The Luckiest Guy in the World Ch. 03


In Part 2, I hooked up with a software developer at the conference who looked just like my mom must have looked 15 or so years ago. Oh, she was hot and she wanted to be fucked by her daddy, so I obliged, while testing out a drug that I wanted to use with my mom. Meanwhile, Mom begin to explore the Adult section of the game and end up having an orgasm while watching Sabina go down on Kotok – while simultaneously licking her own dildo. I had a lot to go home to, and off I went.

Which brings us to Part 3….

That was one looooong plane ride. But I didn’t have trouble passing the time. It’s just that passing the time playing those images of my mom with the dildo spreading her lips, sliding into her mouth, was making me just a little bit insanely horny. Ah, such problems I have!

Finally, finally, the cab dropped me off at our house, 6 hours earlier than I’d originally planned and told Mom. Standing at the door, I hooked into our WI-FI network and checked out the cameras. Oh my. Looks like Mom had cancelled her appointments for the day to help her son make really great software. The glasses were on, she was in the La-Z-Boy, one hand slid down inside her sweatpants, and she was watching….oooh, nice. She was watching Kotok smoothly slide his erection into Sabina from behind, with that lovely virtual ass pushing back at him with each thrust.

For a moment, I stood outside the door, torn. I so much wanted to silently disable the alarm system, sneak in, and then fling open the door to the Game Room, surprising Mom with a “Hello, Mom, I’m Back!” and catch her in flagrante delicto. But what if she totally freaked out and wouldn’t go near the game or the glasses again?

I couldn’t risk that.

Slow and steady, my boy, I reminded myself. Slow and steady.

I unlocked and opened the door, disabled the alarm, threw my bag on the foyer floor, and yelled: “Hey, Mom, I’m home early!”

I watched through the VR glasses as my mother seemed to levitate off the recliner, she was so surprised. She yanked off the glasses and looked around a bit wildly, panting, looking distinctly out of control. It was a very nice look for my always-in-control mom.

She got up, straightened up her clothing and hair and walked out of the room.

I took off my glasses and walked down the hallway. We met halfway. I gave Mom a big smile and enveloped her in a big, warm hug. I felt her stiffen against me for a moment. My first reaction was dismay: Mom had never felt the least bit of reluctance to hugs…but then I realized with a tingle in my groin: Mom was changing how she saw me, not just Kotok. That tension was sexual tension. That was good, very good.

And then she relaxed in my arms. “Welcome home, Jason. I didn’t expect you for hours, yet. What happened?”

“Oh, it’s all good, Mom,” I said, waving away the issue. “The afternoon keynote was cancelled and I decided it was more important to get back here and work with you on ThoughtCrime than gamble in some casino. So here I am! How’s the testing going?”

We pulled away and looked at each other from arm’s length. Mom looked flushed. “The testing?” she asked blankly. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! The testing….I’ve found a bunch of things to fix, and I did, um, start looking at the Adult section. That’s not easy for me, you know,” she said, looking up at me through her eyelashes. Was she being flirty? “But since you said it would make a big difference to the game’s success, I stuck with it.”

“Oh, Mom!” I used that as an excuse for another tight hug, and this time she pressed right up against me. I figured I would play it 100% innocent. I squeezed her against me, and could the feel the shape of her breasts – and…were those her nipples? Yes, they were a bit stiff. Oh, lovely, lovely. It was very good to be home.

“Mom,” I spoke quietly into her ear, while holding her close, “I never wanted to make you uncomfortable.” This was, strictly speaking, the truth. I wanted her to be very comfortable with the feeling of her body pressed up against me, skin to skin, my burning cock pulsating against her abdomen, sending an unmistakable message: Take me inside of you.

“If you don’t want to do it,” I said, rubbing her back softly, “then you should just stop. I’ll go over those parts of the game and clean them up as best I can.”

At that, Mom straightened up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You’re such a darling boy, Jason. No, it’s OK. I’m an adult, I can manage it just fine. And I want to make sure your game is the very best it can be.”

She turned and walked towards the kitchen. Her ass filled out the sweatpants really nicely. I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Have you had dinner?” she asked over her shoulder, and that was that. I was home, back home with my mom. She would make me dinner. She would help me test my game. She would, with the proper amount of privacy, bring herself to an orgasm while sliding a dildo in and out of her mouth. bahis firmaları Now it was time to find out what else she would do.

* * *

So we fell back into our routine: she saw patients, I worked on software, we tested the software together, she tested it by herself in her bedroom sometimes and then I watched as she spent more and more time in the Adult sections. Soon it was routine for Mom to watch Sabina and Kotok do all sorts of things to and with each other. But her favorite remained the blowjob scenes.

I so much wanted to move her along to the real thing, but forced myself to take it easy.

A week after I got back, I glanced at her appointments calendar, which I sometimes to do, just to see if any of my favorite patients are coming back for another session. And this time I hit pay dirt: Saul, my absolute favorite, the lucky (hard-working) young man who convinced his mom to become his sexual slave – and my mother couldn’t make a dent in either of their incestual armor. Coming tomorrow at 11 AM, with his mom. Huh, that was different. In the past, she always saw them separately. I decided it would be an interesting show and when Mom disappeared into her office to meet with Saul and Jeanine, I made some popcorn and headed to my Computer Cave. Made myself comfortable by stripping down to my boxes and settling into the La-Z-Boy.

I switched the camera to Mom’s office, just as she was ushering them in.

“Hello Saul, Jeanine, it’s very nice to see you, thanks for coming in at my request.”

Her request? The two of them together? How very unusual. Please, I urged my Mom silently, go on.

‘Come, please, sit down.”

Saul was still skinny, but had gotten taller, filled out a bit. He seemed to glow with self-confidence. His mother was also skinny, but with a nice, fit body, small and round breasts inside a tight-fitting blouse. She came in behind Saul, seemed to defer to him, gazed at him quite lovingly. They settling themselves on the couch, next to each other, but not touching. I thought about cupping those breasts with my hands, and sucking on swollen nipples.

Mom cleared her throat. “I asked you to come in, because it had been a year since I last talked to Saul, and things had been left quite unresolved, from my perspective. Since then, however, I’ve been evaluating my treatment strategies and I grew concerned that perhaps I did not approach your case properly.” Saul stared at my mother. His mother stared at him.

I switched cameras to direct my attention to my mother, noticing for the first time that she was wearing what was for her a very revealing outfit – for her: a sleeveless dress that showed just a hint of cleavage and swelled noticeably over her large breasts. That was certainly unusual and Saul didn’t seem to have any trouble realizing that. He stared at her openly and licked his lips.

Mom squirmed around in her chair for a moment, then continued, looking down into her notebook. “Specifically, I don’t think I ever really took the time to understand, Saul, what drove you to want to have sexual relations with your mother, and Jeanine, even less did I try to put myself in your shoes and see things as you did.”

“Do,” interjected Jeanine. “Saul is the smartest, most exciting man I have ever met. I did and will do whatever he asks of me.” She stroked his thigh.

Mom swallowed hard. “Right, do. So things, I assume, are the same between the two of you?”

They both nodded.

“Then, well….” Mom was uncharacteristically hesitant in her speech and leafed through pages in her notebook, but it was easy to see she was not reading anything. What, I wondered, could she be thinking about? Finally, she continued in a rush: “I’ve invited you to my office, because I do want to understand better and I think that the way to do that is to let you two be yourselves, here, now, to act the way you would act if you were at home.”

Saul snorted in surprise, his eyebrows raised high. “Like at home? Dr. Brendil, you have no idea what we are like at home. You sure you want to see that?”

Mom nodded silently. Saul shrugged and said: “OK, fine by me.”

Mom turned to Jeanine: “And you, Jeanine, is it OK with you, too?”

Jeanine did not make eye contact with Mom and she didn’t say anything. But Saul did.

“Dr. Brendil, you want to see us like we are at home? Then if it’s OK with me, it’s OK with Jeanine. She does what I say to do, isn’t that right, Mom?”

Jeanine nodded and I could see her nipples stiffening. I guess she was thinking about what Saul tells her to do, at home. I could only wonder at what my mom was thinking about.

Whatever that was, Mom shrugged. “OK, Saul.”

Saul nodded firmly to her and then said to Jeanine: “We are home. How do you dress at home?”

Jeanine stood up and for a moment looked uncertain, glancing at mom sideways as if shy. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. She wore no bra. Her breasts kaçak iddaa were lovely, maybe half the size of Mom’s, with almost no droop. And the nipples? Thick, dark red and poking straight out. Then she kicked off her shoes, undid her pants, let them fall to the floor. Jeanine was now wearing a black thong and nothing else. Her legs were wiry and strong looking, her abdomen tight. My mouth went dry at the spectacle.

In all the years of recording my mom’s “confidential” sessions, she’d never allowed any nudity, any physical contact. And now she stared at Jeanine, with her mouth hanging slightly open.

Jeanine turned to face Saul, leaving Mom and I both with a great view of her ass. Lovely shape, very firm. Then she knelt in front of Saul, who spoke over her head.

“So, Dr. Brendil, we generally start the day nice and soft. As in, my beautiful mother sucks my cock and swallows every drop of cum. Jeanine?”

Saul relaxed back into the couch. Jeanine undid his pants and pulled them down. She then bent over his legs. All I could see was her back, so I changed angles and then saw his cock: just like him, long and wiry.. I watched Jeanine’s mouth slide over the head of his erection, and suck the tip. Saul sighed, but didn’t take his eyes off my mom. Instead, he grinned.

“Ahhhh, Jeanine, you are a great cocksucker. But Dr. Brendil, you can’t see very well from over there. Didn’t you want to observe us, like we are at home? Maybe you should sit over here, next to us, so you can see better.”

Mom started to shake her head, then stopped, and stood up slowly. “I suppose you are right.”

She sat on the couch, crossing her legs tightly, right next to Jeanine’s head bobbing up and down on Saul’s lap. Mom stared down at the action, getting very flushed.

Saul laid his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. “That’s good, Mom, now take it deeper, all the way, yesssss….” he hissed as Jeanine descended on his erection. Her mouth reached the base of his cock, pressed against his pubic hair. I could see her throat muscles moving as she sucked him.

Saul sighed deeply and turned to Mom. “So, doc, I was thinking….remember how we used to do role playing? How you thought that might help me?”

As soon as he said the words “role playing” my mind flashed back to those sessions. Mom decided that perhaps if she pretended to be Saul’s mother and gave him more “appropriate” feedback when he came on to her, he could learn to control his behavior. As with everything else she tried with Saul, it was an utter failure.

Never taking her eyes away from Jeanine’s bobbing head, Mom nodded. I could see a sheen of sweat glistening on her forehead and her upper lip. Her hands were clenched together tightly in her lap. In fact, it looked like she was pressing her hands down. Getting wet down there, Mom?

“Well,” continued Saul, in a matter of fact voice, seemingly unaware of his mother’s lips cruising up and down his erection, “as you probably recall, it didn’t work on me. But I am thinking that perhaps it would help you get a deep understanding of the relationship I have with my delightful mother. Maybe you should try to pretend to be her again.”

Mom frowned and closed her eyes. Maybe she was thinking back to what she did with Saul. Maybe she was thinking about what role playing would mean right then. That’s what I was doing.

“Stop,” Saul said in a commanding voice. Mom’s eyes opened suddenly and Jeanine immediately pulled her mouth off his cock. It was shiny from her saliva. It was very stiff. It bounced rhythmically as the blood pulsed through the veins running up and down his penis.

Mom stared down at this young man’s cock. She had to be thinking that he was about the same age as her son. So wrong, so wrong, Mom. But, so right? Let’s see what happens.

“Dr. Brendil, do you remember how I told you this” he stroked his mother’s hair fondly, “all started? I was lying in bed one night, just a little bit of moonlight coming through the windows. It was hot, no covers, and I was hard, hard as a rock, lying there thinking about my mom and what I wanted to do with her. And then, damn, but I noticed she was at my door, which was open just slightly, and peering in.

“So I slowly started stroking my cock. The door opened just a little bit more. I decided it was time to take a chance. So I said ‘Mom!’ really loud. She jumped, and pulled the door closed, but I didn’t hear any footsteps moving away. ‘Mom,’ I said, ‘come in here right now.’ And I’ll be damned if she didn’t open the door and stand right inside. She was wearing a nightgown and looked down at the floor. ‘Come here, Mom, that’s it, that’s it.’ She came over, slowly, hesitating, to my bed and then there she was, standing right over my dick. It felt like it was going to burst. It was so hot and tight.

“I could hear her breathing, hard and fast. She stood there, not moving, not looking me in the eye, just staring at my cock, and I said: kaçak bahis ‘Kiss it, Mom. You know you want to. Just kiss it.’ And she did. She leaned over and rested her lovely lips on my cock. I almost came right then. But I didn’t.”

He stopped. Jeanine smiled up at him. Mom was still as a statue. The air conditioner hummed.

“So, Doc, are you ready to role play? We can do that scene, and then maybe you will understand how a mother can go from cooking pancakes and sausages for her son to letting him slide his juicy sausage into any and every hole in her body, whenever he wants to. Understand that, and I bet you can cure guys like me, sure, that should make you a way better therapist.”

I didn’t think Saul was being entirely honest with Mom, but he offered her a nice way to give in.

“I do want to help you, Saul, I do want to figure out how to help other boys to stop wanting to…”

“Fuck their moms? Yeah, I know, Doc, I know. You are a dedicated professional, and you will do whatever it takes.” He turned his attention to his mother. “Mom, until I tell you otherwise, when I say ‘Mom’, I am talking to the doctor here. Dr. Brendil, you are now my mom. Jeanine, go sit in the doctor’s chair over there. I’ll let you know when I need you.”

And Jeanine promptly stood up and took a seat several feet away. So it was just Saul and his bobbing dick, and my Mom and her heaving chest, there on the couch.

“Mom,” Saul said, in a loud firm voice. “Come here right now.” He pointed to the space in front of him and looked expectantly at my mother. “‘Come on, Mom, stand up in front of me, that’s it, that’s it.”

My mother got up from the couch with stiff movements, and turned to face Saul. He continued: “That’s a beautiful nightgown you’re wearing Mom. And you know why you are standing there, right? You want to suck my cock. You want to taste my cum.”

Mom started shaking her head. Maybe this was too much for her. Saul did not relent. “Mom,” he said even more sharply, “you know that’s what you want. That’s why you came into my room. Why else would you do that?”

Saul pushed forward. “Kiss it, Mom. You know you want to. Just kiss it.” Mom bent forward just a little, then stopped. Damn, was she really going to do it? I couldn’t hold back any longer. I slid a hand inside my pants and grabbed hold of a very stiff boner. I groaned as I watched Mom open her mouth just a little bit, just a fraction. No doubt, Saul noticed, too.

“Just a little kiss, Mom, just so you know what it feels like. That’s all, just touch those pretty lips down here, and then you’ll know exactly what you want to do. That’s it, Mom, that’s it.”

And my mom bent down more and more, inch by inch, slowly, as if she was fighting an inner battle (and what an inner battle it must have been: “I am a professional therapist. I do not engage in sex with my clients. But I want to help. Will this help? And it’s so hard, so stiff, I want to touch it, but I’m a therapist….”). The battle continued and mom’s mouth came closer and closer and then….

Contact! Her lips brushed the head of Saul’s erection. “Ahhhh,” said Saul, his head falling back a bit, clearly loving the moment, maybe reliving the original experience in his mind. Mom moaned and froze, lips touching, but nothing else happening. So Saul got back to work: “See, Mom? That’s not so bad, is it? It didn’t hurt you, did it?”

Mom shook her head, which caused her lips to move back and forth against the hard tip, purple with all the blood pounding into it. Saul shuddered. He was very turned on. He sure liked being in control.

“Ok, good, good, you’re a fine mother, you love your son very much, don’t you?” Mom nodded and again the lips moved across Saul’s cock. “Great, I can see that, you do, and because you do, now you are going to open your mouth. Open up, that’s it.”

Mom separated her lips. She was clearly getting accustomed to following Saul’s commands. Damn, I suddenly realized that with enough time, he might be able to fashion himself a second sexual slave. I promised myself that wasn’t going to happen, stroking my own erection thoughtfully. She was mine, Saul, she was mine. You are just getting her warmed up for me.

Well, really, he was getting her superheated. Her hands rubbed up and down her thighs. Her mouth was open, directly above the head of Saul’s cock.

“And now, Mom, now’s the time. A kiss is nice, but it doesn’t really show the love. Show me how much you love your son. Take it in your mouth – and suck.”

And Mom did. She did. She lowered her head. Her lips spread around the cock until the head was completely inside her mouth. Then she stopped and she sucked. I could see her cheeks go in and out. Her hands moved up her dress and pressed against her breasts. Saul carefully pressed upwards, and more of his cock disappeared into my mother’s mouth.

Mom moaned through her filled lips “mmmm, aaaaaaa, nnngggg…” I have to admit that I didn’t really have any idea what was going to happen when Saul and his mother met with my mom, but I can say with 100% certainty that I never thought I’d be watching Dr. Brendil let her client slip his stiff rod into her mouth.

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