The Neighborhood Toy


Andrea Mitchell stood at the kitchen window and sipped her morning coffee, her eyes intently watching the young man mowing her back yard. She wasn’t sure whether she was more pissed, or let’s face it just plain jealous. She had been hearing the stories for nearly the last month. Mary; who lived three houses down in their affluent suburb and who raved about the endowed gardener who plowed her flower bed. Then there was Jill two streets over, who couldn’t stop babbling how the pool cleaner who cleaned her pipes until she could barely walk.

The list went on, more women from her suburb who were being satisfied; all except Andrea. Her fingers idly toyed at her blonde hair as she watched the young man walking the mower back and forth. Christ, you would have thought the blonde was real, she thought. How had she not put two and two together; all the talk had started a little over a month ago; and he had come home for the summer between his freshman and sophomore years just six weeks ago.

Andrea watched, her coffee cup held motionless, as the figure stopped walking the mower. Her eyes grew wider as the shirt was slowly pulled off; God look at him, she thought. His skin was tanned with chiseled abs, and the huge bulge in his ever tight jeans. Would I fuck that? passed through her mind; followed by the single thought, in a heartbeat.

She could feel her aching mound pressed against the edge of the sink, as he resumed his rounds with the mower. Oh Ben, Andrea whispered mentally; come fuck Mommy…please.

When the silence of the mower signaled her son coming back into the house, Andrea sat back at the kitchen table. She made sure to position herself at the right angle to the back door to show off her profile. Her wardrobe had been carefully selected for this morning; the one size to small bikini top so her full breasts all but spilled out. She then added a pair of white snug shorts that followed the curve of her cheeks, hinting at just a bit of flesh whenever she bent over.

“Oh, hey mom” Ben Mitchell spoke, as he entered the kitchen. He used the shirt in his hand to wipe at the sweat on his face and chest.

“Morning baby”, Andrea smiled back. “Any plans today?”

“Yeah” Ben headed for the refrigerator for a bottle of cold water. As he turned, taking a strong gulp, he almost choked when his eyes fell on his mother. Fuck, he thought, now that’s a set of tits. He felt his cock pulse in his jeans as it slowly started to enlarge. Ben thought his mothers’ breasts were about to burst free, screaming to be sucked on.

Asshole! he thought. This is your mom for God’s sake, chill buddy.

“I’ve got a yard job this morning, can’t pass up the extra cash.” He leaned back against the counter as his eyes swept over the smooth tanned legs, and full hips now facing him.

I’ll just fucking bet, seethed Andrea. All day yesterday at the fitness club, bitchy Kelly Pritchard had gone on and on how Mary’s gardener friend was coming today. Instead, she just smiled at her son.

“Oh, make sure you do a good job honey. Make sure all your seeds are planted nice and deep.” She watched in satisfaction as her sons eyes grew at the double meaning to her words. Bingo, she thought, there’s my confirmation; as if I needed it.

“Umm, yeah”; Ben muttered. “Well, I better get going.”

Andrea didn’t answer, as her son headed out of the kitchen, she couldn’t; her eyes were riveted to the bulge now more evident than ever in his jeans. Is he hard…for me? she wondered.


Andrea waited about forty minutes, then hooked Marco up to his leash. The little Shit-zu was happy to be going for a walk, but Andrea had other plans. It took her another thirty minutes of walking to reach her destination, where she hooked the leash to a fence post in the corner of the Pritchard yard.

Slipping through the small gate into the backyard, Andrea slowly made her way to the large patio. Yep, she thought, as always the curtains were opened wide to the private backyard. As she eased up closer, she saw the patio door was partly open, letting air into the large living room. Looking just around the corner, she froze at the sight before her.

Kelly Pritchard was kneeling on her couch, holding onto the back as her large breasts swayed under her. Ben was standing behind her, holding onto her full hips with both hands; Andrea actually could hear the slapping as Ben’s hips slammed into the woman’s plump ass through the open patio door.

“Oh God yes…fuck me baby, fuck me” Kelly was moaning.

Andrea stared, transfixed, as her sons’ long cock slid out then back into the woman. Shit, she thought, he has to be at least ten inches. Her body shuddered at the thought bahis firmaları of what that monster could do to her.

“Like that don’t you” Ben grunted; as his hands reached down and cupped a swinging 38D tit. He began kneading the soft flesh as his hips drove in and out.

Andrea watched the pair as they mated, like two primal animals. This was not love making, she realized, this was raw, pure fucking. Just the kind of thing three quarters of the women in this subdivision craved, including her.

Opening the snap to her shorts, and then sliding her hand inside the tight garment, Andrea felt her fingers slide over her own now soaked lips. Fuck her, she thought, fuck her good baby; as one finger slipped between her engorged folds.

Andrea watched as the couple changed positions. Kelly lying on her back on the couch, with her legs splayed wide open over the edge, arms held out.

“Come on baby…give it to me.” The woman called.

She watched her son, kneel between those full thighs, his thick cock standing straight out, drops of the older woman’s cream dripping form the long shaft. She rammed two fingers up her own aching cunt, as Ben drove that thick fuck stick deep in one thrust.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhh” Kelly moaned; feeling her walls stretched by the biggest cock she had ever had. “That’s it”, she cooed. “Fuck momma.”

Andrea was stunned by the words coming from her friends’ mouth. Then, she was even more shocked at her sons’ reaction.

“Oh fuck…oh shit” Ben moaned. His hips picking up speed even more, hammering his cock deep into Kelly.

“Ungh…ungh” Kelly grunted under the assault. “You like that don’t you.” Her hands came up and gripped Bens’ hips. “Yeah…fuck mommy. Give me that hot seed like a good boy.”

Like a jack hammer, Andrea watched her son pound into her friend. His face contorted as the words flowed over him.

“Oh fuck…gonna cum” Ben grunted. “Oh mom” he whispered as he felt the first thick rope of his cream explode into the woman’s welcoming cunt.

Kelly’s eyes rolled back as she felt the searing warmth fill her belly. “Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk, babyyyy.” she screamed. “I can feel it.”

“Awwwwwwwwww shittttttttttt” Ben bellowed.

“Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” the older woman screamed, as her body convulsed on the couch.

Andrea felt a sudden gush as her own orgasm swept through her, soaking the crotch of her shorts. Oh my God, she thought, he thinks he is cumming in ME. Staggering back from the patio, she retrieved the dog and headed for home. All the way, the soaked wetness between her own thighs, reminding her of the erotic scene she had just witnessed.


By the time Ben arrived back at home, Andrea had taken a quick cool shower, and then changed. Just like this morning, she chose her attire very carefully. The light summer shirt was tied at her waist. Her dark nipples were nearly visible through the thin cloth. While it covered more skin than her bathing suit, every time she moved, her braless breasts swung free, giving more peeks at their creamy skin.

The short denim skirt replaced the white shorts that were now soaked with her juices. At first, she had thought about not wearing any panties, but decided that might be a bit too much. Instead, she wore a black, almost sheer thong that barely covered her still moist mound.

When she heard the front door, Andrea knew she had to add quickly, or lose her opportunity.

“Ben?” she called out from the kitchen.

“Hey mom”, her son called back form the entryway. “Going to run up and jump in the shower.”

“Hey baby”, Andrea called back urgently, trying to keep her voice level. “Can you come in here; I have a quick question first.”

“Aww mom” Ben answered, even as he walked to the kitchen. “I’m all hot and sweaty.”

I’ll just bet you are, Andrea thought; watching as her son entered the kitchen. “It’ll only take a second”, she encouraged him.

“Sure” Ben sighed. “Make it…” the young man stopped in mid-sentence as his eyes fell on his mother standing by the counter. “Holy fuck” he whispered. His t-shirt hung limply in his hand as he stared across the room.

Andrea couldn’t help the small smile as she moved from the counter. The motion making her breasts sway in the thin shirt. Her sons’ eyes were locked to her chest, exactly where she wanted them; for now.

“Oh baby”, Andrea cooed. “You look so hot, how about some cold water.”

Ben stared as his mother turned and opened the fridge, bending down to get a bottle of water from the shelf. He eyes watched the edge of her denim skirt slowly rise higher. “Oh fucking hell” he softly groaned; seeing the sheer thong slip into kaçak iddaa view.

Hearing the soft words, Andrea didn’t have to turn and look to know the desired effect was hitting home. She knew that right now every drop of blood in Bens’ body was surging below his belt, making that thick monster rise and fill in the tight confines of his jeans.

As she turned, the mothers’ own eyes watched as her sons’ cock visibly thickened into a massive bulge in his tight jeans. She held the cold bottle just under her chin, letting the warm air of the kitchen condense around the container. She felt the first drop of cool water fall from the bottle onto her exposed breast, and then slowly trickle down the curving flesh.

Ben thought what he had just come from was hot; this was perfection. His brain literally began to short circuit as his mother slowly walked across the kitchen towards him. The water soaking through her thin shirt as it made her hard nipple more visible through the transparent cloth.

“Oh my godddd” Ben moaned. His eyes drifted down to his mothers’ flat belly, watching the muscles ripple with each step. Then lower, to those firm supple thighs.

“What baby” Andreas’ voiced dripped with sex. “Something got you hot and bothered?”

“Mom?” Ben asked; even as his body shuddered. He could feel his cock growing inside his jeans. Trapped at an odd angle, it couldn’t help but press out against his groin.

“Shhhhh”, Andrea told him. She set the bottle to the side, forgotten in her growing hunger. She slowly began to circle her son as he stood like a statue at the entry to the kitchen.

Ben felt like a small prey as a hungry tigress circled him. What the fuck was she doing? his mind screamed. Does she know she is driving me fucking nuts?

Andrea reached a hand out, letting one nail trace along her sons’ strong bicep. She could feel his body spasm at the contact. She was pretty sure she had him, but pretty sure wasn’t good enough.

“Baby”, Ben heard his mother ask in a throaty whisper. “Did you plant that seed nice and deep?”

“Oh fuck”, Ben whispered.

His mothers’ nail continued a path along his back, as her voice filled his ear. “Did you thrust it in hard baby?”

“Oh my god, Mom”; Ben gasped at the words.

He felt her nail scrape lightly over his other bicep as his mother made a full circle around him. When she stood in front of him again, she wasn’t looking at his face this time. Now, her eyes were staring straight down at the massive erection more than evident in his jeans.

Ben could only stare as his mothers’ finger drew a slow path down his bare chest; he felt like his entire body was going to explode at that moment.

“You know” Andreas’ voice dripped with undisguised lust. “You have a very hard decision.”

Ben’s eyes grew wide as his mothers’ finger didn’t stop at the waist of his jeans. “Oh Jesus”, he groaned; feeling the finger trail slowly over the bulge of his throbbing cock.

Andrea looked up, and stared into her son Bens’ eyes. “You can either go upstairs, take your shower; and nothing will have ever happened in this kitchen.”

Ben watched as his mother stepped away, towards the door to the kitchen. “Or you can come into the living room” she told him. “And give your mother the same kind of ‘planting’ you did for Kelly Pritchard.”

Andrea stepped to the doorway, turning back to her son. “It’s your choice.” she told him.


Ben stood stunned in the kitchen; she KNEW, his brain cried out. Oh God, he was in so much trouble. Then it hit him, Jesus, she just invited me to come in the living room and fuck her. His mother, the object of his wet dreams since he even knew what sex was, was in the living room, on the couch, waiting for him.

Denial tried to set in, and then he slowly crossed into the living room. Every thought that his mother had been teasing or kidding him vanished. He stared as is own mother knelt on the couch just like Kelly had been, knees on the cushions, hands draped over the back; her tight ass coming into view as she pulled her denim skirt up to her waist.

“Mmmmmm, what took you”; Andrea said. “Come over here…motherfucker.”

His mothers’ wanton display, then hearing her utter that forbidden word, sent a shock wave through Bens’ body. He couldn’t get his jeans off fast enough as he stepped up behind her upturned ass.

Andreas’ eyes blazed as she stared back at her son. “No fancy shit” her voice tight and guttural. “I want you to own this cunt baby; fuck me until I can’t god damn walk.”

She could see the glazed look in her the face of her son, yes she thought. This was going to be the fucking of her entire life, and she kaçak bahis knew it.

Bens’ brain totally shut down on all logical thought. The woman of his hottest fantasies was kneeling right in front of him, begging for his cock. He would have to be dead to refuse this, and he was about to show his mother, he was a long way from being dead.

Andrea opened her mouth to encourage her son more, and never got another intelligible word out. Ben rammed his hips straight to her ass, as over ten long inches of hard cock meat drove straight up into her in one massive thrust.

“FFFUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK”, Andrea screamed; feeling her tight walls desperately trying to expand to fit her sons’ massive cock.

“Ohhhh shitttttt”, ben moaned. “So fucking tight.”

“Baby”, Andrea gasped. “The Grand Canyon would be tight on that tool…Jesus.” She slowly rotated her ass against him, feeling his thickness scrape her tingling walls. She looked back at him.

“Fuck mommy”, she growled, using Kelly’s words from earlier that morning. “Give me that hot seed like a good boy.”

Ben didn’t need anything more to inflame him, but hearing those words directly from his own mother, drove him almost insane with lust. Gripping her hips, he slowly drew his length back, and then he slammed hard into her.

“AAAAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” Andrea screamed. She felt his engorged head literally bounce off her cervix as he plowed her deeper than any male ever had.

Before she could even try to stop it; her first orgasm exploded deep in her belly. “Ooohhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddd”, she cried. Her body convulsing on the couch, as her own juices gushed out around the embedded cock, running down her spread thighs and dripping to the couch. The small part of her brain still functioning, was amazed, one thrust and her son had her cumming like a common street whore.

Andreas’ mind almost melted as one orgasm rolled right into another, and then another. Her body convulsing and shaking as wave after wave consumed her. She could only feel that hard cock as her son pounded into her from behind like some maniac fucking machine.

Ben drove in and out of the best fuck he had ever experienced, as his mother babbled beneath his driving hips. He caught occasional words as his mother rocketed from one orgasm to another. Ben…then cumming…then a string of obscenity pour out of her mouth.

Ben could feel his own hips start to lose rhythm as he felt the walls of his mother’s velvet vise cunt gripping at him. The wet, obscene sucking noises filling the room. The scent of their sex was hanging thick around them.

The suddenness of everything, added by the incredibly tight walls of his mother’s grasping cunt, was rapidly sending ben to the edge. NO! his mind screamed. I want to fucking SEE her when I fill her.

“NNNooooooooooooooooo” Andrea could only wail, as she felt that gaping emptiness when Ben pulled free of her. Then, his powerful arms flipped her over like a rag doll onto the couch, her legs draped just like Kelly had been. Lust hazed eyes watched as he knelt between her lewdly spread legs.

“Oh God yessssssssss” Andrea hissed. She reached up for her son as he shifted closer. “Fuck me baby. Fill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”, her last word turning into a howl as Ben drove his full length back into her.

“Oh fuck…oh shit…” Ben grunted between long powerful strokes; staring down into his mothers’ lust written face.

Andrea wrapped her long legs around her son, as her heels drummed against his ass with every thrust. She could feel him starting to swell even bigger inside her tight channel. Oh God yes, she thought.

“Do it baby” her thoughts turning into words. “Cum in mommy, mark me, make me yours.” Her hips slammed up to meet her son, “Own meeeeeeeeeee” she screamed as another orgasm tore through her ravaged body.

“Mooooooooooom mmmmmmmmmmm” Ben roared. He rammed his hips as far into her as he possibly could, as vibrations coursed through him.

Andrea swore she could feel his massive dick jerk deep inside her belly, as the first molten rope of cum exploded into her.

“Beeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” Andrea screamed at the top of her lungs; as the most intense orgasm she had ever felt shredded her body. She faintly felt her own juices erupt to spray across his belly as she wrapped her arms around him, yanking him down into a tight embrace on the couch.

Ben felt his mothers’ nails rake down his back as they both exploded together. That’s going to leave a mark, he mentally thought, then dismissed the notion.

As their bodies slowly drifted back to earth, Andrea whispered in his ear. “Fuck who you want Ben” she softly spoke. “Just remember to come home to momma, baby.”

“Always Mom”, Ben whispered back. “I love you.”

Andrea smiled as she felt the evidence slowly oozing out of her. “I know”, she softly kissed his cheek. “I can feel it.”

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