The Morning After Ch. 3


I fell into a dream filled sleep. I was standing in my old grade school and everyone was there, all my friends I grew up with. But they were all grown up and sitting in the desks dressed like kids, weird. The door opened and the nun entered with books and ruler in hand. Instead of the old battleaxe it was my dear sweet sister, boy could she fill out a habit. She set the books down and looked at me and approached with ruler in hand.

“Well you’ve been a bad boy haven’t you.” I could only nod. She grabbed me with that dream strength and had my pants down before I could blink and the class was awful quiet. The room was empty and when I looked at my sister all she was wearing was the headpiece to the habit, she was naked otherwise. She handed me the ruler and bent over the teacher’s desk.

“I’ve been very bad.” I could only stare at her perky little ass and ‘SWISH, CRACK!’ the ruler found its mark. It whistled through air again and again until her cheeks were crimson and only the barest of whimpers came from her mouth.

“On your knees and suck my dick.” My dreamself was wanting to demean her and it was working she knelt and crawled over on all fours. I watched her ass sashay as she approached.

“Whatever you want.” Then in that disjointed way she was furiously sucking me, my dick was wet from her mouth and huge. The wet smacking sound all I could hear. It was so real I felt like I was gonna blow right then and there. I could feel her hand jacking me and her warm wet mouth wrapped around me.

“I am going to blow,” bahis firmaları I said as the build up was just too much. She just continued to suck and pump with her hand. I came and I woke with my sisters lips wrapped around me. She smiled as she swallowed.

“You talk in your sleep.” She said as she wiped the last of me from her lips. “You taste wonderful by the way.” We cuddled and I drifted back to sleep with her in my arms.

I woke up late to her pussy right over my face and she was lowering her lips to my hard on. To say I was confused would be an understatement. I did what was natural and ran my tongue along her lips.

“Oh you’re awake finally, I woke up wanting some dick hope you don’t mind.” I mumbled a reply considering my mouth was full. She had said she loved sucking dick and she was proving that. So as her hands and lips began to work on me again I leaned up and began to lick along her pussy lips teasing her. I pushed my tongue inside of her and avoided her clit like the plague. She groaned in frustration and ground against my face as she deep throated my dick. She pumped her face mouth fucking me and driving me close to cumming so quickly but she stopped before and pulled away to enjoy my tongue finally flickering her clit. She murmured encouraging me to lick and tease her more. “Oh yeah… oh yeah.” I nibbled on her clit and she bit back a scream, then with the words, “I need your dick elsewhere.” She pulled off my face and shifting again lowered herself onto my cock again. “Oh that dick is so hard, it kaçak iddaa feels so good!” She rode me deliberate and easy moving achingly slow, I watched my dick gradually disappear into her shaved pussy. Then she just sat there with me buried in her.

“Nice view huh?” She asked as she played with her nipples. I nodded and took her beauty in her deep auburn hair framing her heart shaped face. Her perfect breasts now being teased and played with. And remembering piercing her perfect ass last night, I flexed my dick while she sat there. She giggled in surprise and winked when I did it again. She clapped her hands together and bounced just a little driving me wild. I growled and shifted my body throwing her onto her back, my dick still buried in her. She looked deeply into my eyes and threw her arms up in submission.

“Fuck me, take me, do whatever you want!” She closed her eyes and waited. I moved in and out of her slowly feeling every inch of her as she clenched her pussy on the in stroke. My pace picked up moving faster and faster in and out and her voice a hoarse whisper, “oh god,” over and over again. Now our bodies smacking against each other, slap, slap, slap. I lifted her legs up and pressed them against my chest changing the angle of my penetration. She groaned as I continued the frantic pace of pumping into her. I pulled out of her suddenly seeing her stiffen as I lowered the head and eased into her ass. She groaned welcoming it back into her once more. “Yes fuck my ass!” Once the head was in the rest slid in easily and soon kaçak bahis I was pistoning in and out of her oh so tight ass. It was an incredible feeling, and the fact that she liked it as much as I made it even more pleasurable. I rolled her onto her side to get deeper penetration and she grunted mirroring my desire. She fingered her clit and pussy all the while I banged away at her rear end. She threw her head back and actually came while I was buried to my balls in her. I could feel her orgasm through her ass, it was so alien and yet perfect somehow. I paused in my thrusts giving her time to recuperate but she eeked out one word.

“More.” So I started pumping again, ever so slowly in and out of her. Focusing my attention on the sensation of her tightness gripping me. So warm, so wet and so snug, the perfect environment for my dick right then. She was playing with clit and nipples with exquisite passion. I could hear her murmuring something but I couldn’t make it out. My heart was triphammering again and the outside world was falling away as my attention was only for my dick and her ass. Nothing else seemed to matter and as my orgasm started building and the point of no return was on me my sister was thrusting her ass against me and screaming something unintelligible. With one last thrust I buried myself deep in her and it felt like a part of me broke, the intensity nearly blacked me out. I was straining for air and she held me as I got control over my body once more. She looked down at me with a look of concern and asked if I was ok, I nodded and told her it was the intensity of cumming that did it. She smiled and said something about a killer ass, literally. I slept then, and when I woke up next to her, there was no guilt only a strange warmth.

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