Spirit of the Sea


Ella stood on the bow of the Sea Child. The salt and wind in her face, the sun on her skin, the sound of the sails billowing in the breeze behind her all combined to create an euphoric feel. She had never felt so alive or so adventurous. She leaned over the rail a little and laughed with delight at the dolphins playing in the bow waves. How she would have loved to dive over the side and play like them. They were so free and spirited.

At twenty- two she had her whole life ahead of her. She was on her way to Spain to begin a new life, there was nothing left for her in England. She’d been well raised and well bred, but her father was never a man anyone could get close to, and when he passed away a few months ago after a prolonged illness, Ella was almost relieved to be free of him. She had always been a loving and dutiful daughter, but it was hard to care for a father who cared little for anything but himself and his money. At least he had left her very well provided for. He had arranged for her to be married to a merchant banker almost twice her age, but as soon as the funeral was over she headed for the first ship out of England, and her freedom.

Coming to stand beside her, Captain James Oliver tipped his hat and offered her greeting. He was a charming man in his mid forties, but hardly showed his age. Well built and tanned, he was a respectable gentleman and a superb sailor. She had been lucky to gain passage onboard ship. A man from the crows nest called out,

“Captain, we have company.” He was pointing to a spot on the horizon that seemed to grow larger by the moment, and it wasn’t long before Ella could make out the white sails of another ship. Captain Oliver excused himself and went to have better look through the telescope.

Ella watched as the ship drew closer, it seemed to be on a direct course towards them. Captain Oliver called another man to him, conferring for a moment, and then yelling orders for the main sail to be hoisted and their course to be changed. Men began running in every direction, and every spare sail was hoist. Guns were brought on deck and cannons were brought to the ready. Every man on the ship was making ready for battle. Ella was confused, why were they running from another ship? She asked a sailor as he hurried past, and he only paused long enough to say one word.


Suddenly she understood the reason for the commotion. She had heard the stories of what sea pirates did to captive women and although she knew stories could well be exaggerated, she still had no desire to experience any of them for herself. The other two women on board came to the forward deck and seeking her out, they came to stand with her against the railing. Both women were a good ten years her senior, traveling with their husbands as much for a holiday as on business. Under her breath Maggy gave thanks that they had decided on leaving the children at home. Captain James hurried up to the ladies and was about to suggest they would be safer below when the first shot from the other ship’s cannon was fired narrowly missing the stern. Beth screamed, and fainted dead away, falling into a heap on the deck, Maggy quickly dropping to her side and tending her. Ella grabbed the Captain’s arm.

“Right now you have more to worry about then us, I’ll take care of them, you get us out of here.”

He gave her a grateful smile and raced for the wheel but it was quickly becoming obvious that they were never going to able to out run the larger vessel. The second shot hit the aft mast bringing a mass of sail and rigging crashing to the deck. Maggy pulled Beth to her feet,

“Ella give me a hand. We’ll be safer below.” It was as much an order as a request, but Ella was quick to respond, hooking her arm under Beth’s and aiding in getting her into the forward cabin, the captain’s cabin. With a roar the Sea Child’s cannons answered the pirates challenge and the very air seemed to shake. There was a crash of timbers as the pirate ship broadsided the smaller vessel. The sound of swords clashing, guns firing and men screaming reached their ears and Beth again collapsed like a sack of grain, onto the Captains bed. This time neither of the other women came to her aid, Maggy giving her a disgusted look.

“Spineless twit.” She spat at the unconscious woman.

The door burst open and four rough looking men forced their way into the room, cutlass drawn and looking for blood. Ella and Maggy screamed, clinging to each other as the first man in the room threw back his head and laughed. Grinning broadly, he slapped the chest of the man behind him.

“Go get the Captain, I’ll watch the prisoners.”

He circled the table on the opposite side of the room to the two terrified women and looked closer at the unconscious Beth. Beth moaned, lifted her head, took one look at the man and fainted again, causing the man to throw back his head and roar with laughter. Her hefted Beth’s limp form around so that she was draped over the edge of the bed with her feet dangling web tasarım on the floor, and her behind in the air. Throwing up her skirts he slapped her ass and when he still got no reaction, he tore away her bloomers, exposing her bear ass and her womanhood for all in the room to see. Rubbing his hands together in a greedy manner he hummed like a hungry man who had just been served a banquet.

Dropping to his knees behind Beth he buried his face between the cheeks of her ass, pushing his nose deep inside her, breathing deep her female secant. Pulling his head back for a moment to take a deep breath, he stuck out his long tongue, wiggled it toward the other two women, and then plunged it deep into Beth’s unsuspecting hole, slurping and sucking like an animal. Standing he pulled back a flap of leather that covered the front of his breeches, revealing a hard, erect cock. Maggy looked away in disgust, pressing her face against Ella’s shoulder. Ella had little choice but to watch as the man positioned the head of his huge member against Beth’s opening, and thrust himself into her. He pushed hard, his hips meeting Beth’s rather plump ass with a slap, then pulling back, he thrust again and again, pounding into the woman harder and harder, groaning like a wounded animal until at last he roared, pumping his throbbing load deep into her unknowing womb. Backing away from the woman, but making no move to cover himself, he slapped his chest.

“Ah, that feels better.”

Taking the hem of Beth’s skirt, he wiped his softening cock clean of the stick mess then looked at the other two women and grinned. For a moment Ella thought Maggy was going to faint as well, but seeing Beth’s fate, thought better of it. The thought of being treated that way by such a man as this made her stomach churn. Before he could advance another step towards them, another man entered the cabin.

He was tall, muscular and well built. His long dark hair pulled back in a leather cord, his chest naked but for a studded suede vest left open down the front. He looked at Beth’s exposed posteria, the other man’s seed running from her exposed orifice down the insides of her legs. He seemed to care little, walking around the room, reaching out with the tip of his sword and flipping Beth’s skirts back over her exposed rear, then continuing on until he stood before Elle and Maggy. Looking at Maggy he said,

“Before you husband died he begged that I spare your life, and I promised him I would do so provided you gave me no trouble. Now if you’re a good girl, and do everything your told, when your told, and without argument, then your stay with us might just be an enjoyable one, on the other hand, should you choose to make my life difficult, you will be begging me to let you join your husband.” Lifting her chin with the tip of his finger he looked into her eyes. “You don’t wish to give me any trouble, do you Margaret?”

The tears welled up in her eyes as she shook her head ‘No’ In her heart she called herself a coward, but she knew as well as he did that she wanted to live. His smile was sadistic.

“Good girl, I knew you would see reason. Now, if you would be so kind as to take Hank’s cock in your mouth so I don’t have to look at it, I would much appreciate it. Damn thing is always hanging out, there’s a good girl.”

Maggy turned deathly pail as the man who had just pounded his cock into the unconscious Beth smiled wickedly. Another man placed his hands on Maggy’s shoulders, forcing her to her knees, Hank’s half-hard cock in front of her face. Grabbing a hand full of her hair and pulling her head back roughly Hank looked into her frightened face.

“Come now Maggy girl. Suck an old sailors cock and make him happy.” When she hesitated he struck her hard with the back of his hand, knocking her to the floor, then lifting her back into position by her hair. She cried out but no one made a move to come to her aid, nor would they. With his nose only inches from hers, Hank growled into Maggy’s face.

“Now don’t you be getting old Hank cranky, it would not go kindly on yea, so be a good girl and suck my cock until I tell yea to stop. Do yea understand lass?” she nodded yes, taking his soft cock in her shaking hand. Tears flowed down her cheeks as his cock began to stiffen and grow between her lips. With his hands in her disheveled hair, he began moving in and out of her mouth slowly, almost gently.

“Ah yes lass, that be the way old Hank likes it sucked, and the good thing is, since I already pumped my load in your friend over there, it’s gonna be hours before I’m ready to blow again. Ain’t that just a treat?” she whimpered and all the men burst into another fit of veracious laughter.

Ella felt helpless. She was in no position to aid the older woman and feared her own fate would be far worse, being she was still a virgin. The tall man turned his attention to her and she almost screamed in fright. Running the tip of his finger over her cheek, he seemed to be examining her. She flinched at web tasarım ankara his touch and he laughed as if rejoicing in her reaction.

“It seems we have the greatest treasure right here and this one I’ll not share with you scurvy lot. Cal, take her to may cabin, and see that none lay so much as a finger on her or I’ll have them gutted and strung out for the gulls.” Looking into her eyes he leaned forward and whispered, “You are a sweet to be savored, and savoir you I shall.”

She was lead from the cabin and out onto the deck where men from the pirate crew were scrubbing the blood from the timbers and throwing the dead over board. One of Captain Oliver’s men groaned and moved, but his thin hold on life was quickly severed as a pirate stood over him, lifted his head by his hair, and slit his throat. He waved to another and they hoisted the now lifeless body over the rail and into the ocean. The man’s body hit the water with a splash and Ella stomach could take no more. Breaking free of her escort she raced for the railing and heaved until she was empty. Cal wrapped him massive arm around her middle and carried her limp body across the narrow plank and onto the deck of the pirate’s vessel. Knocking the door to a cabin open with his foot, he set her on bed and left, locking the door behind him.

Ella searched the cabin for a means of escape, but there was none. Not even anything she could use to defend herself, she dropped back on the bed feeling totally lost. Suddenly the ship lurched, creaking and groaning as it broke free of the smaller vessel. They were under sail. Her heart raced with the fear of what was to become of her. The key rattled in the lock and the door swung open, the bright light blinding her momentarily. A dark shadow blocked out the light and the door closed again with the pirate captain on the inside. Ella’s eyes opened wide when she realized she was alone in the room with him, edging her self back until she was hard up against the wall with no where else to go.

Strolling casually to the edge of the bed, he grabbed her slender ankle and pulled her across the covers. Taking her by the arm he lifted her to her feet before him, looking her up and down with fire in his eyes. The hand that touched her cheek was tender, gentle, almost attractive until it reached for the bodice of her gown and ripped it easily from her body. Within moments she stood before him naked and trembling. He walked around her, touching and caressing her young flesh, delighting in the way she responded to his touch. Standing behind her, he pressed himself hard against her back, reaching around and cupping her breasts in his massive hands, squeezing them gently, weighing them in his palms before running his fingers down over her tight stomach, to the patch of fur at the top of her thighs.

Her breath became ragged as her fear turned to panic. Twisting, turning, lashing out, she tried to free herself from his hold on her, but her struggles made little impact on this heartless beast of a man. Picking her up and throwing her to the bed, he tied her hands and hooked the knot over a window latch. No matter how much she wiggled and pulled she could not get her hands free. With a jerk, he grabbed her ankles again and stretched her to her full length before him. She tried desperately to kick, to fight, but it was hopeless, and her sickened stomach was quickly rendering her exhausted. Eventually, she stilled.

Moving to lay beside her, he traced a line with his fingertip from her chin, around her heaving breasts, down over her stomach, and wound it around in the soft fur that covered her modesty. Forcing one of his legs between hers, he spread them enough to suite his current needs. Parting her tender folds he reached for her little bud, stroking it gently, rolling it around beneath his fingers, making it his personal plaything. Ella lay completely still, hardly daring to move, struggling with the sensations his attentions were creating within her. His lips sort out her breast, gently sucking her nipple into his mouth, flickering his tongue over it, making it stand erect and proud before his hungry gaze. His fingers ventured a little lower, looking for her love center, and finding it. Slowly, gently, his finger entered her, seeking to confirm his suspicions. Finding it there, he smiled to himself. At last he had the one thing he had always craved for, yearned for. A woman with natural beauty who had never known the touch of a man. He spoke softly to her, his fingers still wondering over the length of her slender body, exploring her.

“Today I sort only to capture a cargo, and as luck would have it the day sees me with not only the cargo, but the ship as well. And what a cargo that ship has yielded me. Such a treasure I would never have thought to have as my own.” His lips came to hers in a tender kiss, a little annoyed that she would not return his affection, but then, he reminded himself, this was something he would not rush. He would have this woman love him and come to him willingly, and failing that, he would make her submit to his every wish. He could smell her sweet juices on his fingers and he longed for a taste. Ignoring her lack of response, he kissed his way down her neck, her throat, her breasts, the tight muscles around her navel, nuzzling his face against her soft tawny fur. She didn’t resist when he spread her legs a little further, reaching out with his tongue to tenderly taste her sweetness.

He groaned softly. Never had he had a woman that smelt and tasted so fine, so fresh. His tongue reached out for anther taste and seeking out her delicate clit, it lingered there awhile, licking and stroking it softly. Her hips moved a little, an involuntary response to his manipulation, but it was encouraging. He licked a little harder, moving down to push his tongue into her tight love hole, feeling the increase of her wetness, and he smiled. She would be his, and soon. Taking one last long, deep lick of her sweet juicy loveliness, he rose and left the cabin, leaving her naked and still hooked to the window latch.

Rolling to her side she pulled her knees to her chest, her flesh burning hot from his touch, and her clit throbbed. She was feeling things she had never experienced before and her mind was bogged down with confusion. Silently she began to weep, until at last, sleep found her and dreams took her home.

When Ella woke the cabin was in darkness. Her hands are still hooked to the window latch, and when she moved, she could feel the pirate captain lying beside her. She tried not to move; not to breathe less he wake, but he was already awake. He touched her cheek and he almost screamed with fright. His voice was gentle, soothing.

“Hush little one, I’ll not harm you.” He reached for a blanket and covered her shivering form. “Shhhhhhh.”

Ella had been awakened her need to relieve herself but she could think of no way of telling him without feeling ashamed. As the urge grew stronger she found she had little choice.

“Sir I beg of you. I need to relieve myself and I am truly thirsty.”

He looked at her a little shocked then leapt from the bed, unhooking and untying her hands.

“Dear Lady please forgive me for being the insensitive cad that I am. There is a bucket here where you may see to your needs, and I will give you a private moment. There is a water bottle on the table unless you desire something stronger?”

“No, thank you, water will be fine.” He left her to tend to her personal needs saying he would return in a few moments. Ella had never been so relieved to find a bucket in all her days, and the water bottle was just as pleasurable. Wrapping herself in the blanket, she sat back on the bed just as he came back into the cabin. Coming to stand before her, her lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes. They sparkled a little in the moonlight that filtered through the window, yet they had more depth than he could ever have imagined.

“My name is Gavin Trivell, but the men call me Buck. I would like it if you would call me Buck as well. By what name may I call you sweet lady?” she blushed a little at the tenderness in his voice, and in his touch.

“I am Ella, Ella Cornwall.” He paused for a moment, looking at her in doubt.

“Your father, who was he?” she was a little taken aback by the question, her father had money but he was never a man of importance.

“Eric, Eric Cornwall. He passed a short time back. I was headed to Spain to start a new life.” She wanted to add, “Until you came along.” But she bit her tongue. Speaking her mind would get her no where but in more trouble. He regarded her in silence, never taking his eyes from her slender form, leaning forward to kiss her soft lips.

Ella’s fear subsided a little as his warm lips met hers. This man could have taken her virtue, forced himself upon her, beaten her to do his will, and yet he showed her compassion, tenderness, even caring. Her mind became more confused as her body betrayed her, responding to his kiss, returning it with an almost eager response. He was encouraged, aroused, running his fingers through her long hair, crushing her lips beneath his in his eagerness to have her, to please her. His kisses became almost fierce as his arousal became more apparent and she began to fight him for breath, breaking free of him and sinking back in fear. He let her go, standing back from the bed, running his fingers through his own hair in frustration. He’d never had a woman he’d wanted to please, to pleasure. Always he had taken his pleasure and cared nothing for the body he used, but for this body he cared a great deal. He should have recognized her sooner, but she had changed much from the young Eleanor Cornwall he had met those many years ago. Perhaps she never knew where her father came by his money, or that she was had inherited her father’s shares in the business. His business. The business of being a pirate. He knew he would have to tell her, he owed old Cornwall that much. It had been Cornwall who had taught him most of what he knew about being a pirate, gave him his first ship to master, and his first blade. Yes, he would tell her, but not yet, not until she was his, body and soul.

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