Skating Lessons Ch. 6


Still tingling with pleasure the morning after my lover exposed me to new sensual delights, I sat at the dining room table, sipping jasmine tea and reading the Sunday paper. Wrapped in my favorite warm house robe with my tucked beneath me I absently flipped the pages of the paper looking for stories of interest.

Picking up my croissant I tore a piece off savoring the warm buttery taste. I put down the main section opening the rest of the paper searching for something of interest. I pulled out the sports page and usually discard it for little interest when the top headline and a color picture caught my eye.

There he was, my lover plastered across the front page of the sports section. A silly smile covered my face as I saw that now familiar flashy grin and sexy green eyes. Then I noticed the wording on the headline.


My heart felt like a ten pound weight had been dropped on it as I read the article. My lover was a free agent and was seeking a new contract with other teams. I felt my eyes begin to well up with tears.

My mind was racing thinking how he had never mentioned thinking of leaving St. Louis. We had spent the last several months together as lovers. Last night had been the most incredible night of love making I had ever experienced.

Then the tears and sadness began to turn to anger at this man who had brought me such pleasure. After reading the paper however, a growing rage welled inside me feeling used and I decided then and there that I would get even not angry.


I pendik escort had picked up tickets just to the right of the players bench for the weekend hockey game. I had purchased a new leather skirt and white silk blouse.

Noticing the looks of appreciation from the fans sitting around me I decided the outfit had the desired result I was looking for tonight. I had just found my seat when the team began to walk out onto the ice.

From my seat close to the stairs, I could see them as they filed out to the ice one by one. I hadn’t told my lover I would be at the game tonight.

I watched as the team lined up to practice shooting the puck toward Johnson. I noticed my lover was very focused on the game but then he turned his head my direction.

I slowly stood up and slid my black leather jacket off letting it fall to the chair. I could tell he saw me by the quick flash of his grin across his sexy face. I slid my fingers through my long blonde hair then slowly down across the front of my white silk blouse. My fingers continued sliding down along my full hips in the short leather skirt. Slowly smoothing my fingertips along the hem.

Smiling wickedly I let my tongue gently slide across my lips as I turned around and ever so slowly bent down as I reached inside my purse. I felt the soft leather sliding up my black stockings slowly edging higher and higher.

Slowly wiggling my hip side to side I continued to look for something inside my purse. Slowly standing and reaching back I gently slid my skirt down a little.

Turning maltepe escort around I could see he was next in line to skate toward the puck. I smiled as I saw him a little off balance and missing the pass his teammate shot to him.

I decided things were going as planned so far. I met his eyes as he skated back to the end of the line. I slowly unwrapped the tootsie roll pop and let it slide inside my mouth. My lips sliding slowly over the end taking it completely inside my mouth. My tongue sliding around the candy savoring the cherry flavor.

Slowly pulling the tootsie pop from my mouth, I slowly let my tongue flick out and lick soft little strokes around the edges. I could see my lover sucking on his bottom lip and glaring at me.

I let my fingers slide up across my white silk blouse gently caressing as I kept sucking slowly on the tootsie roll pop. Ever so often, my tongue would slide out and lick around the edges of my lips.

My nipples were now aroused from touching them and the cold air in the rink. Through the sheer white lace bra you could see the puckered nipples outlined against the white silk shirt.

The team finished warming up and I noticed my lover staring at me full of passion. His eyes never left mine as he skated to the bench. I sat down again in my seat slowly bringing my soda to my lips. I placed the straw between my full lips slowly sliding the straw up and down then finally sucking a small amount of the soda.

I could almost hear his groan all the way to my seat. I noticed one of the trainers kartal escort bending over saying something to him and I smiled as he was saying something that looked like trying to reassure the trainer he was all right.

I kept this up through the first then the second period. Slowly teasing and taunting him in every way I could think of without giving him much of a break.

Finally we were at the end of the second period and I reached into my purse. Pulling out the envelope I had written earlier I looked for my friend who stood at the steps and usually handed me candy from the teams supply.

Catching his eye I waved him over to the side of the railing. He smiled seeing me and I handed him the envelope with my lovers name on it. He looked up at me and smiled. I knew at the end of the period he would give it to my lover.

I watched in silence and smiled seductively to my lover as he walked from the ice toward the locker rooms. His eyes met mine with that now familiar hungry look he had when he wanted to make love quickly without preliminaries.

I noticed the other guy slipping him the envelope as I was standing putting on my leather jacket. I smiled at him slowly mouthing …”later”…as I stood and walked away. He looked surprised and a little confused as he walked toward the locker rooms. I wondered what his reaction would be when he opened the envelope with the room key inside.

I had left a small piece of paper with a room number and the electronic door key for a room at The Ritz Carlton. I decided no words were really necessary and he would meet me there after the game.

I smiled as I walked away though realizing he had no idea what he was in for tonight. I looked down at my watch and laughed realizing that in about another two hours he would be right where I wanted him…

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