Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 03


Right now, I’ve got Yasmin Hussein, my favorite Somali goddess on all fours, face down and ass up, and I’m worshipping her gorgeous, heart-shaped ass just like a real man should. And I’ve got my tongue buried so far up her asshole, you can’t tell where she ends and I begin. And you know what? That’s exactly how I like it. My name is Steve Salomon, a Haitian brother living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. And this is a story I’ve simply got to share with you.

Ever since I first laid eyes on Yasmin Hussein while working overnight security at a building in downtown Ottawa, the tall and curvy Somali sister with the booty that won’t quit simply took my breath away. To the point that I risked my job by seducing her, and we both got in trouble because of it when some old white lady caught Yasmin the sexy Somali cleaning lady and I getting our freak on in a darkened office room one night.

Long story short? I got removed from that site and sent to another building. I thought I was going to get fired but Eric Woodward, the manager of my security company, liked the tale I spun so damn much that he convinced the office not to can my black ass. I’m not the only non-Muslim man in town who finds Hijab-wearing Somali ladies hot. Eric likes them too, and he gave me a fist bump after I told him how I got into Yasmin’s pants. It’s a man’s world, ladies and gentlemen. Face the damn fact.

Nowadays, I’m wrapping up my business management studies at Carleton University while working security. Yasmin and I live together, and life couldn’t be better. This Somali is freaky, man. I’ve met a few women who like anal sex but none crave it as much as Yasmin Hussein does. This five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, brown-hued and big-bottomed Somali mama got an ass that just won’t quit and she loves having that ass played with. As a Haitian brother who’s the definition of an ass man, that’s more than okay by me.

Tonight, I had a field day with Yasmin Hussein’s mesmerizing thick Somali booty. First I put my sexy Northeastern African beauty on all fours and lavished her thick round ass with kisses and licks. pendik escort I’m totally into ass worship. I like to spank, lick, fondle and yes, fuck, a nice big ass. And Yasmin has one of the best that I have ever seen. I fingered her tight butt hole while licking her sweet, hairy pussy. If Somali female booty is simply scrumptious, then you have to realize that Somali pussy is simply delicious. Tastes good on this Haitian brother’s tongue, ladies and gentlemen.

Moaning deeply as I fingered her butthole and licked her pussy, Yasmin Hussein urged me to keep going. Ha! As if I needed any more encouragement. I’ve got her pussy right there on my face and nothing short of her screeching no would have stopped me from eating that delicious plate of Somali pussy like a condemned inmate devouring his last meal. I took my sweet time as I pleasured Yasmin, teasing her pussy with my fingers and stabbing her clit with my tongue, loving the way my Somali goddess shuddered all over as I pleasured her sweet spot.

Fuck yeah, man. I had the Somali cutie right where I wanted her, and I think we both knew it. After polishing Yasmin Hussein’s delicious cunt with my tongue, I decided to have a look at that ass of hers. In my twenty-something years upon this planet, I’ve been with quite a few ladies. Black women. White women. Asian women. One Arab woman. To date, my favorite ass would have to be Somali booty. And not just any Somali booty. The booty of a Somali Hijabi is what entices me and sets me on fire at first glance, this I must say.

For the first time I laid eyes on Yasmin Hussein, the kinky Somali lady I adore was dressed super conservatively. I’m talking about long sleeved shirts, long Islamic skirt, boots, and a Hijab, of course. Underneath all that, I couldn’t help but notice her womanly curves, and even that conservative Islamic skirt she had on couldn’t conceal Yasmin’s mesmerizing ass. For some reason, when a big-booty woman dresses conservatively it turns me on more than if she was wearing booty shorts or a short skirt. Don’t ask me why because I honestly don’t have the answer maltepe escort to that. I simply like what I like, I guess.

That’s why I’ve got my tongue buried inside Yasmin Hussein’s asshole, for I am an ass licker of the worst caliber. Or the best, whatever. I love the taste of my Somali goddess’s sweet booty juice and if loving it is wrong then this kinky and at times corny but always cool Haitian brother doesn’t want to be right. Yasmin Hussein moans deeply and fingers her clit furiously as I lick her asshole. Swearing in Somali and English, my sweetie urges me to continue what I’m doing. At this point, I consider Yasmin’s screams of urgency mixed with encouragement to be redundant.

Not every man has it in him to be an avid ass worshipper. I, Steve Salomon, am such a man. I love a big round ass, especially if it’s attached to a gorgeous, kinky and open-minded female. I’ll lick it, smack it, kiss it, and fuck it silly. And that’s exactly what I did to Yasmin Hussein’s thick Somali derriere. After giving Yasmin’s asshole a tongue bath, I decided to have some of my brand of fun with it.

You see, the other day, Yasmin Hussein, my darling and the love of my life went to the adult video store on Rideau Street and purchased a strap-on dildo. And she’s been having a field day with it, fucking my ass so damn much that I sometimes worry I might develop prostate issues. I mean, if a man lets a woman fuck his ass twice a day with a strap-on dildo, won’t that lead to health issues down below? I don’t know. I don’t want to find out, though. I can’t imagine myself walking into a clinic and discussing this with my doctor. Can you say extraordinarily embarrassing line of questioning?

Here’s what I did to my favorite Somali cutie as both reward and punishment for her having plowed my ass with her strap-on dildo recently. I put Yasmin Hussein on all fours, gave her gorgeous round derriere a sound spanking and then lubricated her asshole with Aloe cream, my all-time favorite lubricant. One thing I love about Yasmin is that she loves anal sex in every way, both giving and kartal escort receiving. Spreading her ass cheeks wide open, Yasmin winked at me and told me to get to work. Grinning, I dropped some lube on my long and thick, hardening dick and then pressed it against her butt hole. Ready or not, sweetie, Big Daddy’s coming inside!

Right as I slid my hard, well-lubricated dick into her warm, tight asshole, Yasmin Hussein did something naughty and completely unexpected. The big-booty Somali chick farted, yup, right there on my dick as it worked its way into her asshole. Now, this gave me a pause. Yasmin turned around and smiled at me sheepishly, then apologized. I smiled at her and shook my head. Truth be told, when Yasmin farted on my dick in the middle of anal sex, I felt warmth and a little tremor. I kind of liked it. Laughing, I smacked that thick, round and absolutely gorgeous Somali ass of hers and pushed my dick further into her asshole. Nothing like anal sex with a naughty, kinky and absolutely willing woman, folks. I rammed my dick up Yasmin’s asshole, and her squeals of pain and delight were music to my ears.

Much later, Yasmin and I lay side by side on the bed, sweaty and smelling of our own juices, but happy as can be. Yasmin purred with contentment and kissed me full and deep, gently stroking my dick while locking lips with me. I smiled at her and asked her what that kiss was for. Yasmin shrugged and thanked me for giving her thick Somali derriere the ass pounding it so richly deserved. I winked at her and sighed happily. Nothing like having one’s talents acknowledged. I think any man reading this would agree.

Yeah, Yasmin’s booty is awesome but after fucking her in the ass, I had a sore dick and I was quite tired. Somali women are so damn exhausting in the bedroom, even for a manly Haitian brother like myself. I was ready to go to sleep when Yasmin Hussein told me that she still wasn’t done with me. Alarm bells rang in my head when Yasmin flashed me her fearless smile. Grabbing her strap-on dildo and a can of Aloe cream, Yasmin grinned wickedly and told me to assume the position. You’re paying for my proctology bills, I said grumpily as I assumed the position while Yasmin got behind me. You just can’t win with women, I thought grudgingly as Yasmin Hussein began fucking my ass with her strap-on dildo. Damn it.

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