Staying with Aunt Jannie Ch. 04



There was no turning back now. Nicky and I had crossed the line. We were feeling a strong connection after what we just did. It was some sort of intimacy, but it was a lot stronger than the one lovers feel, we were family after all. His faced said satisfaction. and I for once, had enjoyed foreplay to a whole new level after so long. We went into the bathroom. I was all sweaty and him too. I started undressing and taking everything off while Nicky just stood there looking at the floor, still doubting. Even though I felt a sting of frustration at him for this, I didn’t blame him. He just experienced the most pleasure he ever had in his life, in the hands of his aunt, her mother’s sister. I knew he felt awkward.

“Listen,” I said looking at his face with a tender tone, yet a strong countenance, “Thinking won’t get you anywhere. Did you like what just happened? Do you want more? It is that simple. I know you are dying for more, to stick your fat cock inside of me. I know it, then you decide. Do you want to stop our little secret, or do you want to spend more time with your aunt like this?” He looked at me annoyed that he was being lectured.

I undid my bra now and my tits fell free. The power of juicy, round breast have some power over straight men every time. They stood there staring at Nicky, and him staring back at them. They were taunting him, daring him to come and get them. They spoke the rest of what I just told him, and did the job.

“Aunt you are so gorgeous. I’ve never, in all the porn I’ve watched, seen such a delicious body. I feel hungry from just seeing you. I do want more, and I think I won’t care about who you are anymore,” he decidedly. This provoked a mental orgasm in me. Yes! Finally! He was being a man and doing what he wanted. He was even smiling a little.

I continued to undo my hair and let it fall on my shoulders. It was black and shinny, heavy and long. Meanwhile he took off his shirt and his shoes. When he was about to undo his pants I stopped him.

“Let me do it,” I said, squatting before him. I started massaging his now defeated penis a little and looking at him in the eyes, with a smile of love in my mouth. The moment came for me to witness what he had under there and I reached with my hand inside and grabbed his dick. I pulled it out and took a nice look at it. It was beautiful! Uncircumcised , long, fat and bright. With a pink, protuberant head. My mouth watered. This guy did not cease to impress me every time.

I let out a chuckle of happiness at the sight of it. I must have been grinning all the while, a contagious and pleasant countenance, because he smiled too, as if feeling a humble pride. It was now in its small state, but still looked tasty, and it was full of that rich cum I had tasted minutes before. So I started sucking it slowly. I put my tongue everywhere. Inside his foreskin, around his head, and all through. All while sucking and swallowing the remaining cum. I wanted to suck it clean and dry. He was enjoying it a lot. I could tell by his beautiful face changing back into pleasure mode. I felt that massive thing starting to grow in my mouth. I just kept licking it faster and faster until it started to grow so much that I had to spit some of it out little by little, until it was full size again. I laughed while I choked a little. I was so excited. And so was he!

“Don’t stop aunt…” he said, so softly that I could barely deny anything canlı bahis he asked me to do.

How could I? I was having a feast. The most delicious cock I had ever tasted. I continued sucking the tip and messing around with my tongue in the spots were he felt the most pleasure: around the back of the head and the front of it. With my right hand I started jerking him again. This time, his dick was full of my saliva and it acted as a natural lube that increased the pleasure even more. I was sucking now and putting his dick all the way back to my throat. I changed actions to keep it interesting. He was in heaven.

I could only imagine how he felt. I don’t have a penis, but his face told me everything. To have my full, red lips, wrapped around your dick like this and to feel the hot, wet sensation of my mouth, slowly melting your cock. To have my tongue lick were you like it the most and spit while stroking as hard as possible. Also the deep-throats are a unique sensation as well, your entire penis being hugged by my hot and wet mouth. It’s all priceless, and was willing to give it to him always. He felt all that and more, because I am is aunt after all.

After one or two minutes he started moaning and wanted to cum. His dick was already making contractions, it wanted to spit it all out. I stopped sucking his dick and only stroked it faster than ever.

“Give me your cum honey,” I begged, “I want it in my mouth. You have the tastiest cum I have ever had. Give me more, cover my face in it. You have already fucked my face, cum in it now!”

And so he did! He came more than before. Where he had all that cum stored I didn’t know, but he completely flooded my face with it. It got into my nose and mouth, and I was struggling to catch it all and drink it. Some of it dripped to my body and fell into my tits and legs. It ran down my body and I felt the hot and wet sensation. And the smell! That delicious, orgasm inducing smell! I stroked his cock each time it contracted, as if milking it dry, and his legs shook a bit with each jerk of my hand. He was very sensitive now. I was sucking his cock once more, drinking the whole thing. I even got most of my hair covered in it. It was so much. It finally stopped and we were both exhausted. He was laying by my side on the floor. And while I used my hands to capture all the cum that escaped me and got into my body, and drank it too, he hugged me by the waist and kissed me in the lips. One of those soft “I love you” kisses. I felt a warmth in my chest. I had given this little man the most pleasure he ever had. I kissed him back a little more and stuck my tongue in his mouth.

“Let’s step into the shower,” I said, and held his hand and brought him forward into it. The space was wide enough for both of us, but still had to be close together to fit inside.

Here we were finally standing next to the other and I could really measure his height. His head ended directly at the height were my nose is. He was shorter than me, but I found that to be more appealing than if he were a tall guy, because I saw him as something you own, not that owns you, and I felt all the more turned on about him. I turned on the water and it came out hot, nice to the touch of the skin. Between the water coming down on us and the steam lifting around inside the shower box, we kissed and touched each other. I was enjoying the company of this young adult more than any full grown man I had been with before in my life.

“Let me scrub bahis siteleri your back Aunt,” he said willingly.

“Call me Jannie, Nick, I think I deserved that now,” I said with pride.

“You have such soft skin, like a goddess. I love touching it. This bath gel is going to give it even a more rich smell. I won’t be able to stop kissing it!” he had said so playfully. A intimacy was now definitely established.

“So you had never touched a girl like this before have you?”

“No, you are my first.”

“Then how come you were so good eating my pussy?” I said teasing him.

“Ha ha, I read a lot,” he said this with a tone of sly pride. I was just happy that some of those books he read in his life were good for something.

“Would you like me to take your virginity also?” I said after hesitating a moment.

“Yes,” he said, with surprising manliness.

“Are you sure? Once you try me, not a single girl out there will be ever capable of matching me!”

“You think I don’t know that? Besides, it’s a little late for that!”

“I was just testing you to see your answer. And you passed.”

Then I turned to face him and grabbed the sponge, looking at him in the eyes. “Of course I’m going to take your virginity, whether you’d like to or not!”

We both laughed at this and thoroughly washed each others’ bodies. We kissed while doing so several times, and when I was done washing his penis, I noticed it was starting to get hard again.

“You have a lot of endurance, don’t you?” I said. He just kept looking at me with an inviting look in his eyes. He then threw himself at me and started licking my nipples again. He did it as good as before, and the hot water and steam in there were helping him, I was once more losing it. I was so horny and the water raining on us was so hot, that I could swear I was sweating under it. His height was so perfect for this, he wasn’t having any problem or annoyance in this tight sport we were in. He didn’t have to bend his neck and create a problem. I thought that he was becoming more and more perfect for me. I took one of his hands and put it in my pussy, and he immediately started fingering it. I was about to come once more when he said, “I want to stick it in.”

“Then do it,” I said, “put that fat beast inside of my vagina and break it!” I said this with a strong need for his dick. Hell, I have been dying for it since I first lay my hand on it.

He struggled to find the spot with his penis, but I guided him and he slowly pushed it in. I felt the massive, rock-hard thing go deep in me every inch and moaned out loud. We stood still a moment and my face twisted with pleasure, as if the virgin were me. He then hugged me and while still sucking on my tits, he began to move up and down.

“Oh Jannie! This is what it feels like! This hot and wet sensation! It sucks me in each time I try to pull it out! It’s so tight and soft at the same time! A pussy! My aunt’s pussy! OH!” he said in a broken whisper that yelled he was in heaven. He licked my chest with his tongue as if I was made of ice-cream. I bet he found me that delicious then.

And so I moaned and exclaimed,

“Keep talking like that! Talk dirty to me Nick, and fuck my brains out with that fat cock! I wanted it so bad! Harder, harder!”

His hard dick was pounding my vagina by now, so hard that I felt the impact all the way to my stomach. It was strong and fat, so much that I could feel the lump in my pelvis bahis şirketleri go up and down. I lifted one of my long legs and wrapped it around his waist, and pushed him a little deeper with it.

“I would do anything for this pussy Jannie!” Nicky said in a loud statement, “I love it! And I don’t think I’ll be able to live without it anymore. I want to keep fucking it like this forever!”

To hear him talking and fucking me like this was too much for me. I came really hard with his dick still inside me and my eyes rolled to the back of my lids while I had to lean on him to keep standing. He noticed this and threw me out of the shower, water still running and we both dripping wet. He laid me on the floor and immediately shove his dick in my by now incredibly slippery cunt and kept fucking it with all his might. I was in ecstasy, I couldn’t talk anymore. I grabbed his hair and he pulled mine, and we hugged in the wet floor moaning and moving up and down. I never felt this for anyone. His cock was the best I ever had. I never thought it would come to this, we went this far, and I was delighted for it. I thought then that having sex with my nephew was the best choice I had ever made.

He started to slow down a bit, “I want to come!” He exclaimed, “I can’t hold it in any longer!”

“Then do it, come again all over me. Over my tits if you want, just soak me in it!” I said while still having his hair n my hand. I took my hand and caressed his handsome face while he kept pounding me so roughly. His face looked gorgeous when he tightened it like he was doing. I was delighted to be the one giving him all those feelings he was experiencing for the first time.

And then he quickly pulled his dick out and came, not before I squirted all over the floor too. His hot cum reached as far as my chin, and it was this time a little less dense, since it was his third load. But still, it was a lot, and it filled my tits with cum and my belly as well. I used my hands to spread it all over me. I massaged my tits with it while looking at his eyes with an ardent expression of satisfaction. He smiled at me for this, and fell backwards exhausted while I was licking my own nipples drinking all that cum.

I had an orgasm 4 times that day. More than I had in years, and we were just starting. We went back into the shower and got cleaned up, and then went back to the living room to cuddle while watching a funny TV show. It was dark out, a heavy rain pouring outside. We felt all the more comfortable together that afternoon. We spoke of different matters and got to know each other better. We laughed and had the best time. I can’t say it was love then, but I was willing to be like this with him for long time.


Message to my readers:

Guys, I feel incredibly humbled by your attention and support. Even the bad comments make me happy that you guys want to help me make something better for your enjoyment. I know I started a little slow, but please understand that going straight for sex in the first chapters just wasn’t of my taste. I also kept them short because I wanted to be over with them so I could start the sex scenes. I intended for 3 chapters to come out at the same time so people could fly through the first 2 and then really enjoy what this passion story is about, but they got rejected for my grammar and had to do them over. English is not my first language. This is my first time writing anything for other people’s enjoyment and I’m super grateful to you all. I don’t have any other way to reply to your comments, at least I don’t know how yet. I hope this little message doesn’t get deleted. Thanks for your understanding and please read till the end. Thank you!

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