Stephanie Tops Her Family Ch. 2


Chapter 2: The Next Day

Stephanie woke the next morning with the events of the previous evening still spinning around in her head. She was having a hard time believing that it had really happened. But happen or not, the more she thought about it, the more aroused she got.

The memory of her mom, dad and brother all kneeling on the floor in submission to her made her naturally blonde pussy juice up. She became so worked up thinking about the previous evening, she slowly raised up the overlarge T-shirt she wore to bed and pulled it off. Tossing it aside, she lay back down and quickly grabbed her stiff nipples. A moan escaped her lips as she started to work on the rubbery nubs, causing delicious, sexual thrills to course through her body.

She pinched her hard little nips, clamping down hard on them until she gasped from the pain. After holding this for a few seconds, Steph pulled them as far out from her body as she possibly could. Her perfect teenaged tits stretched out almost two inches from her body, and she could feel the tension on the skin pull the entire surface of each breast.

While she had her tits extended like this, Steph started to twist each nipple. She was getting really horny at the mauling she was giving her nipples, and wished another member of the family was in her room so she could order them to suck her clit.

Once she was through with her nipples, Steph simply grabbed a handful of tit flesh and just squeezed as hard as she could. She kneaded her tits like they were silky, bouncy bread dough that squished out from between her fingers, and then sprang back when she loosened her grip to squeeze again.

Eventually, though, Steph needed to pee. She still hadn’t done anything with her pussy, but the need to relieve herself before she had an accident was too great.

Not worrying about throwing on any clothes (she was sure after last night that nobody else in the house was going to be modest) she walked down the hall to the upstairs bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, she let fly with her morning pee, and decided now was the time to show her clit some attention. While she tinkled, Stephanie reached both hands down to her pussy and placed them either side of her clit hood. Once they were in place, she pushed her fingers together tightly, sandwiching her sensitive little clit between them.

While Steph put pressure on her clit with both hands, she simply wiggled her fingers over her cunt lips lightly, adding extra stimulation to her throbbing pussy. She moaned and writhed around on the stool long after she’d finished peeing, she was so caught up in what she was doing to herself.

When she opened her eyes and looked up (she hadn’t bothered closing the bathroom door, either), her dad, Steve Conroy, was standing in the doorway, stiff cock in hand, watching and slowly stroking up and down on the shaft.

Steph was kind of embarrassed by being caught masturbating, even though after last night, she shouldn’t have been embarrassed by much. After all, she was the Mistress in the house now, and she should be able to do anything she pleased, right? Nevertheless…

Stephanie grabbed some toilet paper, wiped quickly and started to get up, but her dad stopped her.

“No, Mistress. Please wait. I’d like to try something. It’s something that your mother and I do occasionally when we play.

“Scoot back as far as you can on the seat. Now spread your legs as wide to the side as possible. Good. Now just sit back and watch.”

Stephanie sat on the toilet with her legs spread wide, and watched as her father approached her and aimed his big prick at the little hole left in the toilet seat. She hoped he had good aim, especially with a morning stiffy, she wasn’t sure she was interested in a golden shower.

After only a moment, the piss started coming out of her dad’s cock. She was mesmerized by the sight. She’d never seen a guy pee before. Of course, she’d caught her brother standing at the toilet a couple of times, but his back was to her then, and she could only hear what was going on. Right now, it was in her face… so to speak.

Fortunately, Dad had really good aim, and hit the little toilet hole dead on. When the flow started to taper off, he approached the toilet and started to kneel down a little, so none of his pee got on his daughter. He managed to get all of his piss into the toilet and none of it on Stephanie. Until he shook the final drops off.

He gave his dick a couple of shakes, and got little pee drops all in Steph’s blonde pubes. Well, Stephanie wasn’t about to let him get by with that. She’d enjoyed the show and all, but after all, this was his idea.

“Now look what you’ve done! Clean me up right now!” Dad reached for the toilet paper, but Steph stopped him. “…With your mouth.”

Well, Dad didn’t even hesitate. He got to his knees and pressed his face into his daughter’s pussy bush and licked away all the little droplets he’d left there. Steph, after her outburst just before she’d gone to bed last night, bahis firmaları was now starting to rethink her attitude on all this. She still wanted the freedom to go out with her friends and do her own stuff, but maybe being the sexual Top in the family wasn’t all bad. And being in charge, she could say when and how long sex sessions would be. They’d all just have to be really careful about letting anybody else know…

When Dad was done licking his pee out of his daughter/Mistress’s pussy hair, he knelt back and looked at Steph expectantly.

This was the part that sort of bothered Steph. Once they’d accomplished a task, everybody then turned to her for further instruction. It was the way such things had to be – since she was in charge – but it was a little intimidating.

Finally, she settled on, “Go back to whatever you were doing.” Dad nodded, got up and left the bathroom, going in the direction of his and Mom’s bedroom. Steph didn’t even bother with the crawling bit. She wasn’t really sure if she wanted to get that far into things this early in the morning.

Stephanie got off the toilet and decided she was hungry. It was Saturday, so she didn’t have to worry about getting ready for school, so she had time for a leisurely breakfast for a change.

Stopping off in her room for a robe, Steph started down the stairs, where about halfway down she could smell and hear the sounds of breakfast being prepared. Well, she knew it wasn’t her brother. He hardly got out of bed before noon on Saturdays, and she’d already seen her dad go back to his room, so it had to be Mom.

Turning the corner into the kitchen, Steph stopped. She was a little surprised to see that, indeed, it was her mom cooking breakfast, but that Mom hadn’t bothered to get dressed before coming down. Mom faced the stove, and was flipping pancakes. She had put on an apron, but she had nothing on underneath it. Mom’s perfect ass cheeks faced Stephanie, with the apron tie tails trailing down her crack. Stephanie felt a flush of undaughterly lust at the sight of Mom’s round butt, and a part of her wanted to go over and take a firm globe in each hand and squeeze. She managed to resist, but it was hard. Maybe someday…

Mom turned from cooking and saw Steph standing, watching, and gave her a little smile. “Good morning, Steph… or should I say… Mistress?”

Stephanie was starting to warm to this “Mistress” stuff so she replied, “‘Mistress’ is fine, if you must, but it isn’t necessary. If you want to call me ‘Steph’, that’s cool too.”

Mom nodded and said, “Would you like some pancakes, Mistress Stephanie?”

With a smile, Steph replied, “Of course, slave. I may have an idea for a new kind of syrup on your pancakes this morning, though.”

Knowingly, Mom smiled back. “I can hardly wait.”

Mom dished up a plate of pancakes and bacon onto a plate and placed it on the table. Seeing the bacon, Steph understood why Mom had put on the apron. Bacon spatters on naked skin – ouch!

Stephanie sat down, put syrup on her pancakes and started to eat. After a few minutes, she looked up and saw that Mom was looking at her expectantly, like she was wanting something.

“What, Mom?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m just so happy. It was a lot of fun last night. I know I enjoyed myself, and I think your father and brother did, too. Steve tried, and it worked for both of us, but after he met my brother, your Uncle Len, I know he realized it wasn’t his forte.”

“Uncle Len? What about him?”

Mom, got up, apparently not ready to talk about her brother, saying, “It’s nothing. Maybe I’ll explain another time.”

Stephanie wanted to know more, but obviously, Mom wasn’t about to tell her. So, she just returned to her breakfast and let that little tidbit of information simmer.

While she ate, Mom puttered around, finishing making breakfast. When she had all the pancakes and bacon made and warming in the oven, she sat down at the table and watched her daughter, with a dreamy look of satisfaction on her face.

Stephanie finished the last of her bacon, and noticed the look that she was getting from her mother.


“Oh, I’m just so glad to have someone to submit to. I’m sure you can’t understand it, but for me, it’s a very fulfilling feeling. And I’m extra glad that it’s a woman. I know with a good Master, I can get the satisfaction I need, but I’m much more comfortable with a Mistress. And I’m so glad it’s you. You are such a beautiful girl, I love you so much. Thank you.”

In response to this, Stephanie said, “Eat me.”

A big grin broke out on Mom’s face, and while she stood and removed her apron, Steph scooted her chair around for better access. Mom knelt on the floor in front of her daughter and mistress and parted her robe. With a whispered, “Thank you, Mistress,” Mom pushed her face into Stephanie’s pussy.

Steph moaned and reclined back in her chair as comfortably as she could, spreading her legs so Mom could better access her warm, wet slit. After only kaçak iddaa a few minutes of cunniligual bliss, though, a knock was heard on the back door.

Stephanie started, and tried to get up and cover herself, but Mom grabbed around her waist and held her in place.

“Hello, is anybody home? Anne, you in there?” The door opened and Mom’s younger sister, Pat, walked in. Aunt Pat settled on the sight of her sister kneeling on the floor, her head buried between her daughter’s legs. Instead of being outraged and appalled, like Stephanie was afraid she’d be, Aunt Pat said, very calmly:

“So, Anne, I see you weren’t lying.”

Stephanie’s head nearly exploded when her aunt knelt next to her mom and joined in the fantastic eating out she was receiving. Her aunt was just as sex hungry as her mom was! But, she didn’t know if she was as submissive.

“Aunt Pat…” Her aunt’s short-bobbed blonde head looked up, “take off your shirt and bra.”

Her aunt sat back and slipped off her shirt, revealing that she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Aunt Pat’s tits weren’t nearly as big as Mom’s or Steph’s, but just the sight of them sent a new gush of juice into Stephanie’s hot cunt.

When she’d discarded her shirt and tossed it aside, Aunt Pat bent back in to feast some more on her niece’s pussy.

Stephanie was loving all this. She’d never been eaten out so well before. Of course, her pussy hadn’t really been licked by anyone except her mother the night before. Steph grabbed hold of her nipples and squeezed and pinched them, her orgasm building in a great tidal wave that threatened to crash over her at almost any time. Once her orgasm did rage through her body, it was a bigger, better one than she’d ever experienced before. She’d never felt anything like it. Her mom and aunt were fabulous cunt-lickers. Stephanie felt a warmth ooze down to her asshole and she realized she’d squirted. She’d never done that before. Then again, she’d never been taken care of so well before.

When Steph came off her cum, and her breathing became less labored, she sat up a little and looked at her two “tormentors”. Both Mom and Aunt Pat beamed their sexual satisfaction, and their faces shone with saliva and pussy juice. Aunt Pat turned to her sister and kissed her. Not a sisterly peck, but an open mouthed tongue-tangler. Each woman then rubbed her face over the other’s, getting the smell of cunt all over faces and tits.

Applause from the doorway stopped them short. “Very nice.” It was Dad. “Stephanie, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to see something like that. Pat, I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since your sister introduced us. Maybe I’ll get that chance, now. That is, if Mistress will allow it.”

Pat had never seen her brother-in-law naked, though not for a lack of desire. Now that he was here, she hoped, like him, that she’d get the chance to try more forbidden fruit. Aunt Pat turned to Stephanie.

“Mistress, maybe your uncle and cousin would like to come over and visit. They’re in the kitchen, eating breakfast. Your Uncle Eddie’s in his boxers, and Emily is in a pair of simple cotton panties. We’ve been doing this now for about a year. Your cousin seduced us, her mom and dad.”

The thought of having her uncle and cousin take part in the naughty games appealed to Stephanie. Wicked ideas started to pulse through her mind at the thought of continuing this domination incest with even more members. She was starting to really get into all this, the power trip, especially. And the sex wasn’t bad either.

Fortunately, Aunt Pat and Uncle Eddie lived right next door.

“Slave-mom, go and get your niece and brother-in-law. We’ll see how they like the situation over here…”

“Mistress,” Aunt Pat interrupted, “I think it would be better if *you* went over. Emily is domme in our family, like you are here, but I think she would gladly submit to you. And I want to see her submit to you.”

Steph nodded at her aunt’s words. “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

Stephanie threw on her robe again, but didn’t bother tying it. She left her kitchen and walked the short way to Aunt Pat and Uncle Eddie’s back door, where she entered without knocking.

Though Aunt Pat was a year younger than her sister, Anne, her daughter was a year older than Stephanie. Emily had the looks of all the Austin (Mom’s maiden name) women. Blonde, nice body, tits that set almost any guy’s heart going pitty-pat, and that blonde pubic bush. Emily attended the local community college and still lived at home. Like Aunt Pat had said, Em sat there in nothing but a pair of panties.

Steph usually thought cotton panties to be boring and utilitarian. But she realized that, in the proper frame of mind, they could be just as arousing as a wispy lace thong. And her cousin’s shapely ass stretching the soft material definitely put her in the proper frame of mind.

Emily didn’t turn around, she assumed since no one had knocked, that it was her mom returning home. She just kept on eating her breakfast and reading kaçak bahis the morning paper, until…

“Out of that chair and on your knees, slut!”

Emily’s head popped up. That wasn’t her mother’s voice. She turned quickly and saw her cousin standing there, her robe hanging loose over her otherwise naked body. Surprised only began to describe it. But eventually, the order sank in and a slight smile twitched on her lips, and she rose. Em looked her cousin in the eye, a slight look of defiance on her face, but it quickly softened and she sank gracefully to her knees.

“Good morning, Mistress Stephanie. And how is my cousin this fine morning?”

Stephanie was relieved to find that Emily’s domination streak was not quite as strong as hers: she wasn’t sure she was willing to give up this power yet. She felt incredible love for her cousin at that moment, stronger than she’d ever felt for her before. Steph also realized she had a greater love for Mom, Dad and even Reggie after last night. She hadn’t realized until now that the trust they showed by their relinquishing of power made her cherish them all the more.

“My dear, beautiful cousin, there’s a party starting at my house, and we’d like you and your father, my uncle, to be there. You don’t need to bring anything, except your bodies and your lust. And leave your desires on the floor here. My desires are your desires now.

“Call Uncle Eddie, Em, I need him, too.”

Emily called out from her place on the floor, “Dad! Could you come into the kitchen for a minute? I want to show you something!”

Ed Kendall came into the kitchen, in nothing but his boxers, newspaper in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

“What’d ya need, honey…” Uncle Eddie stopped short when he saw his daughter kneeling on the floor and his niece standing over her, nearly nude. “Mistress, what are you doing?”

Emily looked over her shoulder at her father and replied, “It would appear that I now have a mistress, too, lollypop.”

A smirk twisted Steph’s mouth. To Emily she asked, “Lollypop?”

Emily looked up into her cousin’s face and half whispered, “You’ll see.”

Steph looked up at Uncle Eddie, who was obviously embarrassed at being there in his underwear in front of his niece. She saw him trying to cover his growing erection, but she stopped him.

“Put your hands down… lollypop!” Uncle Eddie’s hands dropped to his side (fortunately he’d put his coffee cup down), and his head bowed in submission. “Very good. Now join your beautiful daughter here on the floor.” He shuffled quickly into place, then knelt next to Emily.

Uncle Eddie had been a wrestler in college, and still kept himself pretty fit. He was definitely more defined than Steph’s father, although her dad still wasn’t at all bad looking. The boxer shorts didn’t contain his growing dick, though, and it tented out the front of his underwear and gapped the cock hole in them. Steph caught a vague glimpse of his manhood through the hole, and it appeared bigger than her dad’s.

Steph nodded toward the door. “C’mon, you two. Everybody’s over at our house.” Emily and her dad stood up and Steph said, “Oh and you can leave those here.” She pointed to their underwear. “I’m sure nobody is dressed next door.”

Em and Uncle Eddie glanced at one another at the order, then shrugged and slid their undergarments to the floor.

Now Stephanie understood the “lollypop” thing. Uncle Eddie had gotten hard while he knelt before her, and the “lollypop” thing referred to the shape of his cock. It was big, maybe eight inches or so, but the shaft was relatively small in diameter in comparison to the head. The head of Uncle Eddie’s cock was at least twice the diameter of the shaft and an intense purple color. It looked kind of odd, but the thought of what it would feel like stretching the walls of her pussy had Stephanie throbbing.

Stephanie resisted reaching out to touch her uncle’s big-headed dick (that would be for later, she promised herself), and left her aunt and uncle’s house for her own. She wondered as she made the short way home, what her mom, dad and aunt had got themselves into while she was away. She also wondered if, by some miracle, her brother had woken up yet.

Partway home, she turned around to see if Emily and Uncle Eddie were following. They were, but they kept shooting frightened glances around to see if any of the neighbors could see them. Fortunately, the houses were pretty widely spaced, and there were fences and hedges separating most of the neighbor’s houses.

When all three of them entered the Conroy’s house, Uncle Eddie had lost most of his hard-on, but Emily’s nipples were so hard, it looked like they must hurt. The three turned into the kitchen, and they all three were surprised.

A naked mom knelt in the middle of the kitchen floor, head down. Dad had been tied to one of the kitchen chairs, and his cock stood proudly erect, pointing toward the ceiling. This was surprising enough, but what was most arousing was on the kitchen table.

Her jeans now laying on the floor next to her shirt, Aunt Pat lay spread-eagled, tied to the kitchen table. Her neatly trimmed pussy drooled juices down her ass crack and onto the tabletop.

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