was so full. The pug and dildo met it was the most amazing feeling ever. She began to thrust slowly, I wrapped my legs around her. It was such an intimate rest of the night with her.

This sexy woman was here for me, her heat radiating onto me, her gasps in my ear and my moans and pleases in hers. She sped up, I felt like I wasn’t able to get enough. She was hitting it right where I needed it. She seemed to go forever until my lust was fulfilled.

I was so close, I could feel her knees slipping, I knew she was going to stop to get her grip, I grabbed her butt and pushed her inside me, her head popped up, we kissed as I moaned in her mouth. Seeing the stars explode behind my shut eyelids. She laid on top of me, deep inside me, her weight aiding to my pleasure against my pulsating folds. She watched my face for a reaction. She seemed to really enjoy watching me in my ecstasy.

She kissed me all over my face, Liz slowly pulled out, still kneeling she kissed my knees. She sat back on her feet. “Bella, would you like to keep going?” she asked gently.

“Mmmm, yes, please.”

She smirked down at me. “Turn over, ass up.” I complied. She played with the butt plug for a bit. Lubing it up more, sliding it in and out of me for sometime. She yanked it out, leaving my hole empty and gaping. She let out a light laughing.

I felt her shifting on the bed. Her hands ran over my bare ass. Without warning she shoved the dildo into me, all the way to my folds. I fell forward, my rear even more accessible to her. She ran her hand up my back.

Liz grabbed a fist full of hair, pulling me back up, my back arching. She began to pound me. I couldn’t help but moan. “Fuck…oh god…yes…yes!” My music only seemed to boost her. She held me still, my breast bouncing, fuck I didn’t care. My pussy ached for this. I could feel my insides tightening, about to turn.

“Shit… yes! Liz! Im-” With that she made her moves bigger, leaving me nearly empty and in a split second filling me to the brim. I felt like I was melting. I tried pulling away thinking that I was done. Liz gripped my hair and pulled me closer holding me, making me endure this until she was through. Fuck who was I kidding, I wasn’t done. She proved that to me.

I felt my insides strain once more, I let out a throaty moan before collapsing on the bed panting. She got up stumbling to the bathroom, she switched the light and curled up behind me.

We slept soundly in each others arms that night. Neither tossing and turning.

We woke, she kissed my nose before getting up. Throwing on some clothes, she left for the kitchen. She made breakfast, we talked some more before she sent me on my way.

It had been weeks since we spoke. I would day dream about her and wonder what she were up to. I summoned up the courage to go to her apartment. She answered the door half dressed, groggy, but surprised to see me. She leaned up against the doorway with her arm up. “Ms. Isabel. Why the visit?” She asked with a smile.

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