Something Sensual


It was warm and sticky outside today and as you arrive at home, you are thinking about soaking in a nice bath to soothe away the clammy dampness of this miserably humid summer day. Still, you are very much aware that the constant heat and moisture has left you feeling . . . a bit horny. Being all lathered up all day reminds you of hot, sweaty sex and you think about how nice it will be to rub yourself to a nice little climax in the privacy of your tub.

But you notice right away that something at home is different. No one is supposed to be there, but there is soft music playing. It is not coming from the stereo. Confused, you finally triangulate the source and know that it is coming from the bathroom.

Warily, you approach the open door. There are no lights on inside, but you can see the flicker of candles as they cast their shifting shadows on the tile walls. You can smell the sweet scent of humid flowers and sense that the bath has already been drawn, complete with your favorite scented crystals. The soft music, the flickering play of shadow and light, and the delightful scent of the shining water combine to hypnotically compel you to enter the room. As you step through the door, you sense a presence behind you. You are alert but it is too late.

My arms surround you in a huge hug as my nose nuzzles your neck. You recognize my touch and my scent and you relax as my hands find and mold your breasts. You smile as you melt into my arms. After a while of this you pull away and turn to face me. You start to ask a question, “What . . . ” but I quickly put a finger to your lips to quiet you. I lean in and whisper one word in your ear. . . .


And before I pull away, I nibble your ear lobe and kiss just behind your ear. The feel of my lips on this erogenous zone sends a shiver down to your already damp pussy and you close your eyes as you give out a brief, soft moan. When you open your eyes again, you see me smiling, both with my eyes and with my mouth, and that makes you return the grin.

In silence, I disrobe you . . . gently removing the tight fitting garments that you favor so that everyone can see the magnificent breasts that you possess. As each portion of your skin is revealed, my hands float just over the surface of your skin, softly rubbing the damp flesh beneath. I kneel before you as I remove your pants and panties. Your heart flutters as I softly kiss the inside of your thighs and blow hot, humid air on your sweet pussy.

Rising, I take you by the hand and help you into the bath tub. The temperature is just right. I hold your hand as I encourage you without words to ease down into the soft, sweet smelling water. Sitting back in the luxury of the deliciously warm waters, you look at me and notice that all I am wearing is a pair of soft shorts. The obvious tent in those shorts indicates how much I want you, my beautiful flower.

From somewhere, I produce two fluted glasses of champagne, the bubbles glowing in the soft light of the candles. Again, you are struck by the almost hypnotic quality of the bubbles combined with the sensual delights of the room. I tilt my glass into yours and the “ping” of the gentle collision is the only sound. You taste the wine and love the juxtaposition of the cold liquid in your warm mouth as you relax in the steamy hot bath water. The fruity essence of the wine mixes with the floral scent of the water. The fizz of the wine in your mouth explodes your senses.

You look up and see that I am dipping a fresh, ripe strawberry into my champagne and then offering it to you. You bite into the succulent flesh of the berry and taste the tangy remnants of the bubbly wine. Then you watch as I take the bitten strawberry down to your nipple. You wince at first as I touch the cold berry to your sweet nipple but then, the electric charge flows from your nipple to your clit and you arch your back in pleasure. But then, just as swiftly, the cold of the fruit is replaced with the humid warmth pendik escort of my mouth as I seal my lips over your nipple and my tongue flicks explosions of pleasure through your breast as I lick the sweet juice from your bud.

The process is repeated until both nipples are standing at attention, and you are fighting the desire to have more contact with your breasts, with your nipples, with your clit . . . touch me with something . . . anything!

Then, I smile deeply at you and begin to bathe you.

First, I pour warm water over your breasts. Then, coating my hands with soap, I rub them, working up a white lather that for all the world reminds you of thick, creamy cum. I tease your nipples, gently because they are so sensitive when so aroused. But I cup each breast in turn, molding it with my hands, almost massaging them both until the pleasure seems overwhelming to you.

I lean back and my smile now seems almost devilish as you realize I am not going to make you cum just yet.

I rinse your breasts, laying the cloth soaked in scented water on your breast and pouring water over them onto your breast. When they are clean, I rise and take your hand, wordlessly urging you to stand.

The room is warm, but leaving the water is a bit chilly. Your nipples recognize the difference and stand at attention. I turn you towards the wall and begin to wash your back. Again, hot water pours over you before you feel my hands sliding all over your wet skin, spreading both soap and pleasure over your back. In time, my hands slide lower and I begin to rub the soap into your beautiful ass. I love your ass and you can sense how much in the tenderness of my touch. Both hands grab one cheek as I mold it as I molded your breasts. I rub it tenderly until certain that you are clean. Then, I move on to the other, again tenderly but firmly handling that sweet ass in my hot, wet hands.

Eventually, I move down to your thighs. More soap and more hot water as my hands trace patterns all over the backs of your legs. Down I continue, to your calf muscles, rubbing away any soreness while my hands play sensually on your skin.

You lean against the wall as one by one; I bend your leg at the knee to wash each foot. I am careful to rub with enough pressure so as not to tickle. I do not want to break the spell. No one has every done this for you and you let the waves of pleasure wash over you.

I rinse your back, your ass, and your legs with more, steamy hot water before turning you around. Now, you are facing me and you can see how intent I am on your body. I want to cause your pleasure and feed on the waves of sweetness that my ministrations cause in you.

Rising, I come face to face. You see my feelings in my eyes as I see the same in yours. And once again, my hands fall to your breasts. Quickly, your eyes convey what is now becoming lust . . . as my hands again stimulate your wonderful boobs, you are aware of your powerful and still growing need to orgasm . . . to get off . . . to have such a powerful cum that it makes you scream.

My hands drop to your belly and rub circles there. With each circle completed, the next one goes lower . . . and the next one still lower . . . until my fingers brush lightly across the top of your slit. Soaping up my hands, I then cup your love mound. Your pussy is literally cupped in my hand. A soapy finger slides inside you and you suck in breath at the powerful feelings this penetration sends you. As I wiggle my finger, your breath comes in short bursts. You are panting as my finger slides in and around your pussy. When the finger glides over your clit, you have a small orgasm and I hold you up so you do not fall.

I ease you down into the water again, and give you a chance to recover a bit. But my hands stay busy, rinsing the soap from your body. When you are ready, I enter your nest again to clean the soap out. I already know I will be tasting you later and I want to taste you and not soap. You maltepe escort grip the sides of the tub as my fingers wiggle inside you. More and more, the vibrations of my fingers cause your arousal to grow stronger. Finally, just when you cannot stand it any longer . . . I pull my fingers away.

You lean back, eyes closed, as I again pour soothing warm water over your aroused flesh.

You look up as I rise before you. You can see a wet spot on my shorts and know that I, like you, am so excited. I extend my hand and you take it as you lick your lips looking at the outline of my hard cock barely contained within the shorts. I help you up and, again without words, encourage you to step from the tub. You stand there, just a little wobbly, as I take a warm, fluffy towel and pat you dry.

I hold you then, tenderly . . . softly. My big bear of a chest presses against your splendid breasts. You can feel my cock hard against your vulva. But you sense that we are not done. I lead you by the hand again, out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I bring you to the bed and you sit on the edge. I lean down and kiss you sweetly — but you reach up and grab my hair and the kiss becomes a flame of passion . . . . our tongues entwined like lovers . . . the lust exploding. But, to your surprise and (temporary) concern, I manage to pull away.

I push you back on the bed and then arrange you so that you are laying on your stomach. I leave the room and you wonder where I have gone. But very quickly, I return. You start to sit up . . . you want to say something . . . you want to suck my cock, fuck me, anything. But I again put my fingers to your lips and gently lay you back down.

Then next sensation is something very warm being poured over your back. Then, my hands begin to rub this substance into your back. It is hot massage oil and it feels fucking fantastic as my hands rub the warmth deep into your back. You cannot help yourself and you feel your muscles melt into butter as I alternately press into your flesh or glide my hands across your skin. You feel as if you are sinking into the bed as seconds turn to minutes turn to what seems like forever. The feel of my hands on your back is incredible — somehow both relaxing AND arousing. Just as you are about to fall asleep my hands dip lower, applying a bit of pressure on your lower back just above your ass. As I press, it feels as if the weight of the world has been lifted from you — all your tension is gone. You are floating on a very soft cloud and feeling very warm and cherished.

You hardly notice as more hot oil is poured on your legs. You can feel the tension being oozed out of your body as my strong hands knead the muscles of your legs, constantly pushing all of that tension down and out of your body. You can almost feel the tension leave through your toes. You can imagine rays of tension just flowing out of your body through your toes. So dreamy, so warm, so soft . . . you are aware of nothing but relaxed pleasure.

In a haze of contentment, you feel more hot oil being poured over your booty. Oh, it feels so warm on the skin of your ass. And when my hands join the oil on your skin there, you feel all the pleasure of having your ass appreciated. My hands really go to work now — firmly pressing and molding those globes. It feels fantastic, but these manipulations have awakened your lust. You are aware that sometimes, my hands are so close to your sweet pussy. You want them to go there, but you are feeling so good having them knead your butt. Your pussy begins to heat up and your lubrication starts to run very freely as the pleasure awakens all of your senses.

Out of the haze of your pleasure filled dream, you feel my hands encouraging you to roll over. You do not want to move but I am gently persistent and you do. Soon, you feel the warmth of my naked skin next to you. The wet tip of my cock slides against your leg leaving a stream of precum there. But then, just before kartal escort your reach for my hard cock, you feel my hands on your breasts. The warmth of hot oil and strong hands covers your tits with stimulation. Then comes the mouth.

My lips fasten around one of your nipples and you feel the gentle suction. All the while my hands are massaging and forming your breasts. My tongue gets into the act flicking your nipple as I suck it. You reach down and grab your breasts and push them together, offering them to me. And I take them, sucking both nipples into my hot, wet mouth, my tongue flicking gently but relentlessly over both nipples. The stimulation is incredible! You pussy is juicing. You desperately need a cum.

You push my head down while spreading your legs. I know what you want . . . what you need. And I kiss a trail down from your breasts . . . across your belly . . . and gently to your inner thighs.

I can smell the musky scent of your arousal and see the glistening drops of your pussy juice as your sweet flower opens for me. I know how much you need this, but I plan to tease you just a bit more.

I love how you smell . . . I adore how you taste. So slowly, I lick up the outside of your pussy lips. I take the tip of my tongue and trace up the right side from the bottom of your very wet pussy all the way to the top, just above your clit. Then I trace down the left side all the way from the top to the bottom. I love how you squirm under me — wanting so much to get my mouth on your pussy, your clit. I give some mercy and stop at the bottom to dip my tongue into your hot hole. I curl my tongue inside you and taste a big load of your sweet cream.

Then, I kiss and nibble on your pussy lips. I literally take them in my mouth using my lips for a little pressure. Your scent is so strong now and it is making me so very hard. I cannot stand it anymore as your ass bounces under my tongue. So I use the flat of my tongue to lap you from the bottom of your cunt to the top. As my tongue makes contact with your clit, you jerk and scream. But then, I do it again.

Then, I move my tongue to the top of your hole, just beneath your swollen clit. I slide it inside and up, rubbing the top of your pussy hole with my hard, wet tongue. Again, you scream and moan. Then I pull my tongue out and . . . using just the tip . . . I flick up and down just to the right of your swollen clitty. I am making you crazy — I know this, but I want your pussy so much. Then I move to the top, and flick back and forth over your clit . . . then to the left as I flick lightly up and down again. You are begging me now and I give in. I circle your clit with my lips and start a gentle sucking while my tongue flicks back and forth, covering your clitty with electrical impulses of pure pleasure. It is as if I am sucking your whole body into my mouth through your clit. You scream, grab the covers, my hair — and you gush your hot, sweet cum all over my face.

Before you have a chance to calm down, I rise up over you. My hard cock is begging now for release. You are so wet, there is no resistance and as you are still dazed from your incredible orgasm on my tongue, I slide my hard cock deep inside you. Imagine it now, filling you up. You are shocked as you feel my cock inside you. But quickly, I set up a rhythm as I fuck you there on the bed. I cannot hold out long, I have been aroused for too long already. I grunt as I fuck into you, bouncing your sweet ass up and down on the bed. I pump into you, fucking you full of my hot cock. When I know I cannot hold out any longer, I bend over and suck a nipple into my mouth as I drive deeply into you and unleash my own wave of cum. Like a human cum volcano, I blast my spunk deep into your hot cunt while the extra stimulation on your nipples causes you to explode simultaneously. Our passion is white hot, a supernova of intensity, waves of pleasure crashing into each other, our lust pouring out in our combined juices.

Exhausted, I lay next to you as we both recover. I hold you close as I spoon next to you. My hands find your breasts as my lips brush against the back of your neck. We drift together into sleep knowing that when we awake, we will both need a bath . . .

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