Sister Desiree Ch. 03 – The Priest


The Church of Gaea’s official policy was to respect all religions, as long as that respect was mutual. It was hard, however, to maintain a policy of respect when an Archbishop’s thunderous voice pronounced them a “Satanic sex cult, bile and wicked,” from the pulpit, and then posted the text of the whole sermon online. Sister Desiree didn’t object to the “sex cult” part, particularly, and the “wicked” she could live with, although the Church’s mission of healing and saving the planet seemed anything but. Still, “wicked” sounded delightfully naughty. But Satanic? And vile? That seemed unkind.

Which was how she found herself sitting demurely on a chair in the office of a young priest, separated from the cleric by a wide desk. Desiree was dressed conservatively by her standards—a thin white blouse, unbuttoned to show only the slightest amount of cleavage, although her black bra showed through. Her plaid skirt was positively long, coming to mid-thigh, and her shoes were Mary Janes with only the slightest heel. She felt like she was practically wearing a burka. Less than half as many people as usual swiveled their heads to stare at her on her walk, but it was a sacrifice she was willing to make.

Father Robert adjusted his clerical collar and cleared his throat. “You said you had matters of a spiritual nature to discuss. That you were interested in accepting our Lord as your Savior.” They were sitting in his office, a desk in between the two of them.

Desiree leaned forward, well aware that gave the priest a better look down her shirt. She’d chosen her outfit deliberately, hinting at Catholic schoolgirl. This was her first go at a priest, but she’d seduced two nuns earlier that month. She knew Father Robert knew about one of the nuns, who had forsaken their vows to join the Church of Gaea. Correctly, she had gauged that the chance to convert a Gaean to Catholicism as revenge revenge would be impossible to resist. When one team scored a few points, you wanted payback. It was only human, even if it wasn’t very divine.

“Well yes. I wasn’t raised Catholic, or anything, so I don’t really know what’s involved, but — tell me what our Lord would ask of me.”

Father Robert cleared his throat. “Well, you would have to be baptized.”

“That involves getting dunked in water?”

“No, just a sprinkle will do,” said Father Robert, taking a quick peek at her chest, the kind men thought wasn’t noticed.

“I thought I might have to take my clothes off.”

“Um, no. We don’t, um, there is no taking clothes off here.” The priest wiped his brow.


“And then you would have to take classes, before being confirmed.”

“Tell me, Father, is it true that priests like you are totally celibate?”

A pause. “Yes.”

“Not even a little on the side, when no one is looking?”

He cleared his throat again. “God is always looking.”

“Is God looking down my blouse, like you are?”

Father Robert escort ataşehir shook his head. “The flesh is weak. Would you mind sitting up straighter?”

“Of course not.” Desiree straightened up. “Nuns don’t get any either?” In the Church of Gaea, young ladies who dedicated themselves to the church were called “Alls” in contrast to the “Nones” of some established religions. Sister Desiree was an All herself, although she hadn’t told Father Robert that. Her name had been Linda Thompson before, and she had been raised Baptist before her whole family converted. She was not nearly as ignorant as she was pretending to be.

“They are married to the Lord, young lady. Do you think that is your calling?”

“If they are married to God, doesn’t he, like, owe them a little marital bliss?”

“God doesn’t owe them. We all owe God, who sacrificed his only son so that we might have eternal life.” She could see he was sweating.

“They don’t even, you know, get it on with each other in the convent? A little girl-girl action wouldn’t count, would it?”

“That would be completely forbidden,” said Robertm sweating. “Unions between members of the same sex are a sin against God.”

“Wow, I won’t be a nun, then,” said Desiree, standing from the chair and moving toward the desk. She bent over it again. “Sex is amazing. Really, it’s the best thing ever. And it heals, Father.”

The Church of Gaea had grown rapidly because Gaea provided a real miracle. Sex with one of Gaea’s initiated members cured almost every disease known to man. The “Gaea virus” spread from the initiate to the person they shared fluids with, destroying all other transmittable pathogens, but the virus did not live long enough to be transmittable in anyone who wasn’t initiated.

“You didn’t really come to join us,” said the Father, as Desiree sat on his desk, bare legs and cleavage seductively displayed. “You’re one of them.”

“I’m an All, Father. That means I have sex with as many people as I can. It means I’ll have sex with you. It can be our little secret.”

“No. Begone!”

“I’m not from Satan, Father. I can’t be exorcised.” She unbuttoned a button and leaned over, blouse gaping. “I’m from Gaea.” She ran a finger along his cheek, then down the side of his neck. “The Goddess. The one who actually works to make this world, Her world, a better place. And part of the way we make it a better place is by taking care of cocks like yours. It’s hard, isn’t it? It’s been so long, and you’ve been looking down my blouse the whole time I’ve been talking to you, thinking how my breasts would feel in your hands. Just a feel wouldn’t break your vow, would it? You know you want to.”

His hands fluttered as if he was imagining it, and she moved so was on all fours in front of him. He stopped his hands at the last minute. “No,” he said. “If I do that, I’ll just want more.”

“That’s natural. That’s how you were made, by whoever kadıköy escort made you, God or Goddess. Of course you have lustful thoughts. Did you ever have lustful thoughts about Sister Mary, Father?”

Again the pause. “No.”

“Isn’t lying a sin, Father? I can tell you’re lying. You did. She saw you looking at her. Here, I have something from her.” She hopped off the desk and bent over to get it from her purse. She’d tested the skirt. It was too long to ride up all the way, but he’d at least be seeing a good deal of leg.

She took out a photograph and pushed it onto the table. “Isn’t she lovely?”

In spite of himself, Robert looked. Sister Mary, once a nun, was kneeling naked, her mouth open as if waiting to receive a cock. Her eyes were full of desire. He looked long enough for Desiree to around the desk.

“I’ll suck your cock while you think of Sister Mary, Father.” Desiree pushed the wheeled chair the priest sat on away from the desk. She knelt before him.


“Look on the back.”

The priest reached forward to turn the photo over. Perhaps he thought he was protecting himself from the image. Desiree knew what he was reading. “If you let my Sister Desiree have her way, I’ll fuck you, Father. I’ve always wanted to. Always thought about it. I think I have a thing for father figures. Signed, Sister Mary.”

While he read it, Desiree unzipped his pants.

“This is…” began Father Robert.

“Exactly what you hoped would happen when you agreed to see me, deep down,” said Desiree. “You can stop me, if you want. You’re a lot stronger than me, I’m sure. Stop me from doing this.” She pulled his cock free, and gave it a tug. “Stop me from doing this.” She licked the tip and looked up at him with big doe eyes. She’d practiced that move in the mirror.

He couldn’t resist. Her tongue was the best thing he’d ever felt, until she opened her lips and slid his cock into her warm wet mouth and it felt even better. He didn’t move away as Desiree bobbed up and down on the shaft. He let her tongue swirl along the underside of his hard thick cock and then tease the tip again. He gripped the photo tightly, and slowly he turned it over again to see the naked ex-nun. He had lusted after Sister Mary for a long time, and to see her posed so provocatively was way too much. He knew if he’d had this photo before he would have kept it, stashed in some secret place. That he’d stare at it while he jerked himself off.

Desiree lifted her head and smiled at him. “It’s been so long for you, hasn’t it? So much pent-up sexual energy. It’s sexy, in a way. And I’m going to make you feel so much better.”

Then she deep throated him.

He let her keep going, until the cum rose, and then he grabbed her head as he neared the point of no return. He even forgot about Sister Mary’s photo for a moment, as she took him to heaven. He didn’t notice her touch a button on her watch as his cock swelled maltepe escort bayan in her mouth.

“I’m sorry, God, I’m only human,” the priest said, and then groaned.

As he flooded Desiree’s mouth with his hot cum, the first time he’d had an orgasm with another person since college, the door opened. Sister Agnes stood in the doorway, her eyes wide.

“Father!” she exclaimed.

I can explain, he wanted to say, but he couldn’t explain. He’d been caught. He hadn’t been a hundred percent sure that God could see what he was doing, because even the faithful have a little doubt. But Sister Agnes had seen for sure. He looked at Desiree.

She opened her mouth, showed him his cum on her tongue, and then swallowed. “Let’s go fuck Sister Mary next, like we talked about, Father. We can have a threesome.” She stood up, looking surprised. Had she really just noticed Sister Agnes? “Oh! We have a visitor. Aren’t you a lovely thing. Would you like to fuck Father Robert?”

Sister Agnes ran away.

There was no turning back now, realized Father Robert. “I am destroyed. Finished.”

Sister Desiree pressed his head to her chest, and said softly, “No, you are just beginning.” Her breasts felt so warm and soft. He reached up and gave one a squeeze, and she didn’t object.

“Beginning what?” he asked.

“The rest of your life,” Desiree said. “Freedom. Doing far more good in the world than you can do here, telling people how to live while you lust after nuns, telling them how to run a marriage when you’ve never been married. Mary tells me you were a carpenter once, and that you miss building things. You can make things again, Robert, with sustainably harvested woods, that people can use.” Sister Mary had told her about that yen.

He missed making things. He took every chance he got to do a bit around the Church, but fixing things up wasn’t the same as crafting something beautiful starting with planks. He’d told a priest once that the feeling of creation from almost nothing made him feel like God. The priest told him that was a sacrilege.

He slipped his collar out of his shirt and put it on the table. Coming in Desiree’s mouth felt better than anything he’d felt in his life. He stood, and let Desiree take his hand, and guide him out the door, down the hall, and to a waiting car. Sister Mary waited in the backseat.

“Get in back,” Desiree said. “You two have some lost time to make up for. I’ll drive.”

Sister Agnes watched the car go and smiled. She had played her part well, and she had confidence that the priest would be happier now. Surely the Creator did not give men and women libidos only to tell them to stay chaste.

Kissing Desiree a few weeks ago had changed her. Unlike Sister Mary, she had no pent-up lust for the priest, or any other man. She’d thought she had no lust at all, until Desiree had opened up her mind to loving women.

“Gaea be praised,” she mouthed, as the car vanished from sight. If all went according to plan, Mary would suck his cock all the way to the Church of Gaea. Better her than me, but I can’t wait to get my hands on Sister Desiree again. And then I, too, will leave this place of chastity for a better life.

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