Slaves of the Desert Compound 07


Perfumed, made up, and dressed only in an embroidered shift that barely covered her buttocks and that revealed her most intimate parts at the smallest bend, Jella knocked at the door of the returned lord’s room. She went in, carrying a tray, and immediately bowed respectfully. With her eyes respectfully downcast, she heard her savior say in a tone full of good humor

“Well, don’t drop my dinner!”

She moved quickly to lay out the repast on the table, arranging the various dishes and cups, and not till she had completed that did she raise her eyes cautiously to examine the owner of the voice. He proved to be a soldierly figure of early middle age; sitting down at the table, he took a swig of red wine while inspecting her.

“My pretty maid, I am glad that I was able to spare you from the wrath of the excellent Davro. You are too sweet a morsel to be beaten like a mule.”

Jella – who was, frankly, impressed by the man’s appearance as well as grateful for her delivery – respectfully replied:

“Thank you, my lord. I am truly grateful to you. I am here to serve you. Please allow me to do your bidding as best I can.”

Her scanty costume, shaved parts and scent all conspired to excite her; at the moment she wanted nothing more than for the lord to take her in every possible way, especially if it kept at bay the dreadful pain of Davro’s cane.

Conor ate and drank heartily, while Jella attended to him carefully. He demolished a plate of food and consumed a goblet of red wine. That done, he leaned back in his chair and contemplated her. At a sign, she took off her short dress and stood naked, embarrassed and blushing, before him. He gestured and she turned to show him her buttocks, which still bore the marks of the beating. Her flesh blushed all over beneath his gaze; she gave a shudder which expressed shyness, fear, and submission linked with desire. pendik escort He stood up suddenly and started to undo his cloth; without further instruction she fell to her knees in front of him, undid his clothing, delicately extracted his stiffening member, and took it into her trembling mouth.

It might be said that Jella had a natural talent for fellatio. Certainly she was highly sensitive to her master’s reactions, and quickly found a rhythm of teasing his cock with her tongue, kissing the tip, and sliding her lips down the shaft till she had taken almost all of its length into her mouth and throat. She strove to hold it there, breathing heavily through her nose, until she was forced to come up for air. A clear ejaculate came from the now rigid cock; it dripped down her throat. She licked and sucked, making moaning sounds; Conor’s cock swelled to even greater proportions as Jella submitted to it. She was dominated by it, possessed by it; she desired only to submit to it and obediently swallow whatever it gave her. She would gladly drink his essence, indeed would submit to drowning in it.

Her lord grasped her soft ears and probed into her mouth with his cock. She could scarcely breathe or make a sound, yet her soft oral places caressed him. Her muffled gasps stimulated him greatly; he fucked her mouth like a pussy, and Jella responded indeed as if she was being fucked, her throat gripping the cock like a vagina would.

Suddenly he withdrew, and Jella gave a sob of disappointment. He gripped a handful of her soft hair, and pulled her onto the bed, face down. She lay obediently; when he placed a hand on her ass she put it in the air and relaxed every muscle. He began to stroke the entrance to her anal passage, running a finger around the swelling, slippery muscular ring, which began to part under his touch. She pushed her ass toward him and pressured her maltepe escort sphincter to open to him. First one finger, than another was slipped inside her, where a steady caress caused her anus to relax, anticipating a greater intrusion which would take her altogether. He moved to lie on top of her; face down, she relaxed completely, entirely open to his domination. He placed the head of his large stiff penis at the entrance to her rectum and pressed gently. She reached behind herself and spread her buttocks apart; a moment more, and the head of his cock was inside her virgin back passage, a never before experienced invasion that caused every nerve in her body to come alive in an extraordinary tingling submission.

The oils that had been placed inside her mingled with a natural lubrication; a few seconds and his cock had penetrated her a n additional couple of inches, spreading her open to a degree she could scarcely believe. Jella writhed, pushed, gasped; his cock was in her ass to the hilt, and she was helplessly impaled on its iron hardness, squirming to lubricate its dryness and caress it with her velvet inner sleeve, gripping and squeezing it in anticipation of the hot fountain of sperm that would anoint her most secret, private, place, and perhaps release her from its rock hard domination, to which she could only helplessly submit. A scent of perfume, sweat and secretions was in the air, she was completely open to him, she desired only the favor of his bestowing his come in her mouth, her ass, wherever he chose. She was his slave, a frail assemblage of soft, submissive, delicate flesh, to be ravaged by his steely hardness. The driving thrust of his cock increased in tempo; Jella began to rock beneath its power and emit a low moaning, sobbing stream of sound. Her passage wrapped the intrusive member tightly, so that she sensed its swelling growth as kartal escort Conor approached his climax. She opened to him even more; all muscular resistance was past and his cock penetrated to a greater depth than she would have believed possible, seeming to impale her very core. As the first hot, powerful spurts of come showered her innermost depths, a writhing orgasm convulsed her rectum and she screamed in pain and pleasure into the soaking pillow, held herself wide open and steady to receive her baptism, then collapsed nerveless on the sheets with his weight on her.

Conor rolled to the side with a groan of satisfaction.

“Would you bring me some wine, little one.”

She stiffly stepped out of bed, still naked, and stopped in embarrassment as she felt a wet trickle. Instinctively she felt her behind and was humiliated to discover that her sphincter gaped open, and a small stream of liquid was seeping from it. She hastened to hide it behind her hands but his voice stopped her.

“Don’t turn around. Now, bend over and spread your cheeks. Let me see your sweet place.”

Blushing deeply, she did as he told. Her soft bud of an asshole gaped open to the width of an inch, and the deep pink interior was clearly visible. She stood bending over and spread; Conor stepped up behind her and caressed the entrance with his fingers.

“Soft like velvet.”

He placed the head of his softening cock against the passage and pressed gently; despite his limper state his head went a little way into her rectum, bringing a gasp from Jella.

“Well, perhaps we should wait a little. Will you clean me up.”

She obediently turned, knelt, and began to lick and suck his cock, which glistened with the come, lube and other contents of the girl’s bowels. It tasted salty and strange; nonetheless she licked it clean, swallowing everything without hesitation. As she did so she felt him hardening in her mouth; but he turned away with a sigh.

“We will spend time together again very soon, my sweet. Try to avoid angering the good Davro; I’ll need your little round rear as intact as possible for my future use.”

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