The Clan Ch. 09


Chapter 9 – Daniel

Daniel stood with Bobby and waited for his mum. Like Bobby, Benny and Jeremy, he had decided to use Jeremy’s Plan B. Therefore Daniel was going to wait until he had been at uni for a week, before attempting to seduce his mother. As he stood with Bobby part of him wished he had decided on Plan A, so he wouldn’t have to wait that long. ‘Oh well’, he thought, ‘the decision has been made’. He smiled as he saw his mum’s car come into view. Of all the boys of The Clan, he had no doubt his mother had been giving him the signals for some time now. Maybe that’s why he decided on Plan B, because there was an element of ‘the chase’ involved. Whereas, if he were to just follow his mother’s signals, where as the thrill of the hunt? Besides, Plan A placed his mother as the initiator, and he wanted that role, so Plan B it was. Therefore, Daniel’s story like Jeremy and Benny before him begins some weeks after the end of camp.

When Daniel got home from uni his mother Julia was home as usual. Daniel and his mates had decided that Bobby’s mother would prove the most difficult to seduce and Daniel’s the easiest, which excited Daniel no end because he had fantasized about his mother for years. Julia was considered by all of his mates as the sexiest woman around, and he certainly thought so. As he walked through the back door to the house as usual, Julia called out to him to see how his day had been. Daniel had decided to be straight forward with his mother; he had a plan.

“I had a good day, what about yourself, what did you do?” Daniel asked his mother.

“I spent the whole day at home, doing housework, you know tidying your room,” Julia answered her son with a grin and he walked into the kitchen.

Julia was wearing her tight, light weight leggings and a tee-shirt — not the long type that would have covered her whole pelvic area and Daniel marveled at his mother’s sexy body.

“I hope you didn’t find those magazines,” he said in mock alarm.

“What magazines?” Julia asked her son with real suspicion. ‘Well,’ thought Daniel, ‘it’s now or never’.

“The ones with all the naked women in them who look like you,” Daniel replied with a smile of confident he didn’t feel inside.

He watched his mother intently for her reaction. Initially, Julia was a little shocked at her 18 year old son, but then flattered he thought this way about her. Julia felt her daring side rising within her.

“So they look like me do they, these naked women?” Julia asked her son.

“Yeah,” her son answered, pleased at her response, she hadn’t told him off at least.

“And how do you know they look like me?” Julia asked her son.

Daniel thought his mother would ask him this and he had rehearsed his answer, as much hung on it.

“I can imagine can’t I?” he asked his mother. Quick as a flash Julia came back with,

“Imagine what?”

“What you look like naked,” Daniel answered his mother. Julia studied her son for a few seconds and then asked,

“And what do you think I look like naked?” she waited for his response.

Daniel paused for a couple of seconds in an attempt not to seem too rehearsed.

“Beautiful, gorgeous,” was his reply, “or do you want details?”

“Of course I want details. Let’s see how accurate you are,” Julia told him as she cocked her eyebrow at her son, and Daniel wondered if he had gone too far, but it was too late to back out now.

“Ok, details,” he answered boldly.

“This should be good, what are my naked details?” Julia fired back, but there was a definite glint in her eye.

“Are you upset with me?” Daniel asked because he thought his mother was getting angry, and that could be very unpleasant.

“Maybe… why?” Julia wasn’t sure what she felt, but there was some something rising within her and she wasn’t sure what it was yet.

“Well some of the guys at camp were saying what great relationships they have with their mums, you know the ones like me — no dads,” Daniel fell back onto the agreed strategy of the four mates.

“And?” asked his mother, wondering where this was going now.

“Well, I don’t know, I thought you and me had a really good relationship, but they seem to think they have a better relationship with their mums… you know special. I want a relationship with you like they have with their mums.”

Daniel decided to let his mother think this over and said no more, but watched her expression.

Julia thought about what her son had just said. What type of relationship were his friends talking about? Could it be possible that these women she knew had that type of secret relationship with their sons, and it led her to wonder about her and Daniel? After some time thinking on this Julia asked her son with a more friendly tone,

“Do you think your friends have a special relationship with their mums?”

“They certainly made out as though they do, and they just grinned at each other like they were sharing some special secret,” Daniel continued the agreed line.

“Really,” güvenilir bahis replied his mother noncommittally.

“Yeah, and I felt, I don’t know, that maybe, well …”

“Spit it out Daniel,” Julia encouraged her son, “what did you think?”

“I love you and I felt like my mates have something more then we do, and I just want us to be real close because I need you,” Daniel blurted out in all honesty.

“So what does this have to do with the naked women in your magazines and me?” his mother asked in a more even voice connecting the dots.

Daniel thought he would come clean with his mother, at least to a degree. He gave his mother his best pensive look.

“I’ve imagined you naked for some time now and it excites me, you’re so beautiful and so cute, I can’t help it,” Daniel’s words tumbled out, nearly stumbling over each other.

Then he waited for his mother’s response, whatever it was.

“What did you imagine?” his mother asked him, curious as to how her son saw her; she was interested in what he had pictured — not angry or disgusted, but very curious.

“Ok, here it is then,” Daniel began, “your tits are beautiful with nipples just the right size as I see nipples,” he held up his had with a gap between forefinger and thumb of about an inch, “they respond to being touched lightly.”

Daniel watched his mother’s face for her reaction, and he could see that her eyes widened slightly and her cheeks reddened just a little. This gave Daniel confidence to be more graphic with his mother, because he saw the signs of excitement on her face. Julia knew she was becoming excited and acknowledged it to herself, but wondered at how her 18 year old son could have such an effect on her –she liked it and hoped he would go further in his description.

“Your tummy is lovely, not quite perfectly flat, thanks to me, but that only enhances your beauty. Then as my eyes follow down your tummy,” Daniel paused for effect and to read his mother’s reaction.

Julia’s breathing had increased in speed, but not from anger, but from excitement, her son could see it and Julia was savoring the feeling. She heard herself ask,

“Down my tummy to what?”

Daniels’ voice caught slightly in his throat from excitement as he was about to speak.

“Down to your magnificent pussy,” he said rather bluntly.

“And what do you imagine,” Julia asked her son, now mesmerized by his words of her nakedness.

“I imagine that your pussy, my mother’s pussy is clean shaven with a pair of beautiful outer lips and at the top of them a clit that wants to be licked.” Daniel watched his mother more intently now, and he could see her excitement only increase.

Julia looked at her son and thought that she had no idea her 18 year old son had imagined her in such detail, and she realized she liked him talking to her this way.

“Well,” said Daniel, “how accurate am I?” he asked.

“Ooh, big question isn’t it,” his mother replied, not knowing what else to say.

“Well,” Daniel asked again, “I’ve put it all out there, now what about you?” he asked.

His heart was in his mouth racing, as he felt a cold sweat beginning to rise. Julia thought for a moment and said,

“Pretty accurate.”

“Which part,” Daniel ventured.

How his mother felt aroused enough to tell her son, and she was so proud of how honest he had been with her,

“All of it, but especially my pussy,” Julia surprised herself that she was now so blunt with him.

“Wow!” was all Daniel could say.

He knew this was a pivotal moment for his mother and himself. They just looked at each other for a few seconds and then Daniel heard himself ask,

“I’ve often fantasized how gorgeous you’d look in your little panties. Will you show me how you look?”

“Come and have a look for yourself,” Julia answered without hesitation.

She wanted her son to pull down her tight leggings and look at her panties; she suddenly felt a thrill go through her body at the thought of it. Julia moved forward to stand directly in front of Daniel and waited for him to expose her panties for himself.

Daniel couldn’t believe his good fortune. He reached out both hands and caressed his mother’s hips, gripped the sides of her leggings, but before pulling them down fixed his eyes on her crotch, as her leggings were very tight and he could see to a fair degree, the shape of his mother’s pussy through them. Daniel slowly pulled his mother’s leggings down, slowly exposing her tummy and then the top of her panties. He kept pulling slowly to reveal little by little, his mother’s panties in full. They were skin coloured, very small and hugged her pussy, just the way he had always imagined. Every contour of Julia’s pussy could be seen through the thin material. Her pussy was clean shaven and although the lips were not very long her pussy was puffy and full, but he couldn’t see her clit at the top of her pussy lips.

“Do you like what you see,” Julia asked her son in a husky voice as he stared at her panties. türkçe bahis

She wanted her son to look at her, knowing he could see the shape of her pussy. Julia loved tight fitting panties, and she liked the way her pussy felt in them. She was quite overwhelmed by her reaction to her son’s attentions, and although she knew society said it was wrong, she had always done her own thing. No! This somehow felt right. Julia could feel she was wet, wet for her son — ‘could it be?’ she thought.

For all her heightened sexuality, Julia had been without a man since Daniel’s father walked out on them just over 13 years ago; she felt that men were not to be trusted. Yet, she had always felt that she could trust her son, with all her secrets and, but what of all her desires? She had many. They had been so tight as mother and son, and he had always been there for her. Yet, would Daniel go along with her fantasies, did he have his own? Obviously this was one of them, so maybe they could share each others.

“I love what I see, are you kidding? I’ve dreamed of this for so long, and you are so beautiful,” Daniel replied.

“Can I pull your panties down mum,” he asked looking up at her with pleading eyes.

“Daniel I’d love you to pull mummy’s panties down, I want you to look at my pussy, I’d really like that,” Julia replied encouragingly and felt herself become even wetter, and she realized with a degree of honesty that she too had dreamt of her son taking her cloths off and ogling her body — especially her pussy.

She now wanted to hear Daniel ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ over her pussy. She wanted him to peek looks at her, especially up her dress or skirt. Julia was suddenly excited by the new sexual possibilities with him. She watched her son slowly pull her panties down, and the electric thrill that ran through her only confirmed her earlier decision to be with her own son.

With her panties around her legs, just below her pussy, Julia watched her son lovingly as he stared at his mother’s pussy.

“You know what society would say about this, not to mention the neighbours?” Julia asked her son.

“I don’t care if they think I shouldn’t look at your pussy, so I’m going to run my fingers up and down you now.” With that, Daniel did exactly that and his mother was so glad he did, as she had been wanting him to, and she suspected she wanted more. It felt so good for both of them.

“That’s it touch mummy’s pussy. Ooo yeah, up and down my pussy lips just like that,” Julia had been trying to look after herself, since long before her husband had walked out on them, with varying success, or so she told herself.

She used either her hand or a vibrator. Yet, this was just so much better. Julia reached down to her son’s hand as he caressed her pussy lips and gently guided him. She guided for pressure, pace, where and when to touch. Daniel was only too eager to learn from his mother, and he allowed her to guide his movements up and down her pussy lips, and then guide his fingers to the outer parts of her pussy as well.

“That’s it baby, touch mummy’s pussy. Mummy loves you and the way you touch her. Always touch mummy won’t you my darling son.”

“Always mum, always.”

Julia surprised even herself when she had said those words; what had gotten into her? She didn’t know, but she liked it — it just felt so right. Daniel kept gently caressing her pussy and Julia allowed him to continue solo. He began to increase the pressure and pace of his fingers, moving to her clit; for her part Julia reached out and pulled over a chair sitting slowly; not wanting to interrupt what her son was doing to her.

As any good gentleman, Daniel had taken his mother’s little panties and leggings all the way off. Now Julia sat back in the chair with her hips forward and her legs spread wide for her son. Daniel had increased the speed of his fingers on Julia’s clit to a level that brought his mother to the point of climax. It had been so long — if ever, and Julia climaxed more quickly then she thought she would.

Although it wasn’t the earth shattering experience the women’s magazines speak of, it was ‘yummy’ and satisfying all the same. Slumped in the kitchen chair, Julia stared at her son with love and sexual longing. Daniel was grinning from ear to ear. His mother had actually squirted when she came, all over his hand. He knew she was his for sure now.

“Well, you are a quick learner, but what else can you do?” his mother asked.

Much to her surprise, Daniel pulled his shorts and boxers down to reveal his 6 inch dick, rock hard and wanting his mother’s pussy. Julia looked longingly at her son’s dick, as he gripped it and guided it to her pussy. Daniel completely understood his mother’s question needing no further invitation, and with confidence he rubbed the head of his dick up and down Julia’s pussy lips. So wet was his mother that his dick slid up and down easily on her pussy.

“Don’t tease you bad boy, just fuck your mother.”

With that, Julia took hold of her son’s dick for güvenilir bahis siteleri the first time in years, and pulled him into her waiting pussy. She then allowed Daniel to guide the head of his dick deeper into her, as her pussy easily swallowed his dick. Without much ceremony, Daniel pushed the full length of his dick all the way into his mother. Julia watched and began to pant and groan.

“Oh Daniel, baby, you feel so good in mummy’s pussy. Do you like it baby?” she asked her son without looking up from watching him, as he rhythmically thrust slowly in and out of her pussy.

A beautiful sight she thought, but felt Daniel was building to his climax. Although she knew he wouldn’t bring her to another orgasm, she also knew that there would be many, many years ahead were her son would make her cum time and again.

Daniel blew his load into his mother, not even worrying if she wanted him to cum inside her or not. For both the experience was a little anticlimactic, but with the knowledge Julia had of such matters, she took her son in her arms and whispered,

“It’s our start, the first, and I will teach you how to please me as I please you. I want you Daniel as much as I know you want me. So don’t worry, you will have me climbing the walls by tomorrow,” she assured him.

Daniel had tears in his eyes convinced he had failed his mother, because she had not reached another orgasm, thinking he had blown his one and only chance of seducing her. However, her words went a long way to dispel these thoughts.

Daniel disengaged himself from his mother’s arm, and feeling inadequate he hung his head and went to his room where he cleaned up. Minutes later after she had also cleaned up, Julia walked into her son’s room and sat next to her son on his bed.

“Daniel, I’m not dissatisfied, you just need practice, and I will be patient with you. All men need their women to teach them what they need. We’re all different, and so we need different things. You’re young and inexperienced, but that can be fixed. Now stop beating up on yourself.”

She kissed him softly on the lips, and Daniel had heard her love and commitment to him in her words. He took heart from what she had said. He looked down and realized for the first time she was wearing just her panties and no leggings, showing her pussy contours and Daniel felt himself hardening. Julia noticed too. Within seconds he was once again inside his mother’s pussy, as she lay on his bed and he was between her thighs pumping hard and fast.

Now Julia could feel herself being stimulated as she had not felt since Daniel’s father. Her son concentrated on doing the best job he could. Julia found herself taking hold of him and drawing him to her chest, but he kept up his pace and he could feel her body respond. Julia wrapped her legs around her son as she felt an old but wonderful feeling wash through her body. Daniel was bringing her to an orgasm with his dick, one of those very warm and satisfying ones again.

As Julia prepared for the ultimate pleasure, part of her mind acknowledged her son’s devotion to his task — to please her with no thought of himself. Julia had never loved her son more then she did at the moment her orgasm rocked her, and once again her pussy squirted her cum, but this time all over her son’s dick which was deep inside her hungry pussy. Julia held her son tightly to her.

Daniel was her man now, come hell or high water. Julia had always been Daniel’s girl, but now he felt complete. Unbeknown to him, Daniel had awaked something in his mother that had never awaken before, not even with his father. It was something Julia had felt from time to time over the years, but as it had never awoken completely she had dismissed its few distant rumblings. However, as Daniel rolled off Julia and they bathed in their after glow, she felt the rumbling begin and this time it rolled throughout her mind and body.

As it gripped her, Julia rolled to her son and he instinctively held her, as she sought him. Daniel could feel his mother shake in his arms. Julia looked into her son’s eyes, and he saw the hunger that had been awoken and his own eyes lit up with a hunger of his own, just as powerful, just as deep. They seemed to fly at each other with kisses to begin with; wild, passionate kisses, as if starving for each other. Then when this was no longer enough, Daniel was there for his mother; rock hard and eager.

Daniel slammed his dick into his mother’s pussy and they both gave voice to their need, and the pleasure they found in each other. He rammed into her with everything he had, and she thrust back with equal force. Daniel was fucking his mother with absolute abandonment now, and she loved it. She screamed her encouragement to her son, but he needed no encouragement, he was flying on auto-pilot.

“Oh Daniel, Daniel, yeah baby, fuck me hard, come on fuck me hard. That’s it, hard.” Julia was tossing her head from side to side and her hair flicked Daniel in the face, but there was no deterring him. Faster, harder and deeper he went into his mother’s pussy. The sounds of their raw love making was a mixture of groans of pure pleasure, with grunts of effort and that highly erotic sucking sound of dick flying in and out of a very, very, wet pussy.

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