The Duke’s Wife


I was the duke’s second wife, chosen because all the other women of my family, mother, aunts and sisters had all had many children. Duke William was not young and he desperately needed an heir, his previous marriage of twenty years having failed to produce one for him.

William had killed his first wife to clear a path to securing a second marriage. Oh, it was never proven or openly discussed but everyone knew it was so. The entire court was aware of it but no one dared to say a word. It was not wise to anger a powerful man like the duke.

Of course that’s why I married him. One does not deny William anything that he takes a fancy to. So when I was scarcely a woman I was wed to a man several times my age and for whom I had no feelings of personal affection at all. I didn’t complain or question it. That was simply the way things were done, and financially and socially I certainly could have done much worse.

Years went by swiftly and I entered into my twenties. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy in my marriage, but apathetic might be a better way to describe my feelings on the subject. I was provided with the sort of life that few ever experience so I had no real reason to complain…at least not until William began to become frustrated about his lacking an heir.

After years of marriage and obediently fulfilling my wifely duties in the bedchamber, we still had no child. Not even a miscarriage. William, as I say, became frustrated. I became anxious, remembering the fate of his first wife.

My older brother became concerned for me as well. It was his suspicion that the infertility was not mine, but my husband’s. Not that it would be of any profit to suggest that to William. Andrew, my brother, came up with a plan that he thought might save my life. He thought that I should lie with another man so that I might become pregnant.

At first I resisted. I was an honest woman who had never been with a man other than William in my entire life. Gradually however, I began to become desperate and to rethink Andrew’s idea. William was becoming indifferent to me, and sometimes he hurt me when he came to my bed. I began to dread his presence and to fear that my life might be in danger. If I could become pregnant, I knew it would secure my position and possibly keep me alive.

Andrew began to discreetly search for someone to come in to me. Our family had ample amounts of money and bribery would have been easy if not for the terror that everyone had for my husband. Not one man was willing to do this service.

And so my desperation increased. As it did, a plan formed in my mind, based upon the original one of Andrew’s. Andrew was married and had fathered many children with his wife so that I knew he was fertile. He was my brother, so no one would suspect our being alone together. We looked alike so that if he fathered a child with me, people would not notice features in the child that might be strikingly different from either mine or my husband’s. It would be assumed that the child simply resembled me. The idea of bedding my own brother, of having a child by him, was sickening. And yet I was very desperate and willing to do anything to survive.

Andrew was angry when I suggested my plan to him. He slapped me, called me a witch, and did not speak to me again for weeks. Chastened and humiliated, I fell into depression.

There came an evening when my husband was away on a hunting trip that my younger brother, Allan, came to see me. I did not see Allan that often as he was the rake of the family. He drank, gambled, and visited prostitutes. By the time he was eighteen he’d fathered three bastard children by three different women and by the time in which this story takes place, he had seven in total.

Allan was laughing that night when he came to see me, much amused by something. But then Allan rarely did take anything seriously. It was one ümraniye escort of the things about him that vexed my father.

“What are you sniggering about?” I asked.

“Andrew. He told me about your falling out.”

I blushed, immediately embarrassed and irritated with Andrew for his indelicacy. “It was wrong of him to discuss it,”

“I agree. I never go about bragging about all the women who want to bed me. Well, not often at least.”

“Father will disown you if you continue your wastrel ways.”

Allan laughed, “Father is paying off the blacksmith this week. I knocked up that daughter of his.”

I frowned in disapproval.

“Anne, why didn’t you invite me to your bed?” asked Allan with unusual seriousness.

“Do not mock me,” I said, irritated.

“I’m not. I would have agreed. I never turn down a willing female. If you’d asked me to do what you asked Andrew to do, I am willing to promise that you would be round with my child by now.”

I felt distrustful of his words, Andrew’s slap tingling on my cheek as though it had happened moment’s prior. And yet I felt a slight stirring of interest. “You would bed your own sister?”

“I expect that my sister is made as any woman is.”

I looked at him searchingly, trying to discern whether or not he was teasing.

Allan shrugged. “The womb of a duke’s wife seems a more fitting place for my seed than the dirty cunt of a blacksmith’s daughter. Not that her cunt wasn’t very tight and wet and pleasant to use.”

I blinked, slightly shocked by his vulgarity. I clung to the important part of what he had said, “Would you do that? Would you give me a child?”

“Of course, Anne. And I wouldn’t say a word to anyone about it. I’m not interested in children myself — William can think it’s his and no one will be the wiser. I’m only interested in the pleasure of making it. And of course I have affection for you, Anne. I wouldn’t want to see harm come to you just because William isn’t man enough to father a child and wants to blame you for it.”

“Let us lie together then.” I agreed, another blush rising in my cheeks at the thought of the abominable thing I was agreeing to do. Surely hell holds a special place for those who commit incest.

Allan smiled smugly. “You are so beautiful. Do you know I always wondered what it would be like? I must confess that the idea of bedding you, of filling you with my seed, is a most attractive one.”

“Come with me,” I said, turning and leading the way to the bedchamber.

“The servants?” Allan asked.

“They know not to disturb me when my family is here and William will be away all week,” I said shakily. A glance back over my shoulder showed me that my brother was following, shedding clothes as he came.

“You will be pregnant by the next full moon, ” he confidently predicted “And a pleasant time will be had by both.”

I didn’t reply. I had led him to the bedchamber and was standing beside the bed, frozen with the fear of what I was doing.

Allan was quite at his ease, not at all concerned by the immorality of the situation. “The whores in town tell me that I have a dick like a horse’s,” he said cheerfully, “Do you agree with them, sister?”

“I am not a whore,” I said primly. Though I privately admitted that he was certainly much better endowed than William was.

He smiled. “I know. And I know this is difficult for you,” he said, his eyes softening. “But have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps those whores that you so malign have advantages that you do not?”

He approached me as he said this, and wrapping an arm around my waist, pulled me tight against his naked body. I held very still while he kissed me, frozen in panic until his lips began to thaw some of my fear. Allan was young, strong, and virile. It was impossible not to feel desire when his tongue was thrusting kartal escort into my mouth with such a primal, suggestive rhythm. Surely William had never kissed me quite like that.

Allan began the laborious process of unfastening all the buttons on my gown, followed by the removal of my many undergarments. “The girls in town are easier to get to than this,” he commented, laughter in his voice again. “All I have to do is raise their skirts and bend them over. Does that shock you?”

“Somewhat,” I answered cautiously.

“Of course it does,” he laughed. “You’ve never imagined such things. There are many things I suppose you’ve never imagined despite all your years of marriage. Well well…we’ll see what I can do to educate you tonight.” The last of my clothing dropped to the floor as he spoke, “Relax.” he whispered into my ear.

His warm breath made me shiver.

“I’ll show you what it is to be with a real man,” he promised. “A man who can fulfill your desires as well as your womb.”

Because I could not resist the urge to touch him any longer, I rested my hands on his chest. I liked how solid he felt. A desire began to rise in me such as I had never felt before. It made me ache in places I had not known to be capable of that reaction.

Alan kissed me again and began guiding me backwards toward the bed. “I’ll give you my seed many times this night,” he promised, “But first…”

He pushed me onto the bed and opened my thighs. I expected him to take me then but instead, he knelt down on the floor and buried his face between my legs, sliding his tongue inside me.

“What are you doing?” I squeaked in shock.

“Pleasuring you.” he answered, pausing only briefly before applying gentle suction with his lips.

Pleasure? I had thought that only men took pleasure from the sexual act. My only experience with sex had been to lie still while my husband mounted and mated with me. I had not found it especially pleasurable.

Two of Allan’s fingers slid inside me, probing and teasing as his mouth continued it’s own assault. My body was so unused to such treatment, so sensitive to his ministrations. He had hardly begun before sharp tremors shot through me and I cried out incoherently, thoroughly baffled by what I was feeling but enjoying it all the same.

My brother raised his head, looking amused and smug at the same time. “Well that was easy. He doesn’t take care of you at all, does he?”

Desire had taken over all reason. He was my brother but I wanted him. I wanted to feel his body on top of mine, pressing me into the mattress, his mouth on my lips, his manhood moving inside me. “Take me — now.” I begged.

“Pleased to oblige, M’lady.” he answered with a slight bow.

Only seconds passed but they were seconds in which I thought I would go mad with impatience. I opened my legs for him eagerly, my feet dangling in the air as he positioned himself between them and mounted me at last. When he finally slid into me I thought I would die from the pleasure of it. He was so big and hard and he fit so perfectly, just as though we were pieces of a puzzle, made for each other. He pushed all the way inside and paused, eyes closed, apparently enjoying the sensation.

He looked down at me and asked, “Is this pleasurable for you, my sister?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“For me as well,” he answered, a slight sheen of sweat forming on his brow. And then he began to move inside me. He wasn’t gentle, but urgent, almost rough. His hips pumped in long, deep strokes, my brother filling me more and more, once again making me feel new sensations I could never have imagined. It was so different from being with my husband. Allan was so strong, so energetic. There was something almost feral about him as he bred me, something deliciously wild and sinful. Profane words I had never used in my life spilled from maltepe escort my lips in response to his ministrations.

“Ah…does my sister want to be a whore then?” Alan asked, suddenly withdrawing.

“No!” I gasped, disappointed.

He laughed and pulled me to a sitting position, then guided me to my knees on the floor. “Put it in your mouth,” he instructed, holding his manhood to my lips.

For a moment I gazed at him in consternation, and then I did as he asked. This too was a new experience but instinct took over and I began sucking him as though my life depended on it. I found that I enjoyed it.

“Good girl,” Allan approved. “Show me what a whore you are.”

Somehow being called a whore didn’t offend me as it would have an hour previous. I sucked harder and felt a slow seep of moisture beginning to flow between my soft folds.

“Let me show you how the whores do it,” said Allan. He gently tilted my head back and then fisted his manhood in his free hand. He pushed it uncomfortably far down my throat. I choked in response but he immediately withdrew, only to try again.

“Good?” he asked, when he pulled out for the second time.

My eyes were watering but I nodded. He had aroused an intense desire in me that I’d never known before. Or perhaps I had decided that if I was being depraved, I might as well enjoy it.

“Such a pretty mouth,” he complimented. “It feels so nice. I would love to spill my seed in it but I know that I have a task to complete. Come here, Sister.”

He raised me up and turned me so that I faced away from him, and then bent me forwards over the bed. “I like this way best,” he confided, his hands fondling my bottom. “This is how I fuck the whores in town.”

His lewd words only ignited my passion further. A moan escaped me and I arched my back like a cat in heat, “Please…” I begged “I need you.”

Gripping my hips firmly, my brother mounted me again, this time from behind like an animal. That’s exactly what I felt like — an animal, wild and free with no inhibitions. Overwhelmingly female.

Alan gave me what I needed, what we both needed. It was hard for me to fully realize that this was my younger brother who was making me feel these things, but it was. I was completely past the point of caring about that. I wanted more…always more. I strained against him and begged shamelessly and he always obliged me, thrusting harder until the entire bed shuddered beneath us. My pussy burned with force of this assault, not accustomed to such use. He was so big and so stiff and it felt so good that I came completely apart, screaming his name and clawing wildly at the coverlet.

One of his hands tangled in my hair, holding me in place while he rode me. The pleasure of the convulsions rocking through me were so strong that they were almost painful and his continued thrusting only made them more intense. I was vaguely aware that I was begging again, almost in tears as I pleaded with him to give me the one last thing that I needed most. “Please Allan….” I breathlessly gasped, “give me your seed. Oh God…I want it so much. Make me pregnant…give me your child.”

He slammed into me then with so much force that he lifted me off of my feet for a moment. More waves of pleasure washed over me as I felt a burst of liquid deep…so deep inside my womb. I cried out in triumph. He cried out in relief, his manhood pulsing and twitching inside me, pumping me full of his seed.

Allan bred me twice more that night and many more times throughout the following week. I found that I wanted him for more than just his ability to make children, but for the pleasure he gave me both physically and emotionally.

I gave birth to my first son the following winter and he looked just like me. William was ecstatic, immensely proud of himself and pleased with me. Once again I was in his favor…but I must confess that my brother was still very much in favor with me. He gave me many more children over the following years and countless hours of pleasure. After all, as he cheerfully pointed out, if you are going to sin, you might as well enjoy it.

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