The Dac Attacks Ch. 05

Double Penetration

So I got my parents to throw Timmy and I a graduation party, inviting all of mom’s bridge club and their spouses to the event. They thought it was peculiar that I only wanted mom’s bridge club there, but with a little Dac persuasion the event came together smoothly. We set the graduation party up for Labor Day weekend, with everyone to arrive around noon for a pool party. It turned out that Mrs. Fergusson and Mrs. Stuart and their husbands couldn’t make it. They’d already planned and weekend trip – together, as it turned out. I admit, I was a little relieved. Both the Fergusson’s and the Stuarts were in their early sixties. I wasn’t sure how Dac would work on post-menopause women, and didn’t want to spoil the big event finding out. I was relieved.

I thought some party games would be fun (the sexier, the better), so I spent Saturday morning, before the party, collecting some props I would need. About noon, the couples started to arrive. Timmy and I had already dosed his mom and my parents, so we had to play host as the guests arrived. Mom, dad, and Mrs. Cleaver were too busy playing touchy-feely games with each other. Finally, I sent them to mom and dad’s room. They were getting a little out of control for untreated guests.

So as the guests arrived, we made sure they were comfortable, and of course, made sure they each had a drink of choice. It took about 40 minutes for everybody to arrive, and 20 more minutes till the Dac was in full effect. We mingled and chatted while the Dac did it’s work. Timmy and I making the rounds, making sure everyone’s drinks were filled (and additional Dac added to refills. When it was clear the Dac was taking effect – (everyone was getting touchy feely), I pulled the coffee table into the center of the living room and then announced our first game.

“Hi everybody,” I said, while standing up on the coffee table. “I’m glad you’re all comfortable. I want to welcome you and announce the first party game. I’m sorry mom and dad weren’t here to greet you but they had something to take care of some stuff at the last minute. They’ll be around a little later.”

“Now, the first event is for the women only.” I said. “I can see that the women are all looking their sexy best, so I want to give each of them a chance to strut their stuff. Each lady will get a chance to strip for us, enticing us with their sexy bodies. The winner will be the one who gets the most whoops and hollers, so guys, get your hands warmed up. AND,” I said. “The winner will get a private lap dance from the person of their own choosing. Now, who wants to go first?”

Surprisingly, it was Mrs. Cooper who stepped forward first. I never thought of her as an extrovert, but she seemed eager. She hopped up on the coffee table. Of course, I’d seen Mrs. Cooper nude before, but I was getting interested in her nude form all over again – well once she was nude, of course. But, she was a really good extrovert and stripper. She made sure we all had a good look at each and every one of her goodies. She had on a blouse and shorts to start with. The blouse came off and she swung it around her head before tossing it into the audience. Then, she bent over with her but sticking out and slowly lowered her shorts over her ass cheeks and down to her ankles, where she stepped out of them. The bra straps came down, and she unclasped the bra from between her breasts. She exposed one breast, with the other covered by the bra, and then the other. Mrs. Cooper is pretty flat, with pancake shaped breasts. Her nipples were like strawberries topping the pancake. But she was good with what she had. She pranced up and down the length of the coffee table, fingers pinching her nipples and pulling her breasts as far away from her body as they would stretch.

“These are my breast exercises. Maybe if I do them enough, my breasts will grow.” she said, laughing along with the crowd.

“Nice pair of flapjacks!”, her husband hollered back.

After some more prancing, she slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties, pulling them down off each hip one at a time. Inching them down, she exposed her pubes. She left them that way, with the crotch hanging loosely between her legs as she paraded around on the “catwalk”. I could see flashes of her pussy as she pranced by.

She got down on all fours with her ass sticking up while she inched her panties down to mid thigh. Then, she began to play with her pussy, stroking her slit in time to the music. She also spread her ass cheeks occasionally, so we could all get a clear view of her bung hole. She slapped her ass and then stood up. Bowing to the crowd as the song ended. She got a standing ovation.

Mrs. Gilbert came next. “I’m no good at this.” She said, “But here goes.” She said. I started the tape player while Mrs. Gilbert climbed up onto the coffee table. She was wearing a blouse and a short skirt. I’d guess her age to be somewhere in her late thirties or early forties. She had short cropped brown hair cut in a pixie style.

“Take it off!” I heard Timmy yell. I bahis firmaları looked over and saw him busy cuddling and petting Mrs. Struthers, in dad’s easy chair. He had his hand down the front of Mrs. Struthers pants while they swapped spit. Mrs. Rutheford had a rolly polly body, but she is gregarious and outgoing. I guess Timmy, being somewhat introverted, was attracted to her more aggressive outgoing nature.

And Mrs. Gilbert had definitely taken it off. All of it. She really wasn’t much of a show-woman, I guess. That’s OK. It gave us all a chance to check out her mature body. Mrs. Gilbert stands about five foot five. Her breasts hang down like long zuccini’s, but she has the puffiest pink nipples and areola I’ve ever seen. She has the “mommy pooch” hanging around her abdomen, and her hips have spread. Her bush matched the hair on the top of her head.

She walked up and down the length of the coffee table, occasionally posing, till the song ended. We all clapped, but it was more for encouragement than for her giving us all a good show. I stopped the tape as she stepped off the coffee table.

Mrs. Fields came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. “Huh?”, I asked.

“I um. I um am on my period.” she said. I could see her face turning red. “I don’t think I can do that.”

“No worries Mrs. Fields.” I said conspiratorially. “I’ve got some other ideas that will get you involved later. Just chill for now. No need for you to strip if you don’t feel comfortable.” Actually, I was thinking of Mrs. Gilbert’s performance, knowing that Mrs. Fields probably wouldn’t even do as good as she had, nothing stimulating and I wanted stimulating.

Well, with mom and Mrs. Cleaver busy with dad, and Mrs. Struthers occupied with Timmy, that left Mrs. Ramon. Mrs. Ramon and her family are the “token” Mexicans in our little hicksville town. I don’t mean that in any derogatory fashion, but Hicksville is pretty much vanilla white. I think there might be a black family who live down by the river, but you never saw them. I never even knew if their two kids went to school. Maybe they bussed them somewhere else, I dunno.

Anyway, if Mrs. Ramon is any example of Mexican female flesh, then I’m all for importing a lot more of ’em. The biggest thing I liked about Mrs. Ramon that and I hoped was genetically dominant in Mexican bloodlines was her tight looking bubble butt. It wasn’t big because of fat. It was big because of muscle. Her raven hair was absolutely a genetic trait of Mexicans, but I don’t think the long straight hair hanging down to her mid shoulders was. She looked to be about thirty-five.

Anyway, I spotted Mrs. Ramon over in a corner talking to Mr. Gilbert, got her attention, and got her up on center stage. I started up the music. Mrs. Ramon is a short lady – probably five two. She doesn’t have much of a waist I noticed as she removed her pullover shirt, letting her long black hair spill out of the neck of the shirt as she pulled it over her head. It wasn’t that Mrs. Ramon was fat, though. The only body fat I was really paying attention to, was that that bulged out of her bra trying to escape. But she did have a waist, it was just that her ribcage was longer and the space between the last rib and her waist was shorter.

Mrs. Ramon was busy freeing her breasts, allowing them free range. They settled down and quit jiggling once she got the bra removed. They were larger spaghetti squash shaped boobies with quarter sized areola and pencil eraser nipples, all a very dark, almost black, shade of brown. She got her breasts swinging in a circle in time to the music, as she swiveled around on her feet, making sure everyone got a good look.

Then, she slid off her shorts, leaving her in the sexiest panties I’d ever seen. They were crotchless! In the back, they covered nothing. The opaque cloth was buried entirely in her ass crack. I didn’t mind that a bit. The panties, or lack of them, highlighted the delightful bubble cheeks of her ass. What a hot sexpot, I thought.

She strutted her stuff up and down the length of the coffee table as the song neared the last chorus. Then, she grabbed her pants and sat on them. And with the last chords of the music, she spun her body around on the tabletop, spreading her legs apart, so everyone could get a good look at the crotchless part of her panties. We all hooted and hollered. Timmy made like he was going to get up and give her a standing ovation, but Mrs. Struthers grabbed him and kept him planted beside her.

I got Mrs. Ramon to stand back up and then invited Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Gabriel to join her. “OK. I want to hear it loud and clear when I call out your favorite dancer’s name. I introduced our dancers in the exact opposite order I thought they’d finish in. Mrs. Gilbert went first. She bobbled her boobs for the crowd. There was the usual level of applause given to people to show them you appreciated their effort. Next, Mrs. Ramon stepped forward. She did a bump and grind for the crowd, accentuating her bubble butt with jiggles in time kaçak iddaa to the clapping while she slowly ground herself around in a circle. Finally, Mrs. Cooper stepped forward. Everyone was on their feet clapping. Boobs or no boobs, Mrs. Cooper was our star stripper.

“Congratulations Mrs. Cooper.” I said. “Now, you get to chose who you want a lap dance from. Man or woman, it’s your choice.” Mrs. Cooper whispered in my ear.

“Folks,” I said “Mrs. Cooper would like all the menfolk to disrobe. She says fair is fair. She wants to see what you gentlemen have to offer.”

While the men were stripping (no, not to music), I got Timmy pried loose from Mrs. Struthers’ grasp, and asked him to go get our moms and dad. I thought it was also only fair that Mrs. Cooper had the full complement of men to chose from. Fortunately, I thought, dad’s already nude, so we won’t have to wait for him to strip.

I got the men all lined up along one wall in the living room, in front of the couch, which I offered to Mrs. Cooper.

“What about you?” she asked, raising an eyebrow and looking down at my crotch.

“No, no, no.” I said “I’m the announcer.”

But she wouldn’t hear of it, and got everyone else yelling strip, strip, strip.

“OK, ok, ok.” I laughed. But then I turned to Mrs. Cooper, and spoke quietly, so the others wouldn’t hear. “Alright Mrs. Cooper. If you chose me, I’ll give you a lap dance you can write home about, but I want something in return.” Her eyebrows raised questioningly. “I enjoyed the show you and your family put on for me last week, an frankly, I’m feeling very jealous of Jim.” Jim is Mrs. Cooper’s son. A couple years older than me, a friend of mine from explorer scouts, he’d been the first male I’d tried Dac out on. As a consequence, he and his dad, had double fucked Mrs. Cooper – husband in pussy, son in ass.

“Hmmm. Get undressed and maybe we’ll see.” she said, already beginning to inspect the candidates lined up before her. I got out of my clothes quickly. I was sporting a pretty good woody already, just thinking about fucking Mrs. Cooper in the ass.

Mrs. Cooper finally got around to me, smiling at my erect member. She grabbed it and handled it like she was weighing it.

“Regardless of who I choose” she said “I do hope you have some more of that lotion you gave me last time. I’ve never cum so hard or so often till you gave me that stuff. And actually, in fairness, I should tell you that you’re not my first choice. Check out Mr. Gilbert’s package over there.” she indicated the direction by pointing her chin.

Mr. Gilbert was at the far end of the line. His prick was already ginormous and it wasn’t even erect yet. His flaccid member was easily as long as mine was when mine WAS fully erect. And, I could see he had at least a three inch circumference if not four. He was the kind of guy that make other guys feel inadequate.

“No worries, Mrs. Cooper.” I said, “I’ll go get some lotion. You go grab Mr. Gilbert.”

“Oh no.” She shuddered. “There’s no way I want that monster up my ass. I mean for you, for later. You can fuck my ass later, if you bring some of that special lotion along with you.”

“Well all right then. You go have fun with Mr. Gilbert for a while. I’ll be waiting later for you, with open arms.” I said, smiling devilishly. “And with lotion in hand.” And with that, I went and sat down on the couch next to Mrs. Gilbert. I wanted to see how she was going to handle her old man with Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper grabbed Mr. Gilbert and led him over to the chair, I’d put in the center of the living room floor, replacing the coffee table. To tell you the truth, I didn’t care for Mr. Gilbert’s lap dance. Since he was already nude, it consisted of him dancing around and either putting his dick or his ass in Mrs. Cooper’s face. But, I think she got what she wanted, because by the end of the song, Mr. Cooper had his nine inches (at least) firmly entrenched in Mrs. Cooper’s pussy. Mrs. Cooper had got out of the chair, leaning over it’s back, making it easy for Mr. Gilbert to access her wonton passage. I ignored it, focusing on Mrs. Gilbert’s boobs and pussy. I was licking her nipples and playing with her pussy, through Mr. Gilbert’s full performance.

“So what do you think?” I asked Mrs. Gilbert.

“About what?” She asked.

“About your husband fucking Mrs. Cooper.” I said. “Not every wife would be understanding.”

“We… Have an arrangement.” Mrs. Gilbert said, “Carl can do what he wants and I can do what I want.”

“Oh? And what is it you want?” I asked.

“Welllllllllllll.” She said, drawing it out. “Right now, what I want is to suck your cock. Are you OK with that?”, she asked.

“OK? No, I’d say I am more than OK with that. How do you want me? Where do you want me?” I queried.

She just pushed me back to a corner of the couch where I lay back with my head on the arm rest, and then continued down my body, trailing saliva as she licked her way to my throbbing hard-on. I relaxed back into the cushions, kaçak bahis and watched Mr. Gilbert’s monster cock slide in and out of Mrs. Cooper, while his wife’s pretty mouth worked my member.

I started getting worked up. Pretty soon, I was pushing and pulling my dick into and out of Mrs. Gilberts willing mouth. With each stroke I dove a little deeper into Mrs. Gilbert’s throat, The feeling of Mrs. Gilbert’s throat constricting the head of my dick as it pushed it’s way into Mrs. Gilbert’s smaller esophagus (smaller than my dick, anyway), was heavenly, but too intense for me to last long. So, I pumped Mrs. Gilbert’s mouth, building up my cum momentum, and when I felt my balls boil, I slammed my dick home to the roots, holding her head there, while I emptied my balls, almost directly into her stomach.

“That was fantastic!” I said. “Can I reciprocate?”

“I’m not sure.” Mrs. Gilbert replied. “It looks like Carl’s just about finished. Did you have any more games you want us to play? Maybe one where I can get Mr. Cooper to fuck me? I’ve had the hots for him for quite some time.”

“Well, mom and dad’s room is vacant, I said. If you want privacy, why don’t you grab Mr. Cooper by the dick and take him there. Or, I can give up my spot on the couch, and you can fuck him here if you want.” I told her. “I did have the idea of playing some baseball out in the back yard, though.”

“Baseball?” She queried.

“A version of it, anyway. Nerffball, anyway.” I amended, I’ve got some rule changes that are going to make things pretty sexually challenging. Why don’t you come out with us and give it a try. If you don’t like it, you and Mr. Cooper can go play with each other. Otherwise, stay and play with all of us.” I kissed her on the head as I got up. Mr. Gilbert had pulled out of Mrs. Coopers’ sopping cunt, trailing ooze, as he left her gaping pussy.

“Folks,” I said, raising my voice, “If you’d like to play another game, follow me out to the back yard. Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Gilbert, if you’d like to clean up, there’s a bathroom down the hall and also one in my mom and dad’s room.”

I led a group out to the back yard, where I’d set up four yoga workout pads set up on the grass in the shape of a diamond. There was a nerff ball sitting in the middle of the diamond.

“OK. The game is nerff ball, but a different set of rules than you’d use for baseball or kickball.” I picked up a single die lying on ‘home plate’. “When you’re at bat, you roll the dice. If it’s a one or a six, it’s a ball. If it’s a two or a five, it’s a strike. If it’s a three, it’s a single nd if it’s a four, it’s a double. No home runs, sorry. The pitcher who’s also the only fielder stands behind home plate. If the batter gets a hit, he or she has to run out to the pitcher’s mound where the nurff ball is, and grab it and throw the ball at, or touch the batter. You can go and retrieve the ball and try again, if you miss. Now, about the bases. Men, if you’re in the field, you will have three people each on one of the three bases, laying down on your back. A hard on is recommended. If the woman batter gets to your base, she will only be safe if her pussy is around your cock. Women, when you’re in the field, you have to be on the mat with your ass in the air, so the male batter has open access to your pussy. Now, the biggest rule is, no cumming. Penalty points are awarded to the opposing team if you cum, and substitutions are only allowed between innings. Mrs. Fields has volunteered to be our umpire. She’ll be responsible for declaring a ‘cum penalty’. And, she’s responsible for cleaning up any mess created by the cummer. So, everybody decide which four you want to start with when fielding, and your batting order when you’re batting. We’ll flip a coin, if anyone can find one,” I laughed, looking at all the nude bodies around me, “to decide who’s at bat first. Oh, and one more thing, the men get a five minute period when they reach the field to ‘warm up’, meaning get their dicks hard. Mrs. fields, you can help with that, too.

I was amazed at how quickly everyone got into the groove of my newly defined nerff ball rules, though I did have to ‘help’ the ladies get positioned correctly on their mats. And I didn’t pass up on the chance to give them a good goose up the pussy while ‘helping’ them.

The game progressed smoothly enough to start with. It was lot’s of fun watching boobies bobb and dicks dangle as folks ran the bases. The gals got off to a two to one lead for three innings, and then stretched it to four in the fifth, and that’s when the men started cheating. Two would grab one woman, one fucking her while the other licked her clit, trying to get her to cum, so they could at least get a penalty point. Well, this didn’t sit well with the women, so they emptied their bench. Which, in turn, emptied the men’s bench. Ultimately, it all ended up in one big orgy. I went and found Mrs. Gilbert and finished what we’d started earlier.

This pre-empted any further game play, there was no way Mrs. Fields could get anyone back to their bench, so she just joined in, offering blow jobs to anyone wishing one. At the end, we ended up in the pool cleaning off. Then, dad got out of the pool and stood on the diving board above us all.

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