Wendy Adams pulled into the parking lot at her usual time. She liked to arrive early and would often visit with her boss. Not only was Beth her boss, she was the owner of the company.

Conflicts with her boyfriend were escalating and it was affecting Wendy’s sleep. She was tired but at least work offered a relief from her personal life.

Beth walked into the break room as Wendy was leaning against the counter, nursing her coffee. One look at Wendy and she knew things weren’t right. Over the years they had developed a good bond and she hated to see her so distressed. She just looked at her and waited.

“That obvious?” Wendy said.

Beth looked at her, smiled and nodded her head yes.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“What does your gut tell you?”

“To end it.”

“I’ve found my gut to be a good ally with decision making. Don’t you think you’ve tortured yourself long enough?”

She knew Beth was right. She’d known it for a long time. She looked at Beth with admiration; always smartly dressed in a business suit and her short brunette hair was perfect. Her long legs and a killer figure always got second looks. She was smart, handsome, charming and most importantly, very personable. At 5′ 8″ she was tall enough to look most men in the eye. She smiled to herself when she recalled the only time she had seen Beth in heels. It was at some event when Beth’s husband, Tom was with her. He was tall, thin, and very handsome. What a couple they were. They’d sunk everything they had to start her business. It took a few years but Beth made her dream come true. Through it all, Tom was always there helping and very supportive. You could tell when you saw them together that they really liked and loved each other.

Wendy shook her head with the sad truth that Richard was no Tom; he really was a ‘dick’. What bothered her was it didn’t start this way. In the beginning he was kind and considerate. The sex was great and she missed the weekends when they spent most of the day together either in bed or the shower. They’d fuck and lick and suck until exhausted. Those days are a distant memory. Now sex seemed more perfunctory. She wondered if it was her fault. She wasn’t as available as he wanted; no, demanded would be more accurate. That was where the conflict lay.

She sat at her desk and looked at the report she was writing. Why is it, she thought, that I can make decisions at work that have huge consequences but can’t in my personal life. “Well that’s changing as of right now,” she said softly but with conviction. She resolved to end her relationship with Richard tonight. One big thing in her favor was they didn’t live together and that was a sore point with Richard.

The next morning when Beth entered the break room she saw a beaming Wendy. “You did it!” she exclaimed.

“YES!” and the girls exchanged a high five.

“Well?” Beth said with a grin.

“It was very simple. After our chat I decided to be decisive and take charge of my life. I boxed up his stuff, drove to his house and handed it all to him. I gathered up my stuff and then we exchanged keys before I departed for good.”

“What did he say?”

“Oh, he followed me around and was asking me what he needed to do to get me to change my mind but I just ignored him. When I was about to walk out the door, he asked once more if I would change my mind and I looked him straight in the eyes and simply said ‘No’.”

“Good for you. How do you feel?”

“Well, when I left I drove a few blocks and then I started to cry. I pulled over and just wailed. All those pent up emotions just poured out. I guess I was grieving the loss of a relationship, the frustrations, the disappointments, everything. Then just as quickly, I felt relieved and happy. I wanted to celebrate getting my life back.”

“I like it. Would you care to join me for lunch and we can talk about this further.”

“Sure Beth. Thanks, I appreciate it.”

There was no going out for lunch. Wendy knew it would be lunch in the boss’s office. Beth was a pretty good cook and she found it to be a great stress reliever. She only ate out or catered in when there were clients. Except for the occasional eating out on a Friday, everyone brought their lunch. Wendy had a tuna casserole and Beth had chicken Marsala with all the trimmings. “Tom makes a great salad,” and she offered some to Wendy.

They chatted a bit about Richard and the demise of the relationship. The relief in Wendy’s voice was quite evident, almost jubilant.

After a few moments of silence, Beth asked, “When will you be finished with the report you’re working on?”

“I plan to have it on your desk the first thing Friday morning.”

“Good. That works out perfectly.”

“How would you like to celebrate your new freedom?” Beth asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve worked long and hard on that report and I like to reward good effort. Here’s my proposition. First thing Friday we go over it in detail and then after lunch you head pendik escort to my cabin in the mountains. You should be able to get there before dark. Granted it’s late in the season but late fall can be beautiful. It’s pretty well stocked except for perishables and you don’t need to replace anything you use. Just go and enjoy yourself for a couple of weeks. Sound good?”

“That’s most generous of you, Beth. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Good. Thursday we can put together a list of things you’ll need and I’ll have that for you on Friday. I’ll also have a folder of operating instructions for the equipment, password for the internet if you bring your laptop, and phone numbers. Also, fall weather can change suddenly so bring some warm clothes if you go hiking about.”

Wendy couldn’t believe her luck as she sped toward the cabin. The sky was clear, the air was cool and crisp, and the car was loaded with everything she thought she needed. One suitcase alone contained books and DVDs. The iPod was already in use as she sang “My Girl” along with the Temptations. She loved the swing era and early rock and roll and old romantic movies. It was what she grew up with and never saw the need to change.

Beth’s directions and the GPS both agreed that she had arrived in front of a beautiful A-frame cabin that was set back from the road. It was evident that Beth and Tom had done some serious landscaping with terracing and various plants that filled them. If she thought the outside was beautiful, the inside took her breath away. The layout was just as Beth described. Everything was open except the two bedrooms and each had their own bath. One end was glass from floor to ceiling that provided a spectacular view of the valley. “Gee, if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get snowed in,” she said to an empty room.

She quickly went through the task of getting settled. The furnace was turned on, groceries put away, and suitcases unpacked. Beth had told her that they have a caretaker check on the place during winter and that he would stock the pantry and any liquor she requested. She poured a generous amount of ‘The Famous Grouse’ scotch and toasted her new digs.

The next morning Wendy slept in and as she was preparing breakfast the caretaker and his wife dropped by just to see if all was ok. They accepted her offer of coffee and they talked about the house and the area. They assured her she didn’t need to be concerned about cleaning up later. They would take care of everything and shut the place up for winter.

After they departed, Wendy explored more of the house. One wall had a nice collection of books and DVDs. She wasn’t too surprised that they enjoyed many of the same movies. She was pleased to see the complete series to some shows she’d only seen a few episodes of. She wondered how she could get Beth to allow her to visit the cabin again.

She quickly developed a routine. In the mornings she read, after lunch a walk followed by either a DVD of a TV show or more reading. After dinner was classic movies and popcorn.

One day she was looking at the entertainment wall when she looked up to scan the top shelf. Not only was it well out of her reach, there was nothing around that would allow her to get close. It appeared there were several VHS tapes up there. That seemed strange and piqued her interest. Standing on a chair didn’t work. It must be nice to be tall, Tom.

Looking around the house didn’t yield anything to help. She wasn’t about to be deterred and thought she would check the garden shed. Sure enough there was a step ladder that she was confident would work. First she cleaned it up and placed the legs on large books so there wouldn’t be any marks left in the carpet.

Starting on the right hand side, she pulled the first tape. She didn’t recognize the title and opened the box. The title on the tape matched the box but there was a large Roman numeral one on it. She examined the tape and noticed that the slot to prevent recording was taped over. She had seen her dad do that when he wanted to record something over a tape he had. She replaced the tape and pulled the next box. Same thing except it had a Roman numeral two on it. The next tape had a Roman numeral three on it. The next tape was not marked and the slot was not taped over. She took the three down and went looking for a VHS player.

There wasn’t any in the main room but she found one in the bedroom she assumed was used by Beth and Tom due to the fact their pictures were in it.

She turned on the TV and VHS player and inserted tape number one. What she saw took her breath away. It was a fuck film starring Beth and Tom. Judging by their hairstyles, she estimated that it was several years ago.

Wendy had seen X-rated movies before but watching her boss give her husband a blowjob had her mouth watering. She licked it like a lollypop and sucked it like a pro. Wendy was reminded of the enjoyable times she had with Richard. Bringing him off in her mouth was pure pleasure. It maltepe escort was when she watched Tom eating Beth’s pussy that her throbbing clit demanded attention. She inserted a finger into her wet cunt and the speed she rubbed her clit was spurred by the panting she heard from Beth. When Beth climaxed, her orgasm soon followed. The intensity of it left her breathless for several moments.

While she was recovering, she watched a close-up of Tom’s cock sliding in and out of his wife’s cunt. It appeared to her, from the way the video was put together, that the camera was kept stationary and there wasn’t an operator. How do you tell your boss that you would gladly volunteer to be their videographer, she wondered?

She stopped the tape and inserted the one marked number two. It was another fuck film but this time there were two obvious differences. It was being filmed in the cabin that predated the existing look and this time Beth had a lovely bare pussy. Wendy chuckled to herself as she recalled telling Beth she was looking for a new place to get a bikini wax. When she told the tech that Beth recommended her and she wanted the same treatment, she had not expected to walk out of the spa with a bare pussy. It’s something she has maintained and many times she and Beth went to the spa together for their waxing.

There was lots of erotic fucking and sucking in various positions and just about everywhere in the cabin. It seemed no surface was exempt. For Wendy, eating at the dining table would not be the same. After several minutes of hot sex, she stopped the tape and inserted number three.

Looking at Beth’s hair style led Wendy to believe this video was made this summer in the cabin. She decided to watch this video in its entirety. Feeling certain that it would be as erotic as the other two, she first got comfortable in the bed to allow good viewing while she masturbated. She enjoyed self-pleasure or ‘flying solo’, as she liked to call it, and she expected this video to provide plenty of stimulus.

The video started with Beth walking in and out of the main room in various styles of lingerie. Sexy was an understatement. Wendy looked at them in amazement and envy. She almost stopped the tape to see if any of the garments were in the room. A spirited debate took place in her mind with ‘later’ being the winner. What surprised her was the next scene when it was Tom’s turn to model several selection of sexy underwear. More than one had difficulty containing his nice size cock. For some, there was no hiding his erection. Just looking at his beautiful love tool had Wendy breathing hard and her fingers busy fondling her breasts and pussy.

From there, the scenes got hotter. She noted again from the way the video was made, that Tom and Beth were the only people involved. “I’ll volunteer to help,” she said to the TV. She also concluded that this took several days because Tom always climaxed. Beth would direct his cum into her mouth, or on her pussy, or on her nipples, or even on her face. She really enjoyed bringing him off. Wendy also noticed that for every climax Tom had, Beth had two or three more in the same scene. Although Wendy didn’t match Beth’s number, she enjoyed several orgasms by the end of the video.

By the end of the week, she had watched each video twice and with disappointment didn’t find any sexy lingerie or dildo or vibrator left behind. She wasn’t about to send an email to Beth about it or take the caretaker’s offer to provide her with anything she needed. Her fingers were sufficient in bringing her off as needed. Still, she couldn’t get the images of Tom’s cock and Beth’s pussy in action out of her head.

Each morning Wendy went for a walk and, although the area was beautiful, it was evident that fall was ending. Most of the leaves were gone and the wind had become noticeably colder. Nearly all of her activities centered on watching a video or reading and after a week she was feeling cabin fever. Saturday morning, after her walk, she took inventory of the perishables in the refrigerator. There wasn’t enough to last another week and rather than call the caretaker, she decided after lunch to drive the ten miles to town.

One of the things Wendy had omitted from her daily routine was listening to the radio so consequently, she wasn’t aware of the large storm front heading directly to the area. Since she wasn’t traveling all that far, she ignored Beth’s warning about having the survival kit and left it behind. The clouds were noticeably thicker since her walk and the wind was stronger and colder, too.

The drive started pleasantly enough and Wendy was singing along with the CD in the car. She wasn’t concerned when a light rain began to fall and failed to notice that the rain was freezing until the wipers weren’t keeping the windshield clear. Still, she wasn’t alarmed enough to turn back and proceeded. She couldn’t tell you what went wrong but would admit that in hindsight, changing a CD while driving on ice kartal escort wasn’t a good idea. For a lot of people, removing the CD from the container isn’t easy with two hands, much less with one while driving. Wendy took her attention away from the road as she struggled to pry the CD loose. In the process, she inadvertently moved the steering wheel and the car began to drift toward the right and the edge of the highway. She didn’t realize something was wrong until she felt the car move off the highway and onto the gravel. She dropped the CD and committed the next error by slamming on the brakes and jerking the wheel hard to the left.

Just like the movies, everything happened in slow motion. There is no controlling a car on ice and it traveled a little further before coming to a stop in the ditch with a loud crunch. Try as she might, Wendy could not move the car. All she heard was the tires spinning.

“Crap! Crap! Crap!” she shouted. At least she wasn’t hurt and that was on the positive side but would someone come along to help soon, she wondered. She looked out the window and her spirits were further crushed by the sight of snow falling.

It soon became evident that she was sitting in the midst of a heavy snow storm and as she assessed her situation, the words of warning from Beth echoed in her head. She had no water, no food, no blanket, and worst of all; her cell phone showed No Service. At least she was wearing a decent winter coat and she could run the car and melt some snow to make water.

It was a nice idea and when the car was cold enough that she could see her breath, she started the engine. That unfortunately, lasted a few seconds when the oil light came on and the engine started making loud noises. “This can’t be happening to me!” she shouted. She ignored her gut feelings and got out of the car to check it out.

Several inches had accumulated and after slipping and falling a few times she made it to the front of the car. When she got there she realized she didn’t know how to open the hood or what to look for if she could. She got on her knees and looked under the car. There was no mistaking the pool of oil that it made. I’m dead.

She looked up and down the road and determined that no fool, except her, would be out in this. The only alternative was to sit in the car and hope for a miracle soon. Who knows how long it would be before a snowplow would come along? I could be here until spring.

It was getting dark. She climbed into the back seat and cried herself to sleep.

Hunger woke her early in the morning and according to her watch it was around 6 AM. She felt chilled to the bone but otherwise ok. Snow for breakfast seemed to be the only thing on the menu and just as she reached for the door handle she stopped. Something told her it was not a good idea. Then it dawned on her that given the amount of snow and the angle of the car it would not be wise to open the door and get snow dumped all over her. For once, she was grateful she didn’t have electric windows and slowly lowered the window while carefully pushing the snow away. Judging from what she could see, there was a lot of snow and it looked deep.

The air was cold but there wasn’t any wind and the fresh air actually felt good. She was on her second helping of snow when she thought she heard something. She leaned out the window more and held her breath. There was a sound, not very steady or loud, and it sounded like a motor. Ignoring the cold, she pushed her head completely out the window. Her heart was racing and hope was increasing as the sound grew louder.

She was getting excited but wondered if they would see her. Suddenly, she began to panic. “What can I do?” she thought. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she looked over the dashboard, she saw the answer. With some difficulty she climbed into the front seat. With fingers crossed, she pushed the hazard button. She was ecstatic when she saw them blinking.

The sound of something approaching was getting louder and Wendy felt confident enough to get out of the car. It was definitely a motor and it appeared to be coming down the road behind her car. She dusted the snow off the rear flasher and moved to the center of the road. All she could do was wait, and hope.

Phil McMasters was taking an early morning run on his snowmobile. He had moved into his cabin in the summer and this was his very first opportunity to ride his new toy. He felt like a kid at Christmas, thoroughly running full speed down a road that was covered with over a foot of snow. This snow was unusual in that it was earlier than normal and a lot had fallen in a short time. It didn’t matter to him as he went zooming down the road. He had a few hours to play before he needed to get back home for a mid-morning conference call with a publisher.

Phil was a primarily a ghost writer and editor for three major publishing houses. The cabin he was renting actually belonged to one of the publishers. He wanted a place where he could work without all the distractions of the city and this was suggested. It had everything he needed to work and live without outside aid for several months. That included backup power for his state-of-the-art phone and internet service.

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