The Crack Dollhouse Ch. 02


Meanwhile, Rick climbed into the front seat of Andrew’s car and said, “Leave me off at the other house until it’s time to head out.”

Andrew drove the two blocks to the old red brick building at the end of the dead end. “Are you sure Miranda’s not going to find out Rick? She’ll rat your ass out for sure if she finds out!”

Rick just laughed, “She hasn’t even noticed for the past six months that I leave a half day earlier. She just thinks we ship out earlier. Besides, who’d ever suspect me and Kami?”

With that, Rick slammed the door and headed up the walk. He used the side enterance and made his way upstairs. Kami was in the kitchen wearing a silk robe, cutting him a nice slice of apple pie, his favorite. They indulged in small talk and he ate his pie. When he finished, they went down to their love nest.

Kami had converted the entire basement to their love making nest. It had a huge king sized bed with silky, satin sheets in dark red and black with huge pillows all over it.

In the corner was a couch and a television for when they wanted to watch movies or porn. He’d even set up the tv on a pivot so they could turn it to face the bed when they wanted to fuck while watching the movies.

She’d set herself up a small section of it as a walk in closet where she kept her massive lingerie collection and matching shoes too. He’d been buying her something new every ten days for the past six months and along with what she already had, she’d had to build a room to contain it all! She also had a small wardrobe for her sex toy collection. She had a shelf for all the games she had, dildos and vibrators, anal beads and paddles. She had everything you could imagine in there.

There was also a sex swing, position wedges and so much more. He’d hardly had time to try it all out.

When they locked the door, he’d slipped his jacket off and tossed it on the chair. Then he kicked off bahis firmaları his shoes and flopped on the bed. He was eager to see what she had in store for him today.

She slipped the robe down off her shoulders, facing away from him. She gave him a teasing look at her bare back. Her hair cascading down around it. She swung her hair, letting it bounce down around her shoulders.

She held the robe tight and turned to him. Her neck was covered by thick lace, leading down to a strand of lace that trailed down between her breasts and disappeared inside the robe. She pranced around the room, teasing him with the robe.

His cock was hard, even after he’d just fucked Randa. Kami turned him on, she was hot. Her pussy was tight and she kept herself shaved and smooth for him. She was always waiting on him to come over and fuck her. She was the first thing he did when he got back to town and the last thing he did before he left.

Not to get it wrong, Randa was his woman. He’d fuck her anytime she gave him the opportunity. He’d had her just before he’d left for Kami’s. However, Randa was his wife. She wouldn’t do anything he wanted her to try. He’d suggested a little role play and she’d laughed at it. So, he’d found Kami.

Kami’s nature was fun and playful. She was the exact opposite of Randa. Her hair was long and silky, it’s shade of brown was soft. She had curls that cascaded around her face like an angel. Her body was thin and she had small perky breasts, no plump ass. Her lips were cherry red without lipstick and her smile was beautiful.

Watching Kami dance around, slowly letting the robe slip further and further to the floor. He squirmed out of his pants and tossed his shirt onto the floor. She could see the throbbing cock as it pressed tight against the silky boxers he wore.

She moved to the end of the bed, facing away from him. Suddenly she dropped the robe to the floor kaçak iddaa and revealed her naked body to him. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen her like that, but every time he did he was astonished.

She was perfect, he wanted her so badly. She turned to face him, her nipples hard and her pussy wet. She crawled across the bed and released his hardness from its restraint. She tugged his boxers off and kissed his head with her wet, cherry lips.

Soon she was flicking her tongue across, teasing the mushroom shaped head of his plump, juicy cock. He envisioned things that he didn’t find sexy to keep from exploding in her mouth. She jerked her hand along the base, to the tip and back. Stroking him while she teased him. He put his hands under his head and laid back to enjoy her.

She teased him relentlessly, stroking and licking, sucking and nibbling. She rubbed his balls, shaved smooth just for her. Her hand kept stroking, while her lips kissed their way to his cupped balls. She licked them and kissed them as she stroked him, harder and harder.

His back arched, his knees shook, he was about to cum when she pulled back. “You’re turn!” She flipped onto her back, stretched her legs open and spread her pussy lips to him.

He was happy to drown himself in her juices. He found her clit first, teasing it with his tongue. Nibbling on her nub while his fingers found her gaping hole. He slipped one inside of her, deep in. Wiggling it, as he teased her clit. Then he soon stuck another inside, then fucked her with them.

She slipped her own fingers down, spreading her lips wide. He had room to nibble on her, teasing her further. She was soaking wet, her fingers were dripping and his were drenched. They soon rubbed her so much she had begun to shake, her pussy was dripping as she arched her back and sprayed her juices out freely.

She pulled his face up and met his lips with her own. Their kaçak bahis tongues flickered and their lips locked together. His fingers teased her still dripping cunt. Rubbing her clit until she came again.

He pressed his body over hers, lifting her legs up to his shoulders. He entered her in one swift movement, plunging deep into her. She called out his name, “Rick, oh Ricky baby!”

He pumped harder inside of her, her clit rubbing against his smooth skin. The friction, the tightness of her pussy, it was all becoming too much for him. His cock was throbbing.

Suddenly she was pushing against his chest, he leaned up and she released her legs. Her legs wrapped tight at his hips and she pushed him over. He was now on his back, looking up at her. The want, the need in his eyes told her he was ready to explode at any moment.

She craddled his cock inside of her, rocking on his hips. She spread herself wide and pushed him deeper inside of her. Then she leaned back, resting on her hands. She was spread open, he could see and feel her clit.

He reached for her vibrator and turned it on low. Pressing it against her swollen clit, he rubbed her, teasing her. His finger teased her while he turned the settings up another notch. She bounced on him as he pushed the vibrator to her swollen nub.

The vibrations had her close to the edge. Her rocking and bouncing had his pre cum dripping into her already. He kicked the settings of it as high as it would go, then he pushed it against her swollen, dripping clit and pushed his cock into her. As she rocked, she came.

Her pussy shook, her orgasm wracked her entire body. He held her tight on his cock as he filled her with his cum. Their bodies were still shaking as they collapsed together on the bed.

Kami rested her head against his chest. He pulled her close and cupped her ass cheeks in his hands. She kissed his neck, whispering, “I love you Rick, you’re the best lover I’ve ever had.”

He kissed her forehead, “You’re not only the best lover I’ve been with, but you’re special too. It’s not everyday you find out your little sister is your lover.”

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